Chaudary and the attempts at divorce by his long suffering wife!


Right Click on the above link and select to open  in anotherwindow to read Mrs Chadary’s divorce application and see why this snake does not qualify to be PM. We have had enough with Rabuka and his Karma Sutra at the Golf Club. Chaudary caught by the Tea Lady in that sanctified grounds of the Cabinet Meeting Room was just a bit too much.

Enough is enough, a man with no family moral standards is not fit to be a national leader.

Such is the high grounds we the people must now demand of those that aspire to lead us. After all, if a person cannot even put his personal life in order, how the hell can he look after the Country?


44 Responses to “Chaudary and the attempts at divorce by his long suffering wife!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    So where does that leave me ?

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    Oxford Street I presume 🙂

  3. Tim Says:

    @ MM: Or me. Though I am a serial monogamist. I guess Mark you’ll have to keep those fricken Vdubs. They’re a bloody pain to work on however.
    No, I think the point is that most of these people in the current iIG never learn from their mistakes, never attempt to atone, and carry on like there is no tomorrow. Then when they discover there is a tomorrow and they’re up shit creek without a paddle – its everyone else’s fault.
    Besides which my ex-wife and I are friends and harethe same values. As a result the kids turned out just fine.
    So can I be President please? You can keep the People’s wagon, I’m going to lay on limosines for everyone.

  4. Tim Says:

    @ Dauvavana: Bugger Oxford Street. It’s full of needy people. We don’t have time for them! They’re too costly, an if we’re to stand any chance of propping up a regime, we’ll need every cent

  5. Billy Says:

    Except that people like Chodo like to take the high moral ground as if everyone else is a lier, criminal, adulterer, racist, while they are saints, etc, etc but in reality is the biggest hypocrite, racist, morally bankrupt, two-timer untransparent pathetic moron under the sun. He who speaks the loudest with such self justification has skeletons hiding underneath. Finally, the long suffering lady can no longer cope with the lies methinks!!! Good on you, Mrs C, you deserve better. Chod’s world is crumbling round him and is a sign of worse things to come- political suicide already after his stint with IG.

  6. pencampa Says:

    The woman complained of is working full time for the Fiji Labour Party headquarters – and the taxpayers had been paying Chodo for “chodding” this woman behind his suffering wife’s back during parliamentary breaks…God help Fiji. I hope the Indian fathers and brothers will lock away their wives and daughters when he comes to explain to them the charter farter

  7. Tim Says:

    Correct Billy. Hopefully she’s privy to a few secrets as well so that when it comes time for Chodo to pay the piper (and I don’t mean the leader of the Cat’s chorus Leweni), she might assist with his rehablitation – or execution – whichever is more expedient.

  8. Wailei Says:

    Man, I feel sorry for the Mrs. Women who screw with married men ought to be whipped. I hope she really does get a divorce.. I am assuming that this was lodged in 1997 and also assuming that these two have reconciled? Well, Mrs. C.. if you are still in the marriage… “You get even” next time he strays… Get all that 2million DOLLARS!!

  9. Tim Says:

    By the way, anyone know on when Rabuka is planning on a little jaunt to NZ? One imagines he’s jostling to become Fiji’s hero in resolving the impasse. Check out RFN’s latest as well.
    Frank will be looking for enemies under the bed again, but the reality is the majority of Fijians and a sizeable proportion of those in the iIG would be prepared to crcify him.
    Shouldda couldda wudda thought of that before you started it all aye Frank? An if at first they don’t succeed……..

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oh my my my!!

    Shaking my head… sa druka sara vakalevu!!

  11. Kacanavatu Says:

    Very interesting when we read in the Papers that Chodo had Venereal Diseases as one of the reasons his wife submitted for divorce.Wonder whether he got that from Asha Lakhan or somebody else??..

  12. Ablaze Says:

    What do you expect when one is drunk with power one will start thinking with his dick instead of his pea size brain.

    He is in the same club as Rabuka and Naiulukau.

  13. prawncathcer Says:

    Can Fiji Waterfront Hotel check the room number where the action took place in 1997 and turn it into a tourist attraction – even for locals – interesting, it was where the Gang of Five planned to overthrow his leadership – it seems they didnt know that he could have been there also – please pray for the suffering wife – I hear he is presntly two timing the Consumer Council woman – some Indian bhaini – Isa lei – no wonder he cant make up his mind about what type of electoral system he desires

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    can’t compete with that mate !
    I’m voting for you !

  15. Billy Says:

    @Wailei, it takes two to tango and all that… the same whip must apply to men that tango with married women…or married men with unmarried be fair that is. Just as well we dont live in a radical muslim country as someone rightly pointed out earlier.. the pair would be stoned etc.

  16. Billy Says:

    I wont be throwing the first stone either..

  17. Tim Says:

    Well let me put the cat among the pidgeons. I’ve just finished watching a rescreening of Murder in the Pacific (the Scott/Kaisau thing for those unfamiliar). It closed with a comparison with what “the Commander” is doing. The hypocrisy amongst this iIG – especially the likes of the Shamimmes and the Bubbas is astonishing.

  18. Wailei Says:

    @Billy, true…. Hence, The saying applies to MC :

    A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker.
    Henry Louis Mencken

    We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

  19. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Sv, I am at a loss to comprehend what this post is about.

    A few questions;-

    * is chodopu$$ divorced from his wife

    * when did this take place

    * If they haven’t divorced, what happened

    *if they are still together, WHY?

  20. Wailei Says:


    Possible scenarios:

    One thing the summons was dated 9th October, 1997. 11 years ago next month.

    So we can assume that they are together again, question is: Are they together for the publics sake? I dont think Indo-Fijian voters like their leaders to show such weakness like this, I dont think they can trust a guy who cant even look after his household and to MC this would reflect badly on his character. That is, what he says during elections after the divorce would be taken as a joke. I mean questions like:

    “How can you lead us when you cheated in your marriage?” Is the samething as “If you cheated in your own marriage, you can certainly cheat the voters”.



    Oh ! The irony of this comedy…

    oi. sorry guys got carried away for a moment…

  21. Nostradamus Says:

    Let us not forget that was at a time when he was compaigning and competing with Rabuka for Prime Stud and she was in line for Prime Rib (biblical). Looks more like a well timed ultimatum to me, at a time when Chodo could not afford the publicity. By the way, the VD stuff is crossed out, so the threesome may not have shared the clap.

  22. painter Says:

    With due respect to Indira (MC’s daughter whom I knew from school) and her lovely mom, I have never laughed so hard in a looooong, loooong time! Oilei! Hve been ROFL for the past 30mins… trying very hard to settle down for my beauty sleep but OMG, this is just so hilarious, all of it!! I love our bloggerwood!!

    Alright, now, we’re in the 21st century people, if couples can’t live together (for whatever reason that we don’t give a rat’s ass about), our Parliamentarians had kindly made it ‘easier and cleaner’ for couples to move on with their lives without a dramatic ‘war of the roses’ in the public domain…. there’s only ONE ground and one ground only, i.e. a year’s separation due to “irreconcilable differences”. Period.

  23. Nostradamus Says:

    Perhaps Chodo can enter the Teitei competition.

  24. Ablaze Says:

    Bainipuaka will be a good canidate for the teitei competition. He can grow tapioca and will win for sure. He will not only know how to grow tapioca but run, jump and roll through the tapioca patch covered in every animal pooh he picked up on the way.

    For manure he would use heaps of chicken shit – perhaps the reason he can’t speak and think very well but cluck cluck puck puck……….

  25. B.Watson Says:


    Rabuka is travelling to the US of A soon where his wife is organising a birthday bash for da man.
    Tuakitau is the chief quest or was until he was assigned the rural ministry.

  26. B.Watson Says:


    Id like to throw in a line about the outsted Minister for Women,Adi Asenaca Caucau who got her GREEN CARD 3 weeks ago.

    Ya e dua la na nius

  27. Striker Says:

    We have had enough of this puke chodo choro shit. Come to think of it, the poison from his public utterances is the prime cause of our ethnic division. There is no greater racist than this vile snake. Time for a change!

  28. newsfiji Says:

    If he can’t blerry control his dick which is part of his body…than how the hell is he supposed to be in full control of something that else eg. like a ministry etc.

    The Fiji Indian community are stupid if they will vote for the Labour Party again.

  29. Save the Sheep Says:

    Agree with you Striker.. If this so-called Clean Up campaign achieves nothing more that removing Chaudhrey from the political landscape of Fiji, then it will have done the Country great service.

    Question remains though:

    Can the cleaners ever let go of the broom handle?

  30. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry for the digression folks, but quick question please SV.

    Have you decided to remove the links to the other freedom blogsites, or is there a malfunction?


  31. ispy Says:

    carrying out a coup is like riding a tiger… its the getting off thats the tricky part!

  32. Peace Pipe Says:

    Ispy I can also see that likeness of the tiger riding anology to our situation. The pig is hanging on for dear life afraid to get off for fear of the dire consequences. Thats exactly what is happening to him so he will try and ride out the stamina of tiger or get rescued neither of which is happening. So being cornered he is getting demented with frustration and speaking deliriously from utter fear.

  33. kaiveicoco Says:

    something that amazes me is our Indian folks support for Chaudhary,through thick and thin.This divorce papers dates back to 1997 well before the tea lady saga. As history records Chaudhary won the 1992,1994 ,1999,2001 and 2006 elections all on those support,the way he is puppeting around spreading his lies he may yet win his seat again in the next elections based on Indian votes again.Is it the nature of politics?
    Also I would have thought Jokapeci Koroi is the Labour party leader being the president but in Chaudhary’s letters to the dailies he signs as Labour leader,whats the difference and is Jokapeci Koroi just a rubber stamp there?

  34. ispy Says:

    Peace Pipe, you are quite right.

    History has repeatedly shown that the tiger always wins (see Musharaf, Sadam, Idi Amin, Hitler, Milosevic).

    The lesson to be learnt is not ride the bloody tiger in the first place.

    Rabuka was fortunate enough to jump on and off the tiger’s back before the tiger even knew he was there.

    For Bainimarama, his life story has only two possible endings…

    ….in his arrest and imprisonment or his death!

  35. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    While stitching up the wounds of a 75 year old Australian
    tourist, who got assaulted by the Fijian police, the
    Suva doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.
    Eventually the topic got around to bananasinpyjamas and his
    self appointment to Prime Minister of Fiji.

    “Well, ya know,” drawled the old aussie, “this bananas fella
    is what they call a fencepost turtle.”

    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what
    a fencepost turtle was.

    The old farmer said, “when you’re driving along a country
    road and you come across a fence post with a turtle
    balanced on top, that’s called a fencepost turtle.”

    The old aussie saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so
    he continued to explain,

    “You know he didn’t get up there by himself,

    he definitely doesn’t belong up there,

    he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there,

    and you just gotta wonder what kind of dill put him up there in the
    first place!”

  36. newsfiji Says:

    Awa, sa dua talega na yalewa ulupepa o Virmati – i mean how long is she going to allow herself to suffer so that dickhead husband of hers can keep his public profile of having only 1 wife.

    She should bloody get a life too – Dah…their’s more to life than Mahendra Pal Chodo!

    Wailei! Cegu!

  37. lele Says:

    Can we talk something useful. They have decided to stay together and good for them. Marriages has its ups and downs or is it our intentions to encourage broken marriages. Lets grow up and talk about our returning our democracy than trying to slog a dead horse. This shit is 10 years old and we should be diberting our energy to more constructive things.

  38. Tim Says:

    kaiveicoco: I think a number of Indo-Fijians recognise that supporting Chodo is like pushing shit uphill. They’re the ones that either have to stay and suffer, get involved in activism, or they get the hell out of there for a better life elsewhere. I don’t really think its a good idea to lump all Indo-Fijians in the same basket – there are quite a few that are totally opposed to the opportunists trying to run this complete and utter fucku of a coup

  39. Jon Jon Says:

    I am glad they divorceing, after all chodo’s wife is a full on christian who never stops praying. Well a person who loves evil like chodo cant live with a person who loves the light… Good on her for doin it.. chodo can join bain n the big teleni band wagen..

  40. Save the Sheep Says:

    EFT, excellent Post, I can almost hear and see the old guy explaining it.

  41. Dra ni taukei Says:

    Hope u guys heard when nailatikau went to vanuatu last year.caught with young girls in the clud.swearing at some Fijian law students.Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the best part, they beat him up in the club

    How’s dat.same shoul be done with chodo

  42. painter Says:

    lol…chuckle… @ ExFT

    @ newsfiji – i agree, why don’t these good women just up and leave their abusive husbands? A multitude of reasons which I’m sure the wonderful gals-team at FWCC can better explain. I’ll just say it’s easier said than done for most of these abused women, unfortunately.

    @ lele – agree, that was a no-brainer post. Besides one can’t break something that is already broken..

  43. Megapipes Says:

    What we are seeing here is the exposure of the nation’s biggest ever flip-flopper in Fiji’s political history now being exposed as the mother of all hypocrites too! Sheet how dumb can some of my Indian friends be??? They still support this guy unanimously and unconditionally judging from some of the letters glorifying him in the dailies.

  44. Navosavakadua Says:

    Chodopu$$ seems to have a tentacle or two caught in a vasua. Mrs Chaudhry along with a thousand others has long known about Asha Lakhan but now Mrs Chaudhry knows the world knows about all his money and where it is.

    Go for the money Mrs Chaudhry and make sure your case is heard by Justice Jocelyn Scutt. You stand a good chance of walking away with the lot. She has no time for husbands like yours. Don’t forget to mention the domestic violence. She doesn’t warm to that either.

    We taxpayers would feel a whole lot better knowing that as much as possible of his loot is in your hands.

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