Teleni’s refusal, the demise of law and order in Fiji.

Top of the morning bloggers. Well here is another letter of Tui Savu, sent to us from our sources, which was sent to the newspapers in Fiji today. We at SV concur with the contents of his letter and we hope the Lawyers and Judges in Fiji will stand up for the truth, as we have been doing all along on this freedom blog site in conjunction with other freedom blogs. Se kuca bloggers?


10 September 2008


Commissioner Teleni’s refusal to investigate the treason complaint on the basis it will create instability simply cannot be substantiated.


 I challenge Commissioner Teleni to provide evidence of where in Fiji has instability arisen as a direct consequence of Qarase and his Ministers lodging their complaint at the Raiwaqa Police Station or Beddoes filing his complaint in Sabeto?


How can the filing of a treason complaint cause instability?


Its one thing to claim that it may threaten public safety, but this treat needs to be established first and not simply used as a veneer to prevent investigations implicating Commissioner Teleni himself.


Commissioner Teleni himself is on public record before the coup in 2006 of reassuring the people of Fiji, that the Military was not going to carry out a coup against the Qarase led Government, which later proved false.


It must not be forgotten, that the previous Acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca also said the same thing when in office, that no investigations will be conducted into allegations against Bainimarama because it will cause instability.


The State of Israel is a classical example, with hostile nations surrounding it and their military always on alert, current PM Olmert, was not exempt from investigations of alleged bribery and is going to step down from office later this month, as charges of corruption are being prepared.


So, what makes Fiji so special that Bainimarama and all those implicated in the treason complaint become exempt from investigations?


Mahendra Chaudary is on public record soon after leaving the interim cabinet saying the coup was illegal and wrong.


John Samy is also on public record admitting the same during a recent NCBBF Meeting.


It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Bainimarama’s unlawful takeover of the Qarase Government on 06 December 2006 was treason.


So why are we shying away from this fact, especially we, Lawyers and Judges who all took an oath as officers of the court to uphold the law?


Why do we continue to pretend that all is fine in Fiji, whilst the nation and its institutions are crumbling?


Race relations have never been this polarised as a direct result of the Bainimarama coup and the FLP’s support.


All claims of ‘clean up, ‘transparency’, ‘level playing field’ etc have been lost along the wayside, but its antithesis have now become the norm in Fiji.


The outstanding unsolved murders of the late Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga seems to have been indefinitely suspended together with the unsolved CRW murders?


How can Fiji move ahead with all their blood crying out for justice?


How can the interim government be so simplistic and think, the divisive Charter will address all these endemic problems by calling ourselves a common name and changing the electoral system!


There has to be behavioural change in Fiji to permanently eradicate the coup culture and the quicker we face the inevitable, the less painful for all its citizens.


Fiji can start its slow road to recovery by everyone facing up to the truth, which is Bainimarama committed treason.


Only after accepting this fact, can we progress to the next question, where do we go from here?


Tui Savu.


Townsville QLD.


53 Responses to “Teleni’s refusal, the demise of law and order in Fiji.”

  1. vatukaca Says:

    One exception here in regards to the Isreal PM and that is he has no attachment to the army. One thing is obvious here, ‘double trouble’, mutiny case and treason. It will take a heroic act to change the current direction. The other is for our chiefs to just combine and go up to Frank, to the camp, and to Teleni and tell them enough is enough, these are the only key figures and the key areas in the country, forget about other people just take back Fiji.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Teleni’s position has broadcast to all in Fiji and throughout the world the true colors and hypcrisy of the current regime. It was a masterful move by the SDL and Beddoes to pursue the criminal matter throught the courts, and hopefully they will continue this pursuit right up to the International Criminal Court of the UN.

    No one could possibly give any credibility to the “instabiity” argument other than those paranoid beings who believe their own propaganda. Looks like Fiji is to be treated to another in a long line of criminal case cover-ups, Bainimarama with the CRW murders and subsequent murders by the army and police, Mahen Chaudhry for his undeclared financial bribes and associated tax issues, Eveli for his fraudulent use of the Regimental Fund, and now Teleni who is trying to pin instability on those who have dared to exercise their constitutional rights to accuse him and Bainimarama’s cronies of the blatantly obvious treason. How can anyone remain as police commissioner when he refuses to carry out his job? Who is responsible for his appointment and for giving him the sack?

    I look forward to seeing these complaints rise up through the various appeals processes and to ultimately see convictions for all directly or indirectly involved in this coup. Only in that way will constitutional democracy be restored, when all who have violated the Constitution and the People who own it are sitting safely in prison.

    As to where to go from there, the army must be disbanded or seriously reduced in size, and laws defining and outlawing corrupt practices and conflict of interest must be passed by unselfish beings, even of they themselves may have been caught up in shady deals in the past. The Parliament and GCC must be recalled to make the decisions which are constitutionally only theirs to make, including appointing and sacking the president, army commander, and police commissioner.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Delete the words “by consequences”

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    Latest news is that Frank has taken over the Fijian Affairs Board. With the change in name, now he can get the new carawai “Fijians” to help him run it and make the land controllable by their own kind.

    Also, Frank’s new self-appointment will not affect the independence of the Board. Since the coup, all things in Fiji have been under Frank anyway, so nothing has changed. The Board was not independent yesterday and not today either.

    One National News

    Changes to Fijian Affairs Board puts interim regime in control
    9 Sep 2008 02:45:05

    Amendments have been made to the Fijian Affairs Board that allows the interim government total control over the board.

    Frank Bainimarama – as interim minister responsible for Indigenous Affairs – becomes chair, and gets to appoint another four members from outside.

    The remaining four positions go to interim Cabinet Ministers.

    The Fijian Affairs Board operates under the Indigeneous Affairs Ministry.

    It administers the affairs of the Great Council of Chiefs and provincial councils.

    In this gazette dated September 5th – the Interim Indigeneous Affairs Minister Frank Bainimarama has made amendments to the composition of the board.

    It will now be chaired by him as the interim minister responsible – there will be four other positions for Cabinet ministers and another 4 non-government members will be appointed by the Indigeneous affairs Minister.

    A lawyer representing the Former GCC says the ammendements are un-constitutional.

    Ratu Savenaca Komaisavai is pleading that the the current administration stop making changes to bodies that govern indigenous institutions.

    He says the least the regime could do is consult before such changes are made.

    Fiji ONE
    10 September 2008

    One National News

    Changes won’t affect Board independence: Leweni
    9 Sep 2008 02:43:14

    The interim government has defended the changes made to the Fijian Affairs Board.

    Spokesperson, Major Neumi Leweni says there is nothing irregular in the interim Indigenous Affairs Minister making the amendments.

    Major Neumi says the changes won’t affect the independence of the Board.

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    @Nostradamus – wth all due respect I don’t think Leweni knows what normal procedure is, he was never in any adminitsrative capacity of anything in his life.

    Did you see him get hosed by Peceli Kinivuai of the SDL on Mai TV’s Simpson at Seven last night, the poor little munter was so helpless even his body language was betraying him and all responses began with a defensive – “Well, as I’ve said…..” Truly a pathetic performance.

    As for the little runt of an AG – now he is just talking to be seen to have responded, never mind if it doesn’t makes sense, stock answer for every situation and scenario – you can tell they did NOT see this one coming.

  6. Na Dina Says:

    The investigation into treason will go like. eh .this .. Teleni (best mate of Frank and Ganilau) submits overwhelming case to be answered as ‘underwhelming’ evidence to Ganilau (Minister of Defence and best mate of Frank) who in turn after ‘doctoring’ the report shows it to Frank (PM) who in the interest of national security ‘compiles’ an ‘executive brief’ seeks an audience with his Commander in Chief (President Iloilo) who in his infinite wisdom declares it as yeap indeed… a great great threat to national security to proceed with the case.. so using his ‘reserved’ powers declares a noli prosequi and hands over to aiyarze IGAG for spin doctoring disposal. Meanwhile Prezzie signs promulgation ordering no court martial as Commander in Chief for Frank and the boys. Yeap.. you guessed it great, great great threat to national security … Yes folks all will take about 10 years at least… and by then the Prezzie who will be blamed will be pushing daisys!! Yehdo.

  7. Na Dina Says:

    Io Ragone.
    .. sa na gai cacawiriwiri full speed ga na ceiling fan e na office nei JC oilei..

  8. ispy Says:

    @Na Dina, sa qai lasa dina na nomu comments. Vinaka vaka levu.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Despite the problems Fiji currently faces , life must go on . So I’ve posting what I hope is a lifeline for those struggling under the current financial circumstances many people in Fiji , may find themselves in at the moment .
    This is a site , predominantly in Africa , which provides no interest loans to people with potentially successful businesses , currently lacking in finances . The money is lent from donations of ordinary people from around the world , used to build the business , then paid back in full , only to be either given back to the lender or re-used by another business person who can’t get funds from conventional sources , such as banks etc. It’s an opportunity for all to proper , maintain ones dignity and bring the community out of poverty and build a future for your loved ones , no matter who is in power . Self determination I call it !

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Bula Tui !
    How’s the weather up there ? My children live there , in Kirwan !
    it’s incredible how Francis and Co. think they are exempt from the law and scrutiny by the Courts and the people , especially when you know that even a great nuclear power like Russia is answerable to the International Courts . And perhaps that’s where the matters with Francis and Co. should next go !

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve just realised how cunning Chaudhry and Co. are .
    He has stood down from the regime in order to contest the next elections , he thinks , if they are ever held .
    His tactic seems to be to get rid of Francis and Co. now, before another Government is formed .
    As I said along time ago , there is no honour amongst thieves and once the ship starts sinking , you will se all the rats running !
    Let’s not forget those murdered in 2000 and those detained , tortured , assaulted and murdered since 2006 . Justice must prevail .
    I’m wondering how long it will take before Loyal Police and Loyal Soldiers , do their sworn duty and uphold the Law and protect the Citizens of Fiji !

  12. vatukaca Says:

    Exactly MM. Like I mention above it will take a heroic stance from those loyal ones to change the direction of these goons.

  13. isa o au Says:

    Today the charter form has been distributed to all the army boys at QEB with one message sign and agree with the charter or write in your resignation letters,what the RFMF should know is he soldiers did not join the army because of the charte but to serve and protect the people,what a pity.Whay have you to say Rishi and Taina.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    I think Francis and Co. must be watching everyone around them , just to see who is getting ready to have him and his friends in crime arrested !

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    Raiwaqa Police Station might just be the unit that will uphold the law and do what others are afraid of i.e. investigate and charge fullchow and his head honcho pig and piglets with treason. We’ll see what unfolds in the coming weeks. Yeah it seems somewhat surreal and strange to hear what HRC Shamim is saying by calling on police to investigate the complaint.

  16. waisou Says:

    My thoughts on this clean-up from Day 1 was that it was gonna be a failure..firstly, clean up your own backyards, be faithful to your family, your work and to your God before embarking on the bigger front….how can you run a nation when you cannot solve your own problems, you are not faithful to your spouse and family, honest in your work and all your dealings….

    You can come in anyone’s name to do what you want to do…you can have the best of intentions but it is the fruit of your work that will distinguish you…its aroma will fill the air and people will see the real motives…the ways of man may be right before his eyes but it is the Lord that weighs the motives…..

    Secondly, the the IPM to have that change gazzetted without any consultation is sick…that means, if a non-taukei becomes the elected PM, he then holds the chairmanship of the FAB and can tow in 4 other non-taukeis from his party to decide what is good and right for the owners of the land…

    Thirdly, for the numbskull Leweni to tell us that t would be independent of the government..who is he trying to fool here…sa levu ga na con….

    Your days are numbered and be prepared to join Speight and Co.

    God bless Fiji

  17. Say True! Says:


  18. Save the Sheep Says:

    I agree with RFN and its challenge to the Men of Fiji.

    It is time for the Leaders to stand up and fight the good fight and be the leaders that Fiji needs.

    The women are not mincing their words any more and neither should the men.

    Bainimarama has been able to get away with his illegal actions simply because no-one has had the Balls to stand up to him.

    Some chiefs have even scuttled around to win his favour for their own benefit while Fiji suffers.

    Great to see SDL leaders and Beddoes finally take some action but they should not stop there. The only instability in Fiji is that caused by the Authorities themselves.

    Mandela did not become a symbol of World freedom and justice for all by Farting Around in the Background..

    Go Fiji Go….

  19. kaiveicoco Says:

    can somebody also lodge a complain about Rabuka to be charged for treason?

  20. ispy Says:

    Yeah I have to agree the women of Fiji do sometimes have more balls then us men.

    Kudos to these brave women of Fiji.

    But make no mistake, you don’t want Fijian men participating in this kind of open protest.

    Mob Mentality 101 – men get involved and we lose control of the whole situation.

    Men will do what men do when there are no laws – riot, rob, rape and pillage!

  21. Ablaze Says:

    As usual its a good one Tui but these are the dumbwits we are up against.

    Letter to the Fiji Times from Dinau Dau Kaba Kau Cocoro! Unfortunately, ispy it not one of our Fiji women that we could kudos to. This one is a shame to our country.

    Treason complaint

    WE note through media reports that Mick Beddoes has also filed a complaint alleging “act of treason” against the interim Government including all its members, past and present.

    This complaint also cites the co-chair of the People’s Charter, Archbishop Petero Mataca, and members of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji including the head of the NCBBF Technical And Support Secretariat.

    Mr Beddoes must be aware that the complaint by him should also include his name as a member of the NCBBF.

    He attended the first meeting of the NCBBF in January and also participated in the national task team and working group meetings.

    He collected $100 in sitting allowance and was reimbursed $430.40 for expenses incurred which he claimed.

    To be consistent and transparent, Mr Beddoes should publicly acknowledge that his name must also be included as a past NCBBF member.

    If he has not already done so, he should so notify the Sabeto police post in Nadi where he filed his complaint.

    NCBBF media committee

    Mick Beddoes should fight her in court – dumb dumbo!

    You would lose hands down in an unbiased court of law.

  22. pencampa Says:

    And another comment from the woman who helped write nutty Frank’s pullover speech – the coup takeover one:

    Dr Shameem says police should investigate treason complaints

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    THE Fiji Human Rights Commission says it will be advisable for police to undertake preliminary investigations into the treason complaint against the interim Prime Minister so the matter can be dealt with transparently.

    Commission chairperson Dr Shaista Shameem said in this complaint it was not the subjudice issue that was the key but whether there was substance in the complaint and whether the allegations could be supported by facts.

    Dr Shameem said the complaint was only an allegation at this point.

    “There may not be any facts to bear the allegations out.

    “Only preliminary investigations can determine that. It is not a legal issue but one that turns on the facts,” she said.

    Dr Shameem said the law stated that all complaints to police should be investigated to see if they had substance or were frivolous or vexatious and not made in good faith.

    On whether the Human Rights Commission agreed with the decision by Police Commissioner Esala Teleni to not investigate the treason complaint Dr Shameem said: “Commissioner Teleni is clearly the expert on complaints lodged with police and how to deal with them.

    “It would not be right for me to second guess the Commissioner.

    “At the same time, Commissioner Teleni has obviously been advised that investigating the complaint would be subjudice because of the Qarase constitutional matter, where the decision is still pending, but this is not correct advice as in 2000, we (FHRC) proceeded with the Chandrika Prasad constitutional redress matter while the Speight, Silatolu and Nata treason investigations were still going on.”

    Meanwhile the President’s Office had refused to comment on the matter.

    The secretary in the President’s office, Rupeni Nacewa, said yesterday that they did not have any comment to make on the issue.

  23. at least Says:

    Chodo never resigned. The Military Council had Summoned Vore either him or Chodo has to leave the Icabinet following the unsolved mysteries behind issues such as the Mineral Water case…And Again Bainimarama asked Chodo to resign or be terminated that time his termination ketter was already served to him..Although he felt betrayed but has no Choice…Shhhhhhhhh,,this news should never be known to him as he asked the council not to reveal any conversation between them,..Sorry most but not all in the military have decided to go without him in the near future..This was another reason why he did not attend the Forum meeting knowong that his seat is not stable enough to handle him back when he returns..Keep Blogging coz the Military had been informed that whatever it is ..Vore is going to lose out on the case between him and LQ…Vore is now being limied in what he says and what he does..Another interesting case coming up as he will be summoned next on this FAB review ..Lets see what the Military council says as I will not be surprised of another resuffle or he is out …Well time will tell..THE AGREEMENT WAS HE SHOULD CONSULT THE MILITARY COUNCIL FIRST OF HIS INTENSIONS BUT HE IS DOING OTHERWISE…HE THINKS HE CAB OVER-RULE THE WISDOM OF FIJIANS..LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT..

  24. newsfiji Says:

    To at least: Very interesting piece indeed you write. I have heard the exact same sentiments.

    The Military Council are not at all impressed with Voreqe as he has diverted from the “original plan” – whatever that was.

    Whatever the “original plan” was, the fact remains that it is crumbling.

    To overthrow an elected government by force is called a COUP. The act in itself is called TREASON.


    They should all be taken to task for participating anyway, military council & all.

  25. Abeche Says:

    RFN has laid down the gaunlet to all male Fiji Islanders…it is time to take over the role of open resistance that our youths and our women have undertaken by default.

    I had for sometime thought that there was hope in the Mil Co but it appears that these guys do not have any idea as to what they need to do to get thyemselves out of the mess they are in now.

    The least they can do is to for once, act like the men they are supposed to be and accepts that they have F**** Up royally, hand the country back to the Press., ask for forgiveness and do their time in Korovou. The Courts may be little bit more lenient if they do this as a mitigating factor!

    Is there hope that they might do the right thing????

  26. Tim Says:

    So what’s on Rabuka’s agenda in all this? Who is going to pull who’s tit and attempt a pragmatic yet very dishonourable solution?.

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    google ( Monty python , the meaning of life , death )
    ( monty python , marching up and down the square )
    The new RFMF and Frank and the Military Council’s last supper .

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    google ( monty python , the life of brian ending )

  29. vatukaca Says:

    Do our Human Rights or what ever have any relation to International Movement or Organisation? If they do, they should ask for their support in organizing a picket for them @ the general assembly in NY while the dictator is there.

  30. Peace Pipe Says:

    So off he goes on another expensive excursion to deliver Parmesh Chands speech at the UN. No problem here just get up and read the scripts half of which he do not understand whilst he tries his best to properly pronounce them. Meanwhile lots of rehearsals before departing. No problems at the UN where a lot of dictators gather for the assembly. No problems too for the underschooled pig as no one will ask questions on his promises. The other leaders will just sit out his uninteresting, meaningless and lying speech and they could perhaps catch up on some lost sleep from previous nights outing. Just another joy ride and expense for NOTHING but waste of taxpayers money.

  31. Billy Says:

    Well maybe this is the time for the FBI or Interpol to act on the charges filed by Mick & Co- crimes against humanity in the ICC, if they have? Me se tu ga mai ke gona sa vesu rawa kau sara yani i Geneva se i vei ga e caka tiko kina na ka qori. Otherwise its the best time for the military co to stage another one, reinstall the LQ govt, expel all the IG Ministers & NCBBF wannabes to Naboro… for once the military do something right.We are waiting…

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    Too true @Peace Pipe. From the little I know about the UNGA is that the real test of popularity of a speech is the afterwards. When the speaker leaves the actual Assembly, they get to meet the media and other delegates. Ive often wondered how much interest he would have attracted last year, if at all, any.

    Yes, and we now hear he is off again for another joyride with MamaMary in tow of course. Oilei sa saku ca o New York!

  33. Striker Says:

    Last week, I went to enrol my children at their school for the third term. It saddens me how so many of the struggling parents weren’t able to pay the fees for last term. It is a sorry sight to see the faces of so many of our children so helpless due to the desperate financial situation of their parents. Surely, none of these innocent ones deserve to suffer to keep a priviledged few in illegal positions of power.

  34. pencampa Says:

    The Dictator says there will be no elections for the next twenty years – who can blame him – he has collected $300,000 in a day, with his officers, which will last them for the next twenty years – and as striker says parents are struggling – from all races, while Chodo is also sitting or hiding $2million in Australia and half a million dollars in NZ, and god knows how much more in North Korea

  35. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A great letter in FijiTimes that sums up neatly the jaundiced junta.

    “”””It continues to boggle the mind the way the Fiji Police Force has really lost the plot in the exercise of its duty to ensure obedience to the law.

    It seems they are paid to protect the law breakers rather than the public who have genuine complaints to make.

    Only time will tell where the police will end up but suffice to say that they have lost the confidence of the people and are now seen to be more fearful of the gun than of the law.

    Police director of operations Waisea Tabakau’s statement that “we stand by the statement (by the commissioner) even if it is unclear” is a good example how lost they are. They don’t know what they’re supporting.


  36. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    The following report in The Sun should be highlighted on your blog as it shows the extent of corruption by the Fijian Police.

    “”””A memorandum has been sent to all police station officers directing them not to investigate any complaints against the military lodged with them.
    The memo dated February 2007 and signed by a senior police officer stated that all complaints received from individuals in relation to the military be recorded but no investigations undertaken.

    Mr Nawaikula said police handed him a copy of the memorandum when he questioned the contradicting statements and actions.

    “That means for the simple acts of trespass committed by the military, for all the individual acts of assault that are committed. For all the acts of unlawful imprisonment and arrests these will not be investigated.

    Several attempts to get clarification on the memo from police spokesperson Ema Mua yesterday were unsuccessful. Attempts to get a comment from Criminal Investigations Department director ASP Tevita Lesu were also futile.

    However, on television he confirmed the issue of such a memo last year.

  37. Keep The Faith Says:

    We are now officially like Zimbabwe y’all!,0,1482204.story

  38. Tim Says:

    @KtF – exactly. Frank and Robert share so much in common including an overated opinion of themselves, use of lies and deceit, intimidation and double standards. They both also have an ability to transform “bread baskets” into “basket cases” while pretending to have their “subjects” best interests at heart.

  39. Cama Says:

    The Fiji Police Force is not a legal institute anymore and is in a all time low compared to previous years and this relects the current leadership we have.

    By not investigating any complain from the public regarding unlawful activity is contradicting the law and perverting the course of justice.

    The top brass of the Police are biased and corrupt and should be investigated when the time is ripe but not forgetting the members of Samabula Police Station who refuse to take the complaint lodge by SDL members

  40. Mark Manning Says:
    As I said , Education is the key to success for everyone in Fiji , not false and empty promises by a wanna be Prime Minister , wanna be Commander of the Military , wanna be President .
    The villagers in these areas are showing their lack of Education and their lack of respect for the rule of Law .
    Do they not realise , that once they have handed absolute power to Frank and his cronies , that That is when the absolute corruption will begin in earnest ?
    Educate , Educate , Educate !

  41. Mark Manning Says:
    fantastic advise , save and buy a house !
    But you need stable employment and a savings pattern to get the loan .
    I wonder how successful people in fiji would have been , had there never been any coups !
    How many would own there own homes by now .
    Given that the economy over the past 20 years has lost over $10,000,000,000 ! That’s ten billlion dollars folks ! Lost forever !
    And now those silly villagers in the Highlands are listening to Francis and Co. about the Charter and believing all his lies !
    So is it going to be another 20 years of poverty for Fijians , I mean , how much can your society take ?

  42. Mark Manning Says:

    Hitler promised the unemployed citizens of Pre War Germany , a car each . It was called a Volkswagen !
    Volkswagen means , people’s car !
    Francis and Co. are promising roads and bridges , but they don’t even have the money !
    They’ve had to borrow from china , yet it’s not Fijians building the roads or learning the skills to build them , it’s the Chinese !
    Where is the value to the Fijian Community in that silly proposal ?
    At least one villager had the good sense and was brave enough to ask that clown Frank , what guarantee do we have that you can keep your word , when an elected Minister couldn’t ?
    So , vote Mark Manning , the coup clux clan Party , President for life and all things bright and shiney . A free Volkswagen and four burner toaster for all . Roads and Electricity to be supplied later !
    Just remember , the Chinese threw elderly people out into the streets to repossess their homes for the Olympic Village , with no compensation .
    Will they , hand in hand with Francis and his thugs , repossess land from the villagers to build their illegal roads , bridges and hydro scheme ?
    Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of , calamity in paradise !

  43. Mark Manning Says:

    Does Robert’s moustache remind you of someone from world war 2 in Germany ?

  44. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s really gut retching reading some of the stories coming out of Fiji at the moment , day in , day out .
    Knowing that there is virtually no employment , no hope !

  45. Mark Manning Says:

    Now there’s an opportunity for action while Francis is at the U.N. on the 16th.

  46. Billy Says:

    Seems like RFN is catching on the fever… and the fervour………..But no immunity for anyone, Pressie included. Let the court of law decide…not Pressie.

  47. Nostradamus Says:

    VW is not good enough. The highlander will need Pajero’s. Here is Frankenstein’s promise:

    before Christmas 2008 and that is that vehicles will be parked outside their homes.

    He forgot to mention that these vehicles would be owned by IG seeking publicity and whales teeth.

    Bainimarama Delivered Promise
    Publish date/time: 11/09/2008 [16:57]

    Villagers of Nakini, Deladamanu and Natoika said Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has delivered what he had promised to them that before Christmas 2008 and that is that vehicles will be parked outside their homes.

    Speaking to Fijivillage, Deladamanu villager Maika Moroca said village elders presented a whale’s tooth to government officials but nothing eventuated.

    He said they thought that the ousted SDL government constructed the road after they saw diggers and bulldozers in May during polling, but nothing done.

    Prison officer and Deladamanu villager, Tomasi Daunitutu said they believe that any government who cares for the people and fulfills their promises to people should be supported.

  48. newsfiji Says:

    Oi..that villager Maika Moroca is a Fiji Labour Party Stalwart!

  49. Striker Says:

    Only a fool says this ig cares for and fulfills its promise to the people. This illegal regime has stolen the mandate of the people, compromised the rule of law, trampled on their rights, denied them billions in lost opportunity, caused the hardship and poverty of thousands and has lied to us and the international community regarding election undertakings.

  50. Kai Viti Says:

    There is a great future for Fiji coming on the way.Develpoments is now progressing in rural areas of Fiji. Lets not give up. Cummon lets get together.

  51. Kacanavatu Says:

    Thot this excellent letter from our Daily post deserve a piece in our column for our information..

    Writing on the wall


    For those who came in late the writing is now clearly on the wall depicting the dangers of militarisation.

    When senior military officers were appointed to key civil service positions the interim Government and Public Service Commission (PSC) went to great lengths to justify that these appointments were on merit.

    The undeniable skills, experience and of course education of these officers came to the fore in the following examples:

    * The immigration department deporting people without any notice of the due process of the law under such circumstances;

    * The Ministry of Information releasing one-liners that certain information are not for public consumption in spite of transparency that they advocated when taking over government by force;

    * The interim Prime Minister’s useless overseas jaunts with his wife and entourage in the face economic collapse;

    * The leave pay for more than three years to senior military officers on secondment to the civil service (by force) as normal and nothing out of the ordinary;

    * A senior military officer convicted of murder entrusted to train prison officers and now working in prison headquarters, who by the way is the interim prime minister’s brother-in-law; and

    * The commissioner of police directing that no investigation into prisoner Baleiloa’s assault when arrested.

    The recent decision by Esala Teleni not to investigate the treason complaint by the SDL against the interim Government is just the last nail in the coffin for democracy and law and order in Fiji.

    The move to place military officers in key positions was not on merit after all; as it is now apparent it is all about self preservation or CYA for the interim PMr.

    Frank Vore
    3 Brains Road

  52. Ablaze Says:

    Kai Viti Fiji roads, electricity, water, schools all need to be seen to and the nation has no money.

    Do you realize the cost of sending building materials to these areas to build whatever they want. Right Bai will build it and then what.

    I hope he does it for the sake of these innocent people who are desperate for something good to happen to them.

    I suppose if Ratu Mara could do it for Lakeba and Lolomaloma Bai can do it for whatever village he choses. People of Fiji just keep working hard and paying your taxes for Bai to fulfil his promises.

    I wish those villagers all the luck in the world.

  53. Frida Says:

    We should not worry too much of what he is doing especially in changing the structures that are suppose to safeguard the interestes of Fijians as indeginous people of this country beacuse it is all illegal. What we should continue to push for and maybe even harder is to get them out. get the UN, the ICJ and other international bodies to work with us to delete them slowly but surely.

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