What to do with Poka?

Ragone what shall be done to Poka any suggesstion


34 Responses to “What to do with Poka?”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei! Call the Real Police!

    Yaga me laga i ke na sere ya “Born To Suffer” by Lucky Dube.

    SV: I just can’t stop laughiing at your heading! Kaikaila! Ha..ha..ha..

    Poka dina!

  2. tuyawa Says:

    He should seriously think about going back to school..maybe start at kindergarten level.

  3. kaiveicoco Says:

    Someone to POKE his eye which does not look sideways !!

  4. Dauvavana Says:

    Nai vakasala ga a rau ni solia vua me galu vakalevu (sa ruil levu nona vosa), kana vakalailai ka veka vakalevu me lutu na kena bibi.

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    Oti me rauqai vaka samuraki koya o Avenai kei Maqe, Natewa Prince vakarau na vokete kei na mop wahahahaha

  6. Groggymaster Says:

    Bugger the fella – it may fix his cock-eye!!!!

  7. Cirinakau Says:

    kada teleni kada

  8. tuyawa Says:

    I have one question for Teleni…the police and the military seem to have been undertaking a lot of drug busts mainly marijuana. The recent worth $2 million. It seems that the police and military are quick to collect the goods when it’s found. Dou kauta tiko i vei na ka dou sa vesuka? Sa rui sivia na vakamacala lasulasu. The police and the military are corrupt to the core.

  9. painter Says:

    I’d make Poka :

    -sprint 50 laps around a rugby field (under 3mins)
    -100 press ups with both hands (non-stop)
    -50 push ups with left hand (non-stop)
    -50 push ups with right hand (non stop)
    -200 sit-ups to help flatten his kete poka (non-stop)
    -250 squats whilst carrying the Pig on his shoulders

    I’ll make him climb all the coconut trees lining the Nasese sea wall and knock off all the coconuts so no jogger/walker will suffer a potential tarawau or worse!

    Then take him out to Nukulau and make him swim back to mainland.

    And that’s only for starters!

  10. Save the Sheep Says:

    Have pity on the Man folks.

    JUsy give him a walking stick and a place in St Giles…. Let him live in peace…

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I forgot to mention the other day , when Frank commented in one of his Fiji Times articles that Fiji’s economy etc. has been virtually stuffed since 1987 , ( not his words exactly ) . It was a good point though , that since the 1st. coup , Fiji has either stagnated or been in decline economically and socially .
    So is it confirmation , from the Commander’s own mouth , that coups are the problem ?

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    As for tubby teddy , the guy looks like he’s about to explode !

  13. painter Says:

    And when it comes to Pita Driti, the King of the Torture Chambers, who happily tortured the young freedom fighters in the immediate aftermath of the coup, it shall be 50 times more than Ketepoka’s 1st phase drills..

    And this time, we’ll take him out to Beqa Island and make him swim back to mainland. Plus we’ll pay the Beqa Divers off to take the day off from SHARK-FEEDING!

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    So many problems in Fiji !
    In Australia , public housing eventually realised that it was better for people to be able to buy their own homes , so many on poor incomes took up the option to buy . The never ending cycle of handouts doesn’t work for anyone , the Government , the local community , nor those on low incomes .
    In Fiji , you seem to have the added burden of a lack of land and the Governments inability to provide services etc. because of those land ownership issues .
    At the same time , there is the understandable fear that indigenous Fijians will lose their land and identity , in their own land !
    What is the solution and would it make any difference who was in power ?
    I believe the underlying solution is in a law abiding community .
    And that ‘s not there at the moment , through no fault of the majority of Fijians , Indian and Indigenous . These are my views only .

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    I think education is the secret . If people who can’t manage financially now , because of the Political climate and lack of opportunities , could focus on the education of their young ones , then in time , the next generation will work its way out of poverty , hopefully !
    By then , the economic , political and social problems will have improved situation well enough to reduce poverty within Fiji .

  16. Beleive it or Not! Says:

    Man with shifty eye is not to be trusted (ref : Confuscious great grand son)

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Painter : your answers to the question, what should be done with Poka? is just making my day!

    Kaikaila! Wa…ha..ha..ha..

  18. Dra ni Taukei Says:

    O kete poka gonei, me dua la nai tono lada ena nona sone, ka vakayagataki kina e dua na tabani jiji.vei driti,kune ga me vaculaki. No other remedy than Fijian remedy,use ur knuckles on the stupid guy

    Sa Dri saka yani

  19. Tim Says:

    A rotisserie over a slow flame

  20. Peace Pipe Says:

    He is almost there by the looks of it. Just supply more full chow laced with cholestorol so it precipitate for him a nice and mighty stroke. Perhaps that way we could get rid of quick smart.

  21. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    And when he goes to hospital, let’s hope that the nurses remember him for his harassment during the strike and are veeerrrryyyyy s l o w to treat him.

    Maybe they could send for the same doctors who treated the boy with the broken arm?

  22. Na Dina Says:

    Ragone dredre ga mo cegu dua qo..

    A Fijian dies and goes to Heaven. As he stands in front of St Peter at the Pearly Gates, he sees a huge wall of clocks behind him.

    ‘What are all those clocks?’ he asks.

    St Peter answers,’Those are lie-clocks. Everyone on earth has a lie-clock.

    Every time you lie, the hands on your clock will move.’

    ‘Oi sa dina,’ says the man in awesomewonder.

    ‘Whose clock is that one?’

    ‘That’s Mother Teresa’s. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.’

    ‘Wooooo kemudou, ,’ whistles the man in absolute amazement.

    ‘And whose clock is that one?’

    St Peter responds: ‘That’s Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.’

    ‘Sa teri’ says the man. ‘So where’s Bainimarama and Teleni’s lie-clocks?’

    ‘Their clocks are in Jesus’ office, ‘ St Peter says.

    ‘He’s using them as ceiling fans.’ ….wah hahahhha! hehehe!

  23. soro Says:

    Woilei ROFL @NaDina .. dua tale na theory me baleta na pusi kei na babakau nei Teleni sa basika mai qo : http://discombobulatedbubu.blogspot.com/

    Mosi ga o Poka!!!!!

  24. painter Says:

    LOL!! Oilei, na cawiriwiri jiko vei rau! Dua na siga sa bau misi dina kina o Ogre-Poka 🙂

  25. Yavalati Says:

    Wailei o one eye look to you and one eye look to me…sa sona levu ga tukuna mai me dua yani na kemui sosomi. If you can’t do the job quit cause your eye-balls aren’t rolling the way they should….lol

  26. Billy Says:

    Sa leqa gona ni via mai veiliutaki tu ena crimestoppers e dua na matadua who can’t see the real crimes, and can’t tell the difference, they blame the complainants for causing instability, ha, exposing your ulukau & ta-sukulu bavulu, kua na viavia pretend police tiko.

  27. Billy Says:

    Please call crimestoppers west, Prue Rouse to investigate the pretender Comish.

  28. abanana Says:

    wailei is he related to that Bika falla who was always spoils the crowning night of Hibiscus every year? They look alike, I mean their eyeballs look alike! ..only Tubby is 10 times Bikas size.

  29. abanana Says:

    He is a perfect Humpty Dumpty.
    Humpty dumpty Teleni tripped over his feet and cracked his eyeball on the concrete, now he has a crocked eye.
    Is it the fashion nowdays? Bhika got that kinda eye, TeleniTubby got that kinda eye.
    John Sammy looks like he is about to get both his eyes cocked!!

  30. bodyguard Says:

    kill the bastard…bleary small pce of shit.

  31. bodyguard Says:

    better….over dose the arsehole with sugar. his a diabetic.

  32. Striker Says:

    In the name of God, GO!

  33. ispy Says:

    ketepoka…. one eye is ashamed of the other eye and so it keeps looking the other way!

  34. anon Says:

    Dua ga vei koya na pakete GAS X, me explode mada kina.

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