Teleni warns SDL executives – lamulamu says SV!

Bloggers, imagine the crap coming out of the mouths of the Police through Mua. She’s sounding like her counter-part Lewensky. Mua’s claim that already the filing of the complaint has caused instability around the country is so lame! What proof do you have? Where is there proof of break down of law and order, rioting, etc? The only thing happening around Fiji would be a sigh of relief to know that finally Qarase and Beddoes are beginning to take proactive steps against the illegal junta. Mua, we at SV say kua soti na lasulasu gusu kabasu!

Update: 4:07PMThe Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni has warned the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party executives not to cause or be the reason for any instability in the country.

Commodore Teleni has maintained his stance, saying the police department will not be investigating the treason complaints lodged by members of the ousted SDL Party.

Police spokesperson Ema Mua said the investigation has been suspended indefinitely by the Police Commissioner.

“We are not going to investigate something that is going to cause instability in the country. Already the complaints lodged are causing instability in the country,” she said.

“The public is fearful in drawing a conclusion into the matter and police is monitoring the situation and the Police Commissioner has made it very clear if there is a breach under the Public Order Act than necessary action will be taken by police.”


54 Responses to “Teleni warns SDL executives – lamulamu says SV!”

  1. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Teleni’s warning is already being frowned upon by regional and international leaders and he knows full well, that eventually he will have to step aside.

    Finau’s allegations again Beddoes has backfired because Beddoes has challenged her and anyone from within the NCBBF to lay treason charges against him. Beddoes also took a swipe against John Samy for disclosing confidential information to Finau regarding his allowances.

    John Samy too must be feeling to heat because his blurting out that the ‘coup was illegal’ was because of attacks made against him by Beddoes.

    Samy’s reputation for being involved with the illegal junta must be in tatters because he will known for the rest of his life as the ‘father of the farter charter.’

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    For the first time in 2 years , shyster has finally spoken some sense when she told fullchow to investigate the treason charges.

    Maybe she is distancing herself from the jaundiced junta as she knows the end is nigh.

    Maybe it is time for the police officers association to move a vote of no-confidence in the illegal, obese pretend PC.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Trues up SV. What instability are they talking. Its more like its causing instability within the ig regime and the gravy train ride. The complaint must have send waves of fear and concern of what the implication of this could be since it is a new development which they know could derail their so-far not exactly smooth ride. Sounds more like panic than anything else to me.

  4. newsfiji Says:

    Their is instability!

    But not with the population of Fiji – the instability is within the interim regime!

    Hi…Hi! Kete Poka Teleni should just warn the interim regime that their time is about to come to an end.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Isn’t Ema just the spokesperson ? She has to say what she’s been told to say doesn’t she ! It must be a horrible position to be in if she doesn’t agree with Buda !
    Hanging on by the thread of their knickers , Frank and Co.

  6. FijiGirl Says:

    Well said, SV.

    The illegals’ response that SDL’s complaint may cause instability around the country is a typical dictator’s tactic, and gives us the perfect opportunity to use their own tactics against them.

    Since Dec 06 the illegal regime has prevented the people from legally demonstrating against their rule, and have used the lack of formal protests as ‘evidence’ of our approval (whereas we know that, in the Pacific, silence can and usually does mean polite disapproval).

    So we are in the plum position of being able to state, categorically, that the alleged instability caused by the former parliamentarians complaint is NOT causing any instability ANYWHERE in Fiji.

    Well done, SDL and all pro-democracy activists who choose non-violence and the rule of law. Victory will be ours.
    God bless Fiji

  7. waisou Says:

    Two things I want to say. First, no one is forcing Mua to be the mouth of the fat cat…she can very well make a stand a demote herself to be the bum part of the swine….like vomit or choke and declare that she no longer is fit to munch cat food but pooh it out only….her and lewensky talk as if they have authority and the manner and vigor of their speeches is indeed spiteful…

    Secondly, Fat Cat is scared of the instability amongst the two forces…who now will begin to realise the doomed future they have when all things come to pass…instability within the lower ranks and disobedience to their commands and orders…at the end of the day, the leaders of the two ‘once respected’ forces are doing things for their own good and safety…they care less about those who are actually carrying out their dirty work….

    The International Courts are waiting….let us aim for the stars, if we cannot reach it, at least we are standing on top of the world’s highest mountains…what say!!!

    God bless Fiji

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    Include Beddoes in treason probe: NCBBF
    Deposed Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes, who has filed a complaint alleging acts of treason against the interim Government, should also be investigated, says a member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

    NCBBF Media Committee member Adi Finau Tabakaucoro said Beddoes should also include his name in the treason complaint lodged with Sabeto Police, as a (former) member of the NCBBF.

    Tabakaucoro said the complaint also cites the NCBBF co-chair, the Archbishop Petero Mataca and members of the NCBBF including the Head of the NCBBF Technical Secretariat John Samy.

    “Beddoes attended the first meeting of NCBBF last January and participated in the National Task Team and Working Group meetings,” said Tabakaucoro.

    “He collected $100.00 in sitting allowances, and was reimbursed $430.40 for expenses incurred which he claimed.

    “To be consistent and transparent, Mick Beddoes should publicly acknowledge that his name must also be included as a past NCBBF member.”

    In response, Beddoes said he was happy to face his day in court if anyone from the NCBBF wanted to file a charge of treason against him.

    “I am not going to lodge a complaint against myself because I had my reasons for joining.”
    Sorry to go off topic, but the above comment by Tabacaukoro is exactly the pig-ignorant lame-arse thinking that typifies the blind ambition of the NCBBF. As I recall, Mick and Mrs Siwatibau were among the worthy leaders who initially fronted up to join the Council. My guess is that once they realised the council is a phony front for an already-written document, and their ‘consultation process’ is actually exclusively one-sided, they made known their protest against this farce of a council and honourably withdrew their membership.

    The great thing is that TabaCAukoro’s quote adds to growing evidence that NCBBF is NOT an independent body of the illegal regime, but is very much in cahoots with them. Her comment actually implies that the two are interchangeable.

    She can stamp her feet as much as she wants. It doesn’t change the fact that the regime is illegal, and NCBBF has no legal mandate.

    God bless Fiji

  9. Ablaze Says:

    TomasiB you have just shown your true colours. You are the scared one because it doesn’t matter whatever you say, you and the Regime will not win the battle in a “court of law” and to have any chance you must take your fight to the “Court of Public Opinion.”

    The Regime can’t even do this because public opinion will tell the nation that they are wasting taxpayer’s money and supported by very few dumbwits like you.

  10. moz Says:

    My 2 cents
    1. Mua was previously a journalist and deliberately chose to cross the lines and be Teleni’s mouth-piece. She aint so innocent! She can easily redeem herself and get a real ethical job ..unless its too late.
    2. The international community shld now take the cue from these treason complaints and widen their travel bans and slap them on these NCBBF opportunists. Add the charter group on the visa ban list for aiding and abetting the junta!

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Police spokesperson Ema Mua said, “We are not going to investigate something that is going to cause instability in the country. Already the complaints lodged are causing instability in the country,”

    Well if that is the case, then the governments of Australia, NZ, USA, Great Britain, Tonga,etc. had better extend their travel warnings to reflect this situation.

    From Australia:- ” Australian citizens are warned that Fiji is unstable and you should not travel there. Cancel your holiday immediately”

    From NZ:- “You would have to be nuts to go to Fiji at the moment because the place is unstable because the illegal PC, fullchow, is being accused of being a criminal.”

  12. Billy Says:

    Kiaaa…this TomasiB really sounds like those cowards up at tthe military camp or police stations whose only means of getting their way is through the power of the gun. Cowards who can not fight with their heads or reason with their mouths, cause their brain is one big empty lump of SHIT and their drooling slimy mouths frothing at their froggy lips spewing out venom and poison. . and I bet he doesnt even know what I just said, the arse of a hole. History has proven that good will always triump over evil and those who inflict injustice will get a taste of their own medicine in time, soon oh very soon. So get the FUCKN ready TB to go to makogai with your lot. …you tamata LAMUSONA kila ga na vuni e na dakai. Vavei mo qai mada i na real war mo qai raica kina na dromodromo ni tarasese, kutu sebe!!!

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Wow Billy!

    Don’t react to the green goon as his only purpose is to distract from the topic.

    Billy, what is your opinion on full chow’s refusal to investigate treason charges against the jaundiced junta?

  14. Ablaze Says:

    TomasiB alias Tomasi Bavulau se want to talk tough! Take away your guns and Mick Beddoes and Qarase will show you what the Court Of Law can do.

    We are fortunate we have both Court of Law & Court of Public Opinion.

    Wailei smart arse, all you have are your guns.

    Why don’t you test your guns out on yourselves starting with your leader.

  15. Billy Says:

    @EFT, Just reflects great nervousness on his part, knowing his end is near. They never bargained for this, ha!ha! caught in the net and dunno his way out, as they say, the long arm of the law will catch up with you one day. This is the day, to refuse to investigate makes the Police force null and void. No more, nothing, sa oti, ekdam khalas!

  16. Ablaze Says:

    What else could this Kete Poka say but use the same “feeble excuse” used by all of them to promote their own agendas.

    They know they can’t use their guns but the “feeble excuse” in this case instability so have to come in to save the nation. If Kete Poka was doing his job and allow the law to take care of it, there would be no “instability”

    Sa levu ga na lasulasu.

  17. soro Says:

    So TomasiB – are you an example of the fine mannerly gentleman that would like to run this country ?

    Judging from your wonderful language and up your sona attitude, you are anything but.

    Please grace our intellectual presences only when you have something amazing to say about what a difference you can make to our thinking, or you can join Buddau in Siberia.

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    By the noises that the green goon who has interrupted this blog makes, I am coming to the opinion that it is hairyarse himself.

    You know, all noise and no substance.

    I agree that the treason charges against the jaundiced junta has made them all upset.

    Why, poor silly hairyarse has to resort to blogging to try [unsuccessfully] to gain some of his lost credibility.

  19. Ablaze Says:

    Tomasi Bavulu we all know very well you won’t use your guns because the whole world will come in and wipe you and the people you are supporting out.

    Vakaloloma fighting for a lost cause – even your guns can’t help you. Cowards – guns are for show to scare the nation but can’t use them!

    Gori now you will read that I’m causing trouble and “instability”

    Thank you SV Blog site! I can say what I like about these Ulukaus – brains for shit.

  20. Ablaze Says:

    Oh yeah Tomasi Bavulu I’m inciting trouble – come and catch me!

  21. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ok bloggers..chuck TomasiB into the same REJECT and IGNORE bin like Buddhau…really

    IGNORE THE BASTARD!!!! This is another ME-ME-ME-Identity-Crisis-attention-seeking-idiot!

    As for Teletubby…oilei please, certain people should really never ever utter a word bcos they’re just full of unintelligible syllables…and vocabulary they probably cannot even spell nor comprehend its meaning.

    “instability already happening in the country’..WTF….Evidence Teletubby, evidence?

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I have looked carefully at the words of the green goon who is trying very poorly to disrupt this blog.

    I am sure that it is hairyarse because of the following:-

    * his writing is grammatically incorrect and contains poor spelling.

    * his arguments are emotional and incoherent

    * he has a lack of knowledge of the law

    * he is crude, vulgar and unintelligent

    * he is unemployable in the real world

    Let’s look at one of his pathetic utterances above:-

    “”””Ask your friends this simple question ……..
    Do you want a democracy or do you want jobs, water, health, education etc..””””

    Actually, hairyarse, we want all of them for Fiji.

    Unfortunately, you and and your incompetent losers are depriving Fiji of them all.

    Thanks to you and your jaundiced junta, Fiji now has third world medical facilities and educational facilities because you morons are spending all the money on a useless military which is terrorizing the people.

  23. Cirinakau Says:

    Tomasi boci o kemuni beka na kulina

  24. abanana Says:

    Teletubby and TomasiB they love juicy Telletby and TomasiB they love juicy,someone should just spank them with a banana!!

  25. Billy Says:

    The greatest compliment that the goons pay us is reading our blogs, that is the only weapon we have left, while they hide their baboony, goony looony face behind gun. See how the goon said, “we” so that means the IG mental cases are taking their cue from us…. driti, tele poka, vore, uluikau, lewena, arse, shitsa, etc etc, sub jaundice ga!

  26. qitawa Says:

    Ladies and Getleman, this is the very issue Iam raising. Who will force these bastards to do what we want. No where in the world has the military been taken to court when they are in power after a coup. Thailand, Myanmar, Ghana, Parkistan, none of them were taken to court when in power. Musharaf was only threatend with impeachment after resigning from the military and becoming president. If we take them to the high court, who do we get to implement the ruling? It will only cause more delays to the democracy we desire and could really make the shit hit the fan. There has to be another way. This is exactly what Andrew Hughes wanted to do and he was the one who bolted away first when the military reacted. Is it the intention to draw a reaction from the military? Will it be those politicians who will meet the brunt of the military or will it be the poor citizens again as usual. We are the ones suffering not the SDL politicians. Lets get our democracy back another way as I see this road taken by the SDL leading us to more trouble. It is a view and I stand to be corrected if someone can convince me.

  27. Ana Says:

    Teleni should send himself a warning that he is about to explode!

    He is disgusting as a “model” to his men and women in the forces.
    He is Fat, he is stupid, he cant see straight!

    Teleni , you should be ashamed of yourself, calling yourself commissioner!
    Huh! you dont even look the part!

    You look like a over-pumped ball ready to be kicked and bounced.

    Kick it a little harder and he pops, nothing there anymore. Thats the best thing to do.

  28. Billy Says:

    Oilei@qitawa, bau give us hope mahhhhhhhn! Why not provide some answers rather than stir up all the shits. Look no offence, you are very practical and I appreciate your efforts, but pahleeezz so how we gonna get our democracy back? By putting these guys in jail thru the treason charge!!. Hope man, hope! What you fear? Com’on we survive already 2 coups, we can survive this one out. We are not Myanmar, Thailand, etc etc we are fiji for crying out loud. We rely on a living one not some idol who can not hear our prayers.

  29. qitawa Says:

    Sorry Billy, yeah I was thinking practically all the time. Well I should be more hope based. My fear is we maybe heading for the worst (worst than what we have experienced before) and I dont want to see more suffering. We are all Fijians and we all have that warrior mentality from our forefathers. We can start something but the goons have the upperhand with guns. Thats what Iam trying to get out of like minds like you on how we can outsmart them with the warrior mentality without confronting them in the conventional warrioir way. The time to take them to court will come and I believe we should coax them in getting back our democracy first and then we start taking the courts actions. Parkistan waited 9 years for Pevez Musharaf. We must remember our fellow citizens and not put them through more hardships. It was never my intention to demoralise anyone but to stir up more practical ways of dealing with this goons. There is one great fear I have and that is putting innocent citizens through chaos and bloodshed through an uncalculated action motivated by utter hatred and illogical thought. I invite your cool well thought out ideas please. It is difficult to control our hatred and warrioir instincts but we need to think wisely.

  30. patriotcitizen Says:

    Qitawa, we need to demonstrate to these thugs that we are prepared to make Fiji ungovernable, come what may – you see, it is precisely for that reasoning that all the will do is blog and shout and protest, who cares, as long as we fatten our pockets and arses … we need to tell them that we are prepared to rise up, if need be – fuck the goons – 3000 to 4000 against 400,000 thousand of us

  31. Tim Says:

    Teleni and the “Meaning of life”. An exercise in the potential for the exploding human corpse. Shit flies everywhere – take cover!. He’ll warrant an entry in the Oxford Dictionary before too long – somewhere between greed, opportunism and avarice.
    We keep likening these characters to pigs, whereas pig shit is probably a better description. Pigs have a little more civility and order even if their displays at the trough seem otherwise.

    And, of course Shaista deems it necessary to add a little “balance” by suggesting the complaint should be investigated. Doesn’t let her off the hook though. Her record to date is stunning. Her only defense will be that she was stoned at the time of her indiscretions – she can call the Judge sister as a character reference wh will attest “she’s a bloody mad bitch”.
    But…what to do about Bubba?
    The most expedient option would be to just shoot the prick!

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    Even the Russian Government is being brought before the International courts , so how does Francis think he can avoid it ?
    As for Teleni’s ( buda’s ) spokesperson , I didn’t know her history , I’m assuming she’s not a career police Woman ?

  33. Tim Says:

    You know what the sad thing is? You’ve got Bubba and Shaista winding up Frank, along with a few religous abusers all crying “it’s all a neo-colonial conspiracy” and we’re fighting in YOUR best interests. All the while sitting there in comfort, ripping off everyone to maintain their lifestyle in between panics. Their problem is really that its fucking hard to make a silk purse out of a sour’s ear. In fact its worse…. ya can’t make a silk purse out of a sour’s pig shit.
    If you look at who is involved in this pantomime and supporters of it, they’re failed politicians, failed religious leaders, academics struggling for notoriety (often by their own admission), failed ideologues. No wonder no-one believes them. They’re struggling for survival. Their only option is to keep the thugs with the guns sweet while they work out what the next move is – except that its a futile exercise.

  34. Tim Says:

    It’s really abut time the “thugs with the guns” realised they’re being used – except as I suggested before, they’re either too bloody THICK, or scared, or lazy, or all of the above

  35. Ablaze Says:

    These no school Bavulus think they are fooling us. This cover up business by trying to say they are there trying to protect the nation from any instability. They are the ones causing the instability.

    Before they decided to take over we were fine, we had peace rule of law and to some degree of rule of law in which we controlled the military. Now they want to control us.

    They will not declare Fiji a military dictatorship because dictatorships will not be recognised or legitimised internationally in which Fiji can ill afford. Also they will not be able to star as no country will want to deal with them except maybe China & India. They are so dumb not to realize that China & India will only deal with them to get something better in return. Bloody Fools. They want to make out they are non-partisan, a neutral Govt that is capable of providing good interim leadership for a better Fiji. Oilei we all know they are a bunch of Vuli Va Vale Ni Po.

    To justify the coup they try and potray elected politicians as corrupt and ineffective. This we all know is the most universal characteristics of a military Govt is the institution of martial law or a state of emergency. Wailei this is the excuse these dopes used.

    You see it would be a lot easier for them to declare Fiji a dictatorship with martial law instead of an “unofficial democracy” with the Military exerting a very strong influence? A straight out dictatorship will give them the freedom to put into practice the so-called People’s charter farter for a better Fiji. Martial Law will enable them to carry out, without opposition, the “clean up campaign” and deal with all those allegations imposed on people for corruption, conspiracy etc

    Once again they will not do it because a straight out “dictatorship” will not be recognised or legitimised internationally in which Fiji can ill afford. It is like they won’t use their guns,(wish they would use it on themselves) because they will be in deep pig shit then.

    They want it all but no can do!

  36. Wailei Says:

    Just to moz above; Ema Mua has no qualifications at all from USP or that she even attended journalism school.. She was just a “News Reader” in FBCL. Any tom, dick and Hari, can read the news on air. Journalism my arse!

    She is So pro coup. She kisses the ground that the IG walks on… You can tell when you are talking to her.

  37. Peace Pipe Says:

    There is a very strong case for the International court to act in this legal wrangle. When the bipolar pig first executed the coup he made a declaration that he was doing it because the ruling govt was corrupt. To date he has not proven his claims and therefore his actions was not justified and wrong and instead of returning the govt to the rightfully elected leaders he ignores it and still clings on to power.

    The lodgement of the complaint is therefore timely since the pig was given ample time to prove his claims and this could also be the impetus to get things rolling in the right direction

    Lets get our legal brains to act on this based on the false premise of the pig carrying out the coup which is high crime in any language.

  38. Striker Says:

    The Police Commissioner’s refusal to investigate the complaint of treason finally removes any shade of credibility of the interim regime. It is now clear to all that they are just a bunch of terrorists there to serve their own interests. Which brings to mind the realisation that the charter is not worth the paper its written on; it’s a lie it will take us forward when all the ig is doing is to protect the backsides of the treasonous coupsters!

  39. Moz Says:

    @wailei – my correction then – “a wannabe-journalist” who kisses the ground of the IG like V.Narayan….

  40. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yes Striker one wonders why the pig is so paranoid and adamantly insisting on pushing through the blooming charter farter like his life depends on it. But you see it actually does. His survival depends on the charter going through as it has provisions for his escape route. That is why he doing it at all cost and throwing in lurid threats and consequences if it does not pass through.

  41. Save the Sheep Says:

    TomasiB’s comments only prove the obvious.

    The only source of instability in this Country is the I.G. and the only reason why there would be instability in this country is because the RFMF and the Police do not do their Job properly.

    Teleni should be arrested under the Public Order Act for creating a situation that might lead to instability.

  42. ispy Says:

    The only ‘instablitiy’ caused by SDL’s treason complaint is the one happening within the interim administration itself.

    Senior career Police officers are begining to question whether their duty to “uphold the law” overrides their duty to “keep the peace” or whether indeed these duties need to be mutually exclusive.

    Senior career military officers are begining to wonder if the time is right to wrest control from Bainimarama now that its been established that he has lost one too many marbles since 6 December.

    The Police and military have been sizing each other up for the past few days, each one trying to gauge if they can successful take out the other when the need arises.

    Key regime members and supporters are starting changing their stripes admitting to the illegality of the 2006 coup and calling on the Police to investigate the allegations of treason against Bainimaram and the Military Council (very much like rats scuttling about trying to abandon a sinking ship).

    Bainimarama’s medical condition is reportedly worsening by the day due to mounting pressure from within and without.

    And the rest of the country are just sitting back tickled pink at the chaos this complaint is causing within Fiji’s corridors of power.

    The end is nigh…

  43. Billy Says:

    If you have been following events in Thailand on CNN
    BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) — Anti-government protesters led crowds to seize government buildings — including the prime minister’s residence and the state-run television station, the official Thai News Agency reported.
    The PM has been forced to resign, this is the type of people power that we are talking about, and I know @qitawa is anxious about this. But I do believe that no soldier worth his salt would shoot any unarmed person. So let us tread cautiously on this one? Any shot fired would also ekdam khalas the fijian army in the international world where they are mostly employed when there is something to do.

  44. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Billy….the lucky thing for these protesters in Thailand is that the WHOLE OF THE THAI people do sincerely respect their King who gave the directive to the government NOT TO HARM THE PROTESTERS.

    You see, that is where we differ…our so-called President if he had the right heart and mind before Decemeber 5 and ALSO NOW should give the same directive to the looser military and police…DO NOT HARM THE CITIZENS!

    Therefore, people power does work for the Thais bcos they have the King on their side, who is really neutral and cares about his people.

    Ours? well there’s much to be desired frm the ghost in the WHite House.

  45. ispy Says:

    He’s not our King…

    …he’s a puppet on strings!

  46. newsfiji Says:

    Summary of investigations and prosecutions by the International Criminal Court (as of September 2008)

    The name of Voreqe Bainimarama, his military council is about to be added to the list as above.

    Nomu News: International Criminal Court takalaka.

  47. Ablaze Says:

    Where is TomasiB Big Ball?

  48. lele Says:

    Guys, TomasiB is Div Darmodar that guy who was appointed to the AFL board eventhough he has no qualifications and only watches movies at Village 6. Me potulaki sara vakatotolo. Me moku a socona. Tamata magaijinana.

  49. Abeche Says:

    lele, isn’t it funny how these little bastards appear out of nowhere overnight and appear to have enormous amount of influence with the regime? If you want to see frank, i hear that Div Damodar is one of those few that has his direct cell number and frank answers his calls.
    Maybe we should all stop going to Village 6, Village 4 and other businesses owned by supportes of the regime. That will grab their attention!

  50. lele Says:

    Abeche, thanks for that contribution. I have been saying all along that this boci thinks too highly of himself and is a nothing who thinks he is something now. He talks about being a spy or agent of the regime and spills the beans openly when trying to impress a women or after a sniff of alcohol. Me moku ga a socona na meca ni lekutu. He sticks around Rokoului like a magnet to make him look authentic. He spills the beans on what Rokoului and 3FIR are doing when drunk on a sip of beer. Try listening to him at badbog where he normally hangs out and you will be well briefed on what the illegal government is doing and what the army is doing. He pays the bouncers at baddog to look after him so that might not be the place to smack this little magaijinana.

  51. lele Says:

    Oh and I was at a funeral a couple of months back and this Div Darmordar was also there trying to impress a girl as he was not related at all to anyone there. The ugly bastard who looks like a punched up Mr Bean was calling Rokoului, the commander 3fir and had the phone on speaker so that the girls brothers could hear the conversation. He was trying to arrange a meeting and asking if everything in camp was OK. The nutcase Rokoului was responding not knowing that he was on a broadcast to others around the grog bowl. Typical boci kind he was trying to impress those around him and make himself look important. The commander 3fir was taken for a ride not knowing he was being used. Sota ga na bavulu kei na moku soco.

  52. Tim Says:

    Is the term “wanker” in common use in Fiji these days?

  53. Striker Says:

    If it is true that the Police will not investigate complaints against the military, does that give amnesty to any member of the military who takes out Bainimarama? Interesting thought!

  54. lotiana Says:

    why are you all after div damodar….????????????he is a good man..

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