What happened to Alefina Vuki?

Apparently she said something about Ag………..and soldiers stormed the office looking for her but were unable to get her. They tried to remove her at the same time they removed Banuve Kaumaitotoya


39 Responses to “What happened to Alefina Vuki?”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Who is she and what is her station ?
    And Fiji sounds more like pre war Germany everyday !

  2. painter Says:

    Don’t know this lady but obviously one with a high detector for BS.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Can the Legal Fiji Government still request Australian and New Zealand Military assistance or intervention ?

  4. ispy Says:

    This lady is the Deputy Secretary for Tourism.

  5. Adi Kaila Says:

    She has every right to discuss the illegal a/g and his cronies as they are cause of the main industry of Fijis woes – Tourism generates millions of $$$$$$$$$ which goes toward the illegal amounts of paisa the ig coupsters are helping themselves too. Talk about biting off the hand that feeds you. But that’s the extent of the ignorance of the ig coupsters – lawyer or gun toter.

    Rotating eyeballs full chow teleni has raised the ire of yachties – and fancy putting a limit on how long a yachtie should stay in Fiji – hey is this idiot a Fijian or is he from haryana – All Fijians know that the seasons prevent long distance travel by sea for smaller crafts. As yachties usually sail into Fiji for this very reason and to have their boats repaired, painted and restocked while they can take a little holiday, they are actually generating quite a lot of income for locals. WTF!

    I must say one thing – I have always admired the way the people of Savusavu just get on with their business. This little area of Fiji is really industrious, there are so many families & individuals there who work for themselves, whatever they do seem to fit into another business and they work off each other and it goes on so everyone benefits – Amazing! I may go and live there one day – Hang on Sonaua I’m coming!

    Alefina has every right to say what she has to about the ig coupsters they are extremely destructive to the whole of Fiji and if they cannot take criticism they better readjust the way their teeny weeny mimi hangs as this seems to be the only thing alive in their brain dead bocis – er bodies.

  6. vukivuki Says:

    Yeah, they seek her here,they seek her there but them stupid Voreqe soldiers seek her everywhere!We’re definately too smart for them stupid coup makers!!!!

  7. painter Says:

    @ MM – just found her on SV’s updated shamelist –

    87. CEO Fish & Forests:Alefina Vuki (acting) replaced by Dr. Niumaia Tabunakawai PS Fisheries* (former CEO Lands).

    She’s obviously a high-ranking career civil servant. Good on her for standing her ground, shows very clear convictions.

  8. painter Says:

    @ MM – here’s more …

    Alefina Vuki has been appointed as the Acting Chief Executive of Fiji Fisheries
    as of September 8 by the Minister of Fisheries and Forests, Konisi Yabaki. Ms
    Vuki has previously served as Director for Women in the Ministry of Women,
    Culture and Social Welfare – PIMRIS newsletter Sep 2005.

  9. buna Says:

    She started her career as an English teacher and a good one at that, koya dau no nonsense approach.
    AG shame on you tattling on others but then again of course you are imsulted- the truth hurts, you gang doing jackshit about the economy, tourism everything except lining your taga.

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    Alefina Vuki also served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a couple of years. A very articulate lady and widely-respected.

    Hang in there Fina, there are better days to come. Bless you, girl!

    This ig continues to create more enemies. Oh, and how I still luv that saying.. One Day Mafatu!

  11. Billy Says:

    Hard workers like Alefina got where they are thru sweet honest sweat. If they express opinions against these shitstirrers, it is coz they deserve it. So what message to Fiji, when hardworking people who are smart and go through the normal career path to get where they are, while some smart ass nobodies get where they are thru the short cut gun power, have no shame nor fear in the mess they are creating. What goes around comes around is the lesson of past coups, and no doubt this one. Just wait and see.

  12. soro Says:

    Fina is one smart cookie – was with her at Uni and have a lot of respect for her as a career civil servant …… anyone would think the way soldiers are darting here and there looking for ghosts, that the Stasi of Germany have landed ! WTF!!

    You go Fina ! Way to go !

  13. waqa Says:

    Go fina! One toungue-lashing and they were stripped naked like little boys, reaching for their guns coz they can’t match your intellect. Gal power!

  14. Cama Says:

    I believe the Millitary are bunch of gays and all thay are doing is go after womens who stood for the truth.

    the evil illegal interim Regime are just suppressing the truth

  15. moz Says:

    It had to do with that gay AG arze who is now Minister for Tourism and who didnt like it when the tourist ministry staff led by Alefina followed protocol and didnt overnight on Treasure Island with him. Looks like he wanted a big, gay beach party and Alefina took away the tourist boys who would rather follow a real woman back to Suva.

    Gay AG the arze, then complained to Lewensky who like the big poof he is as his wife wears the pants and is probably more a professional…then got very excited and started threatening Alefina for not allowing the poofter AG to have his fun! Isnt this alll nice and pathetic??? Bunch of wankers!

  16. painter Says:

    @ moz – so that’s what it was all about, Pilinisese Fiona didn’t get her way and kicked up a tantrum, ROFL!!!!

  17. lele Says:

    Alifina Vuki is living with Poseci Bune who was an interim minister. She is part of the rot. She doesnt deserve any sympathy. She is just getting her butt kicked because Bune has been saying things about the IG. So they all deserve each other and dont deserve any sympathy.

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    okay , thanks everyone .
    Yes , she is brave standing up to these murdering bastards !

  19. painter Says:

    You’re welcome MM.

    Pilinisese Fiona (Bubba Aiyaz) reminds me of the lyrics of that groovy beat by Britney Spears “OUTRAGEOUS”…

    Outrageous – when bubba moves

    Outrageous – trippin’ on a world tour

    Outrageous – coming to ya like a world premiere

    Outrageous -when he’s on the scene

    Outrageous – in his ‘sexy’ jeans

    Outrageous – his sex drive

    Outrageous – his shoppin’ spree

    Outrageous – when he’s at a party

    Outrageous – All dressed up and glamorous

    Outrageous – red carpet and cameras

    Outrageous – he’s about to take the heat

    Outrageous – for lockin’ down the industry

    Outrageous – Let it be, boy-child.. ding! ding!

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    @lele – like Soro I (though much younger) was also at Uni with Alefina and her twin brother Eroni and even there they were both very brilliant in a very unassuming way.

    Why does it matter who she lives with?

    She is an intelligent, well spoken and travelled modern Fijian woman and she has been done a grave injustice.

  21. sprite Says:

    Shame on the IG. But nothing new in the long list of bad governance practices of the ill educated mutts they are. Blarry nuts!!

    This is what happens when u have an idiot thinking he is the PM at the same as he holds the Finance, Public Service, Indigenous Affairs, Provincial Development, Multi-Ethnic Affairs, Information as well as still being Army Commander.

    Look at how much travel, field trips, inspections, tours (North, West, factory tours, workshop openings etc) that the pig occupies his time with. He is certainly not sitting down spilling any ink. He is relying on his trusted people to do that dirty work while he swans around, fills in a trip to Italy to see the pope, to China, — 7 overseas trips already just this year!

    So hes got Rishi as his Assistant Minister for Public Service which gives the rfmf goons a free run into whatever civil service job they want and complaints against them, like the one against Naupoto, don’t see the light of day. So can idiots like Leweni and the other rfmf no-school nuts decide to fire anyone they feel slighted by (bulou rakuita, alefina).

    The pigs got Leweni as the Boss in Information; older bro Meli boss in Indigenous Affairs. So what exactly is left for him to do, but swan around like the ballerina he is! Blarry mad dog bainimagaitinana!!

  22. ispy Says:

    Agree with IB, Alefina Vuki deserves our commendation and sympathy – not misguided criticism.

    She was appointed to her position on merit and removed unjustly by an illegal irrational self-serving bunch of morons.

    Anyway back to the issue at hand.

    I probably would have laughed my head off if someone had suggested to me 10 years ago that the two Rt Epelis, Bainimarama and Bubba (who was still in daipers back then) would be running the Fiji government in the future!

    “Yeah right, running it to the ground maybe” I would have said 10 years ago…

    …and I would have been right!!!

  23. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB. Turaga Nite.. you must be just a bubba like our illegal AG if you are much younger than Alefina. You seem to suggest (to me) she is old. Id imagine Fina to be just hitting the second or third year in her 50s and nothing more! Se vacava, babe? πŸ˜€

  24. Anon Says:


    Alefina would be about 50 plus /minus one.

    IB – Eroni is Alefina’s elder brother not twin bro.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    Yep.. that would be about right, anon.

    But the point I was trying to make is that my Naita IB is only a bubba to be “much younger” than Alefina. Thanks girl, but it aint an issue. Or what say you, Turaga Nite? Turaga Momoqaqa?

  26. painter Says:

    May I pls ‘chip’ in mada fellow bloggers…. my 2c take is that OLD or YOUNG (minus juveniles pls!), BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder… and whilst I know you must be tired of my limited selection of dedications, STILL it is so that MM, ExFT, Tim and DShivnit can understand… so here goes my pick for today!

    IRRESISTIBLE – The Corrs

    You’re irresistible, you’re mine ia-ia-ia…

    You’re irresistible – natural, physical
    It’s indefinable – magical, illogical
    So make-you-mineable, you’re mine…ia-ia-ia…

    Don’t want you for the weekend
    Don’t want you for a day
    Don’t need love divided
    Don’t want to feel this way
    See I want you to need me
    Just like I need you
    And I want you to see me
    Like no-one before


    So can’t you see I’m tortured
    Oh can’t you hear my pain
    If you just let me show you
    I’ll be your summer rain
    Then you’ll feel that you want me
    The way I want you
    And you know nothing’s better
    It’s like nothing before


    Now you feel what I’m feeling
    Don’t you know that it’s more
    It can take you places
    Like never before…

    Hve a great evening everyone!

  27. IslandBoy Says:

    @Painter – I’m more pina colada and getting caught in the rain, Fleetwood Mac is what’s on when I drive but I feel you.

    @Anon – my bad, I just assumed they were twins because they were in the same much higher class ahead of me.

    @ LUVfiji – Kerea nomuni veivosoti – but yes I am much younger than the Alefina & Eroni, Elizabeth Reade, Isaac Komailevuka, Everett Leung, Lopeti Senituli, Mo Waqavonovono, Te Banuve crowd. Even Dr. Ratuva is older, though he was not part of that crowd, I don’t think.

    This lot was killing the Dragon when Siteri and Kwong were guarding the door and I was just a little bico, not legally allowed up the stairs, when the nightclubs legally closed at 3.00am, but we digress.

  28. painter Says:

    Hey IB, you almost sound a twin BROTHER, I love Fleetwood Mac! Check out this link which has old faithful drummer Mick Fleetwood & the Corrs in DREAMS …

    And here’s the link of these Catholic GALS in IRRESISTIBLE…


  29. painter Says:

    And here’s Mick Fleetwood and the Corrs again in their instrumental hit HASTE TO WEDDING …

    Reminds me of those Irish nuns who wud make us dance those Irish dances (hip-hop-step style) for their entertainment. Thank God they didn’t quite like how my DALO legs looked so that was a welcomed reprieve! I think the salsa is more my thing πŸ˜‰

  30. painter Says:

    @ LUVfiji – my apologies for butting in. Found this one for you frm IB.
    @IB – I’m sure u’ve heard this Stevie Wonder no. whilst biting yr nails on the steps @ Dragon niteclub.


    I like to see you boogie
    Right across the floor
    I like to do it to you
    Till you holla for more

    I like to reggae
    But you dance too fast for me
    I’d like to make love to you
    So you can make me scream

    Boogie on reggae woman
    What is wrong with me
    Boogie on reggae woman
    Baby can’t you see

    I’d like to see both of us
    Fall deeply in love
    I’d like to see you naked
    Under the stars above
    Yes I would

    I’d like to see both of us
    Fall deeply in love – yeah
    I’d like to see you in the raw
    Under the stars above

    So boogie on reggae woman
    What is wrong with you
    Boogie on reggae woman
    What you tryin’ to do

    Can I play? Can I play?

    Boogie on reggae woman
    What is wrong with me
    Boogie on reggae woman
    What you tryin’ to do


  31. painter Says:

    @ LUVfiji – btw that was Pita Driti’s scream when JAWS got him (at the start of tube) πŸ™‚

  32. IslandBoy Says:

    @ painter – Thank you for the lyrics and here’s right back at ya – Stevie Nicks speaks to my soul.

    Now here you go again
    You say you want your freedom
    Well who am i to keep you down
    It’s only right that you should
    Play the way you feel it
    But listen carefully to the sound
    Of your loneliness
    Like a heartbeat.. drives you mad
    In the stillness of remembering what you had
    And what you lost…
    And what you had…
    And what you lost

    Thunder only happens when it’s raining
    Players only love you when they’re playing
    Say… women… they will come and they will go
    When the rain washes you clean… you’ll know

    Now here i go again, i see the crystal visions
    I keep my visions to myself
    It’s only me
    Who wants to wrap around your dreams and…
    Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?
    Dreams of loneliness…
    Like a heartbeat… drives you mad…
    In the stillness of remembering what you had…
    And what you lost…
    And what you had…
    And what you lost

    Thunder only happens when it’s raining
    Players only love you when they’re playing
    Say… women… they will come and they will go
    When the rain washes you clean… you’ll know

  33. LUVfiji Says:

    @painter. Hey, thanks for clip. I have to download onto my iPod so I can listen to it everywhere I go. Luv’d it when you say its from my Naita IB! And as for the screeeam.. ya, me dina madaga!! Must find something suitable for you. Wait for it!

    @IB. I hope you didnt take offence to my comments. You know I luv teasing! Ohhh Nite!

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – no offence taken, kemuni na rosi.

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    @IslandBoy – thanks turaga nite. Me vaka ga era dau kaya na wekadaru mai cake.. E MA SET !!

  36. KaiFiji Says:

    Sprite..As it is you thot Bulou Rakuita had an outstanding performance with the Civil Service,..This lady was not appointed on merit in the first place..I worked with her and she is just a dull kinda person.She hates everyone and is not a team worker..She betrays her ownself and got terminated…she supplied all bulshit informations that resulted in the sacking of some hardworking staffs..This resulted in her being promoted from Principal level to Director then Deputy Secretary within 3mths.What happened next, she got terminated coz all the informations she told the RFMF were all lies and that was also how she got promoted to PRincipa level from MOF without any degree nothing..Dau tabetabe vei ira na kaidia that was how she got her position ..ivei sa tu kina qo ..I vale sara ..Dau tukuni ga Ministry of Home Affairs..lol..Sa lauti koya ga na sui ni kena..

  37. painter Says:

    @ LUVfiji – cool!

    @ IB – i feel u2, tortured soul. But methinks getting caught in Pita Driti’s torture chambers will be far worse so let’s all not get naughty πŸ˜‰

  38. Budhau Says:

    Whats this thread doing here.
    BTW – how is Ms Vuki doing – and Soro, you went to school at USP – yeah right!! and Eroni was there. What about your good buddy Simi (Durutalo) – he was sharp guy too.-, and Isikeli the judge. My dad went to school with these guys.

    BTW – what is Eroni doing these days? – watch out though, you can’t trust these Catholics from Lau.

    Hey Ipsy – you remember how Rabuka’s boys grabbed Ms Vuki at the airport on her YWCA trip after the 87 coup –

    …and how did she get hooked up with loud mouth Litia.

    Some really old farts in here.

  39. free spirit Says:

    Hi Budhau, u still sound ancient to me. Nevermind, I like ancient, they’re fun and non-threatening unlike those cloak & dagger greenie types.

    So how bout composing a xmas carol for us bloggers?

    I wonder where’s Mr. NatewaPrince these days? Probably still on his paternity leave, sava pikini tiko for the pikininis 8)

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