The spin offs from the Treason complaint

Bloggers the illegal illegitimate coupsters are at it again – they’re in full denial stating this then doing that – the exact opposite as the silly ig/ag khaiyum piggys potential son in law is apt to do more often than not. What this imbecile and his cronies tend to forget is that the SDL and Fiji were doing very well VINAKA VAKALEVU and the Nation as well as its economy was stable until they hijacked it all and committed treason. As for the statement about good leadership as being shown by his momo piggy – I say to khaiyum, piggy and the ig coupsters – YOU SLEEP WITH PIGS YOU WAKE UP WITH THE SMELL!


7th September 2008

Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has refuted claims by the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party that the interim government will amend the Constitution to suit their own agenda. Sayed Khaiyum said the interim government had no such intentions and has questioned the patriotism of SDL members.

“They want to destabilize the country and all they are concerned with is their interest, they go out in the media and speculate about uprisings and all sorts of other things, its completely fascicle and completely displacing. “These people are not patriotic, they are not concerned about Fiji, the only thing they are concerned about is their own political careers,” Sayed-Khaiyum said.

“We don’t need this, what we need is good leadership as shown by our Prime Minister, what he is concerned about is building a better Fiji and moving Fiji forward.” According to Sayed Khaiyum, if the ousted PM Laisenia Qarase and his party members are truly concerned with helping Fiji they would have done it when they were in power.

Be proud of Peter Waqavonovono who’s not afraid to tell it in Public. You deserve a medal brother.

As for spinning eyes full chow teleni having the grace and wherewithal to step aside – it’s not going to happen as the police station is too close to all the good eating places in Suva – petty cash and bribes collected from the unwary will keep the ketepoka extended. He will surely side step when the ig is overcome. He’ll be sidestepping faster than piggy ran the ethanol patch dash – yeah it’s going to be a sight to behold – that fat arse dabauing uphill past the lotu katolika. The little girls at St Annes School will have a jolly good laugh at the sight. The rest of us can watch from the gardens of the Fiji Club and cheer him on his way to Coconut Frond and beyond …….the reef? perhaps?


Fiji’s police chief has been asked to step aside to allow his officers to conduct a proper inquiry into the recent treason complaint lodged against himself, the military and its commander Voreqe Bainimarama.

The former ruling Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party had lodged an official treason complaint with police last week. Pacific Centre for Public Integrity (PCPI) campaigner Peter Waqavonovono said in the interest of fairness and to maintain the integrity of the investigation, Commodore’s Teleni’s immediate suspension should not be negotiable.

“The fact that he is included in the complaints list and he heads the Fiji Police poses a serious conflict of interest on his part. Furthermore, he is likely to compromise this investigation,” he said in a statement. And the fact that officers at the Samabula Police Station refused to accept the complaint should be a matter of serious public concern, he said.

Instead the complaint was lodged at the Raiwaqa Police Station. He said it further reinforced public fears that the police is controlled by the interim regime and the military, “and therefore raises serious concerns on whether they can be trusted to carry out their duties without fear or favor within the law”.

Waqavonovono said despite claims by the interim regime that the rule of law was intact, this incident and the refusal of Commandore Teleni to publicly indicate if the complaint would be investigated was further proof of the weakened state of the police force.

“It is deeply unfortunate that the reputation and credibility of the Fiji Police force has been eroded by a “few rotten apples”, following the coup. “It is obvious that there are a majority of professional officers in the police force who are under constant pressure to maintain the integrity and standards of the force,” he added. Teleni has however said that the SDL is just trying to instigate instability.



26 Responses to “The spin offs from the Treason complaint”

  1. Tim Says:

    Oh Bubba! Resorting to the most desperate of tactics now to justify a position and realign you nose up Frank’s ass where it is going to tickle him best!.
    This man has the nerve (or rather the desperation) to start accusing his opponents of being “Unpatriotic”.
    Well his charges, and others might be believable if it weren’t for the fact that most people have pegged him and his ilk as liars, fond of applying double standards to suit, and out for self agrandisement.
    He should have dealt with a few personal issues before trying to lurch forward into the limelight.
    SV – if its a son-in-law Frank his hoping for, he better be prepared for some winging from the whanau and a difficult mariage ahead. If Frank’s hoping for grandchildren, he better make sure turkey basters are exempt from import duty

  2. painter Says:

    Oilei o Pilinisese Fiona, give it a rest will ya!

  3. Wailei... Says:

    No Comment.. Oilei, dont know what to say about the Shamimi.. She must be in another planet… She agrees that police should proceed with the Treason Investigations and at the same bad breath she says that Teletubby septic tank should stay where he is! Just no comment ga…..

    From Fijivillage news..

    Police Must Proceed with Treason Investigations-FHRC
    Publish date/time: 08/09/2008 [17:32]

    The Fiji Human Rights Commission stresses that the Fiji Police must proceed with the treason investigations filed against the Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama and the RFMF by the ousted members of the SDL party.

    FHRC Chairperson Dr. Shaista Shameem said the civil case filed by Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase against Commodore Bainimarama does not stop the Police from proceeding to investigate the treason allegations.

    Dr. Shameem stresses that the right of the complainant is protected under the constitution and also stresses that it is not necessary for Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni to step aside for investigations to proceed.

  4. painter Says:

    Someone did mention earlier that we’ll be ‘rock and rolling’ back to DEMOCRACY….. sa dina sara! As for the high-as-a-kite Shyster, let’s hope her kite doesn’t fly into a light post.

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    If given the opportunity, the first person I will punch on the nose is big arse kaiyum

  6. policeconstable Says:

    There is civil war between Shyster and Momos Arsee – so its just vendatta rarher than support for Qarase – after all, she said qarase’s human rights was not violated when he was thrown out of power

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sorry to digress folks but I am seriously at the end of my tether with all their fcuked up policy directions!

    That’s right you wankers just open yourselves right up to China. You can bet Aust, NZ, the EU and USA are watching these developments verrrry carefully. I’ll bet that wanna be “Atlas” Ah Koy is rubbing his hands in glee with all his dreams coming true right now.

    I thought it was crystal clear that the Monasavu hydropower project couldn’t help ease the energy load in Kinoya because the dam was drying up and now they want to recreate the wheel in Nadarivatu?

    And Frank pahlease stop with the political point-scoring re: Kyoto shit. I doubt you even know how to spell it without assistance!

    FEA signs deal with Chinese firm

    Monday, September 08, 2008

    Update: 6:25PM The Fiji Electricity Authority has signed a deal of F$230 million with the Sinohydro Corporation of China.

    The deal is said to be a significant achievement for Fiji by the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    “This is a major achievement for a small island nation and we should all be proud of the fact that Fiji is making an earnest effort towards making contributions in curbing global warming in alignment with the Kyoto Protocol,” he said.

    The capital investment of F$230 million on this project will eventually equate to considerable financial savings on the costs of generating electricity by diesel fuel.

    Commodore Bainimarama said it is anticipated that this project alone will save FEA about $44 million a year in fuel costs.

    “This will reduce foreign exchange outflow from Fiji and have a great impact on our foreign reserves and the positive flow-on effects will eventually benefit the customers,” he said.

    He said Fiji has much to gain as the construction of the hydro dam will bring with it employment opportunities for many of our people and financial benefits to our landowners.

    Commodore Bainimarama said this Project also augurs very well with interim Governments drive to invest more in infrastructure as part of our overall strategy of Rebuilding Confidence and Growing the Economy.

    from Fiji Times tonite.

  8. IslandBoy Says:

    Digression please – RFN reports the effect of the SDL’s lawsuit is a more cohesive army corp supporting Frank. Very interesting point of view, almost saying that SDL/Qarase should not have filed.

    What I find baffling is the Fiji Law Society, their Pres and most other lawyers regard this as a criminal case and Shaista says its a civil case.

    Would our lawyer friends on SV be so kind as to clarify?

    @Dauvavana – kerekere, drau vakabulai naita lada!!!

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Oh Lord, the brain dead bipolar pig is having another brain seizure again. Is the moon on full beam yet? Radio Fiji news reported him repeating his threat that there will be no elections if there is no charter even if it takes 20 years. Imagine that 20 years. Another foot in the mouth fit must have caught him again. I wonder whats with this looney parading his leprosy infected charter like its the crown jewel of England. Why is he depriving people of Fiji their freedom. Its not the Methodist, SDL NFP etc who wants democracy its most of the population becuase we had enough of this lunacy. He is like a impulsive rapist continuously imposing his repulsive self on the people. I think he is too far gone and that there is no soft solution to end this impasse. We must take the initiative as our prison terms (the nation is being held captive by the lunatic pig) looks certain to be extended by frank the fool.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yeah and the Chinese lack principle when they openly show their support to the ig. Don’t they make you sick. All these people who show support towards the illegal regime. It is this support that gives these criminals the confidence to prolong their stay and hold on to power.

  11. soro Says:

    Dont understand what RFN’s agenda is …. they are almost saying that no one should have filed treason charge s ?????? WTF ?

    From the point of view of the RULE OF LAW.. this really tests the mettle of what the regime goons have been spouting all this time ….. transparency and good governance and respect of the rule of law …… OK SO NOW IS THEIR BIG CHANCE TO SHOW THEY DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES .

    Any self-respecting dick will :
    a) Step down Teleni as he is named

    b) Appoint independent outsiders as investigators and run the government machinery for CHARGES as URGENT as this, as in my mind, nothing is more urgent and more important under the constitution that to ascertain the severity of this offence ASAP.

    Will we hold our breath ?

    NAAHHH !

  12. Keep The Faith Says:

    @IslandBoy – its a civil action for constitutional redress since Qarase’s court case has still not been made public.

    Once it’s made public it puts a whole new set of wheels into motion.

  13. soro Says:

    WHEN is it going to be made public @IB ??? Does anyone know ???

  14. sprite Says:

    The military council, like the pig and all implicated and beneficiaries of the treason of the Commanda on December 5th 2006, are of course dismayed by the treason complaint. Coz they thot they were home free. Didn’t calculate or figure this into their script. Thot the citizenry was cowed and subservient, having killed a few in military and police custody. Warai tamana! They’re still running around like headless chickens trying to figure out how to counter it. Especially given all the good governance and rule of law rhetoric they’ve spewed to promote their charter farter. I say again, if there are any men left in the military council and rfmf, man the fuck up and take your medicine! You bunch of wankers!

    Problem is when hypocrisy rises up and bites you in the face, you can’t practice it. Resort to dirty tricks intimidating and threatening calls on those who dare to hold the illegal regime to the promise of good governance. Just puts the truth in front of the whole nation don’t it!

    No I have no sympathy or time for that train of thought. Me da kua ni vakanuinui ki na bilo cicila ragone!

  15. newsfiji Says:

    Bainimarama has been given all the opportunities in the world to rectify this political problem. The whole world has offered advise etc. They’ve sent their Ambasadors to speak to the military top brass, they’ve offered aid to assist in elections, Fiji’s been at the forefront of the Forum discussions and so on and on and on.

    All this and NO, FRANK just has to brush it aside and think nothing of it. In return for all the helping hands from all over the world, he has to continue threatening his opponents, bashing them up, expelling them from Fiji, killing them, making them burn in buses unfit for our roads, making them go hungry, making them wait for months on end before allowing a boat to go back to the Lau Islands (yet when Di Mei Kainona passes away – Tovuto is ready to take certain people to Taveuni, stay thea whole weekend and transport everybody back 3 days later). This is Frank Bainimarama.

    On top of all this, the CIVIL EXTRAORDINARY COURT CASE JUDGEMENT – is yet to be made public (with Frank pulling strings ofcourse).

    So, Raw Fiji News, their’s your answer to the question of WHY NOW.

    Enough opportunities have been given to Frank, the Military Council, interim cabinet & NCBBF – to rectify the problem.

    Sa rauta mada – time now to file treason complaint b4 2 year deadline is up.

  16. EnufDictatorship Says:

    I see the 20 years timeframe as empty threat.

    Sa kabasu tiko mai na taga ni excuses for this and that.

    Really what if we just march now after all these peaceful efforts by the deposed leaders to bring these idiots to realise their mistakes.

    WHat then? Will they shoot, like Teletubby has threaten to use “the full extent of the law.”

    It really irks me cos all these machismo talk is ONLY bcos they have guns…NOTHING ELSE!!!!! and that really makes me mad! especially when they get support and followers from people who were meant to be on our side. China NOT included obviously.

    SO, yes, we ask…where’s the Law society in all this? The deposed government ministers are trying to focus the issue back on the people and it’s now only the law society I guess who can DO something….right? It’s not as if teachers or doctors can? or am I wrong? hmmmmmm….

  17. Tim Says:

    @KtF: Don’t be surprised if there is something a little broader on the agenda further down the track – such as certain asset sales. The junta knows its got to keep the lollies flowing in somehow to keep the green goons happy and give them smart new uniforms once a year so they can keep strutting round like peacocks. Fiji IS for sale – to the highest bidder willing to prop the current regime up.

  18. Tim Says:

    @newsfiji – yes you’re correct. Everyone has made offers – they just don’t suit Frank’s agenda now that he’s had a taste for power and all of them (iIG) see themselves above everyone. There are critics of the sanctions (I still don’t really understand why Fijians should be barred from the seasonal worker scheme for example – other than it may be too hard to determine whether candidates are associated with coup members).
    But those critics often forget that it is very hard to engage with people (such as Frank and others winding him up). Everyone knows Frank is a liar – he lied through his teeth back in Novemeber 2006. He’s consistently lied throughout the past two years. So did Chodo. Shaisata, Bubba and others are very very selective in what they do. They’re ideologically driven and cannot see either side of the narrow pathway. Evertime something jumps in front of them, they go into a panic.
    The reality is that they all knew that others in the Pacific, the U.S., E.U., weren’t going to go along with the agenda the junta had from day one. Two years down the track, its pretty damn evident that the cast in this pantomime were not genuine. They’ve turned spin into a new artform.
    What’s really disturbing to me is that the rank and file in the RFMF must be really really THICK!, or scared. If Frank were genuine – he’d be more concerned with their long term future rather than buying them little treats and trinkets in the form of perks and ego stroking in exchange for their “loyalty”. Talk about a cargo cult! Think of how much money has been wasted to date! Think of what the RFMF could have been doing to improve infrastructure (for example), or upskilling its members for a future.
    If I were Joe Soldier, I’d be checking out opportunities in the Brit, Aus, Canadian, NZ forces even. Unless of course they’ve been persuaded that the Indian or Chinese military is a better option.
    God Bless Fiji indeed. It certainly isn’t blessed by coping with the likes of this crowd.

  19. patriotcitizen Says:

    Why cant the Fijians opposed to the coup just run amok around the country – the military will not be able to control them. Please stop this nonsense that that is what Indo-Fijians want – many including Chodo will be begging to leave the country

  20. adi finga Says:

    yadra, kalakala jiko vei iko Adi f-shit!

  21. Tim Says:

    RFN’s latest take on the RFMF (and the Police) is more realistic. Its almost inevitable unless Frank wants to see its demise, or to carry Fiji forward to a Zimbabwe of the Pacific.

  22. ispy Says:

    What very few people realise is that the $230m deal with Sinohydro Corporation will see multi-million dollar payoffs to those who helped brocker the deal.

    Its the usual way Chinese conglamerates close large government backed business transactions.

    Perhaps the real question we should all be asking is how much did Sinohydro Corporation pay into Bainimarama’s offshore Bank Accounts.

    If you can find out that figure…

    …double it and you’ll have some idea of what Jim Ah Koy got paid!

  23. Cama Says:

    The writing on the wall is very clear to the coupsters as in 2000 and that is why we Fijians do not protest unlawfully in the events of 5/12 and this is because we have learnt the lesson we were taught in 1987 and in 2000 but the Millitary and the Labour Party has not learn a thing during these two coups as they so arrogant and all they want is revenge.

    The Lord said, “Vengeance is mine”, we must not take matters into our own hands but leave it to the arm of the law to set the record straight.

    The Charter cannot be a genuine solution to Fiji because those who are designing it are illegal and the case about the genuinity of this document will be filed in court by SDL in the not too distant future.

  24. Cama Says:

    The chinese Government can go to great lengths to help illegal Government. I they want to help Fiji, they should use the NGO’s like SOPAC, UNDP to administer the fund and not give it to the crooks.

  25. painter Says:

    @Tim – yup, highest bidder, here we come!

    @Enufdictatorship – I agree with having a peaceful march and/or other non-violent form of demonstration. Whatever it is, no one should ever be put in harm’s way for its simply NOT WORTH IT as FREEDOM is worth fighting for, but for EVERYONE in this country, and not for the selfish agendas of a few self-appointed slack-arses!!

    Now, that said, I wonder whatever did happened to that story in respect of a potential criminal negligence suit against the doctors? who looked at the little Indian boy who went into CWM? for something minor and ended up dead. Are they still investigating?

  26. newsfiji Says:

    Tim, yep, Frank & his military council, the interim cabinet and all beneficieries to this coup cannot say they were not warned or whatever.

    Enough time has been given.

    It’s time to act now Fiji! Let’s march or something…i’m getting restless and it’s just not funny anymore.

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