Ousted Cabinet ministers ‘gone hiding’

Bloggers, this news from Fiji Live is very disturbing. The intimidation of Fiji citizens continues today and the whole world should take notice! How can Samy, Mataca, Yabaki and members of the NCCBF continue to talk about good governance, removing of racial polices, creating a level playing field, etc when its own ‘law & order arm’ openly flaunts the law! Beddoes has filed a complaint against the illegal junta of treason & the pressure must be really mounting and we will not be surprised if the NFP follows suit tomorrow.

Since today is FATHER’S DAY, SV wants all the Fathers serving in the Military and Police to ask yourselves, what the hell are you doing by silently following orders, even when you know it is illegal and unlawful? How can you continue to proudly don on your uniform everyday, pretending to believe that you are only doing your job to keep food on the table!

Let me ask you this? If ketepoka Teleni or Vore ordered you to maim or kill someone, would you still do it and keep saying you are only doing it to keep food on the table? My point is if you say you will rebel if you were ordered to maim or kill someone, but will not if ordered to do something less serious, like arresting dissenters, stalling of investigations, etc, then you are deluding yourselves. You see, your immune system is becoming callous to illegal activities around you and it continues building, so when you are actually ordered to maim or kill someone, you will not think twice but obey the command because you have become accustomed to it through your silent collusion.

Make this Father’s day mean something to you and start acting like a good & responsible dad because your children are looking at you and will follow in your footsteps! What kind of adults would you like them to grow up to. SV says choose now and choose wisely.


Two members of Fiji’s former ruling party have left their homes fearing victimisation after filing a formal treason complaint against the military with the Raiwaqa Police Station. Former Cabinet ministers Ted Young and Samisoni Tikoinasau lodged the complaint alongside party leader Laisenia Qarase and SDL members Mere Samisoni and Dr Tupeni Baba.However, according to SDL national Director Peceli Kinivuwai only Young and Tikoinasau have gone into hiding. “In fact two truck loads of soldiers were at Mr Young’s residence looking for him but he was not at home,” said Kinivuwai. “His wife had told the soldiers that Mr Young had not returned since he left yesterday. “I can confirm that they have evaded the police and the military because they would be intimidated by these people.”

Kinivuwai confirms that Qarase and the other complainants remain at their homes and are not being harassed. When contacted by Fijilive, Young confirms receiving intimidating and threatening calls “since we lodged the complaint”. Young, known for straight talk as an MP, said he is not intimidated since he has grown used to it following the events of December 5, 2006.

“We are not actually in hiding but taking precautionary measures,” he said. “From experience, under this type of circumstances we can not really trust our police and military. We can’t put our trust and faith in them like in normal times when there is protection for all citizens.”

Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni, who is also implicated in the allegations by the SDL members, issued a statement last night, accusing the SDL of airing an issue that would instigate instability. He warned that “under no circumstances will I fail to execute the fullest extent of the law to prevent instability in the nation”.

The SDL has challenged the legality or otherwise of their 2006 ousting in the High Court and is waiting for judgment to be delivered on the matter.



30 Responses to “Ousted Cabinet ministers ‘gone hiding’”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    What are the soldiers thinking? Going to Ted Young’s home in full truckloads! And then what? Pick Ted Young up, bash him up, kill him..and then what? Will they do that to every citizen if we all decide to go to the nearest police station and file the same complaint?

  2. qitawa Says:

    This is what in was saying earlier. This green goons are so loyal to each other. It has been proven when they ousted the SDL goverment. They have been beating up Fijians and no other race. They have made it a point that they will never be humiliated again after they were spat at and shot at and even killed in 2000. Thats why I say we could be in for more trouble than good. They need big time counscelling up in that camp.

  3. Mark Manning Says:


  4. Mark Manning Says:

    That’s the mentality behind these Soldiers who follow blindly .
    He who forgets history , is bound to repeat it !
    I hope you guys reach out to the International Unions and Human Rights groups . You should also start a case against Frank and co. for crimes against Humanity so they can be tried in the International arena , then Interpol can arrest them if they travel out of Fiji and indeed , they can be arrested within Fiji as well .
    But you have to start the case 1st .

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    by the way , someone should take secret photos of the soldiers , have them identified and their own families should reject them and their treasonous behaviour against citizens they are sworn to protect .
    As for Frank , one bullet is all it takes .

  6. qitawa Says:

    Crimes against humanity for stealing our democracy.

  7. Bebenibogi Says:

    Happy fathers day to all fathers out there. Please don’t forget all the men who lost the lives as a result of the coups. Also importantly all those gone before who built Fiji with a genuine and sincere heart who rest in our soil at home. Please we can’t come home because we’re on the hit list by the illegal regime. Can someone be kind enough if you’re visiting the cemetry today to put some flowers for the lost sons and daughters of our beloved country who have had our lives and home taken from us who are in this predicament and can’t visit our loved ones. Just a small single flower, just throw it on the grass anywhere, and say a small prayer. You will be blessed. Isa noqu Viti, sa mosi dina na utoqu. To the IG and sympathisers, you can send a man away from his country but will you never steal his soul. Never. Fiji must never cry again. Never. Your hands are tainted with the blood of my family, my people, and my country. I’ll get you on the flipside, that’s a promise.

  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The Military is showing its willingness to intimidate, which means it is not all powerful because to be all powerful, there can be no dissent. I am glad that Qarase, the SDL and Beddoes have upped the ante and will be held accountable for their actions.

    By this I mean, I hope they are taken in for questioning and subjected to the same kinds of ill treatment other innocent of Fiji have endured over these past months.

    Because this may be the straw that breaks the camels back and will permanently seal the fates of all the bastards carrying on the charade of the ‘legality’ of the coup.

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Sorry folks, but this is fromt he Police. Is there something brewing in Fiji?

    Police maintain stand against SDL

    Fiji police will stand by its chief Commodore Esala Teleni who said that the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party’s treason complaint against the military and army commander Voreqe Bainimarama would only create instability.

    Police director operations acting Senior Superintendent Waisea Tabakau made the comments.

    He refuted radio reports that the police top brass will meet tomorrow to decide on how to proceed with the complaint lodged by the SDL.

    Tabakau said he had been misquoted and there is no confirmation of such a meeting.

    “There is no truth in that. I have been misquoted,” he said.

    “Our main concern is safety and security of the people and anyone who will try and create instability will be dealt with.”

    The complaint is also against Teleni.

    Teleni has warned that “under no circumstances will I fail to execute the fullest extent of the law to prevent instability in the nation”.


  10. Billy Says:

    The Police has become so corrupt they no longer see their real role is to uphold the rule of the law at all times. They and the IG deserve to be reported to the International criminal court and cour ofjustice for crimes against humanity for failing to protect the people but become terrorists. The SDL Government and Opposition Leader should file complaints. This is terrorism at its worst

  11. Billy Says:

    It is time to stand up and fight for the TRUTH and democracy. The time for non-action and rere is over, there are only 3,000 soldiers and maybe a few reservists, but there are more than 200,000 Fijians out there who will fight for their rights in the land of their forefathers. And they have GOD on their side.

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    Vuni, vuni matua Ted Young!

    Well dear folks, we hear Pakistan now has a new President. “Democracy has talked”, the devil has walked.

    Com’n Fiji.. what about us?

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    Kudos to Mick Beddoes for his intrepid action and stand on the issue of pursuing the treason charge on the coupster. The culprits are already getting jittery and panicky that they are talking in paranoia-like fashion. Like Teletubby making irrelevant statements on the isuue. But Mick really has my strongest support on his action. On top of that he said he would pursue the matter in international courts failing this in the Fiji system. How wonderful can that be. Lets all give Beddoes our backing to the hilt.

    We should get media to make a close up reporting on the progress of this treason case and see how it proceeds. If the culprits are aware of this they will be on their guard not to make mistakes and allow due process to take its proper course. Let it be a sounding board for the international court to be on the alert and ensure the case is unimpeded.

  14. privatecitizen Says:

    It is this maigatinana who should be skinned first – he has now bared his true colour by saying what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander – that $2milion thief:

    Chaudhry laughs off SDL complaint

    Sunday, September 07, 2008

    THE Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua party has wasted time and money in filing treason complaints against the regime, says Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Mr Chaudhry, a subject of the SDL complaint, only laughed when asked for a comment on the complaint lodged by Laisenia Qarase’s party on Friday afternoon.

    “They are wasting their time. First of all, after two years and they realise that they’ve been deposed,” he said.

    “But I’d like to remind Mr Laisenia Qarase that he was the prime minister in the interim regime that deposed my government so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

    However, Mr Qarase said he did not at any time depose Mr Chaudhry’s government because it was done by George Speight and his group.

    “He is wrong that it was my interim administration that deposed his government as I came in after he was deposed by George Speight and company so that is a blatant lie,” Mr Qarase said.

    “Mr Chaudhry himself resigned as prime minister and asked the President to dissolve Parliament so it was his own deliberate decision.

    “He had every opportunity to recall Parliament and retain his PM position but he did not do that but chose to resign.”

    Mr Qarase said they filed the complaints because there has been no indication from the High Court on the judgment of the “Qarase and Others” vs “Bainimarama and Others” case.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    The day of reckoning is nye !

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Now is as good a time to lodge the treason complaint. The initial reason for the coup was corruption which to date hasn’t been proven. The coup culprits were given enough time to substantiate their claims but they were not able so. So the complaint of treason can be now be lodged since the culprits have not proven their claims. Chodo is of course laughing it off but inside he is a worried rat because suddenly he feels vulnerable and his judgement day is near.

  17. Ablaze Says:

    Unfortunately the Bavulus trying to govern our country do not demonstrate the following qualities.

    – Academically sound – all no school
    – Uphold a high level of integrity and ethics. – no principles no shame
    – Ability to follow directions – what is that they say?
    – Good responsibility to its people – inhumane and cruel
    – Proved ability to work independently and think for themselves – no brains arse for brains
    – Knowledge of basic dipolmacy – all want to be tough like Naiulukau and Bainipuaka. Will declare the first thing that comes into their heads.
    – Honesty and responsibility in performing their job – these idiots haven’t a clue what that means.
    – Willingness to coordinate personal results, work independently – no people’s skills, liars, cheats and thieves.
    – Fluent English – can’t even speak their own language well, let alone English
    – maturity age – all under age juvenile delinquents

    You can see I’m running out of what to say about these power hungry lunatics.

  18. Billy Says:

    Sa yawa! Must uphold the law and respect for human rights- armed robbers, treasonites, coupsters, thieves, torturers, murderers, inciting, intimidation and cause to fear, rebels, causing instability, knowingly receiving stolen property, conspiracy to defraud, accomplice to crime, fraudsters, usurpers, impersonators, corruption, nepotism, and the list goes on…

  19. Say True! Says:


  20. Wailei Says:

    well, the cops are going to throw the treason complaint away i.e. “Missing File” Tele tubby is the Police Com.One would hope that he would uphold the law. Since he is already an illegal septic tank what makes us think that he would start investigations on himself and the rest of the smelly flies that surround him and vua’ka? So, expect the files to go “MISSING”.

    And IF they were to conduct an investigation on the treason complaint, that would mean teletubby would have to step down so that investigations is not contaminated by his disgusting DNA. I wish that was true! Vuni sara Teddy…

  21. qitawa Says:

    A question to generate conversation and answers. Has any of the militaries of the world been charged with treason or is this the first time it is going to be done with the complaint by SDL? Has the Thai, Parkistan, Myanmar, Ghana and other countries whose militaries have done coups been charged for treason. Or has all their senior officers or serving commanders been charged with treason? This is a very interesting case. Will it work or is it really going to cause more trouble. Who will enforce the ruling if the courts decide they are guilty? Do we have the facilities to have them all locked up? Will the green goons let it happen? When are we going to take these green goons head on? We have to do something about this now.

  22. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @qitawa…great question man.

    If my experience serves me right (?)…I would think that this may be the first for the military.

    Because I guess for the main reason that citizens of these other countries don’t wanna be killed senselessly by goons with guns.

    However, for Thai’s case, the military did stay on for a while until the peopel elected their gov. again. The Thai military didn’t do what they did for self-righteous gains likve Vore me thinks. Although I still don’t condone coups. Now te gov. the pipol elected is in dire straits again as u may have seen on the news lately.

    As for Paki, well they waited for 9 (?) years until Musharraf was dethroned in the process they lost Benazir Bhutto. Now he had to resign cos he was going to be impeached or something but of course he gave up his Presidency to save his skin. You see only when they have the guns they can flex muscles..and that is what Vore is doing now.

    However, he doesn’t grasp the fact that whatever goes up, must come down..so he is in for a long haul fall to hades!

    Myannmar, well that is just a sad sad case. Let’s hope we don’t get there.

  23. Maqa a Leqa Says:


    The Commander of the Thai army is qualified for that position. He knows his job and is not a greedy for power. When there were protests, he refused to be drawn in and maintained that it was the job of the Police. he kept the army away and left the problem to the Police because it was their job.

    But in Fiji the army wants to be involved in the daily lives of the people and wants to dictate to the people what should be good for them. What a bunch of misguided and stupid people!

  24. ispy Says:

    Someone needs to design a simple but easily recognisable symbol for the democratic movement in Fiji…

    …so I can spray paint it on every building in the country!!

    …to let everyone know, including those in the interm government, that there is a growing political movement that is opposed to everything they stand for.

  25. Abeche Says:

    For a while these goons began to think that they were real diplomats, ministers, prime minister, and board members until the SDL’s and Beddoes’ police complaints were lodged. Now they have just been brought down to earth and reminded that they are just simple criminals and that the law will put them in jail. The test of their real intentions and resolve will be shown in the near future.

    It is now time for all who call Fiji home to rise up and do something before the military council spill more blood as they react to try and protect themselves, for despite the request and suggestions made to them, they continue to defend and support the fool they call their leade and commander.

  26. Striker Says:

    Choro chodo knows that imprisonment is staring him in the face. Such a verdict will be passed either by our own or the international court of justice. The gooses’ revenge is the gander’s turn to fry. That’s what revenge does to you. He only has himself to blame for refusing reconciliation when it was offered to him in a silver platter.

  27. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Great idea.

    What about three concentric circles like a shooting target?

    Spray it on every building in Fiji and put bananas’ name across it.

    Or maybe draw a stick figure and put the target on the head.

    Then everywhere bananasinpyjamas goes, he will be reminded that a bullet is waiting for him.

  28. Tabace Says:

    This is unacceptable that our citizens are begining to hide for fear of the Military IG repercusion. It is almost like something we hear on Radio or watch on TV during the Hitler era in Democratic Germany? Maybe its time to to fight back with Guns and the general public ought to go on the offensive ASAP.

  29. Adi Kaila Says:

    chodo keeps saying that the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase deposed him and should be tried for treason

    REWIND: chodo needs to be reminded that the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase had nothing to do with his demise. He was deposed by George Speight and Co.

    piggy keeps saying that he put the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase in the position of Prime Minister

    REWIND: piggy did ask the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to step in when the military overtook George Speight and Co but PM LQ subsequently went on with his party SDL to win the elections 2x – LEGALLY ELECTED.

    Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is chodos worst nightmare as PM LQ is a bonafide expert with economics and could ask the questions that chodo could not find a truthful answer for re benefitting from funds destined for the FSC (Fiji Sugar Corp) to be trans to the NFU (National Farmers Union), from some shonky deal made with a company in india. chodo being the lying arsehole that he is always tries to blame whoever asks the pertinent question. Well he still hasn’t answered that question nor has he told the truth about monies he received as he said from haryana.

    Victor Lal has been keeping us all up to date with this chodo the theiving shit heads financial shenanigans – so who’s lying now chodo? Has he got his son in law cameron mcmanus baby sitting his ill gotten funds? How much did he pay mcmanus to wed his daughter shanila?

  30. NadroKid Says:

    In line with Ispy’s suggestion for a graphic symbol of our fight for freedom, can I suggest that we also adopt a song for the people’s freedom movement. One which we can play in our radios at home and in our meetings, picnics, night clubs, parties etc. wherever.
    I would like to suggest for starters the aptly named song “FREEDOM” by Vanessa Quai of Vanuatu who has maternal ties to Fiji. There might be others you can think off, but this is one song which gets me thinking of my Beautiful Fiji and the suffering our people are going through.
    Have a listen!
    You all have a great week! The truth shall set us free!

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