Top of the morning bloggers. This is taken from the Fiji Times today. In our previous post, we has said that it was going to test the professionalism of the Police whether they continue to abide and blindly follow ketepoka Teleni or will they have the strength to make him step aside. What is sad is the Samabula Police Station refused to accept the initial complaint. It shows just how subdued the Police Force have become. The same would be for the military. 

Ketepoka’s fancy talk of ‘subjudice’ like Ayarseis is all bullshit and they know it. The case before the court has to do with the legality of the regime and the promulgations made by brain dead Iloilo after January 2007. The complaint made by Qarase and his SDL Members is ‘treason’ which is a capital offence under the Criminal Code of Fiji and substantially different to that currently before the court. The Police is duty-bound to investigate the complaint and if they refuse, then the SDL can take it to the High Court to ‘force’ the Police to carry out its duties as described under the Police Act, which should be interesting.

These bastards must be getting worried because the opposition is not letting up and they are constantly having to defend themselves,showing the tide is slowing beginning to change and the shoe is on the other foot. Ketepoka’s smart talk that if the SDL Party is wishing to destabilise the Governmenta then he will use his powers to curb it is simply amazing. Na magai%#^*** oqo refuses to accept that it is their treasonous actions in 06.12.07 which is the biggest destabilising factor in Fiji today!!! I guess when you know you are wrong and cannot admit it, then you have no choice but to keep putting your head in the sand, but guess which part of your autonomy gets exposed????

On another note, that ‘fallen back slidden’ Father Arms according to FijiLive who is the main author behind the ‘Electoral Change’ also proposed that the deposed Parliament could be recalled to effect the changes to the Constitution. Remember this is the same bastard, who recommended that they should push Constitutional Reforms through whilst the Military is in power, which was not condemned by the other ‘fallen back slidden’ Yabaki. SV calls upon Father Arms to stick to your calling because what you have already done to Fiji is SINFUL otherwise FO!!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

THE Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party has filed a treason complaint against the interim regime at the Raiwaqa Police Station 21 months after the 2006 coup. The crimes are alleged by the SDL to have been committed by Republic of Fiji Military Forces commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and members of the military council on December 5, 2006.

The complaint was lodged by ousted prime minister Laisenia Qarase, ousted minister Samisoni Tikoinasau, Ted Young, Mere Samisoni and Dr Tupeni Baba. Also implicated in the complaint is Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

Mr Qarase said the complaints were also lodged against all members of the interim Government who took illegal oaths including those who may have resigned. Commodore Bainima-rama directed questions to his office. Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau said the complaint was news to him.

Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the move was obviously another gimmick or stunt by Qarase and his followers. He said the supposed complainants were litigants in the Qarase/ Bainimarama mater before the High Court. “This is subjudice because the matter is before the courts,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said what was before the courts was the legality or otherwise of the regime and the promulgations by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo after January 5, 2007. “Some of which relate to events before on and after December 5, 2006,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, adding the stunt was meant to destabilise the nation and cause instability.

“This appears to be in line with the foreign policy interests of Australia and New Zealand,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum. SDL national director Peceli Kinivuwai said the complaint was lodged at the Raiwaqa Police Station after it was rejected by the Samabula police yesterday.

He said it was evident police officers were scared to do their work because of duress from the regime. Mr Kinivuwai said despite the no-drop policy Corporal Rattan Lal declined to take the complaint filed by Mr Tikoinasau so it was filed at the Raiwaqa Police Station.

Mr Kinivuwai said Sergeant Lal told the SDL officials to lodge their complaint at the Central Police Station. Sergeant Lal later said he took the complaint when contacted last night but he did not know who lodged it. “I took the complaint but you need to talk to Central Police Station,” he said.


36 Responses to “Treason”

  1. Coconut wireless Says:

    Will we see the Retarded Fisherman from Cuba with his fishing line in Nukulau or Makuluva in the near future?

    Only time will tell.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I have a problem calling an elderly man , brain dead , especially one of your respected chiefs . However , I’m sure it’s said out of frustration at the situation Fiji finds itself in , rather than an attack on an elderly man !
    I hope that the action by Mr.Qarase , who remains your Legal Prime minister , effectively defines the overall outcome , in the long run . In other words , his actions have formalised a complaint by the Government ( Legal ) against Frank and his cronies . This should determine their fate in the future , whether they abrogate the Constitution or not . It is a brave yet wise move on Mr. Qarase’s part and should effectively bring this coup to it’s knees as now , ordinary civilians will be emboldened to rise up against these treasonous fools . The GCC , who have been non vocal , must now elect a new Vice President 1st . then sack the President and have the Vice President take his place , then and only then can the GCC elect another Vice President .At the same time , let’s hope there are enough brave and loyal Police and Soldiers ready to arrest all involved in the disgusting coup .

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    MM, I don’t have a problem with calling him that at all. This man is responsible for Fiji’s woes. When allegations were first raised about Vore planning on taking over government if his tenure as Commander was not going to be renewed, the Qarase Govt. recommended that an Inquiry be established to investigate the allegations, but it was turned down by this brain dead man.

    Then he had the cheek to say after Vore handed power back to him that ‘if he was in Vore shoes, he would have done the same thing’ meaning executed the coup as well. These words are not characteristic of an elderly man needing our sympathy at all!

    He should be held responsible for his actions because as Head of the State, he will be scrutinised more than anyone else and sources from within Got. House all speak of an advanced stage of dementia, which is being abused by Vore and those in support.

    Iloilo used to be respected, but when given the highest post in the land and faced with a national crisis, it shows his lack of depth to lead the nation in times of crisis.

  4. soro Says:

    A prayer to our Lord :

    Oh Lord save us.

    Fiji’s wanna be leaders are winding us down the path to hell. Let me explain Lord – our President is a person with dementia, the Prime instigator of everything is a schizophrenic bi-polar manic depressive, plus we also have a couple of gandu’s with narcissistic chillis up their arses in the mix. Sorry to use bad words Lord.

    There are also several multiple personalities charting our future telling us what is best of us , and 50 egoistical psychiatrically challenged yes-men with illusionist trauma syndrome spread around the government offices in boardrooms and CEO positions.

    Dear Lord, what shall we do ?

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Good move SDL. While the kitchen is heating up and pressure mounting they just can’t afford another front opening up to further stress their already burgeoning and mounting pressure.

    The usual defence by silly aiyarse is it is subjudice and therefore is premature or something like that. WTF aiyarse Qarase’s case was wrapped months ago awaiting ruling which seems forever coming. There appears to be some sort of ploy by the ig and its cronies to deliberately delay judgement for some sinister reasons as early judgement might derail some of their ongoing objectives. So the best thing to do is to preempt action rather than wait around until some deadline passes and the case becomes more difficult. I am sure there things will start moving as this initiative by SDL will provide more impetus. There must be some strategies behind this action which will unfold in the coming days or weeks – hopefully not months. We just can’t wait any longer to get these idiots out of our sights.

  6. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    That poofter interim Chief Justice is intentionally delaying the judgement on Qarase’s case to allow the interim Govt to set everything in place just in case the judgement goes against the IG. The judgement will not come out until a foolproof legal promulgation has been “passed” which would pardon the coup perpetrators. This is their exit strategy. Not this bullshit charter rubbish!

  7. qitawa Says:

    One question who in the military is not involved in the coup? Everyone in the military is involved because if he/she wasnt involved than he/she should have resigned. All the reserves who marched into the camp supported what was going on. We cant be banking on loyal ones there. What the SDL has done now is with good intentions but heads us for more trouble. We are saying that if they abrogate which now seems very likely than people should rise up. Its easier said than done as this has what we have blogging about for the last two years. When abrogation comes in it will come with curfews, do we want the ordinaru citizen subjected to beatings again in QEB? Will we lead the protests? Will Qarase and those who lodged the complaints leadm the protests. I really thought we would be heading for election in 2010 after this charter bullshit goes through. But Iam not so optimistic now because this only delays us further. They should have been smarter and waited for after the election than make this complaint. If not than this is another case similar to when Andrew Hughes was around. He stood up to those green goons and when they reacted he was the first one that left us and ran away. This is a very similar scenario. If they dont want to abide by the decisions of the courts or the police investigations than who is going to enforce it? I think Qarase must understand that he is dealing with a military here and not a political party.They will have their strategies as well eventhough we say they are ‘ulukau’s’. We say for Aus and NZ to come in but its not that easy? On the brighter side at least they have lodged the complaint and if nothing is done than after the elections it can be brought up again. I just hope nobody over-reacts both citizens and those greenies because it can surely boil over and spell disaster for our nation. I sensed elections but with uncalculated move by the SDL i feel it may not materialise. Who suffers in the end is you and me and the ordinary citizens. Why did they do this as the charter looked like it was going to be a flop anyway or did they suddenly feel uneasy that it may get the support it desired?

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    First this week we had a $100 a day fool on the military charter farce saying that he didn’t believe the election changes would be any good.

    Then we had slimy, slippery, slithering samy saying the he knows the jaundiced junta was illegal [ but I was desperate for the $14000 a month.

    Now we have another illegal saying nasty things against the moronic military.
    Who was it who cut the wages of public servants to pay for all of the overseas trips by bananasinpyjamas, chodopu$$ and the other illegals.

    “”””Fiji Trade Union Congress, general secretary Felix Anthony, “Some employers today have taken advantage of the political situation and economy to drive wages down together with working conditions such as longer working hours without overtime payments or reduction in working hours,” he added.””””

    What a perfect description of the biggest employer in Fiji; the [in this case illegal] government.

    This statement also sums up chodopu$$nomics.

  9. Tim Says:

    Mark: I have a problem saying my mother has lost the plot through dementia – it is somewhat disrespectful. However that does not alter the reality. All I hope for and try to ensre is that she is happy and content within herself. I know when she is because there are moments of lucidity.
    The same goes for everyone else – especially when an entire nation’s welfare is at state. The reality is that Frank is a nutter with a personality disorder, as is Shaista – both akin to the stereotypical addict; the president (with a lower-case p) is a syphelitic old dribbler, Gates, Bubba and others revel in the fact that they think they have fooled everyone about their true “condition”, and the honour of the Police and the Military has been thoroughly trashed. When close to one million people are being affected, emotion is something we should be conscious of, but lets not let it suppress and destroy a whole culture. In fact lets not allow it to destroy more than a single culture.
    My sympathies go to Frank’s wider family (and the dribbler’s), and others that see fit to participate in this whole pantomime. At the same time, those people are sowing us all where their hearts truly lay, and it isn’t with societal civility or any genuine desire to make things better.
    Let’s not fool ourselves – if Frank were to kark it tomorrow, the loss would be to his family. Similarly all that can be said of the likes of Bubba, Shaista and others is that they are a waste of potential talent because they’ve allowed their egos and selfish interests to take precedence over everything they do.

  10. Tim Says:

    We can accord Frank and his junta the luxury of compassion when they show signs of remorse, atonement and a desire for compassion towards the likes of the families of Verebasaga and others.
    What is astonishing is that this crew really expect that people might have forgotten the crassness, the ugly displays of ego and trashiness, the self-aggrandisement, the nepotism, the greed, the social-climbing wanking, the arrogance, the paternalism, the holier-than-thou attitudes, the double standards and so on they all have shown.
    If we didn’t have daily displays of it, it would be unbelievable

  11. Tebara Says:

    Hear Hear .. @ JW’s Blog ! I’m with you all the way there. A complete waste of taxpayers money on a senile spaced out man. We have continuously ask the same question here on SV .. Why does his wife think for the both of them and save some dignity by removing the USELESS DUDE from the White House? I dont care what reasoning anyone puts forward in how he is doing his work for the nation by being there to secure the Presidential Throne from the Piggys scavenging mob. Fact of the matter is .. Post 06/12 coup. Senile Prezzo has been USELESS to the advancement of democracy in our nation. Somehow he is still milking big dollars from taxpayers coffers and other govt board that he plonks his azz on ( in which case he doesnt even drag his demented azz to its board meeting )


  12. Tim Says:

    Fuck me! Here’s me somewhat agnostic, and there’s the likes of Barr, Yabaki and others professing to be Christian! This entire junta are abusers. Some of them are terrorists. They have operated in an equally disgraceful way to a number of others that have been deemed terrorist. We should not forget that violence, murder, suppresion of freedoms, theft of a populations resources and a number of other things have all been characteristics of this coup. Let’s not reinvent history and give it any respectability. It is what it is. It’s theft of a nation’s sovereignty for the sake of a few that think they know better than everyone else.

  13. Tebara Says:

    @Tim … Those professing Christian like Piggy, Yabaki, Teleni and the likes dont have the luxury of having a BRAIN (unlike us BLOGGERS ..switched on tiko vei keda .. 😛 )

    They think with their DICK the end of the day as long as they are driving home 4WD and offering luxury perks to their dumbazz wives and mistress .. Ladies will continue to do their job ..suck suck ..bang bang … !

  14. Tim Says:

    @Tebara: Totally! Let them prattle on about neo-colonialism and sub-judices (probably they meant sub sub-Judases), but really they’re only fooling themselves at the expense of an entire sovereign nation – whatever that is these days. In reality they’re all pushing shit uphill as they are obviously yet to discover

  15. qitawa Says:

    OK, I get it. Good timing SDL. It was because you had to file charges before the two year deadline for treason. Whew, what a relief. I just hope no one over-reacts.

  16. Say True! Says:

    Now we’re talking. This is the move we’ve been waiting for.

  17. Say True! Says:

    Check! (as in the noble game of chess)

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    The front page of the Fiji Sun has appropriate headlines and stories which seem to be in logical flow and order.

    The Top story was weasel carpetbagger John Sami stating the obvious – “coup was illegal”. Immediately below was other heading “Qarase team files treason complaint against regime”

    Isn’t it logical that whilst one declares the illegality of the coup the other takes appropriate action against it. Now the ig’s house is catching fire so who is going to step in and douse it out like the favorite analogy used by ig apologists of the house on fire.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    jesse and tim
    I agree , I’m just uncomfortable verbally abusing an old man , yes , who potentially is senile . I’m a nurse and I have looked after elderly folk .
    It is Frank and his mates who disgust me , in that they have used this old man’s condition to their advantage . Well , as it says in the bible , vengeance in mine sayeth the Lord !

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    Does the GCC appoint the President and Vice President and does the GCC sack the current President or are all these actions requiring of a decree from Government ?
    If so , isn’t the Government still legally in place and can’t it still function to the point of appointing or directing the appointing of the next President , Vice President and sacking the current one?

  21. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Our time is fast approaching!

    Hang on to your seats bloggers.

    But we must take faith in the fact that democracy will eventually prevail. The ball is just beginning to roll…..and Piggy and his fellow losers will PAY!!!!! One day Mafatu!!! Oh the sweet taste of being does pay, so hang on to that thought.

    As for the Pressie…am sorry, he should really pack his bags and Go already!

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    Just saw the evening news and how disgusting it was.

    First of all these illegal criminals were strutting their stuff and gaining the limelight at the summit like they had every right to be there yeah thru the barrel of the gun they did. Then there was the pig giving his nauseating sounding speeches about more BS. What irks me is the big numbers in attendance which gives this bunch of thug the sense of support and therefore confidence to pursue their illigitimate governance of the country. We simply cannot have economic recovery if we still have these ig still in govt.

    Then we have the story of our aggrieved SDL members being threaten by the bullies of the criminal RFMF after a complaint against the ig was lodge. How low can they stoop and how pathetic are they the bastards who cowards and free riders themselves to intimidate anyone.

    I just have some advice for the SDL. Please try and record all calls which ever way you can and have them documented – time date what was said etc. Call upon the media to follow the group and air it on overseas TV. We’ll see who is lying then.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Yep , time for the President to resign or to be sacked , if possible , but not before a Vice President is appointed by the Legal GCC !
    I believe the President can be stood down if it’s proved he is unable to function due to ill health etc.
    There’s no doubt that Frank and co. are living in denial as to their impending doom !
    Now i wonder if Loyal Police and military personnel are ready to confront and arrest the clowns , including all those who accepted illegal appointments etc.
    Let’s make sure that all the money and proceeds of crime , including Frank’s daughter’s house , are returned to the people of Fiji and that illegally appointed judges are also arrested .

  24. EnufDictatorship Says:

    So true Peace Pipe about why the masses have to be there as a sign…oilei just got mess frm rellies that a civil servant rellie is part of this NBCCF gang going around and how it will be a real shame for these civil servants who are going around with this NBCCF crap only bcos they have to put bread on theri tables.

    OK that is well and good BUT this is the fact..if these civil servants have any balls, I guess it is about time now that they REVOLT!!!!!

    I mean, their pay is paid by the people of FIJI NOT VOREQE!!!!!!!

    So really, if they just PAUSE en masse and cripple the regime\’s machinery like the WATER people did…THEY WILL BUCKLE.

    SDL has now started, so really SDL should start putting BIG pressures now and start calling on civil servants to PAUSE and WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cos the via2 intelligent talks going on now frm underqualified illegal PM and watever now just blowing stinky wind frm his nether regions.

    Can only talk the talk with GUNS!!!!! like Teletubby is doing with crappy statements like SDL creating instability and that they, da military police will STOP IT!!!! mai yaso!!!!

    Ok lunchtime mada.

  25. Tim Says:

    @ Mark – yep, I take your point. As I meander through middle age and head towards retirement, it somehow becomes a little easier to though 😉

    Respect is earned and it can be gained and lost. But we’re in agreement I think

  26. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The way the jaundiced junta is going, you can be sure that the illegal illiterates will charge Mr Q with “inciteful statements”.

    The court will collapse with laughter when Mr Q’s lawyer points out that he can’t be charged with this as there is no such word ad “inciteful” in the English language.

    Imagine if you were charged with “fghfhjf”; the magistrate would have to dismiss the charge as it would not exist under the criminal code.

    Would someone please check the Fijian criminal code to see if there is such an offence as ” inciteful” anything?

  27. IslandBoy Says:

    One possible outcome of Qarase/SDL filing the treason charges against Frank and his fellow travellers is that some of them will start seriously thinking about what they have done.

    Like rats they will all start to desert the sinking ship and there will be a continuos implosion of the illegal regime’s administrative machinery.

    The compaint ever seeing the light of day in an impartial courtroom is beside the point, like Mahen, Vayeshnoi and Ricketts they will all start swimming for safety and looking for an exit strategy.

    The very fact that Qarase/SDL have filed the compalint will haunt these people all their lives, no matter where they go.

    So we ask ourselves, is it time to file more complaints and name all who were in the SV list of shame?

  28. EnufDictatorship Says:

    The pressure is really mounting frm the deposed govt. ministers.

    Au kaya…bring it on! and about time too.

    And let\’s watch the events of this new week unfold.

    jeez I get goosebumps just thinking of it.

    Ko na \”I will succeed\” statement frm Vore in the FT today, seems a bit toned down but still self-righteous…me thinks.

  29. LUVfiji Says:

    We read this morning Mick Beddoes has done likewise in filing a complaint against the regime. Vinaka Mick!

    Meanwhile, the movers and shakers are still at it with Alefina Vuki, a competent senior civil servant, falling victim.

    @IB – a big YES to yr question. The time is now. Lets do it.

    @ED – I agree with the views in yr last sentence.

    Lets GO Fiji!

  30. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Here is a great answer for fullchow and hairyarse who say the treason case is before the courts.

    “””Niko Nawaikula, the lawyer for the complainants, said Mr Teleni was obviously poorly legally advised.

    He questioned how Mr Teleni could call the move an abuse of process when the role of the police was to investigate crime.

    “Even a first year law student would know the matter is not subjudice as the one before the High Court is a civil redress while this one is criminal in nature,” said Mr Nawaikula.

    He said it was everyone’s constitutional right to file a complaint with police and if there was enough evidence charges would be pressed.

    “What the regime is saying is laughable and paints a bad picture to the international communities,” said Mr Nawaikula.

  31. Keep The Faith Says:

    Excellent move SDL. So you’re trying to make the case that all the “security” arms of the executive are no longer independent, supporting the fact that you just won’t get a judgment any time soon.

    Just for the heck of it why don’t y’all lodge another HR complaint with The Shyster — I think the people of Fiji deserve another laugh this week 😉

  32. kaiveicoco Says:

    the same comments Nawaikula made about Teleni should also be made about Aiyaz Khaiyum.Khaiyum should go back to law school and learn more about what is civil and what is criminal in nature.And it is NOT for the police to decide and say ” the issue is still before the courts” that is for the DPP or the police legal department ( if they have any ) to decide.
    In any case this latest saga will just stuff up business and slow down the economy all right.

  33. ispy Says:

    @exFT (9:58pm)…

    The court will look for the word INCITEFUL in their English Dictionary and after they fail to find the word, they will assume that it is a spelling error and proceed to convict LQ for making INSIGHTFUL comments.

  34. vukivuki Says:

    What a great idea and i can’t really see why the former Government and the legal opposition party could seek justice to the World Court and have Bainimarama and his IG declared as an International Terrorists? Or have the UN send a peace keeping forces to Fiji to enforce the decision of the World Court? Furthermore, just to keep things in perspective, The President(Ratu Iloilo) and not Bainimarama was the one that appointed the Qarase Interim Administration in 2000.

  35. Striker Says:

    The comment by the Police Commissioner is a sure indication of bias. The SDL complainants should now proceed with their private prosecution for treason preferably in the international court of justice!

  36. Tabace Says:

    You’re right VK, at first Voreqe came up with a list of names that he was planning to install in the 2000IG but Ratu Iloilo who had been the Vice President to Ratu Mara,had been unnanimously elected president by the GCC,immediately steps in the next morning and produced his own new list. The idea of the IG was only to ensure the country stability and return the country,after a reasonable time,to electing a new civil Government.This was what the 2000IG done and return the country to electing their own representatives to parliament?Qarase SDL party won the election fair, with International reps all over the country,to ensure that the election was conducted with the utmost sincerity and fairness to all citizens.Qarase was not guility for taking and unconstitutional oath since the President was the appointing entity at that time and Chodo had been terminated by the President himself? The constitution was working and all its clauses had been followed to the letter.

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