Samy clarifies Sir Paul’s role – after his 180 degree turn yesterday

 Bloggers, now Samy is trying to sound professional again. This is the same bastard who only yesterday had a ‘Damascus Road’ experience and could not help himself and blurted out the truth. He then tried to deny the same again, but too late. He had spilled the beans. Qarase and the SDL will surely subpoena him if their complaint goes to court and it will be wonderful to see him squirm in his seat because the whole world will be wanting to hear what he has to say because either way he will be damned. Say goodbye to future ADB jobs!

What we at SV also find intriguing is that Samy is involved not in the NCCBF but also influencing Government policy and also that of the President. The NCCBF is supposed to be independent of the illegal junta and also the office of the President because they were supposedly formed by the President. However, the leaked email from Samy to Vore clearly shows his interfering with Chodo and now his revealing confidential information from the President to the Commonwealth Secretariat. It confirms what we had previously said about Iloilo, that he is ‘brain dead’ because people like Samy, Ayarse and others are preparing documents, which only rubber stamps. How unbecoming of a Head of State.
Iloilo reminds me of a line from the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Weeding’ when the mother of the bride to be, spoke the following words of wisdom to her daughter, ‘The man maybe the head of the house, but the woman is the neck and the neck decides which way the head turns!’ Iloilo is the symbolic ‘Head of State’ because people like Samy,it is becoming more and more obvious are the ‘neck’ and determining and influencing Fiji’s future! SV asks the NZ Govt. to investigate its citizen because his actions are akin to supporting a terrorist regime and charge the bastard!
Saturday, September 06, 2008

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The head of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji Secretariat John Samy says that the role of Sir Paul Reeves in the political forum can only be that of a facilitator.

Samy says the President’s letter to the Commonwealth Secretary General had not recommended that Sir Paul be the Chair of the forum.

“Also in that letter the President, he said that Fiji really appreciated the role to date by Sir Paul Reeves, but because this Forum is now to look at the Electoral Reform and Sir Paul Reeves was involved as the chair of the Reeves Commission he was an architect of that, perhaps it would not be entirely appropriate for him to be the Chair. But by that the new secretary general had already written to the Interim PM offering Sir Paul Reeves services so Interim Government welcomed him to come to do the last visit to get the parties together to play facilitating role until the whole things gets going. Those are the facts I know of.”

Samy was responding to some media reports that Sir Paul Reeves had been rejected as Chair of the President’s forum.


36 Responses to “Samy clarifies Sir Paul’s role – after his 180 degree turn yesterday”

  1. Billy Says:

    Maybe if SV can find the email for the NZ immigration office in Suva or Welington, and have bloggers flood it with a petition calling to cancel Samy’s citizenship for taking part in illegal actions. A section of the NZ imigration form under character details asks whether a person has been charged, convicted or under investigation –maybe the SDL could llodge a complaint against this guy based on his admission yesterday. Evidence from the radio stations confirm he did say what he did. We need to take action against this bugger who thinks he can come here and tell us how we should live our lives the bloody nobody in NZ.

  2. privatecitizen Says:

    The question is who is he to speak on behalf of the Presidents Office? It seems this man has wiggled himself into the underwear of the coupists and is privy to state secrets – just like Mahen and the other two FLP members went in and are now privy to every Cabinet details etc including when and how Fiji will go to the polls

  3. EnufDictatorship Says:

    This man should ROT in jail when all this is over with Vore, Teletubby et al.

    He is now just pissing in the wind trying to save his sorry arse….they say..that the stupid robber who thinks he is intelligent will soon be caught because sooner or later he will overlook a certain detail that will get him caught!

    Here is one of them!

    NCBBF is independent of the regime my \”nice booty!\” (wink wink)….tamani it takes two so tango…so these guys are all in it together….all brainchildren of wannabes, and big fishes in a small pond!!!!!

  4. FijiGirl Says:

    SV – great posting, but I would suggest one correction.

    NCBBF is not so much ‘the neck’ as ‘the pain in the neck’, surely?

    God bless Fiji

  5. KaiFiji Says:

    Where mada is this cici levu big fat ass President..Sa dina ga na i volatabu ena mate ga ni se bula Lako..He is one best example..

  6. Ablaze Says:

    FijiGirl – Bau vinaka ‘pain in the neck’ the whole bang lot of them are a ‘pain in the arse’ too much thinking with their sona instead of their mona.

    No common sense, no brains just a bunch of greedy losers. Man! I don’t understand how the President can live with himself.

    They bounce of each other with their lies, mouthing off the first thing that comes into their heads. Worst ones are Naiulukau & Bainipuaka!

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    This weasel John Sami appears to command some influence in the ig for having supplied them with their escape plan – the sugar coated poisonous farter charter. Lesser person would have been reprimanded and booted out for having said such a defying and detrimental statement in the media about the coup being illegal. All his handiwork are being exposed for all to see. For example chods tax investigation and now Sir Pauls relegation recommendations. He is a ravenous opportunist who saw the opportunty to make big and quick buck with his charter idea which was an easy sell to idiots who were being cornered and were looking for anything that they think in their flimsy mind could save them. Too bad Sami you are also stupid enough not to control your mouth when you talk. And now that you are involved with the criminals you are marked for justice.

  8. Beranaliva Says:

    Well done bloggers!
    The power of people is working.
    Treason charges??????????
    Not surprising………………….congraturation Mick Beddoes. I admire you. Hope everyone follow suit.

  9. Beranaliva Says:

    Treason complaints been filed. Shame, the police station involved not doing their duties for rejecting it. BUT doesn’t matter, the truth and righteous wiil evolve.

  10. Beranaliva Says:

    SDL and MICK BEDDOES…………..The LAW is all behind you! AND WE ARE BEHIND YOU.
    Believe us.
    Power to the People!

  11. Beranaliva Says:

    Sorry for being selfish. But can’t help the excitement….
    The law is paramount and this is absolutely the right timing. We are all sick and tired of the giberish and recent last resort speeches from Voerqe.
    What an idiot, reading from transcripts.
    Oh you Chodo….you definitely not gonna get away with this. Cut the bullshit and grow up.

  12. Striker Says:

    John Sami is a racist. In 1987, he had betrayed Ratu Mara’s govt when as Director of Economic Planning, he had worked with choro chodo to remove Fijians from top positions in the civil service. He was caught in the 1987 coup so he made a hurried exit to NZ. The charter merely completes the anti-Fijian agenda which choro chodo and samy had instigated in 1987. It is interesting that in 1986, it was the split in Fijians votes against the Indian block-voting that brought the labor party to power. After the 2007 census it is now clear that unless there is a split in Fijian vote, there is no way that choro chodo will come to power hence the charter favors a proportional voting system the intention being to buy and split Fijian votes. Wake up people! Any change towards a peaceful, intergrated community is desirable, but it must be done through the will of the people and in accordance with the rule of law and the Constitution.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    I had to laugh at samys statement about extending the consultation time for the nonsencical charter for bigtime bankrupting of Fiji because he wants people who missed out to be informed – HAH! Hasn’t this moron and his wannabe LEADERS OF FIJI realised (apparently not) that the majority (and it’s rising) do not want the illegal charter they’re touting.

    The only people supporting it are the ones getting paid to promote this PROPAGANDA – without the money they’d all slink back under their dark dank rocks.

    Hi KUTS – Big Kerekere – Please let loose your peskiest kutusebes into samys kumi duka to itch him to oblivion. Aaaaaaaah what a most satisfying thought.

  14. DShivnit Says:

    So where are your guys sources? All i hear is bitch bitch bitch, evidence? Evidential proof? I wouldn’t mind seeing some background information, that come from reliable roots on each of these characters, can this be done? Or are we all gonna scream POWER TO THE PEOPLE and be ignorant?

    Both sides of the story must be heard, people from all sources of the world LIVING and RESIDING in FIJI must be heard and acknowledged, agreed? Or am I wrong in saying this?

    All this bitch bitch moan moan towards one side is bloody pathetic, far from professional, close to nursery, let me know.

  15. DShivnit Says:

    It seems like this blog is only aimed towards negative thoughts on the charter and whatever is going on right now.. A system I believe that shouldn’t be called a blog Sir Vakasama, you are ignorant, and I do not apologise in saying that.

  16. DShivnit Says:

    If this post remains after I post it, then I indeed do apologise with great humility in calling you ignorant.

    The point I am trying to stress here is, news should vocalise both sides, to the best extent possible. Would you agree?

  17. painter Says:

    Indeed DShivnit, welcome aboard! Feel free to vocalise and ventilate… but not annihilate 😉

  18. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ DShivnit: If news is to be fair and balanced as you suggest how then does the majority viewpoint about the charter being illegal and a waste of time get any clearer?

    Or are you not reading the news and/or keeping your ear to the ground like the rest of us?

    If the majority of posters to this blog are “bitch, bitch, bitching” then that right there is the evidence that even on blogosphere the Charter is an exercise in futility.

    You are better off spending your time at for the kind of news you seek yaar.

  19. soro Says:

    So @ Da Shit Nit … what would you like to justify ? Come on , out with it – don’t keep us in suspense ? Names Date and Times … Thanks .. we are all ears ……

  20. DShivnit Says:

    Hey all, again I do apologise for my, rather “harsh” introduction, from what I see it is criticism from one side to the other and vice versa.. We aren’t going to get anywhere like this and that can tick me off!!

    With what is going on now, and what has happened in the past, has this coup been a “bloody” coup? Where people were openly slaughtered on the streets (may not have ever really been in that vivid a picture, but towards the lines) say in comparison to the 1987 coup? If people did unite, and work towards one goal and aim for the country they ALL live in, would it not be a better nation? To rid out corruption? Was Qarase the man that could lead Fiji on a road that would be beneficial to both Fijians and Indians both? Bainimarma? Anyone? Has anyone tried? (Not a rhetorical question, I am actually asking)

    Do you guys feel that Indians and Fijians should live well together, in peace and harmony? (of course to a certain extent, there will always be evil, corruption and crime, society has made this inevitable, unfortunately..)
    But in the big picture, wouldn’t that be, .. better? Like the song says man, One Love. Now this can be seen as a “dream” but come on, Fiji is a place like no other on the world, we mustn’t deal with it in anger or haste.

    @ soro: Haha “Da Shit Nit” (LOL!) nice one 😉
    but come on, let’s not tease or mock one another as we all want better for the country, right? What I don’t like to see if a one-sided argument, we get enough of that from the media world-wide! Only fools will full-heartedly believe the media I reckon.

    @ Painter: Thank you, it would be the calm-mannered people that could bring out the best facts, although all of us can play the angered one at times, just like the people who are behind the scenes now running this charter, they are people too, have you guys ever wondered if what they are doing is actually for the good of the nation? To bring people together? Does anyone feel that here? I want to know if previous leaders have tried to bring the nation together, or keep the Fijians and the Indians apart..

    @ Keep The Faith: It would be good to have people with the other viewpoints opinions speaking on here as well, instead of pushing it away, you should work towards it together. Fighting FIRE with FIRE will only lead to what? Either a ugly arsed wasteland, or hell, wouldn’t you agree? Having a set of people wanting to revolt and fight for a cause is grand! Don’t get me wrong, but what are we fighting for here?

    Are we all for the united Fiji? Where people reside together? Or are we just for getting rid of Bainimarama and Samy?

    Can we clarify?

  21. painter Says:

    U’re welcome DShivit. For my thoughts exactly on yr Qs, please refer to Professor Brij Lal’s thoughtful, articulate and deeply insightful answers on Close Up TV1 prog last Sun. Vinaka.

  22. painter Says:

    Btw, I voted for the SVT-NFP coalition in 1999 and was extremely disappointed that the majority of our people were not far-sighted enough. Anyway, here we are, at full circle once more…

  23. DShivnit Says:

    Hey Painter, is there a reference to that interview online anywhere?

  24. DShivnit Says:

    Can anyone advise?

  25. soro Says:

    @DaShitNit .. the first question you yourself should be answering before launching into rhetoric about the utopic type new society that is being bleated about by the military neo-facists, is ……. whether you support the illegal means the regime has come to power by, and justify your reasoning ?

    Then we can go from there .. hana ? ….

  26. ispy Says:


  27. DShivnit Says:

    Was power before already running in illegal activities? Whichever power has been around? and no, I don’t agree in coming into power “illegally” but it has happened before right, and in comparison with previous ‘coups’ has this one been the harshest? I was young then, but did anyone support those coups?

    Does anyone know if theres an online version of that interview that Painter mentioned? Brij Lal’s close up one.

    And Soro, what’s up with DaShitNit man..? haha, I mean seriously ay tough guy hah! take it easy chief I’m not hostile, don’t see why you gotta be

    I wouldn’t mind seeing that closeup, come on you guys give me some insight, don’t see what’s up with the harshness, it’s like everyone in Fiji just wants.. harsh-ness, lol.. Peace.

  28. soro Says:

    Hmmmm …. (yawn)

  29. Billy Says:


  30. DShivnit Says:

    I think the ignorance says enough, thanks guys! 😀

  31. DShivnit Says:

    Just one thing I’m curious about, what kind of freedom are you guys fighting for? Like what is your vision?? Against an illegal setup?

  32. Tabace Says:

    The right to choose our representatives to parliament,the right to choose the party to govern our nation,the right to live without harrassment from the military,navy or police.

  33. DShivnit Says:

    That’s the one, thanks ace 😉

  34. Billy Says:


  35. DShivnit Says:


  36. Billy Says:


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