Fiji PM faces SDL treason complaint

Whilst some may consider the action taken by the SDL is an exercise in futility, the fact of the matter is that the Police now will be forced to decide whether they will abide by the law or continue to follow the bastard Vore blindly. It will be interesting to see whether the professional Police will continue to stand by ketepoka Teleni or force him to step aside and investigate the complaint. The only way it can is that they getsupport from some loyal soldiers who are willing to stand up to their ‘failed treasonous superior officers’ and uphold the law. This is going to be a crucial test for both the men and women of the disciplined forces whether they want to step up to the plate and save Fiji from further destruction or whether they are so weak, pathetic and afraid that they will continue following illegal orders to put bread on their tables. To those of you Police and Military reading this post, remember if you continue following illegal orders than your hands too are tainted with innocent blood through association and your families will suffer in the end when you are called to account for your actions. What will you do??? SV says be a man and stand up for the TRUTH because only the TRUTH will set you free.

What has happened to Mataca and Yabaki??? Where the hell are you both???You should both be standing up for the TRUTH!!!!Have you bo lost touch with God, that you silently condone Vore in continuing to destroy Fiji, whilst you say your prayers secretly in the closet? SV admonishes you both to follow Rev. Tuikilakila’s example as he is the only shinning light of hope in Fiji today.

Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and a few members of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party have lodged a formal treason complaint against the interim Prime Minister. The complaint was lodged with police this afternoon and related to alleged treason committed by Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and the military council.In a statement by the party this afternoon party Director Peceli Kinivuwai said that the complaint was lodged at the Raiwaqa Police Station. The complaint was lodged by Qarase and former SDL MPs Samisoni Tikoinasau, Ted Young, Mere Samisoni and Dr Tupeni Baba.

The statement also said that the Leader of the United People’s Party Mick Beddoes and Adi Sivia Qoro have joined in the action. Kinivuwai also said that the complaint alleges that Commodore Bainimarama and members of the Military Council allegedly committed treason contrary to section 50 of the Penal Code.

“The complaints say that the individuals mentioned, together and/or with the support and encouragement of others during the period up to 5th December, 2006 and beyond conspired to overthrow and did overthrow the constitutional and elected government of Mr Laisenia Qarase,” he said.

“The complaints also say that members of the interim cabinet, both past and present, have taken unlawful oaths contrary to section 5 of the Public Orders Act.” He also said that “the complaints expect the police to attend to all formalities, interviews and other actions necessary to formalise their complaints.

“The SDL party and the complainants expect the Commissioner of Police, Commodore Esala Teleni, to step aside to allow investigations to begin, since he is implicated in the allegations.”



37 Responses to “Fiji PM faces SDL treason complaint”

  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    And after the whole bang bloody lot of ig coupsters have been convicted & sentenced to Life Imprisonment I hope they have to do hard labour or the gardening around the public parks in Suva and around Government Buildings in full view so we can all be reminded to abide by the Rule of Law and not rise above our station so to speak.

    OH JOY!

  2. Adi Kaila Says:

    Here’s the latest from kisitoni full chow –

    Fiji Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni expressed concerns at a complaint lodged against interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama by the SDL Party.

    Teleni made the comment in response to news reports that the SDL had lodged a complaint to this effect at the Raiwaqa Police Station.

    “The nature of the report made against the RFMF (Republic of Fiji Military Forces) and I at the Raiwaqa Police Station is clearly an abuse of process by the SDL Party, in interfering in the Laisenia Qarase versus Bainimarama case, which is already before the Courts,” he said.

    “The action by the SDL party is detrimental to the case trialled in the High Court.

    “That the SDL Party had to some extent used its capacity as a political party to sway decisions that solely must be made by the Court without any interference.

    “The SDL Party has used this opportunity to air an issue that would instigate instability and under no circumstances will I fail to execute the fullest extent of the law to prevent instability in the nation,” Teleni said.


  3. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila: I’ve just been reading Teleni’s response. Wailei paleeeeeez, bloody get an education ga me tukuna vua!

    If they say that SDL is just using this as an opportunity to instigate instability…than another group should lodge a complaint in another police station or let’s just all go to the nearest police station and lodge complaints since now we know we have to do it within the 2 year timeframe.

    Qori, let them all rot in jail! If Ratu Naiqama, Tui Cakau can do his time, then i don’t know why one blerry small time wanna be chief from Kiuva can’t do his time.

  4. Adi Kaila Says:

    NEWSFIJI – Anyone would think that the ig is a legal entity from what this sad excuse for a human being tele-ni has just stated – oi leiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – sa sivia na viavia vuku.

    The Lauans have a wonderful saying that applies to the ig – ‘MAOPO SIVIA’

    When they’re all dressed in the navy blue coloured prison garb we can all have a good laugh – what say?!

  5. qitawa Says:

    SV rightfully said but cant this thing backfire on the SDL? What if they decide to abrogate the constitution and kill or lock Qarase and group up for good? That would totally kill the very constitution we are trying to protect. I really dont know what the SDL motive is? It maybe for good intentions but this has me worried big time.

  6. qitawa Says:

    Just got information that military council only came to being after the coup. We should really be taking the whole army including recervists who also answered Franks call and marched to camp for the coup. The whole 8000 of them. Will this happen or will it just be like Andrew Hughes and what the SDL tried to do which resulted in in all this chaotic shit?
    Please can someone reassure me on this one.

  7. qitawa Says:

    I just see more trouble than good coming out of this. Please someone explain.

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Would somebody please help me?

    I’m stuck.

    During the 2nd WW, allied soldiers would go into battle singing a song to denigrade the German command.

    It is time that Fijians had their own song.

    Maybe you could finish it for me?

    Wouldn’t it be great if Fijians went around singing what they thought about the jaundiced junta.

    Imagine how frustrated bananasinpyjamas would be if the whole audience at his next media stop started humming this song. His pacemaker would probably explode.

    “bananas has only got one ball

    teleni has two but they are small

    ^^^^^ has something similar

    but poor old ***** has no balls at all”

    We need a Himmler and a Goebels.

  9. privatecitizen Says:

    He never wrote that reply ….uluvikau —– if we cant talk because of the case, why has the Fiji Human Rights Commission and Shyster been producing one report after another in support of the coup, while the case is before the court – the latest about Australian intervention when qarase was actually questioned about it in court -.. piss off teleni with your nonsense

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I see this as a wonderful move as it forces fullchow to play his hand.

    Not only was he locked out of the Pacific island police commissioner’s meeting this week because he is a criminal, he now has been formally accused of aiding and abetting treason.

    It will be interesting to see the reactions from the real police who must be feeling ‘pissed off’ with the poor quality of leadership from the obese deckhand.

  11. painter Says:

    @ qitawa – u’re lucky that I’m in a bible-bashing mood tonite, found this verse in our family record of military service which might help answer your Q.

    “It is better for us to die in battle than to witness the ruin of our nation and our sanctuary” – 1 Maccabees 3:59

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    No one is going to die , except the Regime !
    The point here is , I believe , that Mr.Qarase is still the Elected prime Minister and in his action , has formalised an action through due process . It is now on record and whether the Constitution is abrogated or not , they can be held accountable , legally !
    Also , abrogating the Constitution , should be the final straw that breaks the camels back and the public must have to react and take action if that was to happen . And i believe , so will loyal Police and Military Personnel .

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Evil succeeds when good men do nothing !
    Well now is your chance for all of you to stand up to Frank and his cronies and support the good men who have filed the treason complaint with the Police .
    Let’s hope and pray that there are still some honourable police left in Fiji who are brave enough to do their job they were sworn to do !

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Has anyone worked out how you can tell when Chaudhry is lying ?
    His lips are moving !

  15. Ablaze Says:

    Very smart ga to make up excuses. Old hag Prue Rouse a while back in the F/Ts said; “My views are independent and they concern mostly broad issues such as the delivery of justice, rule of law” etc
    Someone should tell the old hag that the delivery of justice for breaching the rule of law is exactly what we are fighting for.

    Isireli Tawake is another one that is very clever in the way he uses words to defend something that is illegal and illegitimate, the coup and the charter.

    I remember reading this buffon describing the ousting of a democratically elected Govt, whether it be corrupt and racist as a “noble act” when we all know that any coup is an act of treason. He also takes very lightly the instigators of the coup and how they may have breached some provisions in the Constitution and tells us that it is before the courts to prove its legality.

    Oh yea Tawake Takila before the courts in a country governed by a bunch of wankers that has no direction to moral law or political reverence and where only part of the Constitiution is used to justify their agendas and other parts ignored.

    Now we have Kisitoni Teleni, Piss Weak Samy, same same as old hag Rouse and Takila Tawake all giving excuses to justify their existence. They should do a reality check and waste their energies enlightening us with substantial and progressive changes to Fiji, the changes we have been patiently waiting for since the “noble” ousting of a democratically elected Govt 21 months ago.

    I would also like to remind these wankers that we will not be fooled into believing any of their bullshit.

  16. Tim Says:

    @ EFT: Himler hss something similer
    But poor old Goebles has no balls at all

  17. Tim Says:

    Frank’s speeches are increasingly beginning to sound like Bubba-spin.
    The sun should employ a bullshit detector. I took the liberty of correcting Sera Janine’s latest story “Budget for the Poor:PM

    The 2009 Budget will focus on boosting confidence particularly for my mates, to invest more using their ill gotten gains, to grow the wealth of the elite and to generate low wage jobs that are needed to prop Frank’s friends up. The government is looking at a number of strategic asset sales which will be undervalued and sold using a process that is open and transparent, and in line with what the Interim Government thinks is good governance. We will be using the proven model of the 1980’s widely respected by good global leaders – Thatcher, Reagan, Douglas and other far right politicians. This example is now well suited to the Fijian economy and is expected to move us forward into the 1980s.
    Several Interim Mistresses will embark on a fact finding mission to Russia in the next few days returning via Nigeria. They are expected to survey practices in good governance, anti-corruption, and to establish offshore branches of Fiji Interim Government instutions in order to hedge against any unexpected downturn.

    In his address to permanent secretaries and mistresses at a one-day pig feast at the Police Academy in Nasova yesterday, interim prime mistress Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who is also the interim Mistress for Finance said the 2009 Budget aimed to improve the basic living conditions of our people by encouraging them to work longer.

    “In this budget, one thing I must avoid is putting out a plethora of promises,” he said.”Flower arrangements and flowering words are not going to move my Fiji forward”.

    “I want this budget to be pro-poor, moreover through this budget I want the public sector to demonstrate its own commitment to change: by doing more with less by raising its productivity and service delivery; and by ensuring its own right sizing through the much needed and long overdue reform and restructuring. The right sizing of the Military will be exempt from these proposals because they will need to continue to supervise and encourage everyone else. As I have said, doing more with less means everyone will have to work longer and harder so Fiji can continue to maintain a Military Force capable of supervising everyone. The poor have a basic human right to slave their guts out more, and a right to be grateful to me and acknowledge I am doing them a great favour”.

    He called on all mistresses and permanent secretaries to demonstrate the necessary alignment and the commitment to change to exercise the much-needed effective leadership in ensuring the orientation of the public service to a no-nonsense, performance and results-oriented culture.

    The Military is performing spledidly, is highly productive and has the respect of members of the Judiciary, Human Rights bodies and some church leaders on board, so there is no need to upset the applecart.

    Meanwhile, the country’s economy is expected to recover mildly this year, says the Reserve Bank of Fiji – enough to divert some more funds into purchases of ammunition, vehicles and much needed uniforms to improve the RFMF’s infrastructure and guarantee some bonuses for those wishing to move the Prime Mistresses’ Fiji forward.

    In their August edition, the RBF’s Economic Review said this is due to the International Monetary Fund’s move to raise the world’s economic growth to 4.1per cent in July, up from the previous forecast of 3.7per cent, as the first half slowdown turned out to be less sharp than earlier predicted.

    “However, the global slowdown is expected to continue through the second half for 2008, with a gradual recovery in 2009.

    “From our major trading partners, the growth outlook is still positive but with slower growth.”

    For Fiji, the latest forecast indicate that economic growth for 2008 is unchanged at 1.7per cent while there were modest improvements to projections from 2009 and 2010 to 1.4per cent and 1.9per cent, respectively. Staff have been working round the clock with their abacuses finding the most artistic measurements to boost confidence and get people on side.

    “Growth for 2008 is forecast to be broad-based with only the community, social and personal services and finance, insurance, real estate and business services sectors envisaged to decline.”

    The community, social and personal services and finance, insurance, real estate and business services sectors are not considered to be that important in the new Fiji economy so the RBF under new management will have no problem in realigning its practices in order to suit the Interim Prime Mistresses requirements.

  18. peci Says:

    Update on my last blog about Frank’s daughter having an affair with Syed_Khiyum. It’s Litiana who’s been looking after Dad’s golden boy. What an embarrassment for all of them.

  19. iceman Says:

    Voreqe’s e mail address ..Dou bologa vua na i vola me mosi kina nona sona…..

  20. EnufDictatorship Says:

    I say…qitawa…kua ni lai2 nomu vakabauta…there\’s a time for everything…we have been blogging for a while now, it\’s now time for some ACTIVITY to happen and this may just be that trigger we have been waiting for, for a while now. And the good thing about it is, it is LEGAL!!!!!!! No guns!!!! Just following due process like we have all been fighting for on these blogs.

    And for full-chow and their idiots to keep saying it\’s all before the courts…well our fight as well with our elected govt. b4 5/12 could have been b4 the courts if no balls militarymen like Vore n Teletubby haven\’t used their guns to show us what big lamusonas they are…in the process ROBBING us!!!

    I say…BRING IT ON!!!!! And as some have stated…sa na laurai dina eke THE REAL FIJI POLICE OR MILITARY POLICE….and where\’s Romanu? Could he be trusted to show the police side of this story…since he was the more qualified one of the two candidates BUT of course bug Vore has to put his side-kick to save his stinky, stupid arse at times like this huh.

    Oilei pliz..da wkend is here….enjoy Fiji!!!! and da world.

  21. anon Says:

    Hey, iceman malo sa vakarau vunau sara ga qo vua, dua ga na kena sona levu me tekivu kina.

  22. iceman Says:

    You welcome anon @8.56 am.. Sa totoka sara qori ke qai dola meli vakamataka o Voreqe sa tavaki koya tu mai na nona sona levu!!!lol

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another brilliant editorial from The Sun.

    Slip of the tongue

    It was probably no more than a slip of the tongue – some might say a Freudian slip – but National Council for Building a Better Fiji secretariat boss John Samy really needs to take greater care.

    Describing the coup as illegal will not endear him to his masters, however accurate his no doubt inadvertent observation might be.

    And anyway, it’s all the media’s fault – as usual. But Mr Samy’s diatribe against this newspaper and other media organisations was no slip, Freudian or otherwise. He accuses us being against the People’s Charter to which we plead guilty. We have made no secret of that opposition through this column. It’s called transparency, Mr Samy, and the NCBBF could neutralise much of its opposition by practising it instead of preaching it.

    While opposing the charter, we have devoted substantial space to its reportage. It’s that sacred differentiation of news and opinion. At the same time we are mindful of the interim prime minister’s exhortation that the media must be not necessarily pro-government but pro-Fiji. We agree. This newspaper is unashamedly pro-Fiji but at the risk of repetition, once again subjective views come into play. One person’s media balance is another’s media bias. This newspaper does take a definite line in this its editorial comment column. We believe the readership expects it of us. However, we actively encourage and frequently publish views diametrically opposed to those expressed in this column.

    Unlike Mr Samy and his team we do not believe that we know best what is good for the country. We do, however, believe that the people of this country know what is best for them and for their futures. We also believe that they want to be asked for their views through a secret ballot general election and not through some half-baked survey under the gaze of the police and the military.

    And again, unlike Mr Samy, we and the people of Fiji will be here to clean up the mess when he and many of his colleagues have departed these shores, no doubt with generous payouts for their services.

    This newspaper also unashamedly supports Commodore Bainimarama in his determination to give priority to a restoration of the economy. The only differences lie in the means of achieving it. We believe a return to parliamentary democracy within the previously promised schedule will achieve that through stability and predictability while continued military rule will not.

    Of course no reasonable person can argue that a general election will solve all of our problems. But, far more than the People’s Charter, it stands a chance of at least beginning to address them. A parliament that must continue to look over its shoulder for military approval is no parliament at all. The military must serve parliament not vice versa. In short, we do not end the coup culture by seeking to impose military dictatorship.

  24. LUVfiji Says:

    @Iceman.. you are wicked!! His inbox will be flooded now he wont know what to do. The poor and confused soul that he is. Sa vakarau dua talega na noqu email vua and will invited him to Solivakasama – hope thats ok with SV! hahahahaha..aa whata fun!!

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    invite, i will.. ykkks

  26. Billy Says:

    @qitawa- your concerns are understood, do you know something we dont? Via vaka ni butubuturua tiko vei au. Anyhow, any killing or abrogation of the Constitution from this loonies, will be the final nail in their coffin. Cause they are showing to the people of Fiji and exposing to the whole world what a bluff they really are- not really interested in a farter charter to build a better Fiji. At the same time they destroy whatever reputation they had in the UN and other world bodies. If its a price to pay, then some people will have to sacrifice for the sake of this nation. I am ready.
    @Ex Fiji T- about the singing in battle, I am reminded of the Israel army when it went to battle vs their bros the Edomites (2 Chronicles 23: 15-17; 20-24. The Lord will fight on the side of those with TRUTH and JUSTICE and all the Israel people was have people sing in front of the army. So stand firm qitawa, the Lord is beginning to throw panic and confusion among these goons, era sa veivosavosayaki tiko, a sign of worse to come for them, and our time to stand up and be counted. Keep up the faith!!! Sa vo vakalailai, keep praying and stand on the side of TRUTH.

  27. 888123jt Says:

    Ex Fiji Tourist,
    John Samy’s admission that the 2006 Coup is illegal is the final nail to his coffin. He has just produce public evidence that will become a very useful tool for their [and his own] prosecution in Court.
    I am reminded by one lawyer that issues of Law are issues of Law. The fact that the 2006 coup is illegal meant that all who supported it and those who directly participated will have to be answerable to their actions according to law.
    John Samy’s attempt to justify his support to the 2006 coup and to that effect are secondary. He himself has now publicly admitted his own actions too are illegal and must now be prepared to serve his time accordingly.

  28. Ablaze Says:

    If I were one of them clowns I would have the right to say “I take responsibility” for bad things while blaming them on others.

    If I was their dopey leader I could point to good signs for making a better Fiji and pretend that I was not as dopey because those signs meant something good for every citizen of Fiji.

    If I was the cheat, liar and thief Chodo, previously dopey’s offsider, I could pretend that I didn’t know, not do anything to stop it as it was a plot by my political opponents and the people that hate me. Lucky for me the press would repeat it for me.

    Too bad we are not like that. At least as a law abiding citizens, we can live with myself.

    The above goes a long way to show us what the leadership of this country prefers to protect, themselves.

  29. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry meant to say: Too bad we are not like that. At least as law abiding citizens, we can live with ourselves.

  30. Kacanavatu Says:

    Just one question. With the SDL’s official complaint submitted to Police as required by lawful timeframe, do we have evidence gathered to support the prosecution in Court ??. Frank must surely be working on destroying all those evidence and we should work on a back up resource to assist their Prosecution to that effect. Some legal minded persons must identify the various charges and we all assist in preparing and collating evidences to that end. Just an idea in case they think they can beat all of us in escaping justice to that effect..

  31. qitawa Says:

    @ Billy its not butubuturua, i was merely trying to think of what they will do after the SDL action and what they will do if we do something. From that I was rying to make out what will be our next move. Its like chess he makes his move and i make mine based on what i think he will do next. But at the moment i only see disaster and no elections. I had thought we were close to elections after the charter looked destined to fail. To me its the same thing they did when Andrew Hughes was around. When the military reacted he ran away and government overthrown. Now it looks like the same scenario again. It should draw a reaction from those greenies or maybe not, thats what Iam at a lost about. Maybe they should have waited for elections than make the complaint and drag them to court. I think the SDL may have been impatient and took this uncalculated move. Its just a thought and I hope your contribution and others would help worried souls like mine. But if you think Iam a butubuturua than it is your democratic view and i wount fight you over it as it is the last thing we want to do here.

  32. Tebara Says:

    @ Tim .. Me love your article… It’s definately worth its weight in GOLD !

    Wailei o Teleni yaga me vesu i domona dua na buloko levu ..valutuki sobu yasani KIKAU, but then again the IDIOT is too huge that this blogger fears he might float rather then sink ..!

    Well with those suckers from Delainabua couping CEO roles in Civil and Private sectors.. e maumau na crash course CONSTITUTION 101 course. They are that thick that their mentors bringing them up to speed with the Legal Framework go home each nite with migraine and in need of painkillers. DAMNNN THE BLERRY GUNBULLZ .. !!

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    Himler was smart enough to set up offshore companies and own shares in them , without Hitler’s knowledge , yet he was a coward and committed suicide before facing those he oppressed .

  34. FijiGirl Says:

    One of the reasons the illegal regime (& their master, Chodo) hates the media so much is because the media is ‘the fourth estate’ of democracy.

    The brilliance of Samy’s quote is that, through countless interviews he has given to bump up the image of his baby charter, the media has been able to give him enough Q&A rope, and he’s gone and blerry hung himself.

    The illegals hate the fact that our free media reminds them that they cannot kill our democratic tendancies, and that their rule falls far short of competent.

    God bless our media, and God bless Fiji

  35. ex Fiji Tourist Says:



  36. newsfiji Says:

    Let’s all go to the nearest police station and lodge complaints of treason against the interim government.

    Oh and why isn’t the President being investigated as well. He’ll make a very useful prisoner!

  37. Billy Says:

    A brilliant idea, why not flood the police stations with complaints wherever we are? Qai macala mada o ira na ovisa lamusona tiko qo, who will stand up and do what they should be doing – seeing that people obey the LAW?

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