Charter architect says Govt is illegal : SV says WTF

We are totally stumped by this guy’s weak excuse after admiting the interim government is illegal. Is he looking for his escape route with his $12,000/month of illegally gotten money from us poor people of Fiji. Why the f>>K is he still continuing on when he knows its illegal.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!

Whatever Trevor!!! You’re going down……

The head of the secretariat tasked to formulate the controversial draft Peoples Charter, John Samy today admitted that Fiji’s interim Government is illegal.”The interim Government is illegal…there is no mandate for them to do all this,” Samy said, while addressing some 200 delegates at the Prime Minister’s mini-economic summit held at the Tradewinds Convention Centre in Lami, Suva.

Indicating a request for approval from interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to make known his stance, he said he told the PM on May 15 that he did not support coups.

“I consider coups as an act of treason,” Samy said.

“I wanted to mention that because my character has been maligned by people like Mick Beddoes (ousted Opposition Leader),” he said.

“The house, Fiji, is burning,” he said.

Sami said the country was “going down the tube” attributed to past coups that had occurred in the country.

He said the deterioration of the local economy did not occur only after the December 2006 military takeover, adding the rot was planted into Fiji’s system since the 1987 coup.

Sami also highlighted his general observation of the recent happenings in past administrations saying leadership had been divisive along ethnic and racial lines.

“Some of Fiji’s key institutions had become weak, including some key government institutions that had become ineffective and highly politicised,” he said.


27 Responses to “Charter architect says Govt is illegal : SV says WTF”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    These guys are peanuts and maybe they could be exported , but I don’t think you’d make a profit !
    The idiots are unreal , they are now openly admitting that they are incompetent and have failed in everything they said they were initially trying to achieve !
    So now we’re told , straight from the horses mouth , that coups are illegal and that the regime is illegal and it is an act or treason to perform a coup !
    Well , we all knew that !
    So where does that leave Frank , the Military Council , the Military personnel who have been supporting Frank , the many many people who have taken up appointments under this illegal regime ?
    Your going to have to build a bloody huge prison to house these idiots !

  2. soro Says:

    John Samy – GO HOME ! you bleary kaisi bakola!

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh yeah NOW i get it. Samy’s NZ status is probably being poked at thus the change of heart.

  4. Billy Says:

    NZ should be pressured to redcard Samy for knowingly taking part in subversive acts of TREASON itself. EXILE him back to Fiji, let him pay for his sins, and while you are at it, MONEY BACK pls.!!! And we must make him pay for all the money that has gone into the charter bullshit. And everyone else that has benefited the shame list to go up into the website of all Embassies so they don’t allow this dumbwits to go thru the net. These are the kind of people that encourage the military idiots and brought much misery to our nation.

  5. Frida Says:

    After all this time, then he is coming out with this – after taking so much money from the people of Fiji and in words – illegally. Well Sami – too late for the smart talk – you are in knee deep and there is no turning back. NZ keep the pressure and as Billy above says – exhile him back to Fiji to answer to the people of Fiji.

  6. Not that Easy Says:

    Goose step, you ba….. Only thing exitting will be the da when I’ve finished with you.

  7. ispy Says:

    The implications of what John Samy is now admitting is mind-boggling.

    Given his revelations this morning, John Samy must now concede that for the past 16 months, he has knowingly participated, colluded and personally benefited from countless acts which he knew beforehand (by his own admission) to be illegal.

    He has for instance voluntarily accepted $12,000 per month from an administration which he knew from the start had no any legal authority to pay him that money.

    He has accepted appointments and carried out instructions of an administration which he knew from the start lacked any legal authority or mandate to give him such instructions.

    Why then is he admitting this now?

    If its to save face or restore some measure of professional integrity, then I’m sorry to say but he missed that boat 16 months ago…

    …that boat left the day he accepted his appointment at the NCBBF.

    If its to regain public and international sympathy (after the deed has been done), again he must be reminded that that is IMPOSSIBLE.

    No one cares about his misguied sense patriotism.

    No matter what he says from now until the day he dies, he will always be remembered by the people of Fiji as the “Architect of the Charter”.

    For the rest of his life, he will have to wear that badge with pride or shame depending on who he talks to.

    As for me I say Judas betrayed Jesus for 12 pieces of silver but John Samy will remembered as having betraying the people of Fiji for considerably more…

    …$12,000 per month more!

  8. ispy Says:

    sorry last line to read “…as having betrayed the people of Fiji…”

  9. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    I agree with ispy.

    The bastard should reimburse every cent he has benefited from whilst working for this illegal junta, if he truly means what he says and not try to look good.

    The NZ Govt. should also investigate him of knowingly support and promote and illegal regime. Isn’t this the same as supporting terrorism?


  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Hollywood has la la land and Fiji has the regime !

  11. Nostradamus Says:

    John Samy is trying to say Fiji has been going down since 1987 because that is the year he pretended to be a refugee and left Fiji for the big bucks at ADB.

    As for the latest revelations, he, like Chodo, is trying to cook up a new story to save his (un-) professional ass and save his ass from Naboro if he ever sets foot in Fiji again after return to civilized government.

  12. Democracy Says:

    Didnt he say the same thing on that famous Close-Up last November when he was taken to task by the host of the show

  13. Goqona Says:

    Some one called Peci posted on your story about Aiyaz that he has been having an affair with Frank’s daughter. Is this old news or what. Does Frank want him as a son-in-law ? Does he want Frank as his Momo ? Does the daughter have to convert to muslim to marry him or he doesn’t want to marry, just enjoy the sex and hope Frank doesn’t mind. This is the bst story I’ve heard in a long time.

  14. Ablaze Says:

    I am starting to wonder whether these people have an idea what they are supposed to be doing.

    We have had 3 Ministers for Tourism in 21 months, now we have a Bavulu of the worst kind as Minister for Finanace.

    The Bavulu Regime have delivered their promise to the nation of building a better Fiji through an illusive charter founded by this arsehole Samy not for the nation and its people but for themselves.

    Come on Army Boys can’t you see what these people are doing to our country. Get up – Fight Back – Have Another Coup – This time install Ratu Joni as President and let him decide what is the best for the Nation.

    He is a lawyer and a honest decent humble human being. He will not take your money away from you nor travel the globe on behalf of the taxpayers.

  15. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    One more thing concerning this boci.

    He uses the ‘burning house analogy’ to justify his actions. Victor Lal had mentioned that this same prick was taking the ‘Charter’ around to top NZ Govt. Officials for their opinion well before the coup!

    That means this bastard never came to put out the ‘burning house’ but was part of the group that committed ‘arson’ in the first place!

    Therefore in his words, he is guilty of treason!!!

  16. Update Says:

    Samy story is incorrect – Fijilive

    An earlier story quoting the head of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji’s Technical Support Secretariat (TASS) John Samy is incorrect.

    We are seeking further clarifications on the matter.

    Both articles have now been pulled from the Fijilive site.

  17. sprite Says:

    hear hear Jese W!

    the charter document was floating around from Feb/March 2007, today at the economic summit, he says he only met foreqe in May…. sivia ga na lasu! the cheek of this lying thief is breathtaking! he and francis narayan had drafted that shoddy document (resulting in the shoddy charter) in 2006, in anticipation of the coup!

    for sure he watched the brilliant Adi Ema, Susana Tuisawau and Mrs. Veitayaki speaking the truth to power on fijitv last night, telling the bald truth about the theft of our government, so felt like he had to parrot that same truth today while at the same time saying since the house is on fire, we now gotta rebuild it from scratch… NAHI, the house was put on fire by the RFMF and Samy, Chodo, Nazhat and Aiyarse were the snakes on the side hissing and pouring fuel on that fire. We ALREADY went through the process — from 1995 – 1997 when the Constitution Review Commission led by Sir Paul Reeves went around the country and got our views BEFORE they drafted their report and the Parliament drafted the Constitution Bill! not the half-baked, ill-thought crap that is the draft charter farter. No way can they compare the CRC process to the flawed ncbbf one! Change is GRADUAL, not overnight or IMMEDIATE. Change will come. We don’t need no-job, no-brain, greedy thieves to try to hoodwink the nation with obvious questions like: “Is poverty bad”; “Is corruption bad”, all leading questions, when the truth is as simple and as bald as the brave women on Fiji TV showed and SAID last night, its about following the rules, recognising the CRIME and doing the TIME, by those who COMMIT the crime! — TREASON and STATE TERRORISM by pressuring the 30,000 civil servants to sign their agreement to the flawed charter, and soldiers and military police telling villages and communities to sign the illegal forms just so John Samy can say 95% of those present signed the forms. Huh? After 45 minutes of explanation, you expect them to sign away their future with the green goons standing by?? Blarry thieves deserve the cells next to George Speight!

  18. sprite Says:

    @ Update – Legend news is leading with the audio of Samy saying exactly what Fijilive is reporting!

    Note too that Frank baci attack the media, as if the media have some responsibility not to report anything negative about the illegal regime! very apparent that the regime/rfmf is strong-arming the Fiji media. Now today looks like they want to get the business community at their “summit” to agree to the draft charter, in exchange for a vague promise that things will be better for business. Meanwhile, in the background, baci o Dr. Nandan, another of those who give succour to Frank’s illegal regime, asking about the “political economy” of Fiji – saying that something is wrong with the system when poverty increases 4x over the last 20 years since ’87 while at the same time, the rich, and consultants etc get 10x richer…. AS IF the charter is gonna change all that?? at the same time as they are trying to woo the business community?? sa SCHIZOPHRENIC ga! the cookie continues to crumble while the disparate goals of these murdering, thieving coupsters and looser/leftist hangers-on think they still have a common purpose. Yes, the only common purpose being to marginalise and disenfranchise the Fijian people for daring to prosper and advance since 1987!

  19. FijiGirl Says:

    This is the same guy who (in)famously claimed “If the people of Fiji reject this Charter, then God help Fiji”.

    Has he seen the light, at last?

    God bless Fiji

  20. Tim Says:

    Sami is probably one of the worst of the cowards. It starts with arrogance and self-agrandisement. Pushing their agendas. Justified with trite buzzwords and learned spin-speak (which in the junta’s case is something out of the 1980s. – I notice Frabnk’s last spiel – his speech writer told him to prattle on about “right-sizing). And, of course “he’s got Fiji at heart” (so what citizenship does he hold at the moment?) Then when things go wobbly – you start accusing everyone else of everything you can – they’re “not onboard”; public servants are slack asses; the media are being inciteful; let’s not dwell on the past – all that crap. All the meanwhile you’ve got your hand out for over inflated per diems and backhanders and you’ve made sure you’ve got some offshore bolthole that those you’re taking advantage of don’t have access to. The, if there are signs that you might be held accountable for your bullshit – you disavow all knowledge and blame everyone else in the hope that so many lies and bullshit has been told that the quagmire of absolute bullshit will act act as camoflage.
    ‘Fraid not Sami!. Quite a few have got your number, and Frank’s, and the Shamois, and the Yippe-I-flog-my-Asses, and the Telenis, The Lewenis, the Dritis, the Gates, the under Clergy, The Scutts, The Narayan’s, The Singh’s – in fact the bloody lot. They will be remembered and reminded.
    It is now time that they put their fucking money where their mouths are , because in many cases they can reasonably expect that the trinkets and treasures they’ve obtained, can’t be taken to the grave, are sweet fuck all use when you’re banged up, and like the Mastercard ad says – the cost of watching your back is “priceless”. Priceless in the sense that there is no guarantee.

  21. newsfiji Says:

    Qori: Fiji TV news this evening stated that LQ & SDL party has lodged a complaint with police (Raiwaqa Police Station) against Voreqe, his military council & interim cabinet ministers for TREASON…

  22. Tim Says:

    There is one other thing – just in case the junta hasn’t cottone on to the bleeding obvious.
    While they’ve all backed themselves into their corners and donned the Dunces Caps, they naturally enough want to just keep things turning over while they consider their options, who they can push the blame onto, what little smart-worded press release might possibly (at a pinch) make them look good, and their next move. Well Tik tok tik tok, all the while, the masses, the majority, the ever-increasing poverty stricken (you know the ones – they’re the ones Chodo and Shaista have such a concern for), get angrier and angrier.
    Procrastinate too long (Frank, Bubba, Nazi, et al.) and comes the day noone will think twice about stringing up an opportunist Catholic drunk, a Closet homo Attorney General, a Bitter old Queen of a Judge here; a past abuser there; A Cabbage Patch Herr Commandant! Coward here, a past it fat old iIPolice Commish there; a failed musician (in fact near everything, out-of-tune Monty Python ) bandmaster with a (justified) inferiority complex here, to a wife who wears the pants with a larger dick there; A “Labour politician who has betrayed an entire ideology here – to his offspring and legacy there. They all chose to exercise their egos, and their suppossed expertise – they’ll be held to it. Blaming others doesn’t actually enter into it when it comes time to pay the piper. People won’t discriminate (except for those too thick in RFMF ranks incapable of thinking for themselves and just looking for a little security). Their leaders should look elsewhere in the world to see how that rank-and-file can turn on a dime when things look grim – still, let ’em, cos supposedly their leaders know best.

    This crew that purport to have rediscovered some morals should get off their butts and push the agenda to ensure things return to the status quo ante. But they should be under no illusion that where they’ve been complicit, at some time in the future they might be held to account. Many of them are probably old enough to have seen the TV show “Candid Camera”: when you least expect it, sometime…….. all that crap. Fellas – get with the programme (Gates included, and faith in law asside) – there ARE NO GUARANTEES. Some little twisted old bag lady with a pistol can be just as dangerous as the most macho-bullshit RFMF soldier. The impact of the bullet that finds its spot is JUST the same

  23. Patriot Abroad Says:

    Is it because I’m in London and don’t hear all the news or is it just a malicious rumour but I’ve just noticed on Soli Vakasama that Frank’s daughter is having an affair with the Illegal Attorney General. I heard he already had a girl friend overseas somewhere, so what’s Frank’s daughter doing? Just providing a bit of relief? So sad for her. Does anyone know which daughter it is?

  24. george of sydney Says:

    Hey guys, this is not surprising. Since the court ruling on the legality of the coup is about to come, coward like Sami, Chodo, Koroi, Vashnoi and others are starting to distance themselves from poor Bainimarama.
    Well what can we do? He created the problem himself by humiliating the Fijian Chief and their institution. MEMU SICI BAKUWAVIVI.

  25. Adi Kaila Says:

    Let’s hope aunty Helen revokes kumi duka samys citizenship so he can stay in Fiji and face the consequences – a nice long residency at Naboro – hard labour – keli bulubulu etc because the son of a bitch will not be able to recompense the money paid to him by piggy and his litter of illegal coupsters. He’ll have all his little ig friends with him – busy tiko na werewere – to reminisce about what might have been.

    The sad tale of khaiyum and piggys daughter must be khaiyums attempt at respectability – he’s a raving googoo – dua la e tauvi poopoo – qai tamani big tadoka! They are already at the end of the food chain – how much lower can they go?

    Just like the rest of this incongruous lot of ig coupsters – Big Egos and teeny weeny mimis – waste of space.

    That kisitoni tele-ni is being awfully BUSY (ba’ola) talking about vice in the high seas – well I ask tele-ni – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE POLICING OUR ISLANDS AND ARRESTING THE CRIMINALS AS YOUR ILLEGAL POSITION IS THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE? Sobo! How forgetful of me, tele-ni, leweni,piggy,khaiyum,shamimis,samy, chodo,modro and the rest of the ig coupsters are all criminals anyway so why arrest one of their own – they’re too busy arresting, abusing and killing innocent citizens!

    Levula na viavia Big Shot – dou yavu tamata vuli vakavo – no matter how hard they all try their boorishness has been put on full show for us to see just how irrelevant and meaningless they all are. Big Time Koco.

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    Blarey boce’s

  27. Ablaze Says:

    Look at what’s come out of dopey’s mouth!

    Off course its what we want for our country but let us elect the people to do it for us.

    If they didn’t have the guns, the right people would take over and the law would deal with them in the manner they deserve to be treated.

    Oilei this is all they have been doing since the coup – talk talk talk defend defend their existence, travel the globe, fill their pockets for retirements, nothing concrete for the people.

    Race based system needs reform: Interim PM
    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    Update: 11:16AM The removal of Fijis race based electoral system and reforming relevant policies and institutional structures will help build a stable and harmonious society, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    Commodore Bainimarama made the comments at the launch of the 2008 Prime Ministers Mini Economic Summit held at Lami yesterday.

    He stressed on how Government has pledged to replace race based animosity and prejudices with trust and cooperation through the proposed Peoples Charter initiative.

    “This can only be achieved if we, as citizens, put aside our differences and honour one another with mutual courtesy, respect, tolerance and goodwill.

    “The Interim Government is committed to building and developing Fiji into a country that is peaceful and united, where individual citizens are guaranteed their fundamental rights and freedoms and enjoy equal protection under the law, we must have good and just governance for which we need to have strong democratic and accountable institutions,” Cmdr Bainimarama said.

    He highlighted the need for support saying Government cannot govern alone and needs ideas and support from the people to make the necessary adjustments to integrate Fiji into a global trading regime.

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