NCBBF member breaks rank, opposing proposed electorol reforms – SV says to Rajeshwar – lamulamu!!

Bloggers, this is from One National News today. Well the NCCBF is getting to realise just how treacherous the FLP Members can be, when push comes to shove. Now we see Rajeshwar Kumar trying to distance himself from the NCBBF’s recommendation to change the Electoral System, after witnessing the backlash from the Fijians and other minority races in Fiji. The Indians have been so selfish in trying to push their agenda at the expense of the minority races. Major General Konrote (liumuri) who was an Assistant Minister during the Qarase led-Multi Party Government sided with Vore, but in the end was forced to voice the concerns of the Rotuma Council in the proposed Electoral System, because it would  have sidelined minority groups including Rotumans in the political wilderness permanently. So much for supporting an illegal regime Konrote, but when the shoes is on the other foot, you squirm like  a lizard. Rajeshwar’s deflection does not change the fact he is still a member of the NCCBF. SV asks the Australian and NZ Govt to keep the travel bans on him in place because leopards do not change their stripes. On another note bloggers, SV asks has anybody seen or heard from the punch drunk Padre Yabaki? Why does this bastard not open his big mouth to condemn the manner the NCBBF is illicitly trying and finagle innocent people in Fiji to sign their life away?? Answer is the bastard was part this deception together with Mataca, Father Arms right from the start! These men of the cloth who have publicly disgraced themselves in their quest for a moment of fame! SV says MEMU SICI BOKALA!! 

4 Sep 2008 02:54:57
A sitting member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji says he doesn’t support the proposed electoral reforms. Rajeshwar Kumar – who is also a Fiji Labour Party member – says the proposed reforms are complicated. But another N-C-B-B-F member says the electoral reforms were adopted unanimously.Fiji Labour Party treasurer and fomer President of the Fiji Local government association Rajeshwar Kumar remains a member of the NCBBF. At their last meeting – the NCBBF agreed there have to be electorol reforms. Kumar was part of that meeting – now his singing a different tune. The Fiji Labour Party now out of the interim government – Kumar says he doesn’t support the proposed Electoral reforms proposed under the draft peoples charter.It’s a comment that has been challenged by the interim minister directly responsible for Electoral reforms. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is also a member of the NCBBF – he says the issue was unamisiously supported. He has theory on why Rajeshwar Kumar chose not to voice his dissent then. Now Kumar says his taking his concerns back to the council. He adds a meeting is expected to be held in Narere next week to identify contentious issues related to the proposed electoral reforms.

13 Responses to “NCBBF member breaks rank, opposing proposed electorol reforms – SV says to Rajeshwar – lamulamu!!”

  1. sprite Says:

    The ncbbf members may one by one start disclaiming responsibility for the fatally flawed charter after all! bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now the russians have their port, direct links with tuvalu and they still want their own MP – bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  2. 888123jt Says:

    As alluded to by many of our correspondents in this column, we are beginning to witness for ourselves the slow but sure process of the ultimate isolation of the Fijian dominated military and Voreqe himself by the Fiji Labour Party.
    We had all along expected this to happen come the crunch time and its happening now right in front of all the people of Fiji and the world.
    The Military Council better move very fast before they got caught by the balls and their own making will come to haunt them. Chaudhry and gang are out to discredit them to redeem their political reputation whatever is left.
    It is quite clear neverthless that Fiji’s secret millionaire Chaudhry must never be trusted to lead Fiji again. He has proved during in the last 21 months that he just do not have it in him. He is indeed a fake, a crook and thief.
    The name Robin Hood given to him by Voreqe was indeed misplaced like Voreqe himself. His true colors are now showing under pressure,,,. Voreqe too must be worrying for choosing to trust the wrong camp..Qarase is now having the last laugh…We keep blogging Ragone!!.

  3. Ablaze Says:

    The only way to clean up this mess is to have another election, put in new leaders that will take things seriously, leaders that do not condone anyone who is covering deviant behavior, starting from small “p” Rabuka.

    Name and shame all those in the judicary, politicans that broke the law by getting involved in any interim govt etc since small “p’s” Coup in 1987.

    We need leaders like Ratu Joni

  4. privatecitizen Says:

    I suspect this Rajeshwar lamusona and Chodo’s bociboci is doing the dirty work for the FLP – Chodo has been saying the FLP never was part of the Charter process – this lamusona is now indirectly telling the Indo-Fijians that Chodo and the FLP have not agreed to the abolition of Indian communal seats

  5. newsfiji Says:

    These people who planned, executed (Bainipyjamas), supported and stood by idly (like the law enforcement people – POLICE), will end up tearing at each other’s throats – while the rest of us watch!

    Eda na qai sarava dina ga na mata ni meke ni sa na qai matata ga mai.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Leopards don’t change their spots , tigers don’t change their stripes !
    And Frank and Chaudhry have changed their undies , but only with each other !

  7. painter Says:

    LOL! @ MM – a man’s underwear is referred to as a SAPOTA (so remember that if you come across it again) and when the old GPH (Grand Pacific hotel) was converted into a cheap military hotel i.e. brothel after the coup, every passerby would be ‘treated’ to a colourful range of sapotas hanging the windows, doorway, balcony, you name it. I know the nuns at school would have stood aghast at such a unholy sight! Must’ve been a eyesore to the tourists next door (the Holiday Inn).

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    Agree with privatecitizen – this kind of ploy is classic Chodo trying to display deniability when in fact he is responsible for the entire thing from go to woa (or, more aptly for Fiji, from Go to Woe).

    He thinks We The People are fooled by his smoke and mirrors.

    Just because he’s a complete dumbass, doesn’t mean the rest of us are. LIke Tim said in an earlier posting, it’s the kind of arrogance where he believes everyone else in the room is as drunk or stoned as he is.

    He’s is SO-O-O-O going to pay for it in the next elections….

    God bless Fiji

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Its starting to fester, chodo’s vindictiveness towards the army who booted him out of govt. He will not let live anything go when he gets the brunt of it. He will try to get back get even but never get over any mistreatment he faces and it is showing signs already.

    The FLP announced that they endorsed the charter farter but left it to the people to make up their own minds on how they wish decide on whether or not to support he charter. This statement is veiled in some cunning undercurrents of devices. As I see it, openly the FLP say they support the charter but in their unusual fashion they tell their people to decide for themselves which way to go. There is a hidden objective there because it would seem like they actually do not fully support the charter now that they are falling apart with the military who are running the govt.

    Now we have a strong party man Rajeshwar Kumar saying he did not support electoral reforms. So its coming out now.

    Then we have a Rotuman liumuri Konrote bleating and pleading for Rotumans to be considered for a reserved seat in the new electoral reform. Is he crazy or what. He can’t get it since it will set the precedent for other minority groups to demand for theirs as well. Instead of requesting for his exclusive seat he should have demanded that there should be no electoral reforms and show he is a man not a groveller.

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    Well.. wasnt Adi Ema Tagicakibau just great last night in YourSay on Fiji One? She really got her say out and wasnt she just SPOT ON!

    Vinaka Adi Ema. Loved that bold fighting spirit in you!

    Here is one we can look up to for leadership to come for as long as she is around. Bless you!

  11. Frida Says:

    Missed the Your say Programme last night and hope TV one can play it again tonight in place of the SIMPSONS.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m familiar with the Holiday Inn , but not for the same reasons . Leopards have spots not stripes !

  13. painter Says:

    @ LUVfiji – Damn, I missed Adi Ema Tagicakibau’s show! Hve just checked FijiTV1 website but no videos avail in archive, however, TV1 tends to replay some of these talkshows but dunno when, do you?

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