Lets not forget the voice of death

Nomu siga ena yaco mai

Neumi Leweni

Neumi Leweni (born 1957) is a Fijian Army officer and a wannabe diplomat, who holds the rank of Major. He hails from the Lau Islands. He joined the Military in 1974 and by 2006 was one of two official spokesmen for the Military, the other being Lieutenant Colonel Orisi Rabukawaqa. In August 2007, he resigned to take up a diplomatic post, as Military attaché to China, another illegal appointment under the military regime.

Like other senior Military officers, Leweni was particularly outspoken in his opposition to certain policies and decisions of the Qarase government, including the early release from prison of persons convicted of offences relating to the Fiji coup of 2000. He also took a vocal stand against the controversial Reconciliation, Tolerance, and Unity Bill, which proposed to establish a Commission to compensate victims and pardon perpetrators of the coup. This, said Leweni, would undermine the rule of law and the integrity of the Military, as the Army could then be required to readmit soldiers convicted of mutiny.

As a spokesman, Leweni played a prominent role in the leadup and aftermath of the military coup of 5 December 2006

Major Neumi Leweni becomes a board member of Fiji TV Email this article
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07 Jul 2008, 16:22

Suva, Fiji:FIJI Military spokesman, Major Leweni confirmed to The Fiji Times that he is a board member of Fiji TV.

“Yes, I am, but I cannot confirm any other thing,” he said.

Major Leweni is one of several high ranking military officers who’ve been appointed to boards by the interim government.

Since the military takeover in 2006, two Territorial Force soldiers on special assignment with the military and two former officers are the directors of Home Link Security Company.

The company, which was registered last June with $10,000 nominal capital, was awarded a $320,000 contract by the state-owned Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd this year to man ports facilities in the country.
Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, who is heading the independent audit into institutions, Pauliasi Naivalu, Filipe Alifereti and Lieutenant-Colonel Serevi Vananalagi are the directors of Home Link Security.

Colonel Kurusiga and Lt-Col Vananalagi are on special assignment with the military.

At Post Fiji, Brigadier Ioane Naivalurua is board chairman.

Earlier this year, chief of staff Colonel Samuela Saumatua was appointed Housing Authority board chairman. FT Online/Pacific Media Watch, 07/07/08.


13 Responses to “Lets not forget the voice of death”

  1. news at hand Says:

    News at hand that Chaudhry mentioned about not supporting the electoral reforms as proposed by IG and NCBBF.

  2. painter Says:

    Very interesting… since Leweni now finds himself on the other side of the fence, the side where George Speight is standing, hmmm..

    Like their Mr. bigtime choro2, can we almost expect that the only consistency we’ll hear from these treasonous asses is their INconsistency?!


    Kemudou o Leweni na dau qiri dramu lelevu tu ga ena Bani mai na keba, e sa bau lai lesu loto mai china, Se baci mai lewe ni Board ni Fiji TV….ra dau kaya ga na gone! SA KUA!! mai YASO!!! me tukuni ga vei kemuni Leweni na BUTABUTAKO!!! Ni sa butakoca keimami na lewenivanua!! Ke sega mada na IG, o se qiria toka ga na VOLO nei Bainivore qoka mai na keba, baleta na qavokavoka toka qori e lala vinakasara tu la vaka na dramu lelevu o vadugutaka tu!!!! Da via kakasivi vakaveitarataravi saraga niko dau vakaraitaki mai ena TV….!! Qo gona na DAYLIGHT ROBERRY in the HIGHEST POLITICAL LEVEL !!!!

  4. kingrat Says:

    leweni fuck your father

  5. Believe it or Not Says:

    Men with small penises have big mouths to make up for their handicap.

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Wa..ha..ha..am just having a good laugh over all the above comments.

    SV: congrats on this posting! I think every week or every day you should profile someone who has benefitted from this coup!

    This is a fine example of Leweni!

    Next time, gather some other juicy info and post it here for all to see..

  7. Tim Says:

    Agree. And don’t forget the likes of Drti, just because another site is now trying to reinvent recent history.
    In fact it’d be quite nice to see Leweni, Teleni and Driti banged up in the same cell for a while

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    Too right Tim! In fact I feel a classic Natewa Prince rap coming up soon 😉

    Where NP @ y’all?

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    I forgot to make my comment re: Lewen-ci’s new palm-greasing present from Frank.

    I’m not EVEN gonna try and figure out what exceptional business directing (note NOT band directing) skills he brings to this role.

    It’s just too painful reading all the latest shenanigans of the coup crew this week!

  10. painter Says:

    @ KTF – I don’t blame you, I have already used up my quota of tears for the year!

  11. Save the Sheep Says:

    Anybody notice the pathetic effort on Fiji TV – Have Your Say last night.

    The Ladies were unstoppable and three clearly Military indivduals could only ask repeatedly, Why you want to oppose the Charter…..

    Poor Fiji TV, I knew him well…….

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @STS – I had to drive to the west – Who was on and what was said?

  13. lele Says:

    Well some air pacific flight attendant, Joanna Masirewa is still going around boasting about Leweni’s achievements. Before he returned to Fiji from China she was already telling everyone that her better half was returning. They just deserve each other. Please note this Aus and NZ and dont give this Mrs Leweni (number two) her visas.

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