From Casandra’s Desk

Your humble correspondent had to see his optometrist again last week. Sadly, with age, something seems to happen to the eyes. My optometrist explained that as I age the focal length of my eyes changes. I can no longer see anything close to me. The distance is still fine but every year the closest distance at which I can focus gets a little further away.It struck me that this was precisely the opposite of what has happened to Frank and his cronies. To start with they had a vision of Fiji that stared way off into the distance, seeing things that were not visible to mortals like you and me.

Elections would not be ready until Fiji was ready for them. The economy required major surgery under the skilled hands of that renowned Economic Surgeon, Dr Mahendra Chaudhry, which would have some serious short term side-effects, but the Coupsters cared only for the long term.

The vision splendid started to suffer a severe shortening of focal length when Frank dropped the ball in Tonga by making a bald promise that elections would be held by March 2009. Attempts to back away as soon as he had left the company of Forum members were ignored. The damage had been done.

The next problem was when the patient, our poor old economy, started to wake up on the operating table and notice that several vital organs seemed to have been removed. Dr Chaudhry remained unconcerned, assuring everyone that he had saved the patient’s life.

Then before the surgery was finished, a bearded snake oil salesman turned up with patent remedy which he assured us is used by the best economic doctors in the ADB economic hospital where he formerly worked. Frank, the self-appointed holder of power of attorney for the unfortunate patient, naturally jumped at the opportunity and ordered the application of liberal doses of the snake oil at both ends of the patient.

Then Frank’s close advisers started to think that something might be wrong. Is it possible that the renowned surgeon who claimed that the patient would soon be rapidly ambulating forward had made a mistake ?

Frank’s adviser’s drew his attention to a few problems: the patient’s feet appeared to be sewn on back to front, the new heart (sugar industry) that Dr Chaudhry promised he had ordered from India had not arrived and the comatose state of the patient was starting to resemble death more than anesthesia.

After an unholy squabble, the renowned Dr Chaudhry walked out saying he has saved the patient’s life but its time for him to go and get on with oth er things. Quite a few years ago Dr Ali Asgar told me that my eyes were in perfect shape, but he urged me to take care of them and have them chacked regularly. He said, of all the senses, sight is the one that humans can least afford to do without.

At this point, the vision of our coupsters’ has shortened to the point where they can’t see anything beyond the tips of their noses. The Forum and its efforts to fight global change climate change or buy our fuel in bulk to lower the cost are all irrelevant to these pigs who cant see further than the trough they’ve stuck their snouts in.

What we have in effect is the blind leading the blind.


13 Responses to “From Casandra’s Desk”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    Great Article and such a good depiction of the facts in Fiji today!

    Vinaka SV!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I think Frank is one eyed and is seeing out of his behind !

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve just had a good idea . Something that will make lots of money for Fiji .
    If someone could print the Charter on toilet paper and have it distributed world wide . Not only would it be something to read while sitting on the loo , but it would be a good laugh and that alone would be good for your bowels !

  4. Tim Says:

    Predictable! Now Frank’s speech writer is blaming the public service. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with him. What a pillock!

  5. Bibi Says:

    I am a 47 yr old Fijian who has never put himself on a blog before even tho I read them all the time. But the above article by cassandra has made me resolve to tell whats in my heart. Thks cassandra as I read you all the time. And I read Kutu and FIJI RAW NEWS and Novasavakadua.

    Its absolutely the “blind leading the blind” and the blincdest and dumbest man is frank himself. Frank started out on the right track but his big problem is that his not got the brains or education or discipline to make his dream come true. Instead he has fucked Fiji like nobodys business because hes a kid at heart and hes so mentally immature bthat he keeps taking his eye right off the donut. Frank is a complete dickhead whosde only real achidevement is to pull 180-grand out of the fiji treasury to put in his own pocket on the flymsiest of excuses…that it was his vacation pay! Frank is a complete wankerr. who has committed first grade corruption! he must think every ones soooo stupid!

    And getting rid of sir Paul Reeves is just the way Frank works. No accountabuility. no truth. all bullshit. poor fiji. poor people. stupid frank. poor performance. fiji deserves so much better.

    Thats what i think and i am soooo angry I might organise for frank to get the fucking fright of his life. WATCH OUT FRANK…

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    Blind leading the blind very close to the precipice until they go over and splat they are gone and the insanity is over. Unqualified Dr chodo was trying his hands on something he had no idea on and messed it up so he up and smartly walks away from the mess oops more like had his butt kicked out. Spin and leech merchant samy getting overpaid by our tax money for producing a whole load of rubbish that will end up in the stinky land fill.

  7. Abeche Says:

    Why are those fools in camp continuing to support this idiot of an illegal pm ?

    Can someone please tell me or tell us?

    Doesn’t the officer corp have the capacity to think for themselves and to see and analyse the current situation in Fiji and realise what they have done???

    Is the officer corp so far gone that they have been emasculated by their own myopic view of the Fiji landscape??? Or are too far into the idiot’s pocket they can’t see the light even when it is shining right in front of them?

    The solution lies with the guys who are supporting the idiot – remove it and we can move forward as a country. The longer the officer corp do no do anything the larger the blame that will placed at their doorstep.

  8. Ablaze Says:

    In the last 20 months all these bastards have done is defend themselves by justifying their existence.

    They know they are very unpopular and has no respect of the right minded people. They also are aware of how much contempt and ridicule they hold in Fiji, NZ, Aust and now the other Pacific Isalands.

    Sorry but Fiji is a nation under siege by these lunatics!

    Just look at the ultra vigilance demonstrated by these Bavulus in the people’s response to the charter. It seeps out as paranoia.

    What we hear and see is that of rank-and-file wannabe politicans, a background to uncensored power.

  9. one Says:

    These guys will not be pushed by public opinion. They will force there ideas on people come what may. ie with or without fijian support as they said.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Evil succeeds when good men do nothing !

  11. sprite Says:

    On an aside, what does the punch drunk Nilatikau mean by “give us the same playing field” or we won’t go to the PNG Forum leader special meeting on Fiji?? baci too much whine last night??

  12. Ablaze Says:

    sprite that evil man Naiulkau is dopey as – he is in love with himself, its not funny.

    Although like Rabuka will do anyone or anything that will have him. He is so desperate as his Mrs is cold as.

    He says the first thing that comes into his head. Yeah you are right baci too much wine last night. Stops him from performing and to make up for it will sprout whatever comes into his head.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    Absolute truth Casandra – the myopia has well & truly set in and emboldening these high school drop outs to mouth what they don’t even know the meaning of – let alone know how to spell. They really and truly believe in their stupidity – what a laugh!

    Bloody incredible!

    Ablaze – Tungi Fisi has to keep up the liquid refreshments to keep sane in his house of madness the poor old bugger.

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