Clergy taken in for Questioning

Certain Talatalas of the Methodist Church of Fiji were arrested and taken into Central Police Station (Totogo) this evening.

Wonder what for?


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  1. iceman Says:

    Kivei kemudou na ovisa…Dou kua ni vakasaga na bure ni kadi…

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    oh dear! the intimidation continues..

    Io dina @iceman. Na vakaseuti ni bure ni kadi ko yaco ‘ya mai Bangkok. Go Fiji! If they can do it, so can we.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Never mind. This will bring sympathy towards those who are fighting the hated charter. I shows that the military has no respect for humanity or the church. They think they are above the People and God because they have guns and a bi-polar leader who gives them money for their families in order to abuse and persecute others who also have families to support.

  4. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei, they just digging their own grave.

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    yes, sources from Fiji say that Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu was being questioned due his radio statement admonishing his fellow Methodists not to sign the Charter slip.

    The Military also tried to arrest Rev. Tuikilakila once before, but as they got to Pender Street, word is they all got disorientated and returned empty handed.

    The new rebel ‘New Methodist Church’ is headed by no other than Teleni ketepoka’s younger brother!

    Well it will be interesting if Rev. Waqairatu is charged because he will not back down. He truly believes in what he is doing and has never been smeared with any coup involvement in the past.

    I personally think, the illegal junta has bitten off more than it can chew with the questioning of Rev. Waqairatu and others.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    These idiotic and naive police don’t know their action will create a matyr like effect where the subject gains more popularity for his stance and subsequent uncalled for persecution. Rev Waqairatu is just advising his flock not to do the wrong thing, like a church would advise against stealing killing and other sins, since the charter farter is illegal

  7. Striker Says:

    What happened in the Rajendra Chaudary case? Have they charged him yet? Or is the Police going to charge only those opposed to the illegal IG and the worthless charter-farter?

  8. newsfiji Says:

    Jese if it is really Rev Tuikilakila…well, well, well, like Peace Pipe said above, the man will gain more popularity and all hell might just break loose.

    I’ll say it again, they are digging their own grave.

  9. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Hear! Hear! Newsfiji.

  10. Billy Says:

    The Reverends should arrest the police first for knowingly supporting an illegal regime and the commission of TREASON, begining from Teleni, Tabakau, yavu ulukau!

  11. Mark Manning Says:
    Tell the Nurses to try Australia , we need more Nurses and they will be able to send money home to Fiji to help their families !

  12. Mark Manning Says:
    Tell the girls to apply to work in Australia .

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Interesting to see that the Church is a threat to this evil regime !

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    An action by the regime of this kind , will galvanise the Community whether Methodist or not .So that is a good thing in the long run .

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    According to a source, in addition to the serving chaplain at the QEB, there are other Methodist Ministers who have affiliation to the RFMF and Frank trying very hard to introduce their pro military perspective to the Methodist Chrucrh’s position.

    This lot is responsible for the detention and questioning.

    @ Jese – Bula my Tau, is Rev Atu Teleni’s brother??? A lot of my friends still refer to his sermon regarding certain oral practices as the hallmark of cruel and unusual deprivation, lol lol!!! (Waraka, namaka na response nei Naita sharpshooter)

    Sounds like you are not here in coup-coup land. Yalo vinaka me kua ni guilecavi na vei yatu yanuyanu, domoni talei.

  16. BlogDotCom Says:

    I have been to one of this Pr sermons/services. His preachings of sex (his own marital sex) in church is explicit. About 6 weeks ago, his sermon was that when him and his wife have sex, they shower, dress and as if they are going to church, pray for 10-15mins and have sex with all the light on in the room. And yes, he is the one that said people are using their tongue for reasons other than what ity was meant for, i.e. licking more than just ice cream.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    Confirms why Politics and Religion don’t mix !
    If the Minister in the Army didn’t involve himself in Politics in the 1st. place , he wouldn’t be the meat in the sandwich now , between the Army and his own Church . But just the same , the Military Officers shouldn’t be involved in politics either , silly buggers !

  18. Say True! Says:

    Blessed are those that are persecuted for they speak the truth, their’s is the Kingdom of Heaven. The wrath of God will soon be known.

  19. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Silly fullchow teletubby teleni is now visiting the northern division to try and intimidate more people to support the military charter.

    The silly obese moron has got to try and save face after he was not invited to the Pacific Islands Police Commissioner conference this week.

    Real Police Commissioners don’t want to sit in the same room with a criminal while discussing police business.

  20. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    You have made a good point above in regards the teaching of the church.

    The 10 Commandments are the basis for civilized society:-

    * thou shall not kill

    * thou shall not commit adultery

    * thou shall not steal

    * etc

    So the Methodist church is supporting society by asking it to reject that which is evil, i.e. an illegal junta suppressing the native people.

    The catholic church, through its misled shepherd, is taking a different tack by ignoring the 10 commandments and supporting the rape of democracy and the Fijian people by the jaundiced junta.

    Full marks to the leadership of the church for rejecting evil.

  21. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is great news when one of the greedy $100 a day fools who agreed to snakey slimy sami’s military charter, see the errors of their ways.

    “”””Nasinu Mayor and member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, Rajeshwar Kumar has today revealed that he does not agree with the NCBBF’s proposed changes to the Electoral Act.
    Kumar in an interview told our sister station, Radio Sargam that he did not support the proposed changes when it was first discussed during their NCBBF meeting.
    Kumar maintains that the changes proposed by the Reeves Commission is best for the country.
    He said any changes to the Electoral Act should be brought slowly.””””

    This statement just goes to show that all the greedy $100 a day fools had NO say in the military charter as slimey sami had it written a long time ago.

    Now if this chap could spread the message further.

  22. painter Says:

    Thanks MM, our hardworking and underpaid NURSES deserve so much more than what this moronic idiots in power pay themselves from our tax coffers. I would encourage them to seek better opportunities abroad for their families and return home only when these lunatics are locked away either in Naboro or St Giles.

    @ Ex FT – excellent point there that if A/CJ Gates is sitting on a judgment reached months ago in favour of Qarase, then the Methodist church leaders have acted well within their moral/legal authority in advising their congregation to reject the charter-farter outrightly, so good on them!

    As LuvFiji aptly puts it, GO FIJI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Cama Says:

    The Police is not the Police anymore but a Military Police

  24. young generation Says: bula o ira qo na i Talatala era sa talai ni kaloubula ina delani vuravura lomani da tiko kina qo, na nodra sega ni vakadonuya na charter sa yavu taki saraga ga mai na ka era kila vaka i volatabu..keo iko dua vei ira na coqata tiko na charter tu vakaukauwa qori na nomu vinaka vei ira na muri mai…KA GA MONI CAKAVA NI LOTU GA VAKAUKAUWA….

  25. painter Says:

    I think we can all agree that it is the job of psychiatrists & psychologists to FIGURE OUT why wacky Franky did what he did.

    The military junta do not have a defence to this highest crime of TREASON, which they’ve committed as main actors & actresses, as supporting actors & actresses and the entire Alice-in-wonderland crew..! You’re the hopeless pretenders!

    For us, the PEOPLE, we agree that YES WE CAN re-take our beloved Fiji back from the greedy hands of its usurpers!

    So, GO FIJI !!!!!!!!!! YES WE CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy my Tau,

    kua ni leqa ena sega ni guilecavi na ‘vei yatu yanuyanu domoni talei’ ia na qai ena qai ga, se warai?

    Yes, I am told by someone who only returned from the Conference 2 days ago, that he is ketepoka’s brother.

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    Pastor Atu Vulaono, Head of the New Methodist Church, is Esala Teleni’s younger brother and they are from Namuka, Kabara, Lau.

    I for one used to agree with his preaching against accessed by the Talatalas but lost faith when he started supporting the coup because they gave him a slot on FBCL.

    Then just last month he had his church conference at Nasova Police Compund and at the old GPH compound because the Army has taken it over. That’s when I say, some people have no honour even when preaching yet utilising freebies because of elder brother’s influence.

    De Ovisa nei Ta, oilei what can we say. Me ra vaivutu ga bahahahaha

  28. Tebara Says:

    Action gona ni vivutu tiko na DVD nei Talatala Atu ..bahahahahaha 😛

  29. Dauvavana Says:

    Au dau set ga vei au na sarava na DVD ni sa dau testimony mai o Radini Talatala bahahahhaha 8)

  30. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Blessed are those who are persecuted! Amen!

    Lako Viti…na qai balavu qo. Only those with Fiji\’s future at heart will conquer and survive.

    As for the New Meth(anol) DVD….oilei lawd…da kila kece tiko na caka2 ya, no need to watch a DVD for vacava? Ka la ni lewe rua (wink, wink ;))

  31. newsfiji Says:

    Hey this New Methodist Church – i’m assuming it’s a breakaway from the Methodist Church proper???

    If it’s a breakaway church than it was most probably formed on a “leva situation” with he Methodist Church proper.

    If it is so than it is – UNGODLY!

    Ke qai vunau taki tale tu mai na veivutu vakaveiwatini nei Talatala & Radini – sa qai KISI BIBI tale!

    Tini ga na Qaravi Tevoro – sa kilai ga na ka e vua taka – supporting an illegal regime in power by FORCE…

  32. obose Says:

    New methodist ena lai tini ga vaka na lotu nei siti

  33. LUVfiji Says:

    Another life quietly passes while most of us are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy of last Thursday’s bus trip. That brings to eleven the number of loved ones that have perished. Oh boy; some one, somewhere has got to pay for this.

    As contributions are received from business houses and caring individuals, one that is worth noting is the offer from Colonial National Bank. Vinaka vakalevu CNB for yr compassion and strength. Be Blessed! And how proud I am to be associated with yr bank. No doubt this offer would be of immense comfort and relief to the grieving families and their relatives.

    God be Praised!

  34. H, D & Q Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Colonial National Bank

    Au sa tokitaka sara ga oqo na noqu account ki na CNB.

  35. vatukaca Says:

    Ironically, the same talatala was convicted in Nadi years ago for hitting her under age nephew, I mean incest.

  36. 46664 Says:

    This I believe is the turning point. I am not a Methodist but I do confess that the Methodist church holds the most powerful influenece on the indegenous Fijian. To take church ministers or even the secretary to the Police Station for questioning, we see that the Police or whoever ordered it is truly lacking in skill, tactic and even logical thinking. They are probably scratching their heads thinking “shit what did we just do”.

  37. anon Says:

    Daushoot, vacava na tebe ni gusu i Radini ni sa dau soli testimony……hahahahahaha. Tini tale na coro na solivakasama qo………

  38. Yavalati Says:

    Sa qai so na ovisa kei na sotia lamulamu…ra via yavalata na matalotu ra qaravi tiko…ia ena qai tukuna ga ko gauna.

  39. Striker Says:

    Methodist Church, Christian Fellowship, Apostles Gospel Outreach …they are all standing up for God’s truth and ethics. Those who have ears, let them hear!

  40. painter Says:

    @ Striker – hear, hear indeed! I was quite impressed with the eloquent pastor from the World Harvest church, i think that’s the dome-like building that you pass enroute to Nasinu, managed to catch him on TV1 late news last night saying exactly what I wanted to hear. Good on him!

  41. Frida Says:

    Painter – I agree with you completely and the comment by the reporter highlighting the number of members 20,000 nationwide was like rubbing salt into the wound. I only hope the police and the military are hearing the report and I am wondering if the police and military will also take the pastor in – if that happens – the 20,000 must protest.

  42. lotu wesele Says:

    plis writer…..dont use methodist its suppose to be New Methodist…sa riu vei vaka calai na term New Methodist what if they change their church name to VEILOTUYAKI SEGA RAWA SANADU QO TOKI SARA YANI SANA DUA YA…….in the ending they just gossiping around for the methodist church……

    lets say new methodist u no culture….and no church!!

  43. Cama Says:

    God bless the Methodist Church for upholding the Law. we must adhere to the law and not lawlessness

  44. Malakai Yamaivava Says:

    Vei kemuni na dauvakalelewa taka na new methodist, mo kila ni kua ni na cava nai lakolako qo. E sega ni noda koro eke me da tiko vakadua kina e da waraka e dua e muri tiko mai.YOU WILL STAND BEFORE GOD AND SHALL BE JUGDED ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKS WHETHER IT IS GOOD OR BAD. Remember your good works and relationship with this god will determine your destination(Hell is REAL and Heaven is for YOU).You can criticise as much you can about Pst Atu & Radini but remember whatever you sow, you will reap.The Bible says”AS LONG AS THE EARTH REMAINS SEED TIME AND HARVEST”.



  45. Aisake Bainivalu Says:

    Praise the Lord.! Au tokoni Malakai Yamaivava… Me ra kitaka sara na kena levu na vosa-veivakacacani o ira era comment taka tiko na Lotu qo na New Methodist…E ra sega tiko ni kila ni ra na tarogi kina ena gauna ni veilewai levu mai lomalagi…
    Sa rauta mada na vakadewa taka cala tiko na i tukutuku….ke dua na ka me vakadewataki….sa rauta vinaka ga na nona vosa bula na Kalou.

    “He who guards his mouth keeps his life, but he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin” (Proverbs 13:3 Kjv)

    The Bible tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. There’s no neutral ground. We are either sowing seeds of life and productivity with our words, or we are sowing seeds of ruin and destruction with our words. Today is a good day to take inventory of your words and make the decision to sow only good seeds with your words. Sow seeds of life by speaking God’s Word over your own life and the lives of those around you. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to consider every word before you say it. Make the decision today that your words will bring glory to Lord. As you guard your mouth, you will “keep” your life. You’ll see increase in every area and enjoy the blessing the Lord has in store for you in our beautiful Fiji!

    To God Be The Glory.


  46. veresa Says:

    vei kemuni kece sara na dau vakalewa na lotu….me vakataki ira tou na New Methodist..meda ka kua ni vaka lewai ira ,da laiva ga vua na kalou mena qai vakatulewa kina era dina,sera dokadoka,sera tukutukuni ira sera sega ni vunau taka vakadodonu na vosa ni kalou, sera kocova keca ga na vei ka kecega ni kila tu qori me baleti ira na New methodist.Moni kila koni sa vakalewa talega eso na ka me baleta noda kalou sega ni NEW METHODIST baleta au sa rogaca eso nai tukutuku kau lakova na kena website au wilika na vei comments eso me baleti ira na matalotu qo na NEW METHODIST era sa vakalewai kina na kena talatala kei na kena vei qaravi eso.Au sa kerei kemuni kece sara na dau vola nai tukutuku e sega ni dina ka sega ni vinaka ni da rogoca moni kila na kalou levu oqo e rai tiko.Eda qarava vata tiko edua na kalou baleta na dina ena dina ga na lasu ena lasu ga laiva ga vua na kalou mena qai tasereka ga na dina.

  47. veresa Says:


  48. Rev. Kidamada Says:

    Sa sega ni cala na ka e tukuna tu mai vakailiu na i vola Tabu…Sa i koya saraga qo na parofita vakailasu e tukuna kina ni na basika mai ena gaunani vakataotioti qo…New Methodist is one..

    Na tamata ga e sega ni tu vinaka nona vakasama ena muria na lasu kei na veivakasewasewani rau cakava tiko mai na veiwatini dokadoka dau veidabui ya (Atu & Raijeli Vulaono)…Sa lai tini sara nona laki tukuna o MrsVulaono ena dua na nodra conference na turaga ena New Methodist ni “tiko vua na kei Atu” baleta ni raica o koya ni so vei ira na vakarorogo tiko mai e vaka era vinakati koya…oilei tutu sa kua mada na volitaki keda…Sa vacava soti tu na levu ni koula kei na daimani e buli mai kina na kei Atu?…..Sa laurai ga e keya nodrau lecaika ena i vola tabu…Sa tini kece tu ga e ra nodrau vunau…baleta ga ya na ka sa tu ena nodrau vakasama….Rau sana waraka ga na nona cudru waqwaqa na Kalou me rau na rusa kina ena nodrau lasutaki ira voli na tamata me rawa ni rau rawata kina nodrau bula (i lavo)…Sa tiki kece ga ni nodrau vunau na blessing, blessing and more blessing….laurai vinaka, e rau bula ka rawa ka tiko ena nodra i lavo na lewe ni vavakoso mataboko ka ra vakamuria tu na nodrau lasu….Sa gadrevi ga vei ira na lewena mera kida ka dro laivi mai vei rau na veiwatini dau veivakacalai kei nanodrau i soqosoqo deo ni na qai rusa vata kei rau…sa kaya ga o rau me o rau…ie, oilei sa kua mada ratai na vala dai….da mai lomaloma ca e na lasu vavaku…tini ga na vunau ena dela no mocemoce….

  49. Rev. Kidamada Says:

    Tamata ga e lialia e vakarogoca na vunau vovodea sega ni kila na i vola tabu mai atu kei raijeli vula6….Na vunau ga ni veivutu rau sa cakava tu…Vakacava mada na vunau a solia o radini ena dua na men’s conference ni new methodist…”Oqo na kei tau”….Well, sa vacava soti tu na levu ni koula kei na daimani e buli mai kina na kei atu..Au sa tukuna ga na “tamata ga e sega ni tu vinaka nona vakasama ena lewena na lotu sega na kena yavu ka rau liutaka tiko na veiwatini veilecayaki qo….Sa voleka ga me dua na nodrau vunau qo me rau sa luvaluva ga mai ena stage ka demo vei ira na vavakoso…Rau sega tiko ni kila ni so vei na lewena sara mai talanoa ni rau sa saga ga nodrau rawa ka mai vei na lewe ni soqosoqo ena i lavo era kumuna…shame!!!!

  50. Cava tiko mada Radini Says:

    Qo saraga na ka e tukuna tu nai Vola Tabuni na yaco mai ena gauna ni vakataotioti qo…..Ni ra na basika mai na parofita vakailasu, ia mo dou qarauna sara me dou na kakua ni vakacalai kina….Rau sega tiko mada ga ni kila vakavinaka na nodrau i vola tabu…E na nodrau i vunau kecega…sa tukuni ga kina na blessing, blessing and more blessing….Qo sa mai ia ga na vaqara blessing ena nodra i yau na lewe ni vavakoso…Me rau nanuma vinaka tiko ni sega na nodrau bisinisi ena nodra tiko vata na lewe ni soqosoqo….Me tarogi madaga o atu, ‘O iko a matai ni tagane nei RAIJELI VULAONO se sega…..e sega baleta au kilai raijeli vinaka ena nona gauna ni goneyalewa…..o radini e dua na dua ena nona gauna…sa dri yani me dri sara!!!!! kena i rogo me tau donu bu rai…

  51. Anare Tuilevuka Says:

    E qai muri o Atu… ka e tiko oya vei Raijelil Vulaono ea kei Rawaqa tu e liu……………..we have proof

  52. 123 Says:

    hahaha!!! koya cava???
    Sega ni namaka okoya me na kilai … ke dou din…..wahahaha

  53. 123 Says:

    blessing blessing and more blessing!!!
    Keda ravi vua na Kalou, da sega tale ni lai job!!
    Lai vei talatala i na Nausori Airport dua na siga, sa raici “KEI ATU” ni sa tu tale tu na Pacific Sun counter…… vosa ga va lotu>> kaya ni sa sega ni yaga na cakacaka, vuki ga CICIva tale na cakacaka…I just don’t know.
    Koya ga ya na yacana na ::: GOLD DIGGER:::
    Qai so me ra vamumuri mataceba tu…wahahaha

  54. DragonZ Says:

    MAI!! wats the proof?? welei na ka qo…..o au na kei atu!!

  55. ESTEFAN Says:

    Ae! ragone au sa rere nomudou veitalanoa…..e dinataki na ka qo….ya na evidence….au kaya li ni sa rui vanua levu nodatou vanua….lailai sara!!!….ena totolo noda kilai….Au kaya ni noda lotu me tu lo ga vei keda…o keda vua na Kalou…Ia koya rau kitaka tiko na Vulaono’s, sa tini kecega ga ena roundabout levu ena mua ni wavu vou mai Nausori…Anare dau vosa o iko…kua ni dau kaya na ka lasu baleti radini….Oilei Navua o kedatou na kai Viti…tou sa rui vanua lailai, qai sivia vei kedatou na viavia vuku…tekivu ga mai na QEB ka kauta sobu ki Totogo…Me tawa vinaka ga nodatou taga, tou sa qai vakasuka tale na matanitu…VEIVAKALOLOMATAKI AT ITS HIGHEST ORDER!!!!!!!!!

  56. ladyjane Says:

    Isa, o au mada ga…au sega ni sevaka na matalotu, ia au sevaka ga na ka e tukuni tiko mai kina se nai vunau beka… sega ni vakatu o ya nai rairai ni dua na vunau se meda rokataka ni da wasea tiko nai tukutuku vinaka ni Turaga mai nai Vola Tabu…Se ocei mada o keda me da mai vakaveitaliataka na vunau ka meda vukica me vakatani…..Au sa kerekere vei rau na veiwatini, Atu & Rai, drau vunautaka vakadodonu nai tukutuku vei ira nai vavakoso…..

  57. Beloma Says:

    Atu and Rai, Drau Pamu la!

  58. Sobosobo-lei Says:

    sa dua na ka na kena dau vunautaka o Ps Atu na kena dau vakadewataki nai tukutuku lasu..e tukuna ni so era tukuna ni sa mate, se curu tu, se sa vesu..qai dau kaya o koya ni sa dua ka a levu ni dai..”oiauwe au sa ta kila a levu ni dai sa tu na oda na kena dau vakadewataki ai tukutuku dai..ia au vakasamataka sara edua a ona i vunau nia a kaya voli kina ni sa vakarau vesuka a baqe na WHC e far as i know,WHC has been debt free from 2002 or saumi oti taucoko kina..tok about lying…ewww!

  59. Sobosobo-lei Says:


  60. Galileo Says:

    Sa cava tiko mada o KEDA? HAHAHAHAHA. Na kei Atu cava e tukuna tiko qori o Rai. Sa kilai mai ni a kei Rawaqa tu i liu. ….Ae, e dina beka ya? Se a kei Atu tu qai bite mai kina o Rawaqa? … Wailei… Au sa rere. Sa blue sara tikoga na lotu qo. Me ratou sa kerei ga na Police Quick Reaction Force me ra sa kakua ni vakasagai ira na prostitute mai tauni, ka me ra sa kau kece mada ga yani o ira na lotu tiko i na New Methodist baleta ni o ira oqo e ra na vakauta mai vei keda na HIV. Did they talk about using condoms or not?

  61. Ratu Viti Says:

    @ Malakai Yamaivava!

    What the hell are you talking about? Look at yourself first…Of course ‘Hell is Real’…and you are going there! Can you tell us why Atu and Reggie had to stand in front of the Congregation and say those dirty things? My-Oh My! Is that what you call being led by the ‘Holy Spirit’? Is that what you call ‘Spirit-Filled’ Preaching?…”Qo na kei Atu”? Sa qai dua na ka Vakaloloma ke sa va tu qo na titobu ni nomu Vakabauta na Kalou!

    Grow Up and Get a Life! Sa kua so na malele ki na veika e rawa kina na bula loto!

    And by the way…Don’t say God Bless! This God will NEVER bless people who use his name for such ‘filthy’ actions and comments!

  62. Who am I? Says:

    @ Aisake

    I really don’t understand why you are sharing God’s word in this Blog. Atu and Raijieli need that…Take it to them! Leave these people alone for they are expressing their opinion on the stupidity of the actions and words of A&R. We have seen the evidence on DVD!

    Ohhh…by the way if you really think that their explanation was Spiritual…Why don’t you enlighten us with some Biblical References! If ‘NCD’ – No Can Do? Then Zippo!

    Qori me kei Atu!

  63. 123 Says:

    Io mahn! Another thing… Rau vunautaka tiko ni sa na sega ni yaga na vuli…Da rai la, vuli pailate tiko na luvedrau… Muri mataboko tu ga eso… Sa rere mai ni ra sega ni raica rawa tiko na part ya so na mataceba ra muri rau tiko na veiwatini dau vunautaki rau ya…Kaila Kaila mada……..

  64. elijah Says:

    i support u sis jus little bro this people dont know dad jus live them alone let the people talk and point but we jus follow JESUS coz hiz da true ans………………….

  65. vakania Says:

    Meda sa tei Tavioka ga vakalevu , Sa sivai na Tevoro…

  66. beautylicious Says:

    isa ra taciqu,ganequ!na parofisa sa unfold jiko mai.Me da guma2a ga e na wilika na nodai volatabu.O rau na veiwatini o rau mai waqawaqa wale ga ne koya tui ni veivakasesei ya o Setani,sa kena gauna qo me da yadra mai,me tarogi mada ga o rau o Radini & Talatala na Siga Tabu cava rau vakatabuya jiko & nai vunau cava e rau dau kailavaka jiko e na veisiga SADE…?

  67. xfiles Says:

    oiauwe….e dai sara kina!!!!a kei atu ea kei cama tu i mada….ha,,ha…

  68. Nice Says:

    Praise the Lord. Da dabe ga da masu. Na nomu vinaka e tu duadua ga vua na Kalou. Sega ni dua na vunau e na vakadonui….only his word. De so vakalelewa tu ga sega ni vodo na ena O…….PLEASE. DA BAU RAI MADA E DAKUDA….ARE THE KIDS OK….NO DEBT…NO MONEYLENDER…NOKEREKERE…..NO VAKALELEWA….IF THEY ARE BOLD ENOUGHT TO STAND….IA O KEDA DA SEGA NI RAWA NI TU CAKE VAKADODONU ENA CARRIER STAND AND SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT THEM……MAY GOD BLESS EVERYBODY WHO COMMENTS.

  69. Dau gunu yaqona Says:

    Au kerea mo ni kila vinaka na dau wilika na tabana ni blog site..iei.Kevaka me da dikevi la na viavia talatala qo, okoya esega ni Kai namuka dina..Sa vakamadua taka djina tu na yanuyanu vakaturaga koya…Matai ni ka ko iratou na family nei Atu e a basika kina e dua na vakabauta vakatevoro [Daunisai] qai vovoleka sara ni vakatoboicu taka e dua na tabcakacaka vakaitalatala mai Namuka.Ia kalougata ni ra a tiko e so na vakabauta dina e na yanuyanu koya era vesuka vinaka toka na vakabauta vaka Wesele.Sa rauta me beca tiko na Lotu Wesele baleta se tekivu sarga mai delani yavu na ca qo..Kei na kena i karua na tamata qo ko Atu e dua na vuna e biuta kina na nona i tutu vakatuirara levu ni Tabacakacaka ka tiko kina mai Nadi baleta ni a vakayalia e dua na wase ni lavo e na loma ni Tabacakacaka vakavuna nona biuta na Lotu Wesele.Yavutaki toka e na butako na Lotu e mai tauyavutaka tiko qo.Na lotu na NM kevaka mo kila na kenai tekitekivu a tauyavutaka o Nai talatala Paula Tekei, ia e sega ni macala na gauna cava e curu mai kina o la na qaqa qo me mai kena Talatala..Qo na vunica e mai ravuravu ka rusa na bula e na vakavakadewa lasulasu e mai cakava jiko. Me vakalotu taka madaga na nona matavuvale, na luvena yalewa e otiotiva tu ga qori na After Dark mai Nadi.Lasa saraga….!

  70. tubasu Says:

    was watchin one of their dvd’s when names were being called out, and it was about 80 of them ranging from medical officers, teachers, government workers to farmers to be ordained as pastors.Lets get the facts right here, I have no problem with them being ordained as pastors, as long as the word of the almighty is being spread, but the point is have this people (ordained priests) had a formal training with the bible like such places as Davuilevu or Fulton college.My next question is do thay know how revered and holy it is?If the answer is no to both, then no souls will saved because you are misleading people.

  71. jerry Says:

    don’t worry my just share the word of god.pray for the people who have pointed you

  72. OCA..VOLI.. Says:


  73. sa kua la Says:

    ke me rau pini ia me kua ni lau ”kaila”’

  74. sa kua la Says:

    seni dua mai vi kila yani nodrau sex life ……………. boring
    ya gona na lotu . garogaro . kaikaila…….
    vacava me vunau ga kua ni tukutkuni koya jiko .

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