Church has to work with the government – NCBBF – WTF says SV!!!

Ragone, this is from the arsehole $2. The bastard does not realise it is the Churhe’s role to properly inform its Congregation on issues which directly affect them, such as signing the receipt form, which the illegal junta was trying to mischievously use as their mandate for Constitutional changes, when in fact it was not. SV laments at the sheer wasting of taxpayers monies to bastards like to John Samy, who have stooped so low to try and falsely obtain people’s consent without their knowledge. The Methodist Church is telling its Congregation what it is and not to be hoodwinked into their illegal junta’s evil ploys, which they must be comended for as none of the others are as outspoken. This must mean that $2 Joe and Finau Tabakaucoro knew all along this masquerading of deceit and are now lashing out, when the truth is made know. SV wishes to remind $2 Jo & Finau, YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!FREE INDEED!!!!
Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

National Council of Building a Better Fiji member Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo says the work of the church cannot go head-to-head with the government.
Ratu Josateki was responding to the Methodist Church sending out rejection charter forms to it s members while on the other hand the government has forms for the public to make their decision on the Draft Peoples Charter.

He says there are three types of leadership in the country the church, the Vanua and government and they all have different roles.

Ratu Jo says the churches responsibility is to build the spiritual life of people and not to send out political forms.

He says the Methodist Church must concentrate on it’s spiritual role and let the government do its part in trying to build a better.

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13 Responses to “Church has to work with the government – NCBBF – WTF says SV!!!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    The regime keeps saying taking Fiji forward and building a better Fiji !
    But who is deciding and setting the standards ?
    Better , but better than what ?
    Better than India , where they have the cast system ?
    Better than the Muslem countries , where women generally are not recognised ?
    Forward , to what ?
    Forward to China ?
    Forward to bankruptcy ?
    Forward to ? what .
    Just who is setting the standards ?
    Bananas in pyjamas ?
    Chaudhry sticks ?
    Samy ?
    The President ?
    Or Mr. Squiggle ?

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve just answered my own question , sorry for wasting your time !

    Gumby and Mr Squiggle : –'s-mojo.jpg
    are the authors of the People’s Charter and responsible for all decisions made by the Military Council , Bananas in pyjamas and Chaudhry sticks .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    I think it’s time you ripped the hearts out of your relatives in the military !
    If this continues , the next generation will suffer all their lives .
    I’m guessing that the Indians want the Fijians to leave Fiji forever and at this rate , they will probably get their wish .

  4. Tebara Says:

    O $2 Jo me dabeca ga na microphone ni fbcl koya taba toka qori e cake ..!

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Mavoa ko $2.

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Oilei Tebara Kailaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    Man why mada we waste our time on this looser!!!!!!!!

    Oilei pliz….vosa tu…bau lai lose weight mada, to find something \”good\” like Rev. Atu frm New Meca-i-a-fika-ga…hehehehe

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    Now more church members are speaking up against the charter. The CMF with over 20,000 members tonight made its stand through their spokesperson that they do not support the charter on the same priciple that the charter farter is begotten of an illegal body and therefore is itself illegal. CCC of Nausori has not rejected nor accepted the charter but left it to the free will of its members. Another pentecostal church of Laucala Beach with over 5,000 members opposed the charter. Many catholics too are opposed to the charter but cannot express it openly since their head is in deep shit in it. The CMF spokesman said it nicely when he said the charter may have some noble concepts but it has to be endorsed in the right and legal way and that is through parliament not by some unelected self appointed persons claiming to carrying it out on behalf of the people.

    Knowing that there is much widespread opposition to the charter farter the ig is working in a clandestine way to drum up a concocted perceived support through all these meetings, presentations, feedbacks and a lot of spin doctoring.

    I have been hearing about this silly cow Peni Moore and her rantings on the charter. What bugs me so much is she being european she can’t see the wrong in what she is doing in joining up with a gang of criminals. I always thought most white people were smart and fair but she and all those who have joined the badwagon have proven me wrong. These con people are doing whatever trickery they can devise to get a false impression of support for the charter. Their results must not be accepted since most of the feedbacks would be of those who support it who are mostly indos. They should count the number of feedbacks and measure it against the whole population of Fiji and then calculate the percentage of support the charter in this present exercise. Only then can we determine the real support or more like lack of it for the charter.

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, at last the ultimate evidence to prove shyster is guilty of perverting the course of justice.

    Nobody in a sane frame of mind could come up with this GARBAGE.

    “””””The Fiji Human Rights Commission believes there is nothing wrong with the survey forms being used to gauge public response on the Draft People’s Charter.
    Replying to questions from One National News, F-H-R-C Chair Dr Shaista Shameem says Secret Ballot and Privacy provisions of the Constitution don’t apply in this instance and won’t help those who object to the document.
    She adds people in Fiji are used to being asked to provide their names and photos for comments on public issues in the daily press ‘Voice of the People’ and Fiji TV’s ‘Have Your Say’.
    She says the media created this format and forum long ago.
    Shameem says it is important to stand up and be counted and the public should do exactly the same as they provide their opinions under their name on TV, radio or newspapers.””””

    What this imbecile refuses to understand is that newspaper and TV surveys do not make decisions for government; even if corrupt and illegal.

    No wonder shyster was rejected soundly by the UN human rights people.

    The intimidation of Fijian people by the green goons would make magabe in zimbabwe think, ” Why didn’t I think of that?”

  9. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei, firstly magaichinana ga to $2 bakuwavivi and secondly magaichinana ga to that woman Shyster – blerry ganja smoker!

    F#@k bloody spoil my church ga..

    $2 dickhead should go to church and ask for forgiveness in the way he treats people when he’s absolutely drunk…bloody swearing at everybody and anybody in his path…

    Qai mai via vosavosa tiko qo vaka vuku – lai cara mada na d#@u vakavinaka qai mai vosa!

    You bloody punch drunk!

  10. ispy Says:

    $2 is right…

    There are 3 types of leadership in Fiji – the Church, the Vanua and the Government.

    However, what $2 failed to recognise meaning of the word ‘Government’ in that context.

    ‘Government’ does not mean a group of uneducated murderous usurpers who banded together for the sole purpose of keeping their bi-polar leader (Fiji born Hitler) out of prison for sedition and treason.

    ‘Government’ does not mean a bunch of opportunistic unemployable losers seeking to enrich themselves under the pretext that they are helping to ‘move this country forward (ie backward)’.

    Government meand LAWFUL DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Government.

    The problem with this illegal administration is that they are begining to believe in their own BULLSHIT.

  11. Tim Says:

    Is the junta looking for new candidates? I’ve got the perfect specimen:
    He might be able to stretch credibility to a new level for them.
    The guy didn’t know he had to pay tax yet was able to complete an MBA and know all about the benefits of puting property into a trust.
    Where should he apply?

  12. Striker Says:

    $2.00: I dignify you with two zeros after the still same two. After all, beggars can’t be choosers so you have chosen to beg your way to the very rotten core of this illegal thieving regime. Like the old people say: Vosa tu o bavulu!

  13. hitout Says:

    kere2 dua mada e tukuna vei au cava e yacai Ratu Jo tiko kina na $2.00

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