Chaudary and two stooges remained ban from Oz

They thought we are stupid and the Aussies are gullible.

Kudos to the Aussies for having Chodo, Rickets and Vayeshnoi remained ban from Australia even though they have resigned from the illegal interim government.


9 Responses to “Chaudary and two stooges remained ban from Oz”

  1. Panthercat Says:


    FLP official not concerned with Australian travel ban
    2 Sep 2008 05:28:10

    Fiji Labour Party Assistant General Secretary Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says he isn’t concerned with Australia’s decision to keep his name on a travel ban list.

    The Australian High Commission confirmed yesterday quote “for the time being, those who have served as interim Ministers in the interim government remain affected by travel sanctions.” unquote.

    This decision is based on the grounds that their actions have identified them as high profile supporters of the coup.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    You aint seen nothing yet !

  3. Striker Says:

    Keep the pressure on folks! So much effort have gone down the drain due to the coup and their supporters. It would be nice if Australia freezes Chodo the choros’ ill-gotten millions.

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Ha ha Lickram, thats a good one. This no job unemployed is still yapping around nonsensically. Can’t believe a dimwit like this no school canefarmer is 2nd in charge of the FLP. Goes to show the FLP is now scratching the bottom of the barrel. No one of credibility is in the party.

    What about the time he said the army were godsend. I wonder what will he say about them now that they boot his sorry butt out.

    We now have chodo and his son and lickram running the FLP the trinity of con artists.

    He don’t have to moan about not going to Australia but worry about his jail term at Naboro.

  5. Billy Says:

    What goes round comes around. Leka & co will be running around looking for a way out the day the Fijians, the rest of the military or the long arm of the law, come after his arse!!! Vosa tiko, waraka, namaka!

  6. Say True! Says:

    They have failed the character assessment test. Chance Card. “Go directly to Naboro, do not collect $2 million”.

  7. Keep The Faith Says:


    And can someone please tell Vunibobo to cut all the cloak & dagger crap with this story

    It just REEEEEEEEEKS of him and the old guard trying ever so hard to be politically relevant in this day and age.

    Kind of like what Rambo is doing too.

  8. kaiveicoco Says:

    but they can still travel to Harayana to raise more funds.I guess they can travel via Korea.

  9. Frida Says:

    Well the expert should hear what the Prime Minister of Samoa said about our illegal prime minister – childish. In case the expert does not know, you do not need to be politically suave to know the Pacific island countries are building their own little nation which might just take over from Fiji in terms of its ability to take over as the centre of the region. development going on in Samoa at this time is a good indicator. If Fiji does not pull up its socks and behave like a leader, then I am sorry there are 15 more behind Fiji that are proving themselves not only in the regional arena but also globallly.

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