Is there a change in the air or has Ramadan put some sense (?) in some people. Interesting comments from the vile ig ag – Sounds like aaghe piche

The Charter is not taking away the land or the identity of the indigenous people, explained the Attorney-General who is also the acting Minister for Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum made the comments at an informal meeting with the staff of Treasure Island Resort last Friday (29 August 2008).

The Attorney-General clarified any misconceptions about the draft People’s Charter that were asked by the employees of the island Resort.

In relation to the common name proposed by the draft People’s Charter, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum clarified to the staff that by having a common name, it did not mean that the indigenous people were going to lose their identity and their land.

“You will still be the i taukei, you will not lose anything. If anything the Government wants to empower the indigenous people,” the Attorney-General said.
“Having a common name creates nationhood and it will stop politicians from creating divisions.”

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum cited as an example of the great rugby legend and Australian, David Campese whose family were Italians and had migrated to Australia. The Attorney-General said David Campese was born in Australia and was and is known as an Australian.

He added whenever David Campese played for Australia, he was always known as an Australian.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the same concept applied with international golfer, Vijay Singh.

“Whenever Vijay Singh plays golf, he is always referred to as Fijian golfer.”

Amongst questions raised at the meeting included: the archaic laws that dealt with native land; the proposed voting of 18years recommended by the Draft People’s Charter; having the National Anthem translated to the three major languages in Fiji and; what the minimum wage was.

A Director for Treasure Island Limited, Mr Ponipate Turuva said he appreciated the clarifications made by Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.

Mr Turuva added that such an opportunity to meet and speak with Mr Sayed-Khaiyum enabled the staff to hear first-hand information and explanations from a senior member of government, instead of hearing it from other people and mediums after they made their own interpretations.


I say it’s a good chance for all to take the opportunity to bitch slap him mada vaka vinaka!



  1. Tim Says:

    Pardon me if I don’t believe him. But then Yippe-I-Aye hasn’t actually experienced the Campese phenomenon, nor what went before. If Campsese had been a resident of Footscray or Abbotsford, no doubt he’d have had a father that migrated on the basis of a promise, while struggling as some poor underpaid bastard working on the Seeedney Opra House, protected by the likes of a Chodo equivalent taking backhanders as fast as they could bank them.
    Bubba you’re a fuckwit!. Get with the 21st Century and drop the ideology! It ain’t a runner

  2. Tim Says:

    I was wondering when Bubba was going to rear his poncy little head. Funny how predictable all this bullshit is

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Bitch slap ?
    A bullet to the head more like it !

  4. George of Sydney Says:

    Aiarse, the concept may be a good one but it is one that can be forced to the native fijians to accept it. My advice to you and your illegal opportunists not to use the charter to force changes to the people. The 1997 Constitution is still the supreme law of the country since it was not being abrogated. The previous GCC is still legal since it was appointed in the process as stipulated in the constitution and by a Fijian Affairs Minister appointed by an ELECTED GOVERNMENT AND PRIME MINISTER. They are an institution that must be consulted and their approval sought on anything that involves the interest of the native fijian community. The proper parlimentary process to approve this ammendments should be adhered to to make this changes accepted and legal.
    One of the drawback of this interim government is their lack of respect to the fijian people and all its important institution. On one hand they wnt the co-operation of the fijian community and on the other hand they continue to be disrespectful to the chiefs. Let me remind the Interim Illegals, RESPECT IS EARNED NOT BOUGHT. You have to show respect if you want you and your opinion to be respected or the people will tell you, TAKE YOUR IDEA AND CHARTER AIARSE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR AAARSE.
    I remember a line in the book written by Derrick Scarr (Politics of Illusion) in tryng to determine the cause of the coups in Fiji states and I quote ” In trying to determine the degree of necessity of the coup, it all boils down to thes important question. SHOULD FIJI BE INDIANISED OR FIJIANISED?” end of quote. It should be accepted that native Fijians exist in Fiji and they are rightful owner of every land and fishing ground and as I have stated above any final approval of any legislations that affects them should only be done by them and their approved institutions. It might be important to state here that any GCC apponted by the illegal interim govt to make this important decisions to suit their motive and pleases the likes of Chodo will never be acceptable and would prolong the politically unstable situation in Fiji.
    Let our legal GCC decide on behalf of the native fijians because the Institution does exists to protect our interests. The Illegal/Interim government does not have any authority, support and legality to make any decision in this regard. KUA NA SIOSIO

  5. George of Sydney Says:


  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh Paaaaaaaahleeeeease!!

    This spiel is word for word the EXACT same lines as Filimoni Kau’s “hearts & minds” attempt on this morning’s programme in the Fijian language.

    It sounds like they’ve all been given the same script with the same round-off message to the people i.e. “please come and participate at the charter forums”.

    (Ulu)Kau even had the nerve to say that Ma’chaud and the FLP Crew have not supported the charter but are at this present time discussing it as a Party — as if to give the illusion that the FLP was totally independent from this document anyway.

    Bugger Orf! Put the word out y’all that the will of the people will prevail and that we will turn our backs on this charter AND give it the finger to boot 😉

  7. Tabace Says:

    I wonder why no one question Kaiyum the reasons why Nehru,Gandhi and gangs uprooted all the Europeans out of India and Pakistan,although the Europeans had been in India for over 400 years prior to their eviction? We don’t want to be like the natives of Australia,New Zealand USA or Canada. We want to have total control over our land,qoliqoli and administration of our Governments-Federal,Provincial and municipal etc. Let us run our nation like the way we think it should be administered, just like the Indians,Chinese,Japanese,English,German,French are doing in runing theirs? Whats wrong with that? Kaiyum, your ancestors evicted these Europeans from Indian after 400 years,your people have only been in Fiji for 150years or less what right have you got, that these Europeans whom your ancestors evicted didn’t have?

  8. IslandBoy Says:

    Digression here folks – Normally I read Raw Fiji News with interest becuse the sources of information seem to come from very well connected people.

    However the latest post about Mahen’s mercy dash makes me wonder about their agenda.

    At the end of the post they reccomend Kanti Tappoo as an honest and humble substitute for Mahen, (Harvard educated yet) and in the normal course of events I would agree, barring his multi-million dollar interests which would be hard to ignore, in terms of national development priorities.

    As luck would have it I have heard and went to see for myself Parmesh and Paul Manueli coming out of the Tapoo’s complex at Raiwaqa. (opposite the Salvation Army HQ and Garden City)

    So no – to the Military Council and all of you hidden cohorts, please stop trying to manupulate us for your latest pay master and just get out of government where you have no business.

    And when you go, take the hapless Frank with you and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Great editorial in today’s SUN.

    “”” Why ask for the people’s names?

    As the draft People’s Charter “consultation” process gets into full swing it is already clear that any claim of public acceptance of the document – by far the most likely outcome – will be hopelessly unreliable and without credibility.

    First there was to be a referendum on the charter. Then, as widespread opposition became apparent, there wasn’t. Then we were told there would be wide consultation among stakeholders followed by equally wide consultation with the general public. It hasn’t happened and isn’t happening.

    Consultation implies explanation and exchanges of views – and that is precisely what is not taking place in this process. The “consultation” programme is an effort to sell the charter and, as such, the “consultation” teams are extolling the virtues of the document while glossing over – or simply omitting any mention of – its highly controversial and potentially dangerous aspects.

    Now we discover that people who tick “yes” or “no” in this charade of a public vote will be asked to give their names, addresses and telephone numbers. Why?

    Well, we are told this is for verification purposes – but if people decline to divulge their addresses and telephone contacts, their “votes” will still be counted. Then why ask for their names and addresses at all? And who will scrutinise these many thousands of names? Will they be publicly available, for example, so that the media and individuals can verify with the people whether they really did tick that box and whether they did so of their own accord? What else would be the purpose of collecting such information?

    And how many people will decline to “vote” or insist on ticking the “wrong” box when confronted by a “consultation” team accompanied by police and soldiers? Very few, we would suggest.

    But let’s be under no illusions. This charter will be declared accepted. It will be declared law, the constitution notwithstanding. And this same document that blatantly undermines the constitution will be declared adopted in support of it.

    This the world of “newspeak” as envisaged by the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, a world in which the constitution is supported by a document that perverts it, a new world of equality in which some are more equal than others, a world in which Big Brother always knows what is best for us.

    A world in which we end all coups by putting the MILITARY BEYOND PARLIAMENT AND THE CONSTITUTION.

    The people who accepted the public’s money to produce this document that threatens public rights and freedoms should hang their heads in shame.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    This idiot thinks we are idiots to believe anything he says. He can say all he likes whatever he like however he likes but we on the other side of the charter will never accept it.

    While on one hand he says the charter will not take away the identity and land of the Fijian the charter on the other hand dilutes the taukei identity and generalise everyone under the indigenous name Fijian. I don’t know what this will bring but there is something sinister behind the move and the way they are forcing it through. Staus quo was working fine and should be left as that.

  11. Wailei Says:

    Just off topic but needed to put this in: A trickery by the Charter Farters; intimidation etc.,

    A violation of human rights

    Monday, September 01, 2008

    LAST Friday afternoon I was surprised to receive a call on my mobile from a well known resident of Nasinu.

    However, my surprise turned to shock after the conversation.

    After exchanging pleasantries he said: “Can you please do something about the (response) form being distributed by the draft People’s Charter?

    “Many civil servants such as school teachers fear victimisation if they do not sign to indicate their support for the draft charter because the form asks them to give their names.”

    During the weekend, I contacted the Fiji Television and Fiji Times newsrooms to inquire whether they have a copy of the form.

    A Fiji TV journalist told me he had a copy because he did a news story highlighting the existence of the form early last week.

    Similarly, a Fiji Times journalist said she obtained a copy when a draft charter team conducted a consultation exercise at Muainaweni in Naitasiri last Wednesday.

    The proceedings were reported in The Fiji Times on Thursday.

    I requested both journalists to send me a copy.

    To my astonishment, the form given by the Fiji TV journalist was different from the one sent by The Fiji Times journalist which she obtained at Muainaweni.

    But worse still, both forms require information from members of the public that breach their fundamental rights to privacy, the Bill of Rights of the 1997 Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Section 37 of the Constitution states: “Every person has the right to personal privacy including the right to privacy of personal communications.

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.”

    This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    The privacy of an individual is sacrosanct.

    Just like secret balloting during elections of any kind, people do not want to reveal their names, religion, political affiliation, age, etc, to avoid discrimination and personal embarrassment.

    It is the norm.

    The form obtained by The Fiji Times at Muainaweni requires people to tick the box alongside the statements that they have read the draft People’s Charter and that it has been explained to them.

    Part 4 states that their decision on the draft charter has been made on their own free will, without any compulsion, threat or force from anyone.

    They are then required to tick their support or rejection of the draft Charter.

    The form compels them to give their names, age, address and signature.

    The requirement for people to give their telephone number is optional.

    Part 5 requires a policeman or Justice of the Peace to act as a witness.

    The form shown by Fiji TV news last week contains a serial number.

    Part 2 of the form is the same as that of the one given at Muainaweni but other parts are different.

    People are required to either tick to show their full support for the draft charter, tick to show support subject to reasons that they must state in the space provided and tick to reject the charter for reasons they must state in the space given on the form.

    It is compulsory for them to give their names, address, age, signature and date on which they filled the form.

    The form states that police, a Justice of the Peace, lawyer, religious minister, pundit, priest, civil servant, doctor, headteacher, academic, accountant and a chief can act as witnesses.

    This form is seemingly the official response form because it contains a serial number and indicates the name of the Government Printer.

    As if the draconian and unlawful design of the form is not enough, the media has reported that police officers and military personnel will be part of the public awareness teams.

    The claim by NCBBF officials that people are first given copies of the draft charter, allowed time to read the document and then form their opinion, which is obtained during a second visit, is laughable.

    I was told by the resident of Nasinu and by a Western Division lawyer that the teams distributing the draft charter were asking people to fill the response statement immediately.

    These are the teams that the National Council for Building a Better Fiji says are accompanied by police or military personnel for the “protection of team members only”.

    If people are not required to sign the forms immediately, will the second team collect the response statements including witnessing officers that the form says must be a police, Justice of the Peace, lawyer, a church minister, pundit, priest, civil servant, doctor, headteacher, academic, accountant or chief?

    Will the above category of witnesses leave their profession to concentrate only on witnessing the response forms?

    It just does not add up.

    Even people suspected of any unlawful or criminal activity are treated more decently and have the full protection of their constitutional and human rights when being interviewed by police officers.

    Because if they are denied these rights, it jeopardises trial proceedings in court and the case is either thrown out or a re-trial is ordered if a person is charged with an offence.

    This is known as judges rules and must be strictly complied with by police officers conducting caution interviews.

    And the interviewing officer must be accompanied by another policeman or policewoman as a witness.

    And this must be clearly stated on the interview statement at the beginning of the interrogation.

    After obtaining the name, age, qualification and the answer to the question as to which language the suspect would like to be interviewed, he or she is required to sign the statement before further questioning can take place.

    After that, the most important constitutional right is read out to a suspect.

    Upon highlighting the allegation, the interviewing officer states to the suspect something to the effect that “we would like to inform you of your rights that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so but whatever you say may be put into writing and given in evidence”.

    The suspect is then asked if he or she has understood the allegation and caution.

    Further, the suspect is informed of his or her right to consult a lawyer either in person or via telephone in the presence of the interviewing officer.

    The suspect is also given the opportunity to consult any leader of his or her religious faith.

    The caution must also be repeated after every break during the interview.

    This is the essential legal requirement that must be carried out if any criminal case is to withstand the scrutiny of the judiciary in terms of upholding of a suspect’s constitutional and human rights.

    What the draft charter response statement requires of our ordinary and innocent citizens is a gross violation of their privacy, constitutional and human rights.

    This must be challenged as it is morally, legally and ethically wrong to ride roughshod over our people’s privacy.

    – Kamal Iyer is a former journalist and spokesman for the National Federation Party.
    End of story

  12. newsfiji Says:

    Island Boy: from your comments on the latest (well 2nd latest article) on Raw Fiji News, i suspect that you too think the website is originating from the military council.

    I’ve said this before as well. The information they print is just too close and sort of paint the military council in good light.

    If we continue to go through their articles, it’s sort of a PR exercise to save their butts (military council ie.) and offer the people of Fiji different solutions.

    Just read their latest article – Parmesh Chand to recall Bernadette Ganilau as Interim Minister for Tourism! This type of information is exclusive to a certain number of people!

    Or could the website be Parmesh’s baby???

    The only evident thing is that someone out there is trying very hard to win the hearts of the people of Fiji.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    Kemudou big bernie back again – Lasarusa in a billowing muumuu rising from the dead! She is being used to take the heat off voreqe and the rest of the incompetents trying to govern – UNSUCCESSFULLY!

    This cow has no shame, like that bullshit artist filipe bole – telling schoolchildren how to behave and knuckle down – mr bole you are not a very good example of how anyone should behave & nor is bernadette ganilau or other ig coupsters. All full of shit – no topasi truck is big enough for all of you.

    I can’t wait for Michael Fields next article on this resurrection of the kai tae bfg – big fat ganilau – when all avenues have been exhausted try try again.

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    I-arse should just give it up and hand himself to the nearest police station for imprisonment for his part in all these con jobs he is perpetrating to the people. Being a naive infantile lawyer he is so stupid to do these things and to think he can sway the public into believing him the bloody idiot.

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    @ newsfiji – I missed your orginal observation about RFN, but completely agree with you.

    The Military Council needs to do a lot more work, make things right and come clean if they want our confidence.

    @ Adi K – I really thought BRG was through with the illegal regime from her parting shot after being asked to leave last time around. Dua na ka ni kila tiko?

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Oh yes Wailei. I have been wanting us to discuss in depth this charter farter delivery process where a form has to be filled out to indicate acceptance or not and also include personal details and signature. This is a violation of our personal privacy and an intimidation tactic since police and army will accompany the charter delivery teams. This action is not even been gazetted or promulgated and therefore has no legal basis and must cease immediately. We call upon a legitimate body representing citizens such political parties or NGOs to file a writ in court to declare this action illegal and get an injunction on it. Or else let them carry out the exercise first and waste their time when a court will declare it null and void. But lets get someone to instigate this legal action.

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, SV can you do an article and timeline account of what Frank has managed to do over the time his assumed power.

    It shall be interesting. You can start from when he started on his demands, first his outrageous demands for the scrapping of the qoliqoli bill etc, then onto his demand for Andrew Hughes to be sacked (wailei!!) and the list goes on…

    This achievement list should end with the bus fire that killed 10 people. Bale saraga vei Voreqe – blerry ulupepa!

  18. ispy Says:

    Aiyaz cockarse – you don’t build a better Fiji by forcing your ideals down people’s throats.

    Fijians won’t accept Indians as equal partners in building a better Fiji until true consensus is reached between the two races – as to the form of nation building and pace in which it is to happen.

    Fijians and Indians have had more than 100 years of co-existence in Fiji and yet we don’t even inter-marry on any notable scale – do you ever wonder why?

    It’s because we all, Fijians and Indians alike, recogise that its our friggin differences that make us who we are and whilst many politicians push for a common identity every few years in order to gain public sympathy/support – everyone knows that no one really wants it to work.

    So please, Aiyarse, get with the program and stop galavanting around the country wasting my money pushing your rosy ideas when its plain as day that all you really want is to stay in power for as long as you can.

    In my view, this “common identity” fiasco is a red herring designed to keep us focusing on the ball…

    …while the players take out the referee!

  19. Tim Says:

    @ Island Boy and NewFiji: One or two of us have noted a couple of posts on the site that have been a little suss. They’re obviously anti-coup, but one wonders whether that’s because there is some sort of link to some of the more professional in the Military, family associations, or some other agenda at play. I have my suspicions, and a few of us have had an inkling as to who drives the bus since it’s inception.
    May they keep it up though – we’re all intelligent enough to draw our own conclusions, and one thing is certain: Frank and a few others are not exactly in favour

  20. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Malo bula my Tau IslandBoy,

    yes, the Military Council needs to do a whole lot more, if it wants to stand any chance of being granted a pardon, but certainly not amnesty.

  21. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim & Jese – I’m sure you both noticed at the time they came on the scene (and it was very recent for a bunch purpotedly concerned with Fiji’s situation) the information was just factual.

    Some e.g.”s: Vunibobo to UN, Rt Finau to DC etc up to the three blind mice from Labor getting the boot.

    Then it turned into opinion pieces with a heavy PR slant toward the supposed Driti faction of the Mil Co as opposed to Roko Ului and Aziz.

    What did surprise me listening to Jone Dakuvula and Rt Timoci Vesikula on Mai TV Simpson at Seven was how entrenched their opinions are.

    They honestly think the majorioty of Fiji’s people are pro Charter and the all yasana, the Church and the other political parties as well as the Indian cultural groupings are just a deranged few.

    Also speaking with some military people, they think its all groovy and they are doing a fine job and will just continue on their way ad infinitum.

  22. soro Says:

    @IB – Oh what a tangled web they weave who try a new world to conceive !

    Like you I cannot believe the staggering gulf that exists between the likes of military personnel, and people like Moore, Dakuvula, Vesikula et al re their public claims about THEIR perceptions of what we think, and the actual reality on the ground .. ie OUR real thoughts.

    OMG ! Totally Fkcng unbelievable.

  23. Peace Pipe Says:

    Man the propaganda machinery is cranking into gear now and permeating all the media with all their illegal crap. Its on TV in the papers and in the radios. Iam still dumbfounded by the acknowledgement form issue with the farter charter.

    We have Professor Lal, Kinivuwai, Pramod Rae, Mick Beddoes and Richard Naidu among others saying that the process is highly flawed, violate personal privacy and rights and intimidating let alone illegal and unconstitutional. We must pose a legal challenge to this exercise on these grounds.

  24. Striker Says:

    The Charter? As Shakespeare put it: ” full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

  25. IslandBoy Says:

    @Soro – completely agree. But sometimes I do wonder if its them who are crazy or could I be reading the whole situation wrong.

    One thing for sure, the Charter supporters never seem to have any doubts, have to verify and scan the environment or check anything that concerns their efforts.

    They are always dead sure they are 100% on course and on target and the rest of us comprise a very small segment ofthe population.

  26. soro Says:

    @IB – its frightful indeed. The quip by @Striker brings to mind the quote by Queen Katharine in the play about King Henry’s life , when she said of the evil Cardinal :

    “You sign your place and calling, in full seeming,
    With meekness and humility; but your heart
    Is cramm’d with arrogancy, spleen, and pride.”

    So saith us to the advocates of this regime … bleary ulukau’s .. feathering their own nest bastards.

  27. peci Says:

    Now we know why Sayed Khaiyum is the golden boy of Frank. One of Frank’s daughters has been having a bit of lasaituba with golden boy. But Frank will have to keep this quiet because he can’t admit that golden boy won’t marry his daughter for the usual reasons. But that hasn’t stopped golden boy bragging about it.

  28. lewa Says:

    Of course peci, nona job no. makawa qori. Since her divorce, she will be climbing everybody and anybody….easy come and easy go

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