Rabuka seeks forgiveness

When forgiveness heals … by Sitiveni Rabuka, Tues, Sept 02, 2008 FT online.

“My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.” (James 1: 19&20)

No doubt the above text has been used many times about us, for us or by ourselves. One thing that anger brings out is more anger, both in the angry and the target of anger. Sometimes the target becomes fearful and may desist, but only through fear. When that target finds a weaker target, it too will vent fury in its direction. There are many times when the target may have had nothing at all to do with the cause of the anger – the cat, or the dog, or the wall or window, or, most unfortunately, another person.

In many cases, all reasonable persons know that their anger that has been directed at an innocent target, is never justified, and all would feel shame which many if not all would pretend they do not feel.

It has been 21 years since 14th May 1987.

A person upon reaching 21 years of age would get a special gift from his or her parents, if by that time the person has continued to live as a dependent of the parents. Nowadays the usual accompaniment to the birthday gift is a key signifying that the person has come of age and is capable of making mature decisions, particularly about their own life, therefore may leave home and return using their own key to the door. 21 years is a long time in the life of a person and a nation.

In May this year I said I was sorry for what I did in 1987. I apologised to those I hurt by my actions in May, September, October and December of that year. In May I removed Doctor Bavadra’s government from Parliament.

Although I handed over the executive authority to the Governor General’s Council of Advisers later that month, I removed that Council of Advisers and the Governor General in September, and in October, I declared Fiji a republic, effectively sacking the Governor General thus the Queen, ending the monarchy that had reigned for 113 years over Fiji.

In December, against the request of my military Cabinet and some senior military advisers, I appointed the ousted Governor General as our first President and surrendered all my executive authority to him to lead the nation towards a general election under a new Constitution. In actual fact, I did not sack the Governor General.

He advised the Queen that his position as Governor General and Queen’s representative in Fiji was no longer tenable, and recommended that he be relieved of his duties. The Queen accepted that position rather than send forces at her disposal to retain her reign over Fiji.

We will never know what advice she got before accepting her representative’s request to be relieved of his duties.

Of all the people I had hurt, only one told me he had forgiven me. On his death bed, a week before he died, Doctor Balwant Singh Rakka called me to say he had forgiven me. I was Prime Minister then.

Some of Dr Bavadra’s government and supporters later worked with me towards the new Constitution of 1997. Some are quite civil towards me. Three became part of my Cabinet; one in the military government and two in the elected Cabinet after 1992. But no other person has specifically said they have forgiven me. Many are still angry and many are still hurt.

We often hear angry words or read angry words in the press, but we seldom hear or read words that express hurt feelings. When I visited the Umanand Prasad Medical School of the University of Fiji on August 22, the head of the University, Professor Satendra Nandan gave me three books as his gift to me. One of them, The Loneliness of Islands, contains poems I had never heard of. The one that went straight for my heart is simply titled ‘Easter ’88’ with ‘for Timoci’ under the title. Many of Professor Nandan’s poems written after 1987 ring of the hurting feelings of a man deeply affected by my actions of that year. But no line hurt me and caused me more guilty grief than the bracketed line in the second verse:

‘I’ve travelled from an island

With a soldier’s wound in my side

(One who should have protected me);

Still I am alive

Something precious remains.’

That part in parenthesis is like a bullet to the heart! Like many people, I can effectively react to anger. Much of my young life was devoted to training to handle it. But hurt, I can hardly handle, because I was taught to defend those that are by others. So, when my eyes were opened to the hurt in the words of Professor Nandan, I realised that I have not done enough to console or repair the spirit of those I had hurt. No good deed can ever repair a non-forgiving heart.

This article is not an ‘opinion column’. It is an appeal for forgiveness from all I have hurt and have not been able to forgive me. My duty is to appeal for forgiveness; you have the right to refuse. These include the soldiers who obeyed as a matter of loyalty to superiors saying ‘ours is not to reason why; ours is but to do or die’; members, supporters, families and relatives of Dr Bavadra’s government, the vanua, churches and religious organisations, those who lost friends and relatives to emigration, those who lost jobs or promotion opportunities, and all others who were hurt, some simply as loyal subjects of the crown – to you all, I apologise, and say I will never support anyone promoting divisive strategies in this God enlightened land.

People in leadership positions now must pray for the courage to say sorry but also remember the hurt have the right not to forgive. All should know that forgiveness heals.



25 Responses to “Rabuka seeks forgiveness”

  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    I can’t believe this ARSEHOLE who swaggered around like a punch drunk after he hijacked the Nation. Drunk on illegal power just like his little bipolar mate voreqe.

    rabuka is feeling sorry for himself because vorege & his not so secret coven will not include him in their ‘get rich scheme’ otherwise known as a coup.

    drau tamata no qare ruarua – neither of these uncouth pricks could earn a deposit in their miserable lifetime to secure assets or any type of property anywhere without the systematic robbing of the Nations coffers and foreign aid funds blatantly stolen for personal use.

    If ligamamada (how appropriate a name for a fucking thief) wants forgiveness he should ask his long suffering wife Suli and the husbands of the women he screwed in toilets (very dignified – NOT)and had affairs with’ Levula na dabe tucake – he should’ve thought about this when he was high on illegal power. By the way bloggers I was told by a woman in NZ who was married at the time and still is that he pursued her relentlessly – he took several taxpayer funded trips over to the Land of Timaru to screw her but she was reluctant because she said his penis was so small that it was just a useless apendage that she knew she would not know what to do with let alone let him put it into her – me vala tu vakai vei a meca i? I told her she should’ve cut it off and thrown it out for the dog.

    Bloody contemptuous bastards – Fiji is not going to forgive either of you.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s too late to lament and ask forgiveness . I wonder if Rabuka would have the same attitude if everyone accepted the Regime ? Is he only pretending to feel sorry for his past deeds , because he was involved with this present coup and now wants to save his own arse , again ?

  3. Panthercat Says:

    Why is this interim regime arsehole not telling us how he and his crony and crook pals like Filipe Bole and others stole all the money from National Bank of Fiji – the arsehole should be telling us about that money – yes, he should have been shot long ago as a warning to bi-polar dickhead who stole $185,000 – that is what is public for the time being – more will surface soon

  4. Tui Says:

    It’s hard not to get angry with dickheads like Rabuka. I mean WTF, you rob this nation of it’s life and lament that only one person came to ask forgiveness! Damn you are so stupid Rambo. And for once please tell us the truth. Did Ratu Mara ask you to stage the coup?
    According to some of the soldiers who helped you in 87′, Ratu Mara asked you to carry out the coup. It is common knowledge anyway that the first “bloodless coup” was in 1977 also masterminded by Ratu Mara!
    Listen dude, if you want to redeem yourself, please tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the bleary f@#$%ing for once!
    Quit fooling yourself cause you ain’t fooling us, that is for sure. Don’t be misled by the smiles and the handshakes. And for f@#%ksakes how did you progress to be a talatala with all the womanising going on behind the Mrs and in your own house! I mean what idiot goes around beating the husbands of the women you were screwing! Sorry mate, you like vore are scum and belong in the bainivuaka! Pigpen!

  5. 46664 Says:

    I sincerely hope that Mr Sitiveni Rabuka does come to this blogsite (S.V) to read some of this stuff.
    Well done Tui. All I can tell Mr Rabuka is, if you want full undivided forgiveness, then you need to come out with the truth about the 1987 military coup. When I say the truth, I mean the full truth. Get before the nation and tell the nation who were the backers of the coup. Who asked you to stage the coup? Why did you stage the coup? Everything little detail about that coup needs to be opened for the public to see. Then and only then will your asking for forgiveness be complete. And everyone will finally know.
    Mr Rabuka, if you were man enough to pick up your rifle and overtake the government, then I am sure manning up and telling the full truth should be way too easy.

  6. 46664 Says:


  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    A bit too little, and very late Stee for this call huh.

    Did you share that little poem with Vore b4 Dec 5?

    Because we, the people have had enough of the\” consistency in your inconsistencies\”


  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sounds like himself is on his own personal campaign to redeem himself, his “coup master” reputation and his ideals.

    Nahhhh Rambo forget about even trying to revive your political career. It’s over and was over when you and your SVT cronies were shown the door by the people.

    It pisses me right the fcuk of when people start using religion to justify a point.

  9. newsfiji Says:

    This is just un-bloody-believable!

    Only in Fiji!

  10. Billy Says:

    Too true! No forgiveness without the TRUTH, very basic. You must fess up to all the wrongs you have committed against each and every one. And you must call your sins by name -not a blanket apology to no one in particular, just to vakayacora, me kenai rogorogo ga, as if you doing the right thing. And then you must be prepared to face the full brunt of the law, and take it like a man, as in admitting that you had committed TREASON, and that you are voluntarily giving yourself up to go to JAIL. Do that Mr rambo, and you will help stop the coup cycle.At least George would not feel aggrieved and lonely outa there in Naboro. Be a real man, face the consequences of your folly!

  11. Billy Says:

    Oh an while you at it, (fessing up and facing to) you can tell your soul mate Bainivore and his mates to join you in redeeming your lost souls and the soul of Fiji in Naboro. As you started it so should you end it. That is the only way to redeem yourself.

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    Rabuka you started the coup culture and this will hang on your shoulder for the rest of your life. So in order to redeem yourself it would be prudent if you took up the mantle and tell the truth about the backers of the 1st coup. Surely it wasn’t you alone in this. You would have a lot to lose. We have an inkling of who they could be but Rabuka could clear any doubts. The ramification of the truth could be far reaching and devastating.

  13. Save the Sheep Says:

    Vinaka Major General.

    To seek forgiveness for sin is all we can do and he he says the Hurt have the right to refuse it. There are many hurt people it seems.

    It reminds me of the Story of Ahab….. Too long to tell here but the moral of the story is… You can do wonderful things in life but the fact remains that one will usually be remembered for their indiscretions…..

    If Siti really believes that he is sorry then he should lead the resistance against this coup and help get rid of this evil Army…

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Seeking attention more like it!

  15. NaVoreEnaVoreGa Says:

    If he really wants to feel good about himself then he should take his sorry ass to jail.

    That is why George Speight is the man.He is willing to suffer for his beliefs,an ordinary citizen standing up for the indigenous nation of this country.Even though he broke the law,the Chaudary government was corrupt and anti-Fijian just as we are seeing now.George’s vision was true back in 2000.Bainimarama is a stooge of the corrupt nationalist Indians in the FLP.They will al be jailed in the future.

  16. Cama Says:

    VB should do the same thing now and come out clean as what was the subject pertaining to the coup on 5/12 as what we believe was the qoliqoli & reconcilliation bill but nothing concrete coming from this bull shit and now the charter.

  17. Cama Says:

    We can not hood winked all the time. lay all cards on the table before asking for forgiveness.

  18. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Rabuka has asked for forgiveness from all he has hurt. He will be waiting for a long time for this, not because people are unwilling to forgive, but because the people he has hurt are still being born each day.

    By carrying out the first coup, he bears responsibility for this latest coup, which is hurting people who were not even born when he decided to take the law into his own hands. School leavers who can’t get jobs in this coup devastated economy can blame Rabuka as well as Bainivore.

    What we all need to understand is that the rule of law protects all. Even bad laws are better than no rule of law.

  19. Tebara Says:

    DITTO that Corruption Fighter ! The nation has moved forward in educating and advancing its citizens and the economy since 1987 yet we are continuously dragged to the pits and faced with the same CRAP over and over again through our IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED mob from RFMF !

    It shatters us to hear of their threats of impending takeover pre Dec 05 and broke our spirits when they did.. We lament our tomorrow fearing the path that our nation is heading under these NUMBSKULLS. Since the Military took over there has NEVER BEEN ANY CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. However, its a different story for PIGGY and his STOOGERS their personal wealth and that of their extended families have benefited ( a drive down Yat Sen before and after school signals the muchosss in their coffers.. fancy cars and bodyguards on the roll).

    Our everyday citizens laments the rise of cost of everyday living in comparison to their wages. When will these end? How will it end? When the PIG is not ready to go to election.. its not that he has a lot of cleaning up to do ..(Yeahhh rite what cleaning we ask?)… they still have to milk more money and set their family and childrens family up before they exit POWER .. Just like what Rabuka did in his time.

    So please Ligamamada dau JALA yarayara .. Dont apologise to the public. We dont need to hear anymore shaet from your mouth. Thats what we think of you. A man spewing forth shaet.

  20. qitawa Says:

    This Rabuka is going to be pacific island rugb y team manager. Lets lobby for him to be dropped and banned from Australia and New Zealand. The father of all coups! Let continue to rub this people into shit forever.

  21. Striker Says:

    Forgiven? Yes, that’s our obligation as a Christian. Forgotten? Never!

  22. Striker Says:

    Oopps. Should read: ” as Christians”

  23. Ablaze Says:

    Adi Kaila, to add to your story – this arsehole Rabuka was in bed with one of his golfing girl friends, she had her back to him when she felt his small penis. She turned around and said, “no way pufta”

    Want to preach about good moral principles? We all know he screwed everything or anything that was willing to do him because of the illegal power he possessed at the time.

    That’s right Tui he should tell us exactly the people that asked to stage the 1987 coup. Starting with Ratu Mara. Daughter Koila might stop telling that we all should not break the law.

  24. Tiny Says:

    @ Ablaze, isa i heard most of them have dat problemo, so maybe dat is why the dakai, uniform and polished boots compensates for tiny p?

  25. Claude Says:

    LMAO…LMAO! G’dday y’all, am a newcomer to this fantastic site! Kudos to you SV and all the contributors!

    Rabuka is currently here in California, USA. A big birthday celebration is being held for him tomorrow, celebrating his 60th b/day. Invitations sent out indicated that guests not bring gifts as there will be a big money tree “erected”…lol!

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