Don’t gag your flock, church told by Tabakaucoro

Bloggers, this is from Finau Tabakaucoro. As we all know, Finau has nothing substantive to show for all the wasted opportunities given to her at the taxpayers expense. She does not realise how stupid she sounds when asserting the Methodist Church is breaching one important principle of democracy, which is hear both sides of a story before making an informed decision! We at SV say…..WTF!!!We want to ask Finau, did Vore adhere to this principle before carrying out his illegal coup? Did you Finau, ask the Fijians whether they supported the illegal junta or Charter before joining the NCBBF? The answer is a resounding NO!!! Finau maybe correct, that certain members of the Methodist Church leadership supported the previous coups with her included, but it is Rev. Tuikilakila who is speaking out on behalf of the Church as its General Secretary designate. Maybe he speaks with moral authority because he was not one of those in leadership who supported the coup like the former President, Rev, Josateki Koroi? SV agrees with Finau’s last comment that the Church should be consistent ‘in its espousal of democracy and the rule of law’, but we remind Finau AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!
Members of Fiji’s Methodist Church have been urged to make decisions on the draft People’s Charter independent of their leaders. National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) member Adi Finau Tabakaucoro said it is disappointing to see the Methodist Church Conference reject the draft Peoples Charter without hearing those promoting it.“The General Secretary of the Methodist Church, Reverand Tuikilakila Waqairatu did not follow an important principle of democracy, which is that the church members must have the opportunity to hear both sides of an issue before deciding to take positions,” she said.

Tabakaucoro said the NCBBF has found out that many people are amused by the new moralistic and legalistic tone of the Methodist Church leadership.  People will remember that the Methodist Church leadership had supported the illegalities associated with the coups of 1987 and 2000, and the abrogation of the Constitutions resulting from these coups, she said. 

“Many people are asking: why the difference of position this time?  The church should be consistent in its espousal of democracy and the rule of law.”



23 Responses to “Don’t gag your flock, church told by Tabakaucoro”

  1. Billy Says:

    Here we go again. Finau telling the church not to gag its members while one eye is blinded to the fact that the illegal military junta which gave birth to her illegtimate Charter is actually gagging the people from protesting freely against it. I suppose some people have to prostitute themselves to earn money! She was known as supporting the “cause” but not the means in 2000, what cause is she fighting for now?

  2. vunidawasai Says:

    Di Fi go find yourself a wee h—-ed stud.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Religion and Politics don’t mix , they are like oil and water . Both have their individual uses however and can be effective in their own right !
    The problem is , politicians and religious leaders alike , tend to push their own agendas on the day , for their own self interests . Few , are genuine in their endeavour .

  4. For Truth Says:

    SV while I am an avid reader of your posts, you should be sure of your facts. It sounds like you are saying Rev J Koroi is a supporter of the coups whereas I know he is most definately not.

    In fact he has been a constant thorn in the side of the coup makers and from what I read he is constantly harping on about it. Good on him. He is one of a very FEW that has been vocal right from day one (Rabuka’s).

    There should be more like him and it is good to see that the current crop of Methodist leaders are sounding more sure of their morality these days.

  5. TomasiB Says:

    Letter to the editor today….

    Methodist Coup

    The Methodist Church has very clearly demonstrated to the rest of the world what the interim government has been saying all along – Fiji is not and never has been a democracy.

    Australia and New Zealand should note that the Methodists Church has spoken for all of its 200,000-plus members and rejected the peoples charter. These members do not get a democratic say in the document. They have been told to reject it outright and support the church and in doing so lend support to the SDL Party.

    To put this into perspective you need only look back in history to understand the agenda of the Methodist Church in Fiji and the lack of a democratic government and fair elections.

    During the 2006 general election the Assembly of Christian Churches ran a newspaper advertisement advising all members to vote for the SDL party. The advertisement showed voters which box to tick. It said: “It is therefore the duty of all citizens of this nation to elect a god-fearing and proven prime minister”. And that Prime Minister was the staunch methodist supporter Qarase. Quotes were used from the bible stating that “diseases, death, droughts, famines, poverty and slavery” would befall those who did not support the SDL party.

    Is this what our foreign neighbors want for Fiji? Does Helen Clarke or Rudd understand that Fiji has never been a democracy? Do they support this type of voting, bullying members of the church to vote or they will be cursed and die a horrible death? This country should be appalled by the double standards the church preaches.

    Have we forgotten it was the Methodists who actively supported the 1987 coup in which Rabuka invited Reverend Raikivi to serve as one of his ministers? And let’s not forget that the Methodist minister Manasa Lasoro was instrumental in convincing Rabuka to impose a decree that prohibited working on Sundays.

    In the 2000 coup, Methodist church leader Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi said “while Speight’s terrorist activities could not be supported, the church supported the interim government because Speight’s objectives had been met”. However today the Methodist Church contradicts itself by saying “that the proposed People’s Charter will always be an evil document because it was born out of an illegal government’.

    One man one vote is obviously an alien concept for the Methodist church as they are dictating to their members what they will and will not accept. Democracy is long dead in Fiji. And for all other citizens of Fiji to understand this, the Methodist church is blackmailing its followers into holding this document ransom. It is management by fear on behalf of the leaders of the church. The real battle lies between the military and removing the SDL/Methodist power base that was leading this country to ruin.

    Every citizen needs to read and understand the Peoples Charter. The decisions we make today will ultimately effect our children and children’s children. We need to decide as individuals if we want the Charter or not.

    The church and the SDL party are one and the same. They do not want a democratically elected government. They do no want reforms and they most certainly do not want the one man one vote system because it will mean the end of their power base in Fiji.

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    What I can understand about Fi\’s outbursts and this letter writer\’s nonsense is that they both have NO IDEA what the meaning of ILLEGAL is.

    True, the Methodist Church then may have supported the first illegal coups BUT they (current Methodist leaders) have learnt frm those mistakes and are now seeing the negative repercussions of their previous leaders\’ faults and are now righting the wrong by NOT SUPPORTING this charter farter, come what may.

    This is the problem about these kinds of people, they keep telling us to move forward while they themselves keep looking backwards. At the end, they make us all look like Lots\’ wife….we have become salt statues, stuck in one posi. while withering away with the hostile economic, moral, psychological winds of this current time.

    And do these idiots give a hoot? NO, because they are living their dreams on the back of other hardworking people. But hey! whatever goes up must come down!

    Tick tock! Fi and whoever wrote this letter.

  7. Tim Says:

    I think what it demonstrates is that Fiji has had some skewed idea that democracy is like some sort of static blueprint that can simply be implemented and followed and that it doesn’t ever change according to circumstances (such as demographics). Fiji has had a democracy, albeit a fragile one which never gets the opportunity to evolve and become representative over time. Every time the process begins, along comes some pathetic idiot or band of idiots that think they know better – that is they are so opportunistic and arrogant that they know better than an electorate. Then, like the letter above, they pull out all sorts of justifications and examples from the past to justify their actions. Because something bad happened in the past, it apparently becomes a justification for present actions. Each time they think they know better, they set back the democratic evolutionary process a decade or more – let alone the economy and wellbeing of the country. Far better to let it evolve within the democratic framework overtime. Rather than pull out the excuses, such as the junta is doing, they should ask themselves where Fiji might be now had there not been a series of coups and all the turmoil that’s been created. One might also reflect on the latest coup and ask what it has achieved to take rather other than to destroy an economy at a time when there is a worldwide downturn (the worst possible time); provide an example to everyone that self-appointed leaders consider lawlessness and opportunism to be OK; they see human rights as an expendable luxury; and that double standards and usury are OK – despite some of them purporting to have left leaning ideas, they are nothing of the sort – they’re not only entrenching a coup culture but legitimising profound class distinctions. In this coup, if there isn’t evidence enough of the above, then there never will be – just look at the record of those involved so far:
    Frank Bainimarama – leader and respectful of what a Military should be?
    (for a select few maybe)
    Gates, Nazi, Bubba and others – respectful of law and order and its equitable application? (for a select few maybe)
    Shyster – champion of Human Rights? (for a select few maybe)
    Chodo – committed to labour rights and the principles of the labour movement? (for a select few maybe)
    Lets not start on some members of the church!

  8. Tim Says:

    @ Enuf – snap! I think we’re both making the same points “they keep telling us to move forward while they themselves keep looking backwards”. They also use that backward looking perspective to justify their actions. I can’t think of any other way to describe them other than pathetic. A fine legacy for them to be leaving their children (NOT). These are the very people that are responsible for democracy not working.

  9. Ablaze Says:

    That Finau makes me sick. How dare she speaks about any church. She should first get her life into order before telling others what not to do.

    Has she sorted all her children’s fathers? When she has done that, should she then go and pray for forgiveness.

  10. natewaprince Says:

    What that cock-eyed bitch needs is to be gagged with John Sami’s kulina in her mouth.
    Ma ena qai cawiri sara ga na matana ca ya.

  11. Billy Says:

    Ma, sa ‘atchi!

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    Well.. well.. look who’s back!

  13. Billy Says:

    Ei prince, can you ask your kai Jone D why he wanna sell the Fijians?

  14. Billy Says:

    Vosota Prince jus read your piece on JD on the other side, no violence pls, your cuz not worth it! As someone says above, he will “self destruct,” se uca?

  15. talanoa Says:

    Second that Ablaze. I just wonder who would be next in her agenda. Her cock eye must looking out for her next prey.

  16. Frida Says:

    It is amazing how people are only focusing on the one stand taken by the Methodist Church in 1987 at the first coup. Most Fijians at the time agreed with the reasons for the coup not realising that it was wrong/illegal. The coup of 2000 and 2006, the methodist church has learnt its mistake and was not involved but playing its role respectively. Are we going to keep reminindg them of a not so good decision taken about 20 years ago – I believe we should move forward and ensure that all Fijians, particularly, know that it is wrong to take something that does not belong to you or was not given to you.

  17. Keep The Faith Says:

    It’s a pity that Finau Tabakaucoro’s mandate to sit on the charter team is because she CLAIMS that her constituents are from the Soqosoqo Vakamarama. What really remains to be seen is whether every single fijian woman who is supposed to be part of this group concurs with the lady. So its apt that that aspect of democracy be thrown right back in her face.

    Furthermore its quite rich that she now points a finger at the methodist church’s stand when she was a beneficiary of the ’87 coup.

  18. Billy Says:

    And the original 2000 lineup, and then after she was sidelined by LQ she hasn’t recovered thus the personal vendetta against SDL. Cheap, very cheap, such people who think this nation owes them like some children of some Fijain chielfs of bygone era. Warai Buna e bunoci.

  19. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    I still remembered the day she was bashed by Talemo Ratakele’s wife because the mata doosh was being rooted by Ratakele. And Ratakele’s wife was a small lady (big). She should have bashed her other eye so that they both dooshed. Want to sound diplomatic, fucking bitch!!!!!!!!

  20. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Sick of all the bullshit.

    Finau Tabakaucoro should have spoken up when the Mara’s dragged the people of Lau into faking their support for the Bainimarama/FLP charter.

    Someone should tell her that in order to be taken seriously, she needs to be consistent.

  21. NaVoreEnaVoreGa Says:

    She seems to know all about gagging given her remarkable ability to suddenly pop up into these lucrative positions.Maybe she will be remembered as the “Lewenski of the Pacific” who forgot that bended knees should be reserved for church.

  22. Frida Says:

    Finau is claiming that she spoke to some people, I wonder who are they? I do not believe for a minute that she is refering to the members of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama.

  23. Cama Says:

    The Church has learnt from the past and that is why it is not supportin this charter and i believe that pro charter activist are just thinking about coup is Fiji’s only way of changing the constitution and not the legal way as what the good minded citizens are trying to tell them now that coup is not the way to change a legal Government.

    I believe Tomasi B is supporting the coup as the only way forward and let me remind Tomasi that the flocks have seen the light and they want to uphold the law full stop. You approve the charter, you are approving the coup culture no matter what your reasons are.

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