Electorol Reform

In 2006 the Bainimarama coup that crashed down on all our heads

was carried out in the name of a clean-up. But all the talk of good

governance didn’t last long. Frank couldn’t come up with any

evidence of corruption by Qarase during his five years as an elected

PM and evidence of the corruption of the illegal regime quickly


Apart from the appointment of a gang of cronies to top positions, after

incumbents were swept aside without the slightest concession to

proper process, hard evidence that Mahendra Chaudhry had lied to

Parliament and evaded tax was produced and published. Frank then

decided that it was time to award himself some back -pay, suitably

approved by Chaudhry whose sins he kindly buried.

So let’s make no more mention of cleaning-up Keep moving forward

and we find that the root of all evils is the electoral system. Our

tireless champion of relentless forward movement cannot rest until he

has delivered a new electoral system. Without this, people will be

focused only on race and religion and we’ll wind up electing

politicians instead saints and statesmen like the Evelis, who were

apparently defeated in 2006 by the electoral system, not the voters

who didn’t want to vote for them. 

But what electoral system does Frank want and why? That’s the

question we need to ask.

The Proportional Representation system proposed by the Charter is

not what Chaudhry or the FLP want. It will never deliver them office.

If PR had been used in 1999, instead of winning 37 seats, an

absolute majority, Chaudhry’s FLP would have won only 24.

With PR, Chaudhry’s nemesis the NFP would gain representation

and bargaining power in Parliament. That’s not something he wants.

He can’t work with power-sharing; it’s just not in his nature.

With the rising demographic tide of its supporter base, the SDL is

sure to do very well whatever the electoral system. In 2006 the

current electoral system gave them 36 seats, whereas PR would

have delivered 33 seats on the same share of votes.

The National Alliance Party of Fiji, the party of the Mara clan, would

have won two seats in a PR system, two more than they actually

won. Whether they could still do this after two years of occupying

ministerial positions illegally is another question. If they had any

normal contact with ordinary Fijians they would understand why they

were not elected. Their fathers were revered but they are despised.

Even in other communities they are viewed as opportunistic

freeloaders. Their names are pure poison. No electoral system will

make them palatable now.

So who really wants the Proportional Representation system that the

unwanted charter seeks to impose on everybody?

Ironically, we see supporters of Chaudhry calling for a new, fair

electoral system. They have swallowed the line that it was only the

electoral system has kept Chaudhry from being elected PM in 2001

or 2006, forgetting, or never having known, that it was the same

electoral system that delivered him government with only 30 percent

of the vote in 1999.

Just as ironic, are the loud clamors from the Fijian community to

maintain the constitution including the electoral system that delivered

government to the party favoured by an overwhelming majority of

their community in 2006. They seem to have forgotten their anger

with the electoral system in 1999.

So who really wants to change the electoral system and does anyone

understand the Proportional system advocated by the unwanted

charter? Is this reform really what is standing between us and

elections to return the rule of law? I find it hard to believe.



15 Responses to “Electorol Reform”

  1. Tuks Says:

    Nobody believes anything coming from the the current ig..Their lies has infiltrated the whole of Fiji and even ur own people from the interior like Namosi and Naitasiri are fully aware of the rot ..We wait and see..Its a waiting game [they hope] but the whole world knows that its just a time bomb waiting and ticking away til the right moment to explode..They can never run away from that and that is what we can all understand…

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Since Frank appears hell-bent on abrogating the constitution he needs to come out of the illusion that this will mean he has free reign in amending the electoral process. Plain common sense should tell him that any changes to an electoral process requires the active & full participation of the people of this land.

    By now Frank should have a fair idea (but then again when has he ever had a fair idea?) that because his charter is not gaining momentum, reforms to the electoral process and boundaries won’t either.

    Give it the fcuk up Frank – you & your WHOLE crew never did and never will have the support of the people.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Excellent summary of the situation.

    My concern would be with the preference system. Is this part of the new system or not. FLP and Indians generally, seem to block vote, whereas Fijian usually split the vote. It could be said that the old Alliance under Ratu Mara lost in 1977 because of the split with the Nationalist Party led by Sakiasi Butadroka.

    We also know that MC is very good at driving wedges ala divide and rule. Does he think that he can split the Fijian vote and come in with a win under the proposed proportional system? Can he?

    Also, you will notice that Chaudhry and Samy work in insidious steps. They never go straight to the point. So whereas the initial electoral proposal may still contain a preference system, once the Constitution is trashed by changing the electoral system outside the Constitution, it would be easy to slip in other changes and pretend they were there all along.

    This insidious process is obvious in the progression of this coup. It started out focused on racism and corruption, an obvious ploy to gain support of Indians on the one hand, and have-not Fijians inside and outside the army, on the other. When no progress was made on those fronts, along came John Samy with his cure-all Charter notion which Frank and Mahen quickly latched onto. It was adapted to the military by putting in wording such that the military would remain in control forever, using the excuse of security to jump in and overthrow an elected government any time they choose, thus legalizing the military coup. Of course once they legalize futurre military coups, it is a simple matter to argue that the 2006 coup was also “legal” and bingo, there you have immunity.

    But the persistent move to hijack the name “Fijian” is also an insidious trick. First of all, there is no need for it. The correct name for all Fiji Citizens is “Fiji Citizen”. Very simple, truthful, healthy, and offends no one. For some reason the formulators of the 97 Constitution wanted something else, however, probably an insidious step to an ultimate end, and managed to get the name “Fiji Islander” accepted, in spite of the insult to other genuine Pacific Islanders. Now the same people who were pushing for a common name and agreed to “Fiji Islander” want to trash their first step and hijack the name “Fijian” again. There is an obviousl reason for this. It is not so much that they want to be called “Fijian”, but the real reason is that they want to DENY the Fijians the word “Fijian” because it implies something special. Well of course being indigenous to a place, having it as one’s one and only ancestral homeland, does in fact make Fijians special to Fiji and that is also enshrined in the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights. Furthermore, this is the name bestowed by missionaries to the People and the Bauan language, and Queen Victoria also endorsed it.

    The other reason non-Fijians want the name Fijian is that then they would then have leverage for arguing that all of the same rights currently given to Fijians as the indigenous people, would then be open to them as well. This would include rights to call their own language of Hindi to be called “Fijian” and to have birthrights to Fijian land in Fiji.

    All of this would be accomplished leaving many Fijians as a landless, languageless, marginalized aboriginal race, once the sale of land, trickery and bribery takes advantage of the destruction of the Fijian reserved land system. Perhaps they would be left with their village common areas currently called “reserved” and this would be the same as the reserves for aborigenees in Australia. But productive land would not be safe, and sale and long term low interest leases would leave many Fijians destitute.

    In this respect we might also note that the charter wants to eliminate records specific to race in the government. PM Qarase correctly pointed out that this could include the VKB. Denials by Chaudhry and Samy mean nothing. The fact of the matter is that given the wording of the Charter, eliminating the VKB would be allowed and enforced by mercenary Frank. Of couse they would try to eliminate the VKB. There is no question about it. Without the VKB, where does that leave the NLTB and the rights to Fijian land? Exactly, it leaves Fijian land open to anyone who claims to be a “Fijian”. Checkmate. Just put it all together and you can see where these snakes are slithering.

    The snakes never go for the ultimate objective all at once. It is a matter of nibbling away at the enemy to weaken him and then step by step take over whatever it is that you want. The weakening of Fijian institutions such as the GCC, the Provincial Councils, the name Fijian, and the constitutionally protected presidency are all part of this. The strategy is to weaken or abolish the support structure of the enemy bit by bit, then pounce at the right time. This is what Chaudhry and Samy do and have always done, and now they have had the unwitting help of the idiot enforcer, Bainimarama who laps up this idea of anything special to Fijians including indigenous rights and affirmative action as being “racism”. In fact it is the move to eliminate Fijian social structure and identity which is racism against Fijians, and it is practiced by Samy and Chaudhry and of course aided and abetted by the clueless pompous and nouveau riche Bainimarama.

    So my concerns about the change in electoral system is where does it lead, not whether the change would yield the same or better result now in the form it is being presented now? The first issue is that a change outside the Constitution sets precedent for making changes to the electoral system outside the Constitution, and makes a mockery of the Constitution generally. The second is that by similarly eliminating the preference system at a later date (immediately after achieving the first goal) does this set the stage for a minority win in Parliament, which is really Chaudhy’s only hope now, given the demographics, and assuming he is not sent to prison for life for complicity treason, swearing an illegal oath, etc.

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    Navosavakadua and all of you posting on SV. When this is all over after Frank’s illegal regime destroy themselvs, I am hoping that the kind of reasoning and logic articulated in this thread will find its place on the national stage and be part of the re-development and healing for Fiji.

    If ever you decide to run for a seat, I want to be on your campaign team. Whoever you are – you’ve got my vote!

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Island Boy: I second you…

  6. H, D & Q Says:

    Thanks Nostradamus

    Needs very, very serious consideration.

  7. vatukaca Says:

    It is obvious the main reason for this coup was something more sinister than cleaning up campaign. It is almost 2yrs going and at least to my knowledge no one has been convicted but mostly retrials of old cases not to mention new cases (cooked up) that cause tax payers hundred of thousand dollars. Now they are turning to this charter to make their case using the most sensitive issue, race, to stir up groups and try to convince them their cause was a genuine one. “It doesn’t work try something else”.

    Well! you know what will happen if this drags on…it will soon come out of his own mounth he did it to escape jail time..

    No disrespect to the Mara family but….”ena qai kilai ga na vunikau ena ka e vua taka”.

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    Let us not forget the consultants report (commissioned by Chaudhry or Samy) which recommended the deregistration of Fijian reserve land. It is likely that they chose this consultant because they knew he would come up with this recommendation or perhaps the recommendation was actually required as TOR by the contract.

    The reaction against that consultants report was so strong that they retreated. But retreat for these guys only means that they will wait for another opportunity to push it again. If they succeed in trashing the sanctity of the Constitution with the Charter, then they will come back with this consultants report and try to get Frank to push it through. There will be nothing to stop them if precedent has been set for violating the constitution already. They will butter up Franks vanity and he will do what they want.

    Let us also remember the contrived fake investigation of Chaudhry’s finances, which was more than likely drafted in advance before the consultant arrived in Fiji. It is all a sham but it all fits into the bigger picture. It simply gives the military a public relations stunt to base their authoritarian action on.

    Let us also remember the fake investigation of “irregularities” in the 2006 election, which was nothing more than an opinion poll where they sought opinions from other BS artists they knew would give the “right answer”.

    They are doing the same with the Charter this week.

    These guys operate on the principle that if you pile the bullshyt high enough, some of it can be expected to float.

    I see that Chaudhry today is again trying to stir up the land issue to gain Indian support for the charter. The idea is to creat controversy, then seek some sort of compromise. Then start all over, create controversy, compromise. Keep doing it until the enemy is compromised to oblivion. The only way to fight it is never, ever compromise on the basics. In this case, better hang onto the Constitution for dear life. If they abrogate it, it takes the whole thing to a new level, but at least they did not succeed in getting their enemy to concede.

    I am glad that the Methodist church and most of the Provincial Councils have taken the position of no compromise and no discussion because the whole thing is illegal, the people who are promoting it are illegal, and it violates the Constitution. That is what is good about a Consitution. You never compromise. It is permanent and stable unless you have the votes (2/3 majority) to change it. No amount of BS will suffice to thwart this basic process as Chaudhry, the Charter and the military are trying to do. Chaudhry and his fake lawyers Shyster and Aiyarse think they can talk their way and twist the law around anything at all. All they need is an excuse and hope that it never gets tested in court, or that they can manipulate the court by that time too.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This illegal mob of loonies never cease to amaze me with the stupidity of their actions and statements.

    On Thursday, the loser who is Fiji’s ACTING high commissioner to Australia, comes out and blatantly attacks the Australian, NZ and PNG governments with regards to chickenman’s non show at the Pacific Forum.

    What was the purpose of this futile exercise? ; to try to get Australia to expel him thus causing a diplomatic row with Fiji thus taking media reports away from the sham of consultations on the military charter.

    Unfortunately for Fiji, proper diplomats laughed off his pathetic utterances and left him sitting in isolation in his support of a failed junta.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Clearly,Frank and his cronies will use any excuse to circumvent the Constitution and the Rule of Law . And why,because he knows he will go to jail for treason and or his involvement in the murder of the CRW soldiers in the 2000 coup .

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    On another point , I just want to give my condolences to those who lost loved ones in that tragic bus fire . I hope those responsible for it , are brought to justice before the Courts so that this sort of thing never happens again . Perhaps from this tragedy , only good will come as the Lord acts in mysterious ways indeed .I also hope that ongoing counselling is given to the grieving men , women and especially the children . As a Nurse and ex Ambulance Officer , I know only too well the lingering effect something like this can have on the mind .

  12. Vanga Says:

    Excellent comments Nostradamus. Your comments on where the electoral reforms will lead to, you are assumming ofcourse that they will be objective and fair in their work on the reforms. However, we have to remember, that the coup was carried out for various reasons, some of which you have mentioned. Others had theirs which have been discussed in these fora before. Bearing these in mind, whatever change that will take place in the reforms will have to ensure that these people are still ni control so that their objectives in orchestrating the take over are met. So i beleive this will be an overiding consideration that will determine what will be done in the reform. Which means that, they will use it as an opportunity to get away from the current system, and will put in criteria that will ensure that the opposition will not be able to fullfill it in the name of fair game, democracy and such crap. Qualifications for candidates for eg may include bank balance of an astronomical sum, system of beliefs, party ideology, and many others that will ensure that what they wanted. and what they wanted will of course include the points you’ve mentioned. But I totally concur with what you have said up to this phase of the coup.

  13. natewaprince Says:

    John Sami and Francis Narayan,

    Two faggots well known for their lying,

    The formers a farce,

    The latters an arse,

    And their butts should be whacked till they’tr cryin’.

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Hi NP been a while man. Welcome back. Yeah this rigmarole is still going on with all these wankers not relenting even though their game is lost. Arse saving exercise is more like what they are doing right now.

    They doing their damnest best to try and push the illegal charter through by hook or by crook since it is their means of escape and survival.

    Now we have pathetic apologists trying to push the charter thru using varying tactics and the media. Many are calling on allowing people to make up their own minds on whether or not to accept the charter. Many people are not really versed with the contents of the charter as they may be not be good readers or do not wish or have time to read it. So these people going out on behalf of the ig explaining charter could easily lie and get the people to believe them like what they have been try to do to us. The main roadblock of the charter even if it has any good points in it is illegal as it was contrived by criminal coupsters and attempts to undermine the constitution. So that in itself is more than enough to reject the charter farter outrightly straight faced. Never mind all the many negative points in it which is only secondary to the illegal issue. Anyway what do you expect of law breakers. They’ll keep breaking the law till they achieve their goal.

  15. Striker Says:

    Lest we forget; John Samy had used his positon as Director of Economic Planning for political purposes. He had worked with Mahen the thief Chodo towards undermining Ratu Mara’s Alliance and eliminating prominent Fijians in the civil service. He got caught so he ran away to NZ. The 2006 coup and the charter is merely an attempt to complete Mahen the thief chodo and John Samy’s anti-Fijian work in progress since the 1980s. Only this time, he has Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau, the military, Archbishop Mataca, Loraine Tevi and the Police and others helping them.

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