What the f*%^k is the grass smoking Shyster on about???

Update: 3:11PM The Fiji Human Rights Commission is concerned with latest calling of the Methodist Church Conference proposing to focus on evangelising the non-Christian population in Fiji.The Commission cautioned the Conference, saying the freedom of religion has absolute protection in Fiji under the rule of law.

Commission chairperson, Dr Shaista Shameem said her office was taken aback by media reports that the General Secretary of the Methodist Church, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, has directed the evangelical department of the Church to specifically target the Indian population.

She said any such targeting of a minority group for particular attention for evangelising or conversion by the Methodist Church would violate the fundamental human rights principle of freedom of religion enshrined in the 1997 Constitution of Fiji.

“It would also breach essential principles of the rule of law and international human rights,” she said.

“Most significantly, it would run contrary to the Methodist Churchs own avowed commitment, given publicly at its annual conference, to promote human rights, the 1997 Constitution and the rule of law.”

Dr Shameem said the Commission would like to inform the public that human rights laws that protect freedom of religion in Fiji are as follows: “1997 Constitution, Section 35 of the 1997 Constitution which states that: ‘Every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion and belief’.

She said anyone trying to impose restrictions on freedom of religion in Fiji would be committing an offence under the 1997 Constitution and violating international rule of law principles.

“Complaints can be lodged with the Commission or directly with the courts.”

(fijitimes online)

Damn this woman is so annoying and irritating. Why does the Fiji Times have to waste space quoting this stupid woman. Yes that is what she is, dumb and stupid. Why she is annoying? Because while she is dumb and stupid like Frank Bainimagatinana, both of them are parasites that just won’t go away but live off my sweat and yours as well(the poor down trodden taxpayer)

Coming up with this stupid remarks, it rips my guts out that at the same time she has a full time driver, a car and an office overlooking the sea while sitting on a permanent secretary package!!!

Okay, back to the subject, the key word here is “evangalising”. According to a dictionary that I have just consulted, it means “to preach the gospel to and convert“.

The Methodists are nothing like the Muslims of 14th century India like when the Mogul Emperors came down from the North, invaded and conquered Shaista Shameem’s ancestorial homeland and gave her great great great whatever grandparents the choice of the Koran/Islam or the sword (churee maro). Trash hindu temples and build mosques over them.

I am strongly opinionated (how grammatically wrong that expression maybe, I don’t really care) that if Shyster’s big black dogs that she lives with at Suva Point read this Fiji Times news piece, they would probably understand better what Tuikilakila meant, and it was certainly not that the Methodist’s will be trying to intimidate or force non-christians to convert to christianity.

“It is better to be dumb and remain quiet rather than opens one’s mouth to prove beyond all doubt one’s stupidity”

I rest my case!!

30 Responses to “What the f*%^k is the grass smoking Shyster on about???”

  1. George of Sydney Says:

    I dont waste my time on this fat arse too smart bitch who is currently a disgrace to the Legal profession for supporting am illegal government. All legal eagle should learn from the professional and ethical approach and stand of the honourable Vice President, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

  2. Tim Says:

    Shaista you stupid bitch! The junta tried “evangelsing” their agenda right from the start – yourself included, till they realised it all went wobbly. The Methodist Church is not trying to CONVERT anyone, and that comes from someone who regards himself as agnostic – just not as heathen as you. Have another toke and calm down!

  3. FijiGirl Says:

    Sh*tster reminds me of someone who pretends to be an expert on Shakespeare, but in fact all she has read is Shakespeare’s reviews and she has not actually read any of the immortal bard’s works, plays, poems or sonnets.

    It honestly sounds like her information on Human Rights is second hand ie given to her from Chodo, rather than being anything worthy of a real, live Human Rights Commisioner.

    When she speaks, do you notice Chodo’s lips moving with the words? How far is his hand stuck up h … oh, never mind.

    God bless Fiji

  4. Wailei! Says:

    lol@FijG. The wanna be expert! Interesting how she all of a sudden upholds the 1997 Constitution when it suits her. I hope the new government should sack her saggy m(*&..

  5. Billy Says:

    Shitser knows nothing about human rights. She is the most vile, abusive, spiteful, vindicative, calculating bitch who gives human rights the foulest stink. Her character is the opposite of all that human rights is all about – respect, tolerance, humility, inclusive, etc. She is much better ignored as a loud sounding piece of shit.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    This windbag is very selective on which Laws she upholds , isn’t she ?

  7. penshu Says:

    And which wind she is farting and for whose pleasant smell – that woman, what is he called Bhaini or Marama

  8. Linus Says:

    Extremely well put. Thank you.

  9. EnufDictatorship Says:

    OMG!!! SV I was sooooo with you this morning reading this piece of shite from a mother-fricken-of-full-shite-dushbag!!!! Oilei!!! she doesn\’t even count to be part of my gender..the blerry ugly-bugger..oilei lawd da mai ruru ca.

    EUuu dua mada vua na dakai DAH!!!!!!

    Otherwise just wait patiently for the new gov to kick in and let\’s haul her saggy butt to Naboro and let her share her cell with Chodo and Vore..kere2! pliz let it be Lord!

  10. Say True! Says:

    It is the duty of every Christian (or any other religion for that matter) to share the faith. It is the choice of the recipient of the message to make an informed decision. What abuse of human rights is there to this? Selective hearing and interpretation emanating yet again from Shameem. You’ve lost the plot lady, or moreso trying to justify yours and the IGs. I still can’t believe how all these bunch of idiots have stuffed the country up so badly, almost to the point of no return. You’ll all pay you bunch of morons.

  11. Nostradamus Says:

    She wants banana Frank to charge the Methodists with incitement and arrest and thrash them for speaking out against the Samy manifesto destiny babble.

  12. Say True! Says:

    That’s what happens when you eat the forbidden bannana and smoke the leaves.

  13. EnufDictatorship Says:

    The saggy-dushbag is at it again….full of shite, it stinks to the lowest pits.

    She doesn\’t seem to know whether she is coming or going. She seems to be what is termed \”overlearned\” that she has lost the plot of the SIMPLE comprehensible parts of what she is meant to be an \”expert\” in.

    GO figure!

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh yes Shaista.. You are one I would love to see get converted. Come to where there is Light ; where there is Peace ; where you can differentiate right from wrong ! Hell , you wont need Shakespeare or Gooogles anymore!

  15. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Let her prosecute, I say!

    It is an honor for Christians to suffer persecution for sharing Christ.

    I’m sure there are a whole raft of church men and women who would jump at the chance of going to jail for doing what Jesus commanded!

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    The insanity of this sag bag has no bounds. Her constant insane comments seems to have no end. The more she speaks the more she drives us crazy. I just want to ask the press to stop quoting her as this is probably giving the impetus to continue doing so. We all know what she really is – just an overdosed whiffer suffering the side effects of grass or whatever else she is indulging in.

  17. IslandBoy Says:

    So will all missionaries in Fiji and all missionary initiatives be prosecuted?

    All the little American elders of the LDS chuch in white shirts walking around the country, all of the mission schools and indeed the archbishop’s pastoral letters to the flock are anti-constitutional evangelical instruments.
    Arrest the whole damn lot.

    Good luck Shaista – you have lost the plot.

    This nut job would have been perfect as a Roman Governor at the time of our Lord Jesus Christ. She would have laid charges against Jesus. Could that be a clue on how far gone she is?

    I feel very sorry for her when Tim reads this thread!

  18. Striker Says:

    This sag bag’s stony silence over the use of Police and military to intimidate the people in signing up for the charter speaks volumes of her complete lack of ethics and neutrality. And her reaction against the principled stand of the Church is despicable; it shows how the morally bankrupt have become ingrained leaders of our society through Bainimarama’s stupidity.

  19. IslandBoy Says:

    Along the same lines, Leweni also wants the Gone Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, the Gone Turaga Tui Cakau and Ratu Epenisa investigated for presenting a kamanuga to the Bose Ko viti.

    This is very sad indeed for all Fijians and those of other communities who appreciate our culture and way of life and value the calm and dignified way the three high chiefs expressed their opinions regarding the church and her position on our current situation.

  20. waisou Says:

    Oilei Viti!

    Are we forcing our faith on anyone! We are SHARING our belief in this great GOD together with all His goodness and it is the listener that decides! That is what we call freedom of expression, I believe!

    We need to utter a prayer for her and her soul! Isa if yous only know how Mohammed shoved his so-called religion to his neighbors…via force and violence!!!

    It is better to be quiet then speak out and be found/confirmed a fool!

    God bless FIJI

  21. newsfiji Says:

    Shaista: m*sika, mqq…chiu..chiu…ulupepa…bavulu…ma$#@tinamu sara..

    Eu, vakacaca lotu ga na yalewa blerry kanakana karasi wavoki qori..

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    She probably wants to push her Taliban terrorist religion with hate and kill philosophies the bloody ugly sow.

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha – that is such a laugh newsfiji! Katuva na dredre!

    Man how this toa sawelu expresses her opinions is a real indication of how freakin’ dumb she is – please where is the LOGIC in that piece of shit she has just spewed – like her referrence to TOBY when she was cross examined in court. Way up there in the stratosphere and in constant stupor is the illegitimate chairperson of FHRC – forever floating in a haze of that strong ganga from……that person that sells her this stuff should mix some denitoa with her stash or maybe they have because it’s clear as Naboro is on the way to Deuba that there’s some serious foolishness going on in that fake blonde head.

  24. Peace Pipe Says:

    If RFN is anything to go by it sure is spilling out some feel good news. News about Frank’s opposition in the camp is nice and so is the news of the court decision going Qarase’s way. Thank you RFN for these info as they do keep us in good spirit and in high hope for early resolution to the nation’s problems which is deep rooted in Franks egotistical character.

  25. ispy Says:

    I hear that Shaister is screwing her sister’s husband. The good judge doesn’t know about it yet but probably doesn’t care anyway coz she’s got her legal eagle eyes fixed on Bainimarama’s soresore.

  26. Cama Says:

    Where was she when the first missionary Brought The almighty to this shores and evengelise our decendants and wipe away cannibalism and this same God brings civilization before this constitution.

    we are not forcing anyone here but we give them the choice. If they convert, good for them and if they dont, we will keep on evangelising untill the Lord Jesus returns. It ia against the constitution to force anything to the citizen as what you Illegal IG are doing on the charter awareness and you are breaking the law.

    When people die in the hands of the Millitary, you remain quite and justify the action of the millitary murderers in your bias report on HR in FIJI but when the Methodist try to evengelise the people, you are saying, that it is violating the human right.

    Let me tell you, is the awareness campaign by your Illegal Regime on the charter is legal as you are forcing it down our throat?

    Your true colours

  27. waisou Says:

    Again, what the Methodists are trying to do is simply to let them enjoy the goodness of God and not keeping that to themsleves…of all faiths…Christianity stands out because we are the ones that are nurtured to forgive and this is what separates us from the rest of the religions…forgive no matter the cost and the pain…what a virtue!
    Again she should talk to the Islamic countries where expatriates are forced into obeying their islamic laws and teachings…is that not abuse of human rights!!!
    She is treading in areas she best should not venture into!!! Why the Hindus and Muslims turning to Christ!!! Get them to tell her! She will be amazed!!!

  28. Striker Says:

    @Waisou: Perhaps she should be better off fighting for human rights and religious freedom in India where extremists have recently torched a Christian orphanage killing the priest and seriously burning a nun. This windbag would be farting up the wrong street if she believes that can be compared to Fiji Methodist evangelism!

  29. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Could this statement be linked to the recent huge seizure of a certain
    crop in Colo? Psychosis induced by deprivation of THC?

    Honestly, at the risk of demeaning ourselves by even commenting on her stupidity, we have to say this: evangelizing means “bringing news”. It’s about speech, free speech, a human right she is supposed to protect.

    By the way, the implication of evangelizing the non-Christian population is simply that the church should not put its resources into ‘stealing’ people from other Christian denominations. (That’s what the other churches do, heh, heh, the Methodist majority wants to discourage that!).

    Finally, did the Methodist Church actually want to target the Indian population as Shaista asserts? I thought the target was non-Christians. There are many Christian Indians, including Methodists. Wasn’t St Thomas the Apostle first to evangelize in India back in 52 AD? Why would the Methodist Church seek to evangelize Christian Indians?

    If we took anything Shaista said seriously we would say that her comments are ignorant, prejudiced and abhorrent. As we don’t take anything she says seriously, we just mention that we are rolling on the floor with laughter.

  30. Keep The Faith Says:

    The Shyster goes from the sublime to the ridiculous and then back again.

    This VERY old female dog needs to be jolted back to reality cus she’s been toking waaaaaaaay too much. Either that or she’s on a really wrong trip.

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