Press Release from Methodist Church regarding the Charter

SV just received this press release from a regular blogger:

Methodist Church in Fiji & Rotuma

P.O.Box 357, Suva.

Tel. 3311477, Fax 3303771

August 26, 2008


The Methodist Church Conference has decided to reject the draft People’s charter on the ground that it cannot support a process and outcome that is not based on the rule of law, has no basis in the Constitution and where the enacting authority has no mandate from the people.

The Conference has decided instead to urge the interim government to honor the promise by interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to hold a general election by March 2009.

“The Conference is very concerned of so much suffering and poverty and the Nation and people must not be subjected to any further hardships which could result from further sanctions by our neighbors and the international community” says the General Secretary Elect Rev Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

In its submission to the interim Prime Minister in June 2007, the Methodist Church had asked that the interim government put a stop to its intention to enact a charter.

Rev Waqairatu says “In their annual meetings last May, fifty of the fifty divisions of the Church Fiji-wide have indicated they do not support the charter. The Church’s decision to reject the charter proposal is based on such mandate.


“While the charter proposes some noble principles, the Conference is of the view that the interim government and the National Council for Building a Better Fiji do not have any moral or legal authority to impose it on the people.”

“The draft charter proposes to develop a moral vision for the common good. However, there are numerous historical examples of the failure of moral declarations to create a good society. The inquisition, the repressive laws of fundamentalist states and coups that persecute and terrorize the community in our times are part of historical evidence which confirm the inability of human law to enforce morality in any society. True justice and morality cannot be created by legislation and coercion. It can come only as the fruit of free moral choice. Declarations in the charter and laws that are written in statute books but not in the hearts of people are not worth the paper they are written on.”

“The Conference holds that it is in all our interest to support the rule of law; any attempt to impose and legitimize the charter outside the Constitution and by an authority which does not have the people’s mandate is morally unacceptable. It defies God’s authority because it lacks any legal basis; and it limits the free choice of the people to act according to their conscience”

With respect to proposals in the charter to de-racialise politics by removing communal seats, Rev Waqairatu says: “We believe that the most powerful influence that drive communal politics is not race, but the perception of racial economic inequality. So de-racialising politics in Fiji cannot be successful without first de-racialising the perception of economic inequality between our racial groups. Therefore, any insensitive reforms to merely decentralize political communal representation will not lead to unity, but could instead be a cause of future contention.”


Rev Waqairau added: “The Conference holds that in our multiracial, multicultural Nation, it would be to our own detriment if race based, constitutionally allowed affirmative action and communal-based electoral systems were dismantled contrary to the expressed will of the majority and contrary to the rule of law and the Constitution.”


Concerning the proposal for interfaith services and dialogue,  Rev Waqairatu states:  “The Conference affirms the pivotal Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and salvation. So while the Methodist Church supports peaceful dialogue and a harmonious community, it cannot support a document which, for the sake of political correctness, sacrifices the very essence of the Christian faith.


On the proposal for a common name for all the people, Rev Waqairatu says that the Conference was of the view that the term ‘Fijian’ quite clearly refers to indigenous people of Fiji as stipulated in our Constitution. “The term ‘Fijian’ refers to the legal ownership of land and other assets. It would be more responsible if the NCBBF had instead recommended for more frank and good faith negotiation with the Fijian community on the matter of a common name.”




(Rev Tuikilakila Waqairatu)

General Secretary Elect

Methodist Church in Fiji & Rotuma.


41 Responses to “Press Release from Methodist Church regarding the Charter”

  1. Cama Says:

    That was a good illustration of the draft charter and may God Bless the Methodist Church. This Submission on the charter should be circulated in the major language of this country (Fijian, and Hindustani)

    Well done Methodist Church, we should uphold the rule of law no matter what.

  2. Ratu emosi Says:

    Wanananananananavvvuuuuu ! court case very soon

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Go Fiji Go !
    But where to now ?

  4. newsfiji Says:

    MM: Answer to your question: We continue to push for early elections and let the elected members of parliament decide whether to adopt the charter or throw it out the window.

    As for the Methodist Church’s stand on the charter – a big Vinaka Vakalevu. You have shown true christianity in this time of great testing both for the fijian people as a whole and the rest of our communities.

    We urge you to continue to fight against tyranny, dictatorial type leadership by Bainimarama and pure illegality of this regime.

    I believe Christianity is about standing up for the truth and speaking out against anything that is ungodly (the illegal regime who are in power by overthrowing an elected government).

    Vinaka again.

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Trying to stay positive about a document as poorly written and constructed as the Draft Charter is really tough.

    The document in its current form could not possibly do what the I.G. appear to want it to do.

    But let us say that it might.

    Surely a simple agree or reject the Charter is a silly way to present it.

    There are so many ideas and thoughts in it that they each need to be properly researched and discussed at many levels before consensus on even one of the dot points could be reached.

    Assuming of course that Frank really even cares about this, it would seem better to return the Country to elected Government ASAP and if necessary on the provision that the Charter issues are studied and debated in depth before any one of its thoughts are put into action.

    Let face it, as Documents go, its a REAL LEMON….

  6. Nostradamus Says:

    Good to see the Church and the Vanua joining hands to provide a united focal point for the preservation of Fijian culture, governance, and religion. Will Frank try to suspend the Church as he has suspended the GCC? Perhaps he should go straight to the top and try to suspend God, who he seems to be trying to compete with.

    Fiji chiefs seek church support

    The heads of Fiji’s three confederacies have aired their concerns on the plight of indigenous Fijians while calling on the country’s largest Christian church to unite with the vanua.

    The chiefs, Ratu Epenisa Cakobau, Ro Teimumu Kepa and Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, made their presentation at the Centenary Church in Suva in the presence of more than 700 clergymen from around the country, who were attending the week-long annual Methodist Church conference.

    The chiefs head the Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata confederacies respectively, the three political divisions of traditional Fijian bureaucracy.

    Ratu Naiqama presented a ‘tabua’ (whale’s tooth) to the outgoing Methodist Church President Reverend Laisiasa Ratabacaca while offering the chiefs’ support of the stand taken by the church earlier in the day to reject the draft People’s Charter, which proposes among other things a common name for all Fiji citizens.

    “Sega ni rawa ni ‘ada duadua na vanua…e sega ni rawa ni ‘ada duadua na lotu. E rawa ga ni da cakacaka vata, veilomani (the vanua and the church can not work alone, they have to work together),” he said.

    “E sega ni gauna rawarawa oqo. E dodonu me da veilomani. (This is not an easy time. We should unite and love one another).”

    Ratu Naiqama said the chiefs of Fiji have been denied a voice with the suspension of the Great Council of Chiefs by the interim Government last year.

    Then he called on the support of the church on safeguarding the interests of indigenous Fijians, reiterating the chiefs’ strong rejection of the proposed People’s Charter, which he says has been imposed on the people.

    “E sega ni vakatarai me rogoci na domoi keimami. E da sa kalawaci.

    “Na kamunaga sa i tatau ni veigauna sa tu mai liu.

    “Me lomani na vanua ko Viti – na vanua ko Kubuna, Burebasaga kei Tovata.

    “Keimami sa sega sega sara ni duavata, au kuria….sega sega sara ni duavata kei na vakanananu e suguraki mai oqo.”

    Reverend Ratabacaca accepted the ‘tabua’ on behalf of the Church, saying it was easy to accept when the Tui Cakau (king of the reefs) went down on his knees to present it in the house of God.

    Patiliai Leqa, who acted as Rev Ratabacaca’s herald, said: “This is perhaps the first time for the three high chiefs of the three vanua to come down to us, your people. May you all be blessed”.

    “Our journey is now complete. May God’s will prevail on our land and may he be our Lord always…,” he said in the Fijian language as other men of the cloth sat in complete silence.

    Church general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, who yesterday labelled the Charter a “dangerous” document, escorted the chiefs out and later told reporters that the church stood as one with the vanua.

    “The GCC is suspended. The only voice in society now to raise issues of the Fijian people is the Church,” he said.

  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Wou!!! that is chilling indeed!!!

    Ae, just reading this recount of the presentation of the tabua by Rt. Naiqama I can feel shivers down my spine!! yikes!!!

    God gave us our Vanua and our chiefs and to see it trampled upon like it has been, true Fijians who really have the spirit and welfare of our beloved country at heart feel really sad and disheartened by what has transpired so far.

    But we are rest assured that peaceful ways of reconciling the good and getting rid of the nasty ones, is a slow but sure process. And for that we must rejoice and give thanks to the One that provides…se vacava?

    Man, if Vore doesn\’t quiver or pee his pants reading the above recount, he must really belong in planet UrANUS!!!!

    God bless our anointed chiefs, our homeland and our fellow law-abiding citizens.

    Praise the Lord!!!

  8. Kubuna Says:

    Qai macala mada na kawa ni dau siwa salala qori mai Kiuva.

  9. Babasiga Kid Says:

    The Church is visible.

    Their were those that thought they they were invincible ,until proven wrong.

    Their are those that feel that they are invincible,and they will be proved wrong.

    Change for the better must start with individuals ,for change to endure.

    Leaders,the architects of Fiji’s prosperous future ,must of necessity be of sound mind and character,faithful,dilligent,sober,inspirational and a good listener .

    The church ;with its Gifts; is positioned at the abutment of time to be forthright in the declaration of good governance by the right/caring people .

  10. ispy Says:

    The suprise visit to the Methodist Chirch Conference yesterday by the three paramount Chiefs (two of whom are Catholics) in a show of support for the position it has taken against the Charter is an timely political move to remind the people, the military, the NCBBF, the interim government and the Archbishop himself and that not all Catholics support the Charter or worse that most oppose it.

    At a time when the NCBBF is trying to hoodwink the people of Fiji and the international community that support for the Charter is gaining momentum, the high profile move by the (Catholic) High Chiefs is a unexpected kick in the groin for Bainimarama…

    May his groin never heal…

  11. vatukaca Says:

    You go ‘Gone Turaga Na Tui Nasau’. Teach em some principles. How many times we telll our children to be a law abiding citizen? am sure more times than anything else. A document that was prepared with barrel of guns, coherse to the people to accept it? Drau ma qai sara ga ki Kiuva me qai laki vakadonui mai kina.

    Sometimes we must never let go especially when the TRUTH is obvious. Blog tiko ragone. Bless you all..

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    The way the pig is adamant on having the charter farter at all cost with complete disregard to the concerns of all and forcing it down our throats only reaffirms our view that the charter is not a mere waste of paper, time and words but a means to an end. Even though it is rejected by the majority of people and is an illegal set of policies (more of wishful thinking than anything else) which runs outside the realm of law and constitution it is still being pushed for acceptance blatantly using government resources.

    Even after many months of pleading and advocating the charter by the ig all who had initially made their views known then have stood fast on their ground in regards to the illegal charter. The Methodists made a principled stand on the matter and should send the ig a strong message of the hopelessness of pursuing the charter any further.

    Going back to why it is being flogged so desperately by the ig desperados. We can see that it is only supported by the army and FLP and oh I almost forgot the insignificant NAPpy. If you look into it deeply there is no reason why on earth it should be implemented illegally now out of parliament. So whatever is ingrained in the charter is only good for those who support it. The only thing I see as being the main force behind the charter is that it is their lifeline in their attempt to escape the hands of justice that will come down on them when they leave government. They are now seeing that their cause is faltering and will have to face the music. Face the music they will and no charter can save them.

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    The NCBBF’s Independent Monitoring Group (IMG) reported they had intuitive feelings about the charter not being accepted by the grassroots Fijian community.

    They also expresed other reservations which the TASS Secretariat tried to sweep under the carpet.


    If the three High Chiefs representing the three traditional confedaracies and the Methodist church express on national television by the presentation of a kamunaga that they oppose the charter and it is a beast from which Fijian must take cover, then you can take it as hard confirmation. It need no longer be an “intuitive feeling.”


    It’s not just the grassroots Fijian community! It’s about 95% of our entire population with the exception of the gravy train riders and the deranged.


    If you are going to go to the extent of printing up (at great cost) the response forms for the Charter, why not just go one step further and put it to a national referendum. Go ahead I dare you.


    For goodness sake please stop saying the Charter is on behalf of our people! If you haven’t realised by now, we don’t want the Charter and we don’t want any of you.


    You and your representatives should have been at the Centenary Chucrh while the three Paramount Chiefs were making their presentation and told them to their face to shut up and go drink homebrew under the mango tree. Segai mada ni macaka o cei na qai lai drata vaka dua ena ruku ni vunikau – Ulukau!

    Words spoken in haste, without kindness, wisdom and due consideration always come back to take a huge bite of your butt!

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    Apologies – the above should read, “Segai mada ni macala…”

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A good gauge of the lack of support for the military charter was the meeting held yesterday by 400 villages.

    They had only one day to read and understand a thick booklet before the meeting. Seeing as most of them probably spent all day working, it only left one night to read it as the villages do not have electricity.

    Then a military charter official castigates them for complaining that they didn’t have time to read it.

    Bottom line is that the military don’t want villages to read the bit about entrenching the military in power for ever.

    It was of interest to read that the villages didn’t really want to talk about the military charter BUT about the lack of water, lack of electricity, lack of health services, etc; all NOT provided by the globe trotting illegals.

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    Digression here again – sorry. The Fiji Sun Whispers column states the Charter launch was blessed by the Chief of the failing airline, supposedly this guy is also a Pastor.

    Q1: Would that be Sialeni Vuataki of Air Fiji?

    If we can get a confirmation from someone who was there, I vote we add him to the list of shameful individuals.

    This is a bit odd because he was supposed to have coordinated Qarase’s escape flight when the goons were hunting LQ after the takeover.

    Q2: What is the name of the church he represents?

  17. newsfiji Says:

    EnufDictatorship: me too…actually i had tears in my eyes when i read that article…and it’s good they printed what he said in the fijian language…e bibi dina kina..and to come from a high chief like the Tui Cakau (a chief that has been traditionally installed) is really moving…

    Kubuna: baci lasa vei au na nomu yatu vosa..wahha…ha..that was really funny…

    Island Boy: that really is news if that is Sialeni Vuetaki… Q2: Name of the church he represents is Church of God…Sialeni split from Calvary Temple after a disagreement…something i believe is not christianlike nor noble…

  18. Tim Says:


    The wife of forty-four year old Nimilote Verebasaga says it’s been TWELVE months since her husband died and she’s still WAITING FOR ANSWERS.

    Asinate Verebasaga says her husband was picked up by a truck load of soldiers in full military gear on January the sixth and that the next time she saw him was at a Suva mortuary. She says he had broken ribs and his neck was obviously broken. (Listen) Where are the answers ? What happened to Nimilote’s human rights ? What happened to transparency ? Why is the army covering up ? THE NATION AWAITS ANSWERS AND THE WORLD CONTINUES TO WATCH

  19. blah Says:

    someone emailed me this bit, its in fijian hope fijan readers could translate please

    > RAIRAI SA YACO SARA TIKO BEKA GA OQO (Laurai e nai ka 14 Feb 08)*
    > Nai Talatala Setareki MATAVUCU
    > *Ph: 3623198 Mob: 9431096*
    > Ena noqu raivotu, au vakila ni’u sa vuka tu e maliwa lala ka qai
    > rogo
    > mai vei au e dua na domo ka kaya mai vei au me’u rai
    > sobu mada mai ki
    > vuravura. E mani tarogi au mai na domo vata ga au rogoca se cava au
    > raica.
    > Au mani sauma lesu na taro ka’u kaya ni’u
    > sa raica tu nai tikotiko liu ni noda Mataivalu ni Viti.
    > Vakasauri au sa
    > raica ni sa lutu sobu
    > edua na taunamu ni Viti roka masi kuvui e biri tu me vaka ga na
    > taunamu ni moce ka tauvulona vakadua na i tikotiko liu ni mataivalu ka
    > sega ni qai laurai rawa.
    > Oti vakalailai au sa vakila ni’u sa tau tale tu ki vuravura ka’u
    > rogoca tale ni sa kaya tale mai vei au na domo vata ga ka vosa tiko
    > me’u curu kina matamata. Au sauma lesu na vosa ka’u kaya ni’u sega
    > mada ga ni raica rawa edua na mata ni katuba. Ni cava noqu vosa sa
    > tadola vakasauri edua na katuba, io na matamata levu ga kina i
    > tikotiko liu ni noda mataivalu. Sa tukuni sara vei au me’u curu ki
    > loma, ia ni’u curu yani e tukuni vei au me’u curu tale kina dua na
    > vale ni volavola ena yasa i matau ka veibasai kei na vale ni yadra ena
    > i mawi. E mani tarogi mai vei au ena gauna au sa curu kina ki loma
    > se’u kila na turaga ka dabe toka mai loma. Au sauma ka’u kaya ni’u
    > kila vinaka, ni o koya ko Voreqe Bainimarama nai liuliu ni mataivalu
    > ia e sa sega ga ni daramaka tu na nonai sulu me vaka eda dau kila. Oqo
    > e sa daramaka tu ga o koya nai sulu ni dua ga na dausoko se *”Able
    > Seaman”* ena kena vosa vaka-Peritania
    > E mani kainaki tale vei au me’u curu mai ki tuba ka me’u sa na gole
    > sara kina vale ni volavola ka tarava na vale ni yadra, qara vaka kina
    > vale ni volavola liu ni mataivalu.
    > Au mani curuma yani na kena katuba ka’u raica e dua na turaga ni Idia
    > wadrovu balavu ni dabe toka mai loma. E mani tarogi vei au se’u kilai
    > koya, au sauma tale yani ni’u kilai koya tale ga vakavinaka ka ni
    > yacana ko Aziz e dua na turaga ni valu. E dua na ka levu au raica rawa
    > ka kuarabui kina na lomaqu koya ni sa vakaisulu tu vaka-Viti *(Sulu
    > masi kuvui e tolona ka qai mai vaka i wabale ka kena i kuri ni
    > vakasalusalu tu ena dua na tabua levu.)
    > *
    > Au mani curu tale mai ki tuba ni sa tukuni mai vei au. Au mani mai
    > duri tu e tautuba ka me’u qarava yani na rara se *”top
    > ground”* beka me’u kaya, au sa
    > raica ni vakayacori tu e dua na voleni vakaivalu ka ra vakaisulu
    > drokadroka (no. 7 dress) kece tu na sotia bau kina ko ira na kena
    > veituraga ni valu taucoko. E qai tarogi tale mai vei au se’u sa raici
    > ira vakavinaka se sega.
    > Au sauma yani na taro koya, ka’u kaya ni’u sa raica vakavinaka na
    > veika e sa yaco tu. E rui mosi dina vei au na veika au raica baleta ni
    > ra tekiduru kece tu na sotia, vesu kece tu na ligadra ki dakudra ka
    > qai mai ubi kece tu yani na matadra ena i sulu loaloa. E sega ni dua
    > na rorogo ka me rawa ni tukuna vei keda ni yaco tiko na voleni.
    > Au mani biuta mai na rara ni sa kainaki tale vei au me’u gole sobu
    > vaka kina kaloko levu ena yasa ni vale ni volavola ka dau maroroi kina
    > nai yaya ni mataivalu. Au mani mai duri tu vakadua ena yasa ni kaloko
    > levu oqo ka’u qara sobu yani vaka kina rara dau vakayacori kina na
    > vuli tayabe vakaivalu se *”drill
    > square”* beka, kei na vanua ka ra davo koto mai kina na nodra bure na
    > cauravou ka tarogi vei au se cava au raica rawa kina. Au sauma na taro
    > ‘oya ka kaya lesu ni’u sa sega ni raica na veika ka dodonu me tu kina,
    > ia au sa raica ga nai bulubulu boro vulavula nira sa yatuni vakamaqosa
    > koto kina. Au mani taro lesu vua na domo ka vakamacala tiko se cava e
    > sa veisautaki kina me ra i bulubulu E qai kaya mai vei au na domo ni
    > ko ira kece ka ra voleni tiko ‘oya ena *”top ground” *era na mai
    > vakabure kece enai bulubulu boro vulavula ka’u sa raica oti ‘oya ka na
    > sega ni dua e na vo.
    > Au mani biuta na yasa ni kaloko levu ka sa kainaki tale vei au me’u
    > gole sobu vaka kina matamata levu mai ra *(back gate)*. Au mani la’ki
    > duri volekata koto na Rabuka Hall ena muana ka qara vaka kina matamata
    > ka tukuni mai vei au me’u raica mada na vei vunikau kara tubu tu e
    > baba. E sa sega ni qai o ira na vei-mahogany kei na paini, au sa raica
    > ni ra sa veisau kece mera vunivesi taucoko kara sa raramusumusu kece
    > tu. Au mani taro se ra sa vakacava tu na vei vunivesi koya. E qai
    > sauma mai na noqu taro na domo keirau sala vata tiko ka kaya ni ko
    > Bainimarama ga e sa musumusulaki ira tu oqo vakaveitalia.
    > Sa mani tukuni tale mai vei au me’u sa lesu cake tale kina vanua au a
    > vakamuria tiko mai.
    > Au mani yacova sara yani na vale ni volavola nei koya nai liuliu ni
    > mataivalu ena taba rua. Ni’u yacova yani na mata ni katuba sa rogo mai
    > e dua na domo mai loma me’u curu yani ki loma. Au raici koya ka vosa
    > mai ‘oya au qai kila ka keirau veimarautaki sara. E mani tarogi au mai
    > na domo se’u kilai koya ka’u mani sauma yani vua ni o koya e noqu qase
    > ni lotu. E vakakote vulavula, sote vulavula, tai vulavula ka qai mai
    > vakaisulu vakataga vulavula. Na yaca ni turaga oqo ko *Epeli KONASAU*.
    > E kaya na domo ka vosa tiko mai ni sega ni savasava me vaka nai sulu
    > vulavula oya na bula ka gadreva na veivakasavasavataki. E qai kaya vei
    > au me’u vakasavasavataka ia au sega ni kila na kena i balebale.
    > Oti oya sa tukuni tale vei au me’u curu tale mai ki tuba ka me’u sa
    > muri ena yasana vaka kina daku ni vale ni volavola qara ki Namadi. E
    > kea sa vaka me matasawa tu ka sa tukuni sara maivei au me’u vodo ki
    > waqa ka yavia sara nai kelekele. Sa qai dua nai kelekele bibi dina, ia
    > ena gauna au sa yavia mai kina vakaoti au sa raica tale ni sa vesu tu
    > mai ena mua ni dali ni kelekele ko Bainimarama. E vesu tu na sinucodo
    > e domona ka sa uma kece tu na yagona taucoko ia e sa kere bula tiko
    > mai.
    > Sa oti kece oya sa qai tarogi mai vei au se’u sa raica vakavinaka se
    > sa matata vinaka vei au na veika kece e vakaraitaki. Au qai sauma lesu
    > tale ni’u sa raica kece sara vakavinaka.
    > E qai kaya vei au me’u vakaraitaka na raivotu oqo ka meda rawa ni
    > yadrava na veika sa yacovi keda tiko ena gauna dredre eda sotava tiko
    > oqo.
    > Raivotu: Nai Talatala Setareki MATAVUCU
    > Ph: 3623198 Mob: 9431096

  20. church mouse Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Methodist Church. This shows that Christian faith is not so heavenly minded that it is of no earthly use. The Kingdom starts here in working for a just society. People in Suva tell me how hard it is to manage mortgages, school fees, and so on but they just persevere with a bit of grace.
    Meanwhile the scarlet flowers of the tulip trees raise their beauty to the sky to remind us that Suva can still be a beautiful place

  21. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry off the topic but in typical Fiji style baci wait and see the people who likes to be noted attend the funeral of Epeli Gaunilau’s sister in Taveuni.

    Isn’t the Tovuto a govt boat and this is the boat that is taking the people to Taveuni.

    Oh yes! The hospital will throw the candles and laterns and on will come the electricity.

    Only in Fiji!

  22. Striker Says:

    Vakadomobula na nomuni raivotu Rev Matavucu. Ni sa musulaki ira na noda vesi (yanaraki ira na noda turaga & marama), ka vaka cecerei ira na tani kina i tutu kei na ivakarau esega ni nodra (Aziz ena isulu vakaviti), na cava tale beka mena qai sega kina ni vakabibi ni kelekele? Na ka e vakaloloma ni sa mua tiko oqo nai lakolako ka rawa nira na vakaleqai sara eso na sotia era soli tu na nodra dina ena lasu kei na yalimolea nei Bainimarama. Dou veivutuni, kere veivosoti mo dou vakasavasavataki ni bera ni yaco na cudru ni Kalou!

  23. Billy Says:

    Thickheads like Jone D, the chameleon, changing faces where the wind blows $$ his way, mouthpiece during Rabuka’s coup, now full fighting for the charter for bread and butter after funding at CCF ran out and Yabaki kicked him out…. just don’t get it!!! Who wants to waste their time on a piece of junk when the very process they use to come to that piece of junk is tainted and immoral, illegal, illegitimate from the beginning. What good governance they talking about?

    NCBBF not happy with Church’s stand
    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Update: 2:16PM The National Council for Building a Better Fiji has expressed its disappointment with the stand taken by the Methodist Church Conference in rejecting the draft Peoples Charter.

    National Councils Jone Dakuvula said the Conference was offered to be explained on the content of the draft Charter document, but this was refused by the Church.

    Mr Dakuvula said the Church leaders have refused an opportunity for its members to be explained what the proposed Charter was all about.

    “We are disappointed that the Methodist Church leaders have not given the opportunity to the members to make up their own mind,” he said.

    “This would have happened had they accepted the offer from the National Council for Building a Better Fiji to explain the Charter.”

    The Methodist Church reaffirmed its decision of rejecting the draft People’s Charter earlier this week saying it could not support a process and outcome that is not based on the rule of law.

    Church general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu had said the draft Charter did not have a basis in the Constitution and where the interim authority has no mandate from the people.

  24. Tim Says:

    Well like I said, there are some good people in the church (with reference to a previous post below.
    There are also some assholes. The same applies to the RFMF – in the senior ranks though there appear to be many more assholes than there are those with principle, compassion and courage.
    As RawFijiNews might be suggesting, some are beginning to get a little pissed at the nutter that is commanding (rather than leading) them. High frikken time!
    But as the man who I quoted below also says: “Beware the Cargo cultists”.
    James Akoy, aided and abetted by the bandmaster with the guilty conscious, and intelligent enough to wonder about his future are starting to get it!
    Just how genuine they are should be judged OVER TIME, what they say, and their preparedness to atone. Forgiveness must come at least with atonement. Frank, Gates, Shaistas, Bubbas and others so far show very little evidence of that – nor do most that are now clamouring to jump off the bandwagon.
    Ethanol and monetary aid can buy favour, it doesn’t necessarily remedy the culture that Frank has ensured is now well entrenched. (See RFN)
    Let’s hope those that are planning to be Fiji’s new saviours do so out of a sense of guilt and morality rather than trying to set themselves up as the new heros.
    Tim Says:

    August 26, 2008 at 9:55 am
    I’m no longer in any way religious – the result of a Christian upbringing witnessing the destruction of community & family values, very often through abuse by various members of churches. I couldn’t separate that abuse by so called representatives of the institutions from the instution itslef.
    I’m pleased many are able to differentiate because there are many good people in churches. I do note however that the abusers still remain and they should take the advice of some of their colleagues.
    – Seek Justice and pursue it – (that would mean don’t try and circumvent it by signing up to an opportunistic regime).
    – Resist militarists, militarism, military solutions, violent nationalisms, support of weapons production, family violence and PARTICIPATION in the destruction of peoples and cultures.
    – Let the people know that you are not divided from them but united in Christ’s love. (Seems there are a few that regard themselves as somehow above and better and who confuse “leading” with “commanding and ordering” – including to the point of furthering personal agendas).
    – Remember the words of St. Thomas Aquinas, ” The use of violence to retain superfluous wealth is none other than the sin of robbery” and live a ministry of kenosis, self-emptying of power and wealth, so that the oppressed and broken may be lifted up. (Yabaki, Barr, Mataca and a few others seem to have completely jumped off the rails when it comes to the self-emptying of power and wealth, and are complicit in obtaining it through intimidation and violence).

    In fact there seems to me to be a number of things these guys are guilty of to the extent they should be censured or even expelled from their churches if those churches hope to have any long term expectation of survival. They’ve signed up to abuse of Fijians, personal greed and lust for power, Frank’s and cohorts fundy posturings, approval of militaristic solutions, and circumventing justice to achieve their own ends. They’re a fcuking disgrace!

  25. Peace Pipe Says:


  26. Talei Says:


    Doubts the military commander has election plans

    APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Aug. 25, 2008) – Fiji’s Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreque Bainimarama doesn’t want to hold elections, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoli’ai Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, believes.

    As Minister of Foreign Affairs of Samoa, Tuilaepa is a member of the Pacific Island Forum’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs group which is working with Fiji to prepare for elections in March 2009.

    As a country who gained Independence in 1970 Fiji was able to hold elections in March, he said.

    Commodore Bainimarama was being “childish” in his statements about why there won’t be

    “Bainimarama gave us a promise at a meeting in Tonga that there would elections in March 2009.

    “But when we dispersed we heard there would be no elections in March, that they would be nowhere near prepared by March.”

    Fiji asked for help to prepare for elections, Tuilaepa said.

    Samoa’s electoral commissioner, Tanuvasa Isitolo Lemisio, and computer specialist, Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvasa, went to Fiji, to conduct training in the use of computers in elections, he said.

    He said the Forum’s ministerial group went to check progress.

    “When we arrived, there was only one man in charge of the electoral office, he was sitting there with his deputy, and an assistant.

    “There other four (staff members) weren’t there, they’d returned to their families.

    “The questions was put why it was like that and the reply was they had no work, they were being held back; ‘we won’t move unless there were instructions.’

    “It means that from last year until three weeks ago nothing was being done.

    “It means there is no intention by Bainimarama to hold elections.”

    Recent announcements by the commodore are just excuses, Tuilaepa said.

    But help for elections was ready not only from the Forum but from the United Nations and the European Union.

    Commodore Bainimarama blamed jealousy by New Zealand and after that he would blame Australia.

    “In my view Bainimarama is playing our game (politics).

    “It means he is saying that all of us have no brains, if New Zealand do this we do it.

    “So Bainimarama thinks very lowly of the leaders of the Pacific.

    “So the leaders of the Pacific said, if elections aren’t held in 2009, he will be suspended.”

    Tuilaepa said Pacific leaders are not deceived by the “childish” statements issued by the Interim Prime Minister.

    If Fiji is tossed out of the Forum Bainimarama will realize how big the difficulty is.

    Fiji would lose billions and billions of tala.

    “It will be at that time that the people of Fiji should realize death is close … and make a decision concerning their boy.”

    Leaders of the Pacific want Fiji to return to democratic government, Tuilaepa said.

    Elections would remove the military from government to return to their usual practices of “beating their drums and marches.

    “They don’t know how to rule a government.”

    Government should be left to representatives of the country chosen through elections, Tuilaepa said.

    One of the conditions of membership of the Forum is for a country to be democratic.

    “Government’s who are ruled by the military are forbidden. “Remember military rule is dictatorship.”

    It is forbidden for anyone to ask questions, Tuilaepa told reporters.

    In democracies reporters ask why things are happening “and I will try to explain.”

    “There is an opportunity for you to ask and we give a reply. “But in the government of Bainimarama, you are caught and … smacked with a cane.

    “That is the kind of governance that enlightened governments do not like.”

    Tuilaepa said the Forum’s ministerial group will meet with Fiji sometime in December.

    “That is the last chance for Fiji to make a good decision.

    “If the leader of the government (Bainimarama) wants to hold elections, they can be held in March.

    “Remember Fiji’s government is not an inexperienced one.”

    “Fiji became independent in 1970.”

    But what is happening is that an inexperienced person is trying to get used to being a leader and who is making foolish statements, Tuilaepa said.

    Samoa Observer:
    Copyright © 2008 Samoa Observer. All Rights Reserved

  27. newsfiji Says:

    i am so going to search for the above article…

    you go Samoa…tell it like it is..

    the samoan PM has said it right on the spot…that bainipyjamas thinks that NZ and Australia can easily manipulate the other pacific island countries..

    blerry boci ga na boci…

  28. Pusilo Says:

    Another bloe to this regime…check out the latest from RFC in regards to Qarases case..

  29. hopefiji Says:

    wow..that is an amazing piece in the samoan papers.. the Fiji media must reprint this….LOL!!! saying as it should …go back to beating drums and marches …..that;s telling them

    Actally this time around thinking he could get sympathy from the leaders by running that line of Aus and NZ bullying back fired…Only a democratically elected Leader have right to say that, and will get sympathy…not an imposter and self appointed one.

    His stupid advisers showed their ignorance, arrogance and their political naivety when they tried to baet that drum!!

  30. hopefiji Says:

    and paid for it dearly,….the significance of Samoan PM taking this line publicly must not be underestimated. He is a very conservative PM, and does not comment publicly like this on the follies of other PIC leaders. For him to take a strong stand, shows that Biani has pushed the patience of even long suffering conservatives like the samoan PM.

  31. NadroKid Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Samoa!
    Au sa kerekere Dauniwalesi mo dou kua tale ni vakabalavutaka na itosotoso. E vica na dina e sa tukuna tiko mai qori na nodra iliuliu na wekada mai Samoa. E sa qai rogo vinaka tu beka vei kemudou ya me tukuni mo dou lesu tale va na qiri dramu kei na uvu biukila? Keimami sa kerea mo dau vakalesuya tale nai rogorogo ni noda mataivalu ki na kena rogorogo kei nai rairai ka dau kilai tani kina. Dou veivutuni ka dou veisau taka na nomudou ivalavala. Me tubu ga ko Viti ka me toso ga ki liu!

  32. Tim Says:

    Long term, Frank Bainimarama has sealed the RFMF’s fate. If he was truly concerned with military tradition, let alone the future of Fiji, he’d be more concerned with the welfare of both “his” soldiers by providing them with trades and additional skills, getting them involved in improving infrastructure, etc., AND if he was genuinely concerned for the security and wellbeing of its citizens, he’d be returning the country to democracy sooner than March 2009.
    And that silly bitch Shaista should realise also that the only way the RFMF have a long term future is either for the country to be colonised by the Chinese or India (forget about OZ and NZ “neo-colonialism” or other half baked academic theory), OR to start acting as responsible citizens themselves. For that to happen it means that certain of its leadership need to be routed.

  33. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Thanks for putting up that radio report from Samoa.

    Full marks to the Samoan minister for telling it’ as it is’.

    The good news is that Fijitimes online have picked up on the story.

    “””The Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele, has branded the interim leader of Fiji, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, childish for his excuses over why Fiji cannot hold elections by next March, reports Radio New Zealand.

    Mr Tuilaepa has told Samoa media he is of the opinion the Commodore just does not want to hold elections.

    He said officials from the Samoan Government who were sent to help Fiji prepare for the vote found the Fiji office inactive with some of the staff having returned home to their families.

    Mr Tuilaepa said until three weeks ago nothing had been done and he believes the Commodore has no intention of holding elections.

    He also pointed out that the military dictatorship ensures that people cannot question the administration in Fiji.

    He says Fijis government is not an inexperienced one, with the country having been independent for 38 years, but he says it is being led by an inexperienced person who is making foolish statements.

    The Samoan Prime Minister is a member of the Pacific Islands Forums Ministerial Contact Group, which tried to convince the interim Government to hold a poll by March.”””””

    This quite a good summary of the full interview above.

    Let’s hope that the headlines in the FijiTimes tomorrow says:-

    Illegal wanabee pm CHILDISH – OFFICIAL

  34. Billy Says:

    Samoan PM has been there for decades and knows the Pacific leaders that have come and gone. Whereas they used to be are normally respectful to each other based on Pacific protocol,he can see thru Baini’s bluff, that he is actually controlled by Indians like chod, kaiarze, etc hence not behaving in the Pacific way. Sa qai vinaka vei Leweni and co me “go back and beat your drums” coz this is the only thing the current military knows, and setting up roadblocks na blockheads. Wacava me ra qai laki vala ka dina i Iraqi? Suasua ga na torosese ra yavu lamulamu!!!

  35. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Billy, how would an Indian like hairyarse understand the ‘Pacific Way’?

    After all, his lot comes from the Indian ocean where mobs have been killing each other for centuries.

  36. painter Says:

    Fa’afetai tele lava to Samoa’s Prime Minister and his Min. of Foreign Affairs for calling and exposing the Pig’s bluff! I agree with u Hopefiji in that it is a big deal when one of our own Pac island leaders albeit of a smaller island nation, tells Fiji’s leadership ‘like it is’, LOL… yup, that was indeed, a long time coming! Samoa’s PM is conservative and a staunch catholic… how ’bout that Mataca! He does hve a family interest here for his Tongan son-in-law was born and raised in Fiji. Uh oh.. don’t even think about it you good-for-nothing-goons of the Rottenfmf council, u can’t touch him.

  37. painter Says:

    lol @ exFT! but don’t u worry, we’ve also had our fair share of clubbing and eating each other’s brains right here (not too long ago either) in our wonderful little island paradise 🙂 our poofta bubba is just a pain in the neck who will get his just desert served to him in a cold dish, let’s contain this fight in our pacific ocean.

  38. Islander Says:

    Thank you Talei for putting up the Samoa Observer article. Well said by the Samoan PM/FM. Only way to deal with thugs like Frankie & his guys is to publically lambast and condemn their cowardice.

    We need more Pacific leader’s to come out as strongly. It is safe to say the Frankie enjoys being at the helm of power, how deceived he is if he thinks he will be there long, and to think he will walk away peacefully.

    Like Tuilaepa said, in due time we will deal with our “childish boy” me moku ga me kua tale na vklielia va qo.

  39. benhur Says:

    Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen, VINAKA VAKALEVU to the Methodist Church of Fiji. You remain the pillar of democracy to the people of Fiji and thanks God, you have the full supports of the Fijian Vanua-Kubuna,Burebasaga and the Tovata. What are the IG afraid off if they attempt to call an election in March 2009,like they promised? Possibly,jail time for all those involves in the coup?Hanging for all these bastards ie Voreqe,Evelis,Maras, Chodo,aise-ole,leweni,etc,?Removal and replacements of all military,police and naval personnel etc,etc,?
    Please ordain me to be a DAUVUNAU, so i can be the one to minister to these bastards- in jail- if they’ve lucky enough to missed- the GUILLOTINE!

  40. gordon Says:

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    please reply me soon.

  41. gordon Says:

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