Have we scraped the bottom of the barrel yet?

I was yarning with my elderly Nau the other day when the penny dropped on me!!!

She was reminiscing about her young days as a nurse stationed at Waiyevo Hospital in Taveuni when I asked her, “did they have 24 hours continious electricity power supply back then at the hospital?”

She said, “of course they did”!!

“And what year was that?” I asked.

“That was 1961-1962 before I was transfered to……………………”

My point is this, in 1961 or maybe a lot earliar, they had 24 hr electricity supply at Waiyevo Hospital in rural Taveuni whereas in 2008,  candles and the light of mobile phones are being used by nurses to attend to patient at night in the same hospital, as reported recently in the media.

In all my years I have never heard of this nor of medicine running out in our hospitals. Well folks, it will go down in our history as the time when Chaudary the snake was in charge of the public purse string and Vore the Pig travels around the world in luxury and get a $186,000 back pay as Prime Minister and Minister for everything including deni bulumakau!

Fiji must be scraping the bottom of her talented leadership barrel right now in the choice of Prime Minister and Minister for Finance given their track record of twenty months at the helm.

Looking at how poorly they have performed, just how the hell can their off-spring the charter farter be the solution to all our predicament.



9 Responses to “Have we scraped the bottom of the barrel yet?”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    We must fight to get Fiji back to how it use to be.

    We must educate the youth of today not to follow idiots like Bainipuaka and his bavulu gang. Big egoes and no brains starting from those 2 Epelis, Chodo, Mara kids and so on.

    We need to breed people like Ratu Joni.

  2. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is one big humungous brainwashing exercise they are carrying out in promoting the farter charter which is in critical life support as we speak. Even though the majority of the people have expresssed their objections to the charter farter they are still trying to have another shot at conning the people with all its flowery adjectives which is just a cover to a very sinister underlying intent. Now they are applying a different technique to elicit the support “numbers” by intimidation. Why should the police and army go around with the charter teams. It only creates fear and concern about oneself and affects the free decision making in making ones personal choice.

    Brij Lal had put it very nicely when he said that he implementation of the charter was “DICTATORIAL”. They have engineered and mobilised the govt machinery to bulldoze the farter charter to the people – the process of which is highly questionable like the forms they are taking around for people to indicate whether they support the charter. People will be afraid to show their real intention as they may be victimised if they did not support the charter. It is not a secret and private exercise and is a total farce.

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The story above is indicative of the problems that have been thrust upon Fiji by the moronic military in 4 coup d’etats.

    This story should be printed out and shown to every person in Fiji to explain that it has been the military who have caused the hardships in Fiji.

    It is the mangy military who have deprived the people of their freedom and their share of the nation’s wealth.

    In short, the murdering moronic mangey military have plundered Fiji and left the people worse off than before.

  4. Peace Pipe Says:


  5. ispy Says:

    Is there any truth to the claims by Jiko Luveni that WHO RCM is going to be held in Fiji in 2010?

    Don’t the UN know that by giving Fiji this privilege, they are in effect giving legitimacy to the illegal regime currently running this country?

    What kind of meesage is this going to send to the rest of the democratic world?

    If true, the UN will effectively set back almost 20 months of peaceful resistence in Fiji.

    Why don’t they take their cue from Forum Leaders and turn their backs on Fiji until such time as Fiji holds a fair and democratic elections.

    Just we have the illegal regime on the backfoot, with widespread opposition to the Charter, widespread refusals to take up appointments in the illegal government, opposition from Methodist Church, threat of sanctions from the Pacific Leaders Forum – then the UN go and do something like this…

    …or maybe this is just wishful thinking on the part of the interim government?

  6. Striker Says:

    Where’s freewill in intimidation? But what else can we expect of a regime on its death throes?

  7. LUVfiji Says:

    All of a sudden , there will be electricity at Waiyevo Hospital.

    The body of the late Adi Mei Kainona is being transferred by sea to Taveuni today for internment on Saturday. I would like to register here my condolences to her family. Sa laki moce ‘Di Mei.

    Authorities will ensure there is power for the mortuary ; if her body has not been sufficiently embalmed to the time of burial.

    One has to ponder on the difficulties the ordinary citizens have been made to go through so unnecessarily when yet , it is well within the means of the powers-be to simply provide solutions.

    Or is it really , as the PM of Samoa recently so aptly put it of the wannbe PM of Fiji , a mere “attitude problem”.

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Kuts for the reminder that things in Fiji actually CAN go well when there is democracy, political will, transparency, accountability and a lack of corruption.

    The infrastructure problems have been brewing for decades.
    We all know the power and water structures are obsolete.
    But because the various governments of the day were (to paraphrase Idi Amin) unwilling to feed the cow but very keen to milk it, Fiji today is stuck with outdated and inappropriate systems that cannot cope with modern demands.
    I’m not an SDL apologist, but I do believe that plans were in the pipeline to update water and power to bring Fiji into the 21st century, including ecological power sources.
    Think how different our lives would be today if those plans had been allowed to grow to realisation!?

    When these jokers are done and dusted and we have a REAL elected govt to run our country, perhaps we shall again echo the words of Kutu’s nana “Of course we have 24 hour electricity / water / police force …”

    God bless Fiji

  9. Glatombloli Says:


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