The updated Shame List

Thanks to a blogger who refused his/her blogging name to be mentioned, but mentioned that he or she is an avid SV Fan, we present to you the updated shame list. The same blogger also presented the previous list. Kudos to the person and to all of you for without your patronage, they would be no S V Blog.

Blog on Ragone.

The S V Team.

A factual listing to identify those removed. Over the last 20 months, the RFMF has systematically purged officials and staff from various government departments and government controlled statutory and corporate boards. The decimation of the institutions has been widespread with consequential lower productivity and efficiency across the whole of government, public and private sector.

Statutory Bodies and Govt Companies
1. CEO, Land Transport Authority: Abraham Simpson: replaced by Etuate Koroi

2. CEO Radio Fiji (FBCL):Francis Herman: replaced by Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum

3. FBCL Board member : __?___ replaced by Capt Sitiveni Raturala

4. CEO Airports Fiji Limited:Sakiusa Tuisolia: replaced by Timoci Tuisawau

5. CEO, Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL):Sitiveni Weleilakeba: replaced by Sereana Qoro

6. Chairman, FHL:Olota Rokovunisei: replaced by Isoa Kaloumaira

7. Deputy Chairman, FHL:Isoa Kaloumaira: replaced by Colonel Aziz Mohammad, RFMF Chief of Staff

8. Board member, FHL:Lesi Korovavala: replaced by Padam Lala

9. Board member, FHL : __?___ replaced by :Ulaisi Baya

10. Chairman, Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF):Anare Jale: replaced by Taito Waqa

11. CEO, FNPF:Olota Rokovunisei: replaced by Aisake Taito

12. Deputy CEO, FNPF:Foana Nemani:replaced by __?___

13. Chairman, Fiji Development Bank (FBD) Board:__?___ replaced by :Taito Waradi

14. CEO, FDB:Tukana Bovoro:Taito Waradi is Executive Chairman

15. Chairman, Fiji Sports Council:__?___ replaced by :Tom Ricketts, Paul Yee

16. Deputy Chairman:__?___replaced by Rajendra Chaudhry, Rupeni Silimaibau

17. CEO, Sports Council: Alice Tabete replaced by Ricketts became Executive Chairman then now Paul Yee is Executive Chairman

18. Chairman, Fiji Trade & Investment Board (FTIB):Joseph Singh replaced by Francis Bipin Narayan (co: writer of People’s Charter planning document released March 2007)

19. CEO, FTIB:Lailun Khan replaced by Francis Narayan who is now Executive Chairman

20. Chairman, Fiji Institute of Technology:Digby Bossley replaced by Iqbal Jannif

21. CEO, FIT:__?___ Mua replaced by Dr. Ganesh Chand

22. CEO, Sugar Cane Growers Council:Jagganath Sami replaced by Jai Gawander

23. Chairman, Fiji Audio Visual Commission: Joe Mar replaced by Richard Broadbridge then Sharon Smith Johns (from 2008)

24. CEO, Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA):Rokoseru Nabalarua replaced by Sunil da Silva

25. Chairman, FEA Board: Joe Mar replaced byNizam UdDean

26. Chairman, Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority (FIRCA):Iqbal Jannif replaced by Filipe Bole replaced by __?__

27. CEO, FIRCA:Tevita Banuve replaced by:Jitoko Tikolevu*

28. Supervisor of Elections:Semesa Karavaki replaced by:Felicity Heffernan

29. Deputy Elections Supervisor:Eliki Matalau: Soro Toutou*

30. Chairman Electoral Commission: Graham Leung replaced by:MK Sahu Khan

31. Chairman Boundaries Commission:2007 replaced by:Ramesh Chandra

32. Boundaries Commission member: replaced by: Father Kevin Barr

33. Electoral Commission member: replaced by:Father David Arms

34. Chairman, Higher Salaries Commission replaced by .Rishi Ram

35. Commissioner Central Division: Inoke Devo

36. Commissioner Northern Division:Misieli Naivalu replaced by Colonel Inia Seruiratu

37. Chairman, Telecom Fiji Ltd:Kanti Tappoo replaced by ___?____

38. Chairman Natadola Bay Resorts Limited (FNPF owned): Keni Dakuidreketi replaced by Felix Anthony

39. Chairman Holiday Inn Ltd (FNPF owned): ___?___ replaced by Daniel Urai

40. Chairman Yasana Holdings: Olota Rokovunisei replaced by Winston Thompson

41. Chairman Fiji TV Limited (YHL owned): Olota Rokovunisei replaced by Isoa Kaloumaira

42. Member Fiji Sun Board: __?__ replaced by Major Neumi Leweni

43. Chairman, Post Fiji Board:Mahendra Motibhai Patel replaced by Colonel Iowane Naivalurua

44. CEO Post Fiji:Peni Mau replaced by __?___

45. Chairman, Airports Fiji Limited:Viliame Leqa replaced by Digby Bossley (fired 15 August)

46. Chairman, Fijian Affairs Board:Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu replaced by Frank Bainimarama

47. CEO, Fijian Affairs Board:Adi Litia Qionibaravi replaced by Ratu Meli Bainimarama

48. Chairman, Native Land Trust Board (NLTB):Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu replaced by Frank Bainimarama

49. GM, NLTB:Kalivati Bakani replaced by Alipate Qetaki

50. Administrative Officer NLTB: replaced by Sgt. M. Daveta

51. CEO Fiji Visitors Bureau: Viliame Gavoka

52. New Board members FVB

53. New Board members FNPF

54. New Board members Fiji TV

55. New Board members Post Fiji

56. New Board members FIRCA

57. New Board members NLTB

58. New Board members Sugar Cane Growers Council

59. New Board members Fiji Sugar Corporation

60. New Board members Air Pacific

61. New Board members Fiji Ports Ltd

62. New Board members Telecom Fiji

63. New Board members AFL

64. New Board members FDB

65. etc etc etc

(Please add details on board members and executive shakeups in AFL, FIRCA, NLTB, Fiji TV, Fiji Sun, Post Fiji, FDB, Telecom, FAVC, FEA, SCGC, FSC, Air Pacific etc etc)

Chief Executive Officers, Deputies and civil servants
66. CEO PM’s Office:Jioji Kotobalavu replaced by Parmesh Chand

67. Deputy PM’s Office:Malakai Tadulala replaced by Edward Blakelock*

68. CEO Finance: Paula Uluinaceva replaced by Peceli Vocea*

69. CEO Public Utilities :Anasa Vocea replaced by Cama Tuiloma*

70. CEO Foreign Affairs:Isikeli Mataitoga replaced by Ross Ligairi*

71. CEO Justice:Sakiusa Rabuka replaced by Col Pio Tikoduadua

72. CEO Public Service:Anare Jale replaced by Ms Taina Tagicakibau*

73. DS, PSC:Tom Lee replaced by Peni Naqasima*

74. DS, PSC:Laite Cavu replaced by Maria Matavewa*

75. CEO Education:Ms. Alumita Taganesia replaced by Emi Rabukawaqa* PS Education

76. CEO, Information:Emi Rabukawaqa replaced by Major Neumi Leweni who is Acting PS while substantive DS (without advertisement of the position)

77. Deputy Information:Eliki Bomani replaced by Maj Neumi Leweni; DS Info & Army spokesman

78. CEO Provincial Dev: new position – Maj Manasa Vaniqi

79. CEO Youth and Sports:Poasa Ravea replaced by Subhas Chandra* PS Youth and Sports

80. CEO Labour, Indus Rel & Productivity:Taito Waqa – still incumbent

81. CEO Local Govern, Urban Dev / Housing:Ms. Emele Duituturaga (CEO Women/ Housing) replaced by (Post is still vacant after Litia Mawi demoted)

82. CEO Health:Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa: still incumbent PS Health, Women, Social Welfare

83. CEO Works / Transport:Anasa Vocea replaced by Anand Kumar : PS, Works and Transport

84. CEO Tourism:Napolioni Masirewa replaced by Ms. Banuve Kaumaitotoya* PS Industry, Communication

85. CEO Trade : Commerce:Isireli Koyamaibole replaced by Post is still vacant after Amena Yauvoli* suspended then resigned for SPC Position.

86. CEO for Lands:Niumaia Tabunakawai replaced by __?__ [resigned 2 weeks before Parmesh Chand resigned to join USP]

87. CEO Fish & Forests:Alefina Vuki (acting) replaced by Dr. Niumaia Tabunakawai PS Fisheries* (former CEO Lands)

88. CEO Agriculture:Luke Ratuvuki replaced by Dr Richard Beyer

89. CEO Home Affairs:Dr. Lesi Korovavala replaced by Malakai Tadulala* PS Defense, Immigration (now suspended)

90. CEO Fijian Affairs Ministry:Ratu Meli Bainimarama: still incumbent, in effect is THE minister for his younger brother voreqe

91. CEO, Multi:Ethnic Affairs & Reconciliation:Apisalome Tudreu:Post is still vacant

92. DS Agriculture:Bulou Rakuita replaced by Tom Lee* (DS PSC previously)

93. Solicitor General:Nainendra Nand replaced by Christopher Pryde

94. Dep Solicitor General:Savenaca Banuve replaced by Sharvada Sharma*

95. Parliamentary Council/Legal drafter – Rupeni Nawaqakuta – Post is still vacant

96. Dir Govt IT Services:Sailasa Taganesia replaced by Comm E. Salusalu

97. Dir Immigration:Onisivoro Vuniyaro replaced by Comm V. Naupoto

98. Dir Fisheries Dept:Alefina Vuki replaced by Commodore S. Naiqali

99. Dir Dev Cooperation, PM’s Office:New position Cpt S. Tuiteci (fired by PSC in 2006)

100. Director, Information: Susan Grey replaced by Filimoni Kau*

101. Director for Women:Latileta Makasiale replaced by Tokasa Leweni (wife of army spokesman)

102. Principal Immigration Officer:__?___: Major Lefone Osborn

103. Principal Legal Officer, Fiji Police Force:Ramasi Salakubou replaced by Major Pacolo Luveni

104. Att. Generals Office:Sr. Admin Officer replaced by Sgt. Rabuku

105. Chief of Protocal, Foreign Affairs :Akuila Waradi replaced by Major Sila Balawa

+ RFMF media cell now in the Ministry of Information with Leweni

+ 15 rfmf soldiers in Immigration

+ rfmf in PMs office

+ rfmf elsewhere in the civil service

Diplomatic Postings:
106. Amb to China:Jeremaia Waqanisau replaced by James Ah Koy

107. Military Attache, Fiji embassy in China: New position:Major Felipe Alifereti

108. High Commissioner to Malaysia:Ratu Epeli Kanaimawi – Post is still vacant [Col. Pita Driti nominated no news from the Malaysian govt]

109. HC to Australia:__?__ replaced by Kamlesh Arya

110. HC to New Zealand:Bal Ram replaced by Cama Tuiloma*

111. HC to India: Luke Ratuvuki replaced by Savenaca Kaunisela

112. Amb to USA, Washington DC:Jesoni Vitusagavulu:Post is still vacant [Awaiting Ratu Finau Mara]

113. Deputy head of mission to UN, New York:Filimoni Kau replaced by Col. Mason Smith

114. Head of Fiji Trade Mission to Taiwan: new appointee: Adi Vara Ligalevu*

Public Service Commission
115. Chairman PSC:Stuart Huggett replaced by Rishi Ram

116. Other Commissioners fired???

117. New Commissioners??

Other Disciplined Forces: Police & Prisons
118. Commissioner of Police: Andrew Hughes replaced by Commodore Esala Teleni (Anyone know who are the other rfmf soldiers now working in the police__?___)

119. Deputy Police Commissioner – Moses Driver – Eroni Antonio

120. ACP Crime – Kevueli Bulamainaivalu – Nasir Ali

121. Commissioner of Prisons:Aisea Taoka replaced by Col Iowane Naivalurua

122. Anyone have a list of transfers/demotions/promotions and list of appointments from the RFMF into the Police Force?

123. Dep Commissioner FICAC Fiji Indendent Commission Against Curruption:New position:Col. G. Langman (+ soldiers in FICAC)

Magistracy Inquiry
124. John Connors

Inquiry into Chaudhry’s alleged tax evasion
125. Taufa Bole

Fijian Institutions Inquiry team
126. Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga

127. Tuakitau Cokanauto

128. Jo Nawalowalo

129. Noqu Molikula host – baldie with drimi/amputated leg__?_____?___

130. Filimone Ralogaivau

131. Epeli Mataitini

Legal and other CONslutants actively assisting the illegal regime

132. Paul Jennings (Hong Kong) – FICAC

133. John Samy – Charter Secretariat

134. Gerard McCoy – AGs Office – opinion on JSC and suspension of CJ, drafted ficac promulgation

135. Dr. Michael Moriarty – Charter consultant

136. Dr. Richard Herr – Charter consultant

137. Elizabeth Wong__?___ – AGs office consultant

138. Chen Bunn Young – engaged by AG’s office for legal opinions and litigation work

139. Adish Narayan : engaged by AG’s office for legal opinions and litigation work

140. Jone Dakuvula – TASS employee

+ 45 NCBBF members and 150 working group/NTT contributors

Judicial Services Commission (JSC)
141. Chairman:CJ Daniel Fatiaki replaced by Judge Shameem appointed Judge Anthony Gates as Acting CJ, Gates now chairs the JSC

142. Member – PSC Chairman: Stuart Huggett replaced by Rishi Ram – appointed by Bainimarama in December 2006

Courts: Judiciary & Magistracy
143. Chief Justice: Daniel Fatiaki replaced by Anthony Gates as acting CJ

144. President, Fiji Court of Appeal (FCA) (+5 FCA judges who resigned in Sept 2007 in protest):Justice Gordon Ward replaced by John Byrne

145. Judge of Appeal: Michael Scott replaced by Judge Nazhaat Shameem (also as High Court Judge)

146. High Court Judge: Gerard Winter replaced by Daniel Goundar (also on FCA)

147. High Court Judge:Roger Coventry replaced by Thomas Hickie (also on FCA)

148. High Court Judge: John Connors replaced by Jocelyn Scutt (also on FCA)

149. High Court Judge::Isikeli Mataitoga (also on FCA)

150. High Court Judge-new Judge Datt (Lautoka)

151. Chief Registrar of the High Court:Musuka Tabete:Post is still vacant

152. Magistrate: John Semisi replaced by Major Ana Rokomokoti

153. Magistrate: Sunil Kumar replaced by Alofa Seruvatu

154. Magistrate: John Rabuku

155. Magistrate:: __?___ Sahu Khan

156. Magistrate::Anare Tuilevuka

Legislature: House of Representatives & Senate: officers & members removed
157. Speaker: Pita Nacuva

158. Secretary General to Parliament: Mary Chapman

159. Deputy SG, Parliament: Edward Blakelock

+ Senators and MPs removed from Parliament in Dec 2006

Great Council of Chiefs
160. Chairman GCC:Ratu Ovini Bokini

161. Dep Chairman GCC:Ratu Sakiusa Makutu

+ 50 GCC members fired by Ganilau in April 2007

162. President – Ratu Josefa Iloilo – Frank Bainimarama from 5/12/06 till now

163. Vice President:Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi:Post is still vacant

Cabinet Ministers
164. PM:Laisenia Qarase replaced by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama

165. Finance:Ratu Jone Kubuabola replaced by Mahendra Pal Chaudhry

166. Foreign Affairs :Kaliopate Tavola replaced by Ratu Epeli Nailatikau Foreign Affairs

167. Attorney General & Justice: Qoriniasi Bale replaced by Aiyaz Khaiyum

168. Education:Ro Teimumu Kepa replaced by Filipe Bole Education, Heritage, Culture, Youth, Sports

169. Labour:Krishna Dutt replaced by Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi

170. Health Dr. Gunesagran Goundar replaced by Dr Jiko Luveni Health, Women and Social Welfare

171. Women & Housing:, George Shiu Raj replaced by Dr Jiko Luveni Health, Women and Social Welfare

172. Works & Public Enterprises: Ratu Savenaca Draunidalo replaced by Captain Timoci Lesi Natuva :Works / Transport

173. Tourism, Trade & Commerce: Tomasi Vuetilovoni replaced by Tom Ricketts Industry, Tourism, Communications

174. Lands & Fijian Affairs:Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu replaced by Netani Sukanaivalu is Lands/Bainimarama is Indigenous Affairs Dept

175. Home Affairs:Josaia Vosanibola replaced by Ratu Epeli Ganilau Defense and Immigration

176. Fisheries & Forests:Ilaitia Tuisese replaced by Joketani Cakanasiga

177. Information & Communications:Isireli Leweniqila replaced by Voreqe Bainimarama (Info), Tom Ricketts (Communications)

178. Multi Ethnic & Reconciliation :Ratu Meli Saukuru:Reconciliation does not exist anymore, staff now in Charter Secretariat

179. Public Utilities:Robin Urwin replaced by Mahendra Pal Chaudhry

180. Environment:Poseci Bune replaced by Netani Sukanaivalu

181. Agriculture:Gyani Nand replaced by Joketani Cokanasiga

182. Energy & Mineral Resources:Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi replaced by Mahendra Pal Chaudhry

183. Primary & Preventative Health Services:Udit Narayan replaced by Dr. Jiko Luveni

184. Local Govt & Urban Dev:Chetan Lakshman replaced by Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi

185. Employment Opportunities & Productivity:Ragho Nand replaced by Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi

186. Commerce & Industry:Sivia Qoro replaced by Tom Ricketts

Ousted Ministers of State
187. Prime Minister’s Office:Losena Salabula

188. Fijian Affairs:Ratu Suliano Matanitobua

189. Education: Paulo Ralulu

190. National Planning: Jone Navakamocea

191. Housing:Adi Asenaca Caucau

192. Provincial Dvpt:Ted Young

193. Small & Micro Enterprises & IT Industries:Pio Tabawalu

194. Public Utilities Reform:Samisoni Tikoinasau

195. Prisons & Correction Services:Inoke Luveni

196. Agriculture:Ratu Josefa Dimuri

197. Immigration & Ex:Servicemen:Jioji Konrote

198. Youth & Sports: Rajesh Singh

Other statutory Commissions
199. Commerce Commission__?___

200. Legal Aid Commission – Angie Heffernan replaced by Rt. Filimoni Ralogaivau

201. Board of Legal Education – Judge Daven Pathik

202. Human Rights Commission – Shamima Ali’s commission not renewed

203. Public Accounts Committee – Manu Korovulavula, Laufitu Malani, Taufa Bole

204. Prerogative of Mercy Commission

205. Copyright Tribunal

206. etc

NCBBF Members
207. Voreqe Bainimarama – Co-Chair, Interim Illegal Regime

208. Archbishop Petero Mataca – Co-Chair, Catholic Church

209. Mrs. Jokapeci Koroi – President, Fiji Labour Party

210. Mr. Daniel Urai – President, Fiji Trades Union Congress

211. Mr. Patrick Wong – Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association

212. Mr. Desmond Whiteside – President, Fiji Manufacturers Association

213. Mr. Dijendra Singh – Chairman, Fiji Girmit Council

214. Mrs. Lorine Tevi – President, Fiji Council of Social Services

215. Mr. Dewan Chand Maharaj – President, Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha

216. Mr. Kamlesh Arya – President, Arya Pratindhi Sabha of Fiji

217. Rev. Akuila Yabaki – Executive Director, Citizens’ Constitutional Forum Ltd

218. Mr. Tarterani Rigamoto – Chairman, Council of Rotuma

219. Mr. Teatu Rewi – The Chairman, Rabi Council of Leaders

220. Mr. Rajeshwar Kumar – The President, Fiji Local Illegal Regime Association

221. Mrs. Penelope Moore – President, Womens’ Action for Change

222. Ratu Jolame Lewanavanua

223. Ratu Filimoni Ralogaivau

224. Ratu. Wiliame Katonivere

225. Ratu Meli Bolobolo -Chairman, Ra Provincial Council

226. Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo

227. Atunaisa Lacakabuka

228. Josefa Serulagilagi

229. Mr. Rupeni Silimaibau – Provincial Youth Forum of the Fiji Islands

230. Mrs. Selina Lee Wah – Female social worker, Labasa

231. Mr. Filipe Bole – Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture & Arts, Youth and Sports

232. Mr. Mahendra Chaudhry – Minister for Finance, National Planning, Sugar Industry and Public Utilities (Water & Energy)

233. Mr. Joketani Cokanasiga – Minister for Primary Industries

234. Ratu Epeli Ganilau – Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration

235. Dr. Jiko Luveni – Minister for Health, Women and Social Welfare

236. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau – Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Civil Aviation

237. Mr. Tom Ricketts – Minister for Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications

238. Mr. Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum – Attorney General and Minister for Justic, Electoral Reform, Public Enterprises and Anti-Corruption

239. Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu – Minister for Lands, Mineral Resources and Environment

Note: Some of the civil service, corporate and statutory body promotions are merit based, of people already in the system and groomed for those positions anyway ie they didn’t scheme for the removal of their predecessors and did not participate in the coup – marked with an asterisk*


48 Responses to “The updated Shame List”

  1. Fijiana Says:

    Chiefly Positions – Tui Nakelo

    Manasa Talakuli originally from Kiuva with no yavu in Nauluvatu, from the household of Marakileweni appointed as Tui Nakelo installed by a kai Daku.

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    Glad to see this List includes Adi Varanisese Tavaiqia Ligalevu as one I originally suggested. Awaiting to see the second coup beneficiary on my list to appear on this one as well !

    Great job fellow blogger.

  3. hopefiji Says:

    Eci Walelekeba – Interim regime Supporter on Legal Aid Board

    Chris Pryde: replaced fired Narendra Nand as SG and Chair of Legal Aid

    Aisake Casimira ( Pacific Council of Churches, ex ECREA) : Advisor to Fr Kevin Barr and Mataca

    Chantelle Khan, ECREA : supporter of regime

    Semiti ECREA – staunch supporter of regime, and catholic church involvement

    ECREA as an organisation – backing of regime

    CCF and Board as a whole

    Mosmi Bhim – nut case supporter of regime

    Vijay Narayan – “exclusive” friend of Baini and uses FM96 to propogate regime crap

  4. midget gal Says:

    People, i think there were quite a number of people who also sat on the fence, does that make them coup sapotas?

  5. Tim Says:

    I’m no longer in any way religious – the result of a Christian upbringing witnessing the destruction of community & family values, very often through abuse by various members of churches. I couldn’t separate that abuse by so called representatives of the institutions from the instution itslef.
    I’m pleased many are able to differentiate because there are many good people in churches. I do note however that the abusers still remain and they should take the advice of some of their colleagues.
    – Seek Justice and pursue it – (that would mean don’t try and circumvent it by signing up to an opportunistic regime).
    – Resist militarists, militarism, military solutions, violent nationalisms, support of weapons production, family violence and PARTICIPATION in the destruction of peoples and cultures.
    – Let the people know that you are not divided from them but united in Christ’s love. (Seems there are a few that regard themselves as somehow above and better and who confuse “leading” with “commanding and ordering” – including to the point of furthering personal agendas).
    – Remember the words of St. Thomas Aquinas, ” The use of violence to retain superfluous wealth is none other than the sin of robbery” and live a ministry of kenosis, self-emptying of power and wealth, so that the oppressed and broken may be lifted up. (Yabaki, Barr, Mataca and a few others seem to have completely jumped off the rails when it comes to the self-emptying of power and wealth, and are complicit in obtaining it through intimidation and violence).

    In fact there seems to me to be a number of things these guys are guilty of to the extent they should be censured or even expelled from their churches if those churches hope to have any long term expectation of survival. They’ve signed up to abuse of Fijians, personal greed and lust for power, Frank’s and cohorts fundy posturings, approval of militaristic solutions, and circumventing justice to achieve their own ends. They’re a fcuking disgrace!

  6. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    The blockhead Chairman (ex-Navy Commander) of the Fiji Ports Limited who arranged for the sacking of Board members and got new ones because the old ones were a thorn in his side. He thinks that the Company belongs to his father and his family!

  7. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Ail appointments are illegal because they are made by illegal ministers but some are more disastrous than others. Two that keep us awake at night are Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony. They have been put in charge of more than $3 billion dollars held in trust by the FNPF for the future livelihood of all our workers, past, present and future. They are not only illegal, they are incompetent.

    See our take on Urai at

  8. Believe it or Not Says:

    Avenai’s taken sick leave today – “sore back” reads the medical certificate. Frank boidada boci.

  9. Nasi Lomani Says:

    Is Pacolo Luveni @ 103 Jiko Luveni’s son? If true then Bubu Jo’s connection! De kani famali!!!

  10. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @FDN: Who was it who said:

    “Some people would like our voting system to be changed from first-
    past-the-post to proportional representation, but that’s a side issue at
    present. The 1997 Constitution covers workers’ rights, women’s rights, political rights and religious rights very well. So there’s really no need to change it.”

    Yes, it was Daniel Urai, coup fellow-traveller and illegal board appointee. But this was back in 2000, when the issue was the overthrow of his friends in an elected government, not the overthrow BY his friends of a different elected government.

  11. Tim Says:

    @ FDN: I hope people are regularly visiting your site as well as SV and RFN.
    It is indeed for a few to start paying the piper. Gates will be wondering whether he should continue to be Frank and Abba’s Dancing Queen, OR whether he should try to grow up a bit and do what’s right. Personally I don’t have too much faith in the man, but he is perfectly at liberty to prove us all wrong – we’ll excuse him if he chooses to dress in black fishnets under the court robes as he delivers his judgements. Why not? the whole bloody thing is like something out of Monty Python, including Frank’s appearance with the delightful floral display disguising his dribbling last nght.

  12. Tim Says:

    In case they aren’t, they should just go to where words of wisdom abound and where links can be found.

  13. CMV Says:

    Factual error:

    24. CEO, Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA):Rokoseru Nabalarua replaced by Sunil da Silva

    Should read:
    24. CEO, Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA):Rokoseru Nabalarua replaced by Hasmukh Patel

  14. midget gal Says:

    I think Pacolo Luveni 😉 is Jiko Luveni’s step-son. Isa i really liked this uro but he said i was not the right size for him, damn.

  15. Billy Says:

    Dont forget Finau tamari tabakaucoro if she’s not on the list of desperados and opportunists, both the GCC taskforce team and NCBBF.

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    I think your prison’s Commissioner , should be made President .
    He is doing such an honest and good job with the prisoners there .

  17. Billy Says:

    Yes, but he is Frank’s yes man! He could have taken over as head of the army ahead of frank on merit (and we probably would have been saved from this coup saga) but Epeli G gave frank’s name as his successor endorsed by his father in law and then commander in chief Ratu Mara. This is why Frank feels obliged to keep giving these dynastic good for nothings a job. Now they all in the soup and its hard to get themselves out. This is what happens from conspiracy, back-stabbing, nepotism, croynism, etc.

  18. Wailei Says:

    @ midget gal… nice one 🙂 Vaka mo miss fire vakalailai.. lol.. You go gal..

  19. akuila waqa Says:

    The Shame list -That’s half the population of Fiji if U include all the disciplined forces, the “taulo’s” & the sapota’s to the IG

  20. ispy Says:

    Please take the asterix off Taina Tagicakibau… everyone knows she’s one of the biggest coup supporters. She’s on TV everyday justifying their illegal appointments. If she were truly honourable, she’d resign and work for the private sector… except I doubt anyone would hire her now!

  21. Peace Pipe Says:

    All opportunists of the higher order making a power/money grab even though it is being done through illegal process.

    All were losers and will end losers when everything returns to normal.

    The stigma of their association with this abominable coup will remain for the rest of their useless lives.

  22. manasa Says:

    Vinaka!Peace Pipo
    We are least shameful specie’s on this planet, so where’s the stigma?

  23. midget gal Says:

    @ Wailei, no worries mate. Never mind ga I’m midget, i might still be getting married soon. You see, I’m a very rich gal, have properties around Suva, set to inherit everything from my parents, i have a very high post in a very well to do organisation, i teach at sunday school etc. So i have plenty to offer a man, vacava ya?

  24. Dauvavana Says:

    Midget gal since you so clean and I am full of shit (as you said earliar) will you marry me to balance it out.

    I hope you don’t mind that I occasionally fart in bed

  25. midget gal Says:

    @Daushooter, yes please but only if you are tall and handsome and acceptable to my parents coz they are very picky plus they want their grandchildren to be tall.

  26. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ midget gal – What were the Luveni family size requirements and regarding what exactly?

    Just hilariously curious over here! 🙂

    I had no idea size mattered in any relationship, you poor thing but then again maybe it was the best thing in the long run aye!


    Another chiefly position – Vunivalu or Rewa.

    Eveli Mataitini originally from Burebasaga Koro, has no yavu in Lomanikoro, Rewa.
    Installed by Yavusavasu of Lomanikoro, Rewa.
    Our Gone Marama Na Roko Tui Dreketi was not present that day even though it was expeted by the Mataitinis.
    Talatala qase of Rewa was also not there and neither was Liuliu of the Sauturaga clan.

    3 key figures all not there.

    Eveli Mataitini’s ultimate goal would most probably be the Presidency and of course we all know that despite our Paramount Chief’s stand on the GCC, he has stated time and again that he wants to represent Rewa on the GCC.

    Is he on the shamelist?

  27. midget gal Says:

    Too right aubatinuku, but you see it was nothing to do with the Luveni family, only their handsome arrogant son said I was too short for him, he said my arse was almost touching the ground. Talk about being rude!! but never mind ga, i’m sure I’ll soon find a Danny Devito lookalike and i bet he’ll be rich like me. Don’t mess with midgets people.

  28. Wailei Says:

    @ Midget gal…. Just find ga one nice tall fella… Any1 would want to marry you with your big dowry to bring into the marriage… dont worry gang..

  29. midget gal Says:

    Isa, vinaka valevu Wailei na veilomani, vei nanumi and that is so so true, i mean what’s so wrong with my lekapone genes. Sa da masu ga vakaukauwa.

    @ Daushooter, your offer to marry still open or no? The end of the world is coming very near so let’s not waste any more waste my dear.

  30. Jucy Lucy Says:

    SV…Doctor (as she likes to be called) Tokasa Leweni is at the Ministry of Health.Her ACSOG friend Dr Jiko Luveni moved Dr Tima Tuiketei up to Tamavua to make way for Mrs Leweni…how about that. First Kitty was moved now Dr Tuiketei is moved because she wanted to go back to Ministry of Health.

  31. Ex Isle Says:

    The Shame List is a very good idea and needs to be continually updated! An additional item for the list is that Stuart Huggett was replaced as Chairman of the PSC in the very early days of the coup because he ‘wouldn’t work with the military’

  32. Tim Says:

    Hear hear Ex Isle!. Thankfully he’s moved on to better things, as have others. Though Fiji once was a kind of Paradise, many now realise that it has too many opportunistic, immoral self serving opportunists and that life is basically too much of a hassle. Thanks go the the junta and those that sign up to this iIG. How many times should it take for the monkeys to catch on. Well Frank still hasn’t. Samy and hot potatoes seem a good combination, not that it’ll do him any good.

  33. moz Says:

    The *asteriks can be taken off many of those on this list. Some are definitely enjoying the job of being Voreqe’s minions and saying “Yes Please” to the Master! They’re no longer as innocent as what they hope us to believe!

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    And.. hear hear @moz. Very well said !

    The utterance is also “Yes sir , yes sir”.

  35. patience Says:



    National Task Team 1 – Good Governance
    1. Mr. Josefa Serulagilagi (Co-Chair) (Chairman, Tailevu Provincial Council);
    2. Mr. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum (Co-Chair) (Attorney-General and Minister for
    Justice, Public Enterprises, Electoral Reform and Anti-Corruption);
    3. Mr. Filipe Bole (Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts, Youth and Sports);
    4. Ratu Epeli Ganilau (Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration)
    5. Ratu Williame Katonivere (Macuata Provincial Council);
    6. Ratu Meli Bolobolo (Ra Provincial Council);
    7. Mr. Daniel Urai (Fiji Trade Union Congress);
    8. Ratu Meli Vesikula (Peoples Initiatives for Change);
    9. Mr. Rajeshwar Kumar (Lord Mayor, Nasinu);
    10. Rev. Akuila Yabaki (Citizens Constitutional Forum);
    11. Ms. Penelope Moore (Women’s Action for Change);
    12. Ratu Filimone Ralogaivau (Former Chairman, Bua Provincial Council); and
    13. Ratu Josefa Basulu (Former Chairman, Lau Provincial Council).

    National Task Team 2 – Growing the Economy
    1. Mr. Mahendra P. Chaudhry (Chairman) (Minister for Finance, National
    Planning, Sugar Industry and Public Utilities);
    2. Mr. Joketani Cokanasiga (Minister for Primary Industries);
    3. Mr. Tom Ricketts (Minister for Industry, Tourism, Trade and
    4. Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu (Minister for Lands, Mineral Resources and
    5. Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo (Kadavu Provincial Council);
    6. Ms. Jokapeci Koroi (President, Fiji Labour Party);
    7. Mr. Rupeni Silimaibau (Provincial Youth Forum of the Fiji Islands);
    8. Mr. Desmond Whiteside (President, Fiji Manufacturers Association);
    9. Mr. Patrick Wong (Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association)
    10. Mr. Vinod Naidu (President, Ba Andra Sangam); and
    11. Mr. Tahir Munshi (Vice President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Fiji).

    National Task Team 3 – Socio-Cultural Identity and Nation Building
    1. Ms. Lorine Tevi (Co-Chair) (President, Fiji Council of Social Services);
    2. Mr. Dijendra Singh (Vice Chairman, Fiji Girmit Council);
    3. Pt. Kamlesh Arya (President, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji);
    4. Dr. Jiko Luveni (Minister for Health)
    5. Ratu Epeli Ganilau (Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration);
    6. Mr. Dewan C. Maharaj (President, Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji);
    7. Ratu Jolame Lewanavanua (Former Chairman, Lomaiviti Provincial Council);
    8. Mr. Teatu Rewi (Chairman, Rabi Council of Leaders);
    9. Ms. Selina Lee Wah (Social Worker, Labasa);
    10. Mr. Atunaisa Lacabuka (Former Chairman, Serua Provincial Council);
    11. Ms. Urmila P. Jokhan (Secretary, Stri Sewa Sabha of Fiji); and
    12. Prof. Satendra Nandan (University of Fiji).

    Working Group Members
    Working Group 1 – Governance, Leadership, Constitutional and Electoral

    NCBBF Members
    1. Rev. Akuila Yabaki (Chair)
    2. Mr. Filipe Bole
    3. Mr. Daniel Urai
    4. Mr. Rajeshwar Kumar
    5. Ratu Epeli Ganilau
    6. Mr. Josefa Serulagilagi
    7. Mr. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
    8. Ratu Meli Vesikula

    Non-Government Members
    9. Prof. Rajesh Chandra (Deputy Chair)
    10. Ms. Chantelle Khan
    11. Mr. Taniela Bolea
    12. Mr. Atu Rasoki
    13. Mr. Josaia Gucake
    14. Fr. David Arms

    Government Members
    15. Mr. Parmesh Chand
    16. Col. Pio Tikoduadua
    17. Mr. Edward Blakelock
    18. Col. Pita Driti
    19. Mr. Christopher Pryde

    Working Group 2 – Institutional and Public Sector Reform
    NCBBF Members
    1. Mr. Josefa Serulagilagi
    2. Mr. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
    3. Ratu Filimone R. Ralogaivau
    4. Ratu Williame Katonivere
    5. Ratu Meli Bolobolo
    6. Ratu Meli Vesikula

    Non-Government Members
    7. Mr. Winston Thompson (Chair)
    8. Mr. Iqbal Janiff
    9. Mr. Brij Lal
    10. Mr. Iowane Naiveli (Deputy Chair)
    11. Mr. Swani Maharaj
    12. Mr. Humphrey Chang

    Government Members
    13. Mrs. Taina Tagicakibau
    14. Mr. Taito Waqa
    15. Mr. Peceli Vocea
    16. Col. Pio Tikoduadua
    17. Col. Apakuki Kurusiga
    18. Maj. Kitione Tuinaosara
    19. Mr. Chris Marshall

    Working Group 3 – Role of Fiji’s Security Forces in National Development
    NCBBF Members
    1. Ms. Penelope Moore (Chair)
    2. Ratu Epeli Ganilau
    3. Mr. Daniel Urai
    4. Mr. Rajeshwar Kumar
    5. Rev. Akuila Yabaki

    Non-Government Members
    6. Mrs. Ecelini Weleilakeba
    7. Fr. Kevin Barr
    8. Professor Bill Aalbersberg
    9. Mr. Berenado Vunibobo
    10. Mr. David Evans

    Government Members
    12. Commodore Esala Teleni
    13. Mr. Malakai Tadulala
    14. Comdr. Viliame Naupoto
    15. Col. Aziz Mohammed
    16. Col. Iowane Naivalurua.
    17. Capital Inoke Ratotodro

    Working Group 4 – Clarifying the Role of Government, Private Sector and Civil Society for Stronger Growth, Greater Equity and Sustainability

    NCBBF Members
    1. Ms. Jokapeci Koroi
    2. Mr. Patrick Wong
    3. Mr. Rupeni Silimaibau
    4. Mr. Desmond Whiteside

    Non-Government Members
    5. Rt. Isoa Gavidi (Chair)
    6. Dr. Chandra Dulare
    7. Mr. Josefa Kanaenabogi
    8. Mr. Graeme Thorpe
    9. Mr. Himmat Lodhia
    10. Mr. Humprey Chang
    11. Mr. Errol Fiffer

    Government Members
    12. Mr. Jonisio K B Mara
    13. Mr. Etika Kaurasi
    14. Mr. Cama Tuiloma
    15. Mr. Manasa Vaniqi
    16. Mr. Peceli Vocea
    17. Mr. Epeli Nasome

    Working Group 5 – Development of the Financial Services Sector
    NCBBF Members
    1. Mr. Mahendra Chaudhry
    2. Mr. Tom Ricketts
    3. Mr. Desmond Whiteside (Chair)
    4. Mr. Vinod Naidu

    Non-Government Members
    5. Dr. Sukhdev Shah
    6. Mr. Barry Whiteside
    7. Mr. Arun Kumar
    8. Mr. Francis Narayan
    9. Mr. Savenaca Nacanaitaba
    10. Mr. Aisake Taito
    11. Mr. Les Chapman
    12. Mr. Willie Kwansing
    13. Mr. Nalin Patel
    14. Mr. Robert Bell
    15. Ms. Mereia Volavola

    Government Members
    16. Mr. Peceli Vocea
    17. Mr. Joji Boseiwaqa
    18. Mr. Manasa Tagicakibau
    19. Dr. Rohit Kishore

    Working Group 6 – Development of Resource-Based Sectors
    NCBBF Members
    1. Rt. Josateki Nawalowalo
    2. Mr. Joketani Cokanasiga
    3. Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu
    4. Mr. Tahir Munshi
    5. Mr. Desmond Whiteside

    Non-Government Members
    6. Mr. Timothy Brown
    7. Mr. Grahame Southwick
    8. Mr. Aca Domolailai (Co Chair)
    9. Mr. Kaiming Qiu
    10. Mr. Alec Chang
    11. Ms. Susana Tuisese
    12. Ratu Savenaca Seniloli
    13. Mr. George Niumataiwalu (Chair)

    Government Members
    14. Dr. Richard Beyer
    15. Dr. Niumaia Tabunakawai
    16. Mr. Meli Benuci
    17. Dr. Rohit Kishore
    18. Mr. Seremaia Tuikoro
    19. Mr. Joeli Cawaki

    Working Group 7 – Poverty, Social Justice and Human Rights
    NCBBF Members
    1. Mr. Teatu Rewi
    2. Ms. Selina Lee Wah
    3. Mr. Atunaisa Lacabuka
    4. Mr. Rupeni Silimaibau
    5. Mr. Desmond Whiteside
    6. Ms. Lorine Tevi
    7. Ratu Samuela Waqanaceva

    Non-Government Members
    8. Fr. Kevin Barr
    9. Mr. Hassan Khan
    10. Professor Richard Naidu
    11. Prof. Vijay Naidu
    12. Mr. Michael Brook
    13. Ms. Leba Halofaki
    14. Ms. Teresa Apted
    15. Mr. Savenaca Nacanaitaba
    16. Dr. Mary Schramm
    17. Ms. Alisi Daurewa
    18. Mr. Ajay Ashween Kumar
    19. Rev. John Teana
    20. Ms Suruj Mati Nand
    21. Mr. Mesake Dakai
    22. Mr. Mesake Senibulu

    Government Members
    23. Mr. Viliame Naupoto
    24. Mr. Ross Ligairi
    25. Ms. Litia Mawi
    26. Ms. Latileta K. Makasiale
    27. Mr. Albert Rosa
    28. Mr. Tevita Boseiwaqa
    29. Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
    30. Ms. Ilisapeci Rokotunidau

    Working Group 8 – Meeting Basic Needs, Education, Health and Housing
    NCBBF Members
    1. Ms. Lorine Tevi
    2. Mr. Dewan Chand Maharaj
    3. Dr. Jiko Luveni
    4. Mr. Atunaisa Lacabuka
    5. Mr. Desmond Whiteside

    Non-Government Members
    6. Mr. Alipate Naiorosui (Chair)
    7. Mr. Isikeli Nasoga
    8. Mr. Philip Michael Filipo
    9. Dr. Neil Sharma
    10. Dr. Sitiveni Yanuyanutawa
    11. Ms. Ms. Mere Rokosawa
    12. Mr. Sam Foi
    13. Ms. Sushila Pathik
    14. Mr. Alec Fatiaki
    15. Mr. Mesake Dakai
    16. Mr. Ugesh Narayan
    17. Mr. Mike Brook
    18. Dr. Graham Roberts
    19. Ms. Urmila Prasad Jokhan
    20. Fr. Kevin Barr
    21. Mr. Humphrey Chang

    Government Members
    22. Mrs. Emi Rabukawaqa
    23. Mr. Netani Baleiwaievo Rika
    24. Mr. Jone Tavainavesi
    25. Mr. Subhas Chandra
    26. Ms. Rusieli Taukei
    27. Dr. Ami Chandra

    Working Group 9 – National Identity and the Role of Religion and Culture in
    Nation Building
    NCBBF Members
    1. Rt. Epeli Nailatikau
    2. Mr. Dijendra Singh
    3. Mr. Kamlesh Arya
    4. Ms. Lorine Tevi (Chair)
    5. Mr. Dewan Chand Maharaj
    6. Mr. Atunaisa Lacabuka
    7. Mr. Desmond Whiteside
    8. Ratu Meli Vesikula

    Non-Government Members
    9. Mr. Aisake Casimira
    10. Mr. Bhuwan Dutt
    11. Ms. Tessa Mackenzie
    12. Prof. Satendra Nandan
    13. Mr. Indra Deo
    14. Ms. Marama Sovaki
    15. Mr. Mike Brook

    Government Members
    16. Ms. Laisa Vueti
    17. Mr. Mosese Semi
    18. Mr. Peni Cavuilagi
    19. Mr. Misiwaini Qereqeretabua
    20. Mr. Are Wakowako
    21. Mr. Ram Chandar
    22. Mr. Nemani Drova
    23. Mr. Sefanaia Qalobogidua

    Mr. John Samy – Head TASS
    Mr. Pita Wise – Deputy Secretary

    National Task Team 1 (NTT1): Good Governance (Legal, Political, Institutional and
    Constitutional Reforms)
    Mr. Edmund Attridge
    Mr. Jone Dakuvula
    Professor Richard Herr

    National Task Team 2 (NTT2): Growing the Economy
    Mr. Michael Moriarty

    National Task Team 1 (NTT3): Social-Cultural Identity and Nation Building.
    Mr. David Smith

    Public Relations and Media
    Mr. Filimone Kau
    Mr. Patrick Craddock
    Mr. Kisoko Cagituevei
    Mr. Rudra Nand Maharaj

    Administration – Mrs. Sereani Bainimarama

  36. Dauvavana Says:

    at midget gal I am six feet two or three, have to cross check that again,

    now i have a problem, how can I convince my existing wife that I need two wives…………………I heard its allowed in the Koran 8)

    way to go, I jus seek some counsel of wisdom mada from Aziz the wanna be ko-ma-da

    Naita, IB can you conduct a civilian marriage publicly at Sukuna Park?? O kemudou nai taukei ni qele butuka tu 😉

    okay, time to water down my gin, too much trip cala lately

  37. agent vinod Says:

    BEN PADARATH is another coup apologist who should be added to the shame list (like his mother hen La) and wud hve shoved himself in the limelight already if it weren’t for his criminal conviction in causing the death of a young woman (Julie Stark) in that horrific car accident in May 2003, after a hot pursuit by police from Victoria Parade all the way to Nasese seawall where he wrapped the car around a coconut tree and as a result, the car spilt into complete halves. Another young woman passenger, Arieta Bulewa sustained severe multiple injuries to her head, legs and severe burns to her upper thighs. Driver Ben Padarath and his beau Charlotte Peters (Fiji Sun journalist) miraculously survived that fatal accident. the S.O.B Padarath was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 2 years in prison, he was disqualified from driving for 3 years and fined only $2,000. However, after serving only 10months in prison, the S.O.B. was released as an extra-mural prisoner on 24 June 2007.

    And as expected only from a typical slimy SOB, con-artist, Padarath decided to go driving again on our roads, firstly on the sly and soon enough, the SOB thought he was back to being the ‘invincible King of the road……. that is, until he caused another traffic accident and thankfully, this time no one was killed. The accident happened in broad daylight, in front of GPH bldng (formerly the old Grand Pacific Hotel and converted into a brothel for goonies since Dec06). Rumour has it that Ben was busy poking his skinny head out of the car to see if he could spot his ‘karua’ in GPH. Anyway people, the S.O.B is STILL being investigated for this broad daylight accident on 25 September 2007……and it’s almost a year now!

    Emboldened by Fiji’s situation, this SOB applied to the High Court recently to ‘lift’ the order for his driving disqualification which was to have expired on 23 August 2009. In his application to the High Court, the S.O.B tried to con the presiding High Court Judge that he had been given permission by our former President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Gordon Ward (isn’t that convenient given that the principled Judge has already left our shores) in May 2007, to drive only during the day.

    Well, well, well…. what a fcuking con-artist this guy is because when they checked, there was NO order by Justice Ward in the Court of Appeal nor was there any application in the Court registry to have his driving disqualification lifted, even partially! Tobo tu o van damme. As a result, the High Court judge threw out his application. He was so lucky to have got off so lightly after misleading and lying through his teeth to the Court. And this is a man who tried to stand for a parliament seat in the last national elections (and thankfully, LOST!)

    You, the people, are the judge in deciding the kind of people who want as your leaders, the kind of people who will inspire you by the strength of their character and display their convictions through their actions.

    @ SV – do you think we could, in time, have a “No, No, Not You” list for the next elections… and add BEN PADARATH amongst the shamed failed politicians listed above.

    Remember people, Padarath’s disqualification runs until 23 August 2009. So, if you ever spot him driving anywhere on Fiji’s roads, just call 917 and pile on the complaints. Motor wo-manslaughters like him should never ever be allowed to drive, anywhere, ever again.

  38. IslandBoy Says:

    Naita Dauvavana – kerekere vakabibi meu vakagalalataki ena veivosaki ni vakamau oqori. Au se kilai noqu daku ga ni tinadratou na gone, lai tuberi na kamunaga vi Momo.

    Au sa kanaka qima vi kemuni ena gauna drau vaqaivi koya tiko kina na yalewa qase mai Serene na tabu ni wai yalataka o Bu Tava.

    Ko na vivosaki vou qori au rerevaka vakalevu, ni segai tiko ni macala na vanua cava ena sota kina na kemuni balavu kei na marama lada na.

  39. Juicy Lucy Says:

    Folks how about it Litiana Bainimarama Seruvatu is back in town with her daughters.Word has it that her dearly beloved has shagged up with another lady in New Zealand………….no wonder she has been lunching at MHCC Suva with AG……….probably seeking legal advice……at daddy’s expense.

  40. LUVfiji Says:

    wow.. that was jucy; Juicy Lucy!

    If it is true, it seems everything about him is beginning to disintegrate. Evidently though, while the regime still stands, it is serving the family well.. overseas trips for wifey and now free legal advice for the ditched daughter, and flaunting it. Youd think they would choose to go somewhere less public – cheap trick! Enjoy it while you can piggies!

  41. Mr.X Says:

    @ Juicy Lucy – perhaps Litiana’s visa has been revoked by NZ?? I expected this from DAY 1.

  42. Slim Says:

    SV – I still dont see Pio Bosco Tikoisuva’a name on the shame list and he is in Lonodn now representing the people of Fijieven though his appointment is illegal. I agree with FDN @ August 26 @ 2:00 p.m. and so all that accepts any appointment to whtever level should be on the list.

  43. Tabace Says:

    Okay,Kaiyum fire the Chairman of airport Fiji Mr Bossley did he replaced him with an indo?

  44. Jone Says:

    Good morning bloggers no particular purpose except to transfer the shame list to the front.

  45. Keep The Faith Says:

    You can add Dr Neil Sharma and Josefa Seruilagilagi to your shame-list now.

    Jeez…they’re all coming out of the woodwork now aye? I’m sure there’ll be more.

    But right now increasing the number of cabinet members is the last thing the govt coffers needs. So when the incumbent Health Minister say’s she can’t handle her portfolio, I’m thinking WTF and WTF was she thinking…that being a Minister is all about glamming it up in NY?

  46. Mic Of Redhillz Club Says:

    Just around to say thank u very much for the job well done ….keep up the good work!! From the RedHillz Club …..

  47. Mic Of Redhillz Club Says:

    Trues up!! this interim ministers took their post for granted…just for the luv of going overseas and wasting taxpayers money. Lucky ga this ppl were apponted through the VAKAVANUA POLICY,<>>nothing much can be said [who ever polish that upside down silver basin will be promoted……..Ha! HA! HA!]

  48. Waqa. Says:

    You’ve missed possibly one of the most important & influential names?

    Check out PAFCO – human recources director?

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