Police will monitor charter launch

Well bloggers, the launching of the Charter this afternoon will be under heavy Police protection. SV says the using of Police to maintain a heavy presence means that it is not popular at all and Vore fears public backlash! How can this document claim to save Fiji, when the majority of Fijians reject it? Vore and Mataca are pissing in the wind if they think they can push ahead with the Charter and hope it will be accepted? The Methodist Church continues to reject the Charter and have remained steadfast in their opposition. They have been very rationale about it. Mataca on the other hand has been made to look stupid by blindly following Vore. SV asks, what happens after Vore’s dismal launching of the Charter?????? Any guesses???

Monday, August 25, 2008


The first Draft People’s Charter will be launched at Civic Center this evening. Taken from / By: FBCL

The launch of the Draft People’s Charter to be carried out this afternoon under heavy police presence.

Police spokesperson Ema Mua says they are taking a no-nonsense approach to the event which will be launched by the interim Prime Minister at Suva’s Civic Center this evening.

“We of the police organisation is of the view that many people still have different views to it (charter) but nevertheless we are still giving our advice – that there are ways in which you can express those views rather than taking drastic measures because we as arms of the law will be keeping a close eye on those who would try to sabotage perhaps or create instability during the evenings program.”

The draft charter will be taken out to all four divisions in the country this week by senior government officials.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


54 Responses to “Police will monitor charter launch”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    Why the f*$@ do it anyway? Bloody waste of space, waste of taxpayers money…

    Keimami sa sauma mada na conman nei John Samy, then we pay for the printing of the stupid farter charter, now we pay for the security of the launch…

    Dou veitauri ga…

    Bloody pisses me off saraga…

  2. Talei Says:

    Oh, the toilet paper has arrived. LMAO!

  3. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    The standard of English is laughable – must be taking their cue from the other pieces of toilet paper being distributed by the IG recently… the FHRC Media Report and the like.

  4. Pusilo Says:

    Sometime time ago there were lack of toilet papers in govt bldg toilets. Can we get some of those charter farter in there….liu sara ga to the PM’s office.

  5. Ablaze Says:

    Bang lot of no school bavulus!

  6. hopefiji Says:

    I suggest that people/groups/NGO’s individuals collectively show their rejection by publically burning the Charter. Please tell your folks in the Fiji, towns, cities, suburbs – when the charter teams come around or if is mailed to you…BURN IT. DO IT PUBLICALLY….INVITE THE MEDIA, POST ON BLOGS, BUT MAKE IT BE KNOWN THAT YOU AND YOUR KINSMAN/WOMEN DO NOT ACCEPT NOR WILL SUPPORT!!!


  7. Ablaze Says:

    Great idea hopefiji but we do not want to get anyone into any kind of trouble.

    Best thing to do is to post it back to the idiots marked; Illegal Document. Not Worth The Paper Its Written On. RETURN TO SENDER FOR USE AS THEIR TOILET PAPER.

  8. kaiveicoco Says:

    this request is for something totally different from this issue.Could you plse print the full text ( or at least part of it ) of Felix Anthony’ speech last weekend where he is singing praises about the tourism industry as the economic driver of the economy.Sugar cane is no longer sweet for this labour buggers!!

  9. Billy Says:

    I feel sorry for the gutless spineless poor relatives servants of the military Police, laurai ga nodra lamulamu, qai via vakateratera tiko vei ira na civilians when it comes to military guns, loki buina tiko. Laurai ga na Fiji Poofter Force!!! They should just wind up and change their uniform into green goons. Whereas the police is supposed to take care of the security of the people, now they are taking care of their masters the military. Vakaloloma nodra bula na tagane ni Viti va qo, sa sivia ga na lamusona, Teleni, Tabakau etc.

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Early on this afternoon, we saw police checkpoints pop up around the Suva City area!

    Wailei, nobody wants to go and hear that dickhead launch the farter charter!

    You’ll all look stupid – heavy security and nobody thea…ha..ha…ha..

    I hear, you’re all looking for people to attend the launch..what a laugh to find the rows of empty seats…qori maleka..

  11. kaiviti4lyf Says:

    the charter is accursed!

  12. taumada Says:

    full house people!

    I hear it was all civil servants who got promoted in the audience – PSs, DSs, Electoral Commissioners, Boundaries Commissioners, 40 NCBBF nobodies, 9 interim minister nobodies, all the TASS secretariat, Colonel ‘corporate corporal’ Aziz, Dimwiti, insig rfmf majors. All instructed to bring their wives and dress in bula.

    Police band playing and the ‘we love frank’ gravy train is rolling to the stolen beats of the police jazz band…. all kaibichiies baci taralala de nite away…. courtesy of taxpayers…. no sign of the 300 page Economy report, only the summary with the farters charter—lotsa toilet paper being distributed today. Or you can use it for fuel since the fuel prices are so high.

    Again cranky franky repeated – NO CHARTER, NO ELECTIONS.

  13. Groggymaster Says:

    Isn’t it ironic that police are putting up roadblocks around the city – I understand that at RFN, Wise is trying to bus-in real people so as not to embarass un-embarassable Bainibaulu. Must be a new trick he learnt from his recent visit to China.

  14. Ablaze Says:

    Oilei vaka loloma talk about “Rent A Crowd”

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Ablaze, when you post back your military charter, remember to NOT put a stamp on it.

    That way they will have to pay double to get their toilet paper back.

    Or you can cut it up into squares, staple them together and leave them in public toilets to reaffirm the use of the military charter.

    I like the idea of a public bonfire in each village and street in Suva.

    What a great way to get maximum international TV coverage of your opposition.

    Don’t forget to hammer home to everyone you see that if they support the military charter, then the military will have greater power than the parliament.

    Nobody with a sane mind wishes to live in a military dictatorship.

  16. Wailei Says:

    Oilei, sa desperado dina o ratou na Bainipuaka lelevu..

  17. Billy Says:

    Too true! I can not understand the gullible fools that have allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing that a toilet paper of a charter can actually do some wonders. Oilei! By the way, an ad to be put in the media to promote the charter includes the military saying that it has not been the cause of the coup but businessmen and politicians. Hello, so far two military officers had taken the gun to over throw elected govts, while George only had the guts to do it cause he knew the reinforcement was coming from the kemba. So let us keep nailing these empty heads that it is thru their guns that coups are carried out, pay time is NEAR! Game is over, circus has come to town!!!

  18. Wailei Says:

    I cant believe that FM96 is promoting the Freaking Charter Farter..

  19. penshu Says:

    Bloggers, JOHN SAMY was not at the charter launch – he has fled to New Zealand

  20. Believe it or Not Says:

    Frank caught with Avenai in compromising position. Close sources said the shear stress of things clouded his conscious in a moment of ecstasy. Mere upset and waiting with sasa at home. All this just hours before the charter launch.

  21. Wailei Says:

    yeah run little puppy run….

  22. Billy Says:

    This is why we should tell Clark and Rudd to put a tighter rein on their nationals that come to con our people by cashing in on our misery. Justice will be served when we can get all our hardearned taxes back by surcharging these people or putting them all to Naboro.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Even the grammar is incorrect !

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    we,(plural) is of (singular) etc.

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    We,referring to the police organisation , but there is only one , so why are they saying we ?
    and is of , when they should be saying , are of !
    If they can’t even spell or use correct grammar , what hope have they got of running the country ?

  26. Billy Says:

    Talk about their no-nonsense approach, I rather think they are paranoid. The people must guise the launch and burn the charter- me ratou pote!

  27. Billy Says:

    Sa misi ga o ira na vola speech!!! Poor stupid civil servants, they need to take a stand against an illegal doc.

  28. Billy Says:

    Bloggers, hear ye, the proclamation by the nutty pretender IGPM

    Fiji Constitution will be changed: PM

    Fiji’s Constitution will be changed, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    Bainimarama says the changes will be made most probably in the area of electoral reform.

    But, he says, the amendments will be made in consultation with and
    consensus from Fiji’s people.

    He made the comments while launching the consultation process of the Draft People’s Charter in Suva.

    “The constitution should be a breathing and living document and the architects of the charter have made provisions for changes in the Constitution,” Bainimarama told the audience at the launch.

    “There is emerging consensus that there should be changes in things such as electoral reforms.”

    Bainimarama said the Constitution was drawn up with the thought that changes would be made to it.

    He said that although the changes were necessary there should be wide consensus and dialogue with political parties.

    According to Bainimarama, the charter consultation process gave an opportunity to everybody who wanted to voice their concerns about the charter.

    He said the interim Government did not wish to enforce the Charter on the people of Fiji but would rather have it accepted through consultation and consensus.

    “It is not called the Bainimarama Charter or the People’s Charter, the changes in the draft people’s charter is not the views of the government but the collective views of many segments of our wide society.”


  29. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Wasn’t it great to see chodopu$$ making a fool of himself on CloseUp last night.

    What a liar.

  30. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Billy, the only thing that bananasinpyjamas hasn’t worked out is how do you change a constitution without having a vote in parliament.

    CHICKENMAN He’s everywhere! He’s all over the place!

    Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have seen 100 people stand up tonight and chant, Buck, buck buck, when CHICKENMAN stood up to mumble his way through chand’s speech.
    bananas would have choked on embarasment.

  31. Billy Says:

    Well said ex FT.I myself thought of holding protest placards outside as I did not want to legitimize their charter by being inside. However, the fool does not realise that you need two thirds of MPs to support any change to the constitution. and before that is even done he should be languishing in naboro, the choro falla!

  32. Nostradamus Says:

    Did anyone turn up to the Civic Centre event other than those paid to turn up, i.e. civil servants, NCBIF, IG, military? Did they at least offer free drinks to all the thirsty patrons who would otherwise freqent the usual hotels and clubs. Were the Miss Hibiscus contestants on sale again?
    When is the Charter promotion scheduled to unveiled in Somosomo? Will the freighter carrying the TP and shelf paper have a Navy escort?
    When it gets to the West, can it be used to roll weed?

  33. Dauvavana Says:

    Did anybody see the rows of empty seats on Fiji One TV nice last night and that salusalu on the Pigs head looks like someone’s done a quick one with whatever greens he/she could grab to make the garland. Like some toss up salad. Whatever happened to a nice sisi?

    The salusalu was so thck with green leaves the pigs head poping out of it reminds one of a little penis peeping out of an overgrown pubic bush. Must be modelled on John Sami’s unshaven face bahahahahahaha

  34. Billy Says:

    I thought the head was popping out of a burning bullsh..vakaloloma na kena i rairai. They should have put salato, thorns and thistles to make it katchi. Ha ha

  35. anon Says:

    Daushoot, baci yawa nomu comparision……………

  36. Keep The Faith Says:

    Put the word out on the wires (coconut included) to all kith & kin to stay away from public outreach/PR Charter forums.

    This way when the real FREE & INDEPENDENT media report it they can publish/broadcast the lack of public support which sends a stronger signal to the international community.

    At least when pacific leaders discuss Fiji again in Dec they know for sure that Frank’s “hearts and minds” campaign has only captured a very miniscule percentage of our country i.e. only the opportunistic benefactors of the coup who are sucking the country dry.

  37. Tim Says:

    Geez Frank really has been taken in by a load of burble-speak!
    “Hearts and Minds” campaigns, “Living and Breathing” documents that can’t spell (neither can I), are grammatically incorrect and ambiguous.
    Can this living and breathing document be given an organ transplant? – perhaps a new heart and a new mind.

  38. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    ex Fiji Tourist

    Alternatively someone should had left a recording of chickens on and let that run just as the Voreqe was giving his speech…

    I can see all of them in a flurry and then iAG, Police Commish and the fake Blonde One releasing a statment telling people not to engage in inciting conduct

  39. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    NobleBannerBlue, I like it.

    Why didn’t I think of that.

    It reminds me of the old TV skit about the Olympics when a runner from Rowanda wins the gold. The backroom people couldn’t find the National Anthem so they played ” Row, Row Row your boat, gently down the stream”.

    What a shame someone didn’t play an episode of CHICKENMAN last night to warm up the ‘rent-a-crowd’.

    Remember to tell everyone that if they sign anything from these losers, it will mean that they support living in a military dictatorship.

  40. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Have a good look into the meanings behind this garbage.

    “”””The National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) Media Head, Filimoni Kau said after people are consulted on what the Draft Charter is all about, they will have their say on what they think, by signing a special response form.
    Kau said the form will help the NCBBF measure people’s opinion on whether they accept or reject the charter.
    Kau added the signing of the form will be done in a transparent way, as witnesses will be assigned to verify the process.”””””

    ‘special response form’; what in the name of the devil is that?

    Look at the last sentence; it is enough to take your thoughts to Zimbabwe.

    Remember a policeman ‘blew the whistle’ when he told the world that the men in his unit were made to vote in front of their commanding officer. He wanted to vote for the opposition leader but he was bullied into voting for magabe.

    bananasinpyjamas has certainly learnt a lot from that thug.

  41. Save the Sheep Says:

    Glad you all agree. C- the best this paper could get.

    Bonfires are good but how about just scribble NO over every page and throw them back to Police Posts, and Military base Gates. Enough of us do that and the message is pretty clear eh?

  42. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Cost of fly by night opportunists and NCBBF nothing better to do participants $500,000

    Cost of printing TP $500,000

    Loss to country by pursuing this Charter instead of elections Priceless

  43. Billy Says:

    Right now, all anti-Charter people should also be mobilising PR teams and radio ads telling their rellies in the koros not to sign, stay away and have nothing to do with the Charter. Baleta o kedatou tamata rerere, qai via vakayalovinakata taka na tamata, ra bai qai la mai na yavo bokola ra kauta tiko mai na TPCharter, da sign tu.

  44. moz Says:

    Don’t sign, dont do anything on any garbage feed-back form that will reveal your identity!

    Have these guys heard of the importance of the SECRECY of the BALLOT or the VOTE as a fundamental benchmark to showing the “free will” of the people in any democracy?? Not providing that secrecy to the potential charter voter and not being assured that your identity will not be known (and will not be provided to Voreqe and his greenies to come and hunt you and your village/community down and forever penalise you!) – will flaw the whole process!

    Bunch of idiots! Trying to invent somthing that they know nothing about – go back to school and learn about “legitimacy”!

  45. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Let’s hope that the Pacific forum countries come out and strongly condemn the military charter Zimbabwian like process.

    Imagine having to tick yes or NO in front of an official and then sign your name.

    It is time for Rudd and Clark and Somare to speak out against this flawed process BEFORE it starts.

    It will be too late after bananasinpyjamas declares that 95% of people in Fiji love him.

  46. Tim Says:

    @ eFT. I agree. It is indeed time for Clarke and Rudd to put their money where their mouths are. In one case at least, the future of their next election outcome might very well be dependant on it. I know at least Clarke can afford to bide her time if she loses and after the spectacular failure of the one term her opponents might gain, but she should think of the damage done the last time round.

  47. Tim Says:

    Which reminds me, under Frank, it seems it is somewhat luxurious to expect an ability to vote. Sometimes I wish the travel bans weren’t in place.

  48. Billy Says:

    If we are still having problems with invalid votes, we should get the people to just scribble all over the form to make it invalid. This will be the biggest number of invalid toilet papers they can put into the incinerator.

  49. Billy Says:

    Better still, people should demand to vote first before signing the consent form.

  50. ruffpine Says:

    Waste of time and taxpayers money…just like the military.

  51. ruffpine Says:

    Illegal govt is trying to cut costs. Well, using the PC as toilet paper is the first step.

  52. Cama Says:

    The IG should see the capacity of audience in the launch of the charter and gauge for themselves. was the launch ever came close to crowd at the hibiscus or the methodist choir competition?

    No matter any amount of awareness done, wont change our stand on the illegal charter.

  53. sav Says:

    Definitely a waste!

  54. manasa Says:

    Billy MA CHODO how about change the constitution and put one clause 80% of INDIAN earnings should come US ! I tell u we will be happiest people without sweating our arse………….lazy bum

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