‘Fiji PM ridiculed Forum’s independence’

Top of the morning bloggers. Well the condemnation is by all members of the Forum and not just confined to Australia and New Zealand. Wannabe interim AG. Aiyaz trying to deflect the condemnation as only the views of Australia and New Zealand has been rejected by Dr. Derek Sikua, PM of the Solomon Islands and the Melanesian Spearhead Group. The illegal junta have burnt their bridges with the Forum and it will take a lot of fence mending when the newly elected government comes into power. Nailatikau’s blaming NZ’s refusing to allow them to travel to Niue via NZ as the reason for Vore’s non attendance is pathetic because Helen Clarke denies it and everyone knows Vore did not go because he had no guts to face the music. SV says to Vore – TAMATA LAMULAMU!!!

Fiji’s interim Prime Minister is ridiculing the independence and integrity of all members of the Forum, says Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi.

Malielegaoi reportedly said Pacific Island leaders agonized for hours over the use of the word “suspension” while debating their response to Fiji’s boycott of the summit, according to Radio New Zealand.

Tuilaepa speaking in Niue said it does not help Commodore Bainimarama’s cause to continue playing the tactic of attributing decisions of the forum to the influence of either New Zealand or Australia.

Also Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua said despite counterclaims from Fiji, the threat to suspend her from the Pacific Islands Forum is supported by all the island countries, including those from Melanesia.

The Forum sent a blunt signal to Fiji’s interim Government last week saying it had to re-commit to elections under the current Constitution by March next year or they would consider its suspension.

Interim Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said the stance is a New Zealand/Australia initiative and is not indicative of the position of all Pacific countries.

But Dr Sikua said that at the Melanesian Spearhead Group summit earlier this year in Vanuatu, the other Melanesian countries strongly urged Commodore Bainimarama to hold elections in March as he had promised.

“…and that’s been our stand, we have been very consistent in supporting the commitments he has made to the 2007 Forum in Tonga. So this is not Australia and New Zealand this is the Forum’s stand that we continue to urge him to meet the commitment that he has pledged,” said Dr Sikua.

Fiji’s former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry last night said the Forum is in danger of losing its reputation if it continues to follow the path being advanced by Australia and New Zealand, adding there has been a lack of strong leadership among island nations.



34 Responses to “‘Fiji PM ridiculed Forum’s independence’”

  1. penshu Says:

    From $2 Joe boci:

    Leaders urged to put political agendas aside


    Chiefs, political and religious leaders have been urged to put their differences and political agendas aside for the betterment of the country.

    Great Council of Chiefs taskforce chairman and co-chair on Growing the Economy National Task Team Ratu Josateki Nawowalo said there was too much spite, jealousy and ill-feeling amongst leaders and no one was talking about reconciliation.

    Ratu Josateki said it seemed there was no room for forgiveness and reconciliation at all levels of leadership.

    “This is the missing link,” he said. “How can we talk about good governance or having a better government if we can’t reconcile our differences?”

    He said the Methodist Church was now focused on politics when it should talk about poverty alleviation.

    The church was deviating from its role which had resulted in many breaking away to join other denominations.

    “I’m a Methodist and I don’t believe in the church taking sides. It is supposed to be neutral,” he said.

    Ratu Josateki said the church had members with different political beliefs but was talking politics so much and was forgetting to talk about poverty alleviation.

    He said the interim government was in authority whether we liked it or not and the people would just have to live with it.

    “If we want to take the country forward all we have to do is help the government of the day rather than bark from the side,” he said.

    On the formation of the Great Council of Chiefs, he pleaded with chiefs to come on board and move the country forward. “Forget their political agenda and come forward,” he said.

    “We need to appoint a vice-president considering the health of the president.

  2. Striker Says:

    Let’s support Driti, the professional military cadre ousted by the pig and those in the army who wish to return the country to early democratic rule. For the pig , Ului, $2.00 and their supporters, leave them to the long arm of the law!

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Oilei this is just a vicious circle. The idiots will lie, cheat trying to gain all the support they want. “Nothing would be possible for them if the military was not on their side.”

    Just declare Fiji a Dictatorship and “Bainipuaka Law.” That will put a stop to their presumptions because it will be proven that the Regime and their wanker leader were not getting anyway so had to resort to the lowest form of Govt to survive.

    Vakaloloma na vakasama, Rudd & Clarke do not have to care about Fiji because the majority of the citizens of these countries don’t even care what happens in Fiji – they just love Fiji as a tourist destination.

    So much quotation from the bible – we must realize that the bible is easily translated to how one wants to have it translated. These days another to do with the bible I skimp pass as I have my own version of makes me a good, honest, caring person.

    Simple, do the right and abide by the law.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry I meant: These days anything to do with the bible I skimp pass as I have my own version of what makes me a good, honest, caring and law abiding person.

    I’m fighting not for Qarase or anyone else for that matter – just for the youth for they are our future. If I could get through to just one person to hold on to good principles I’m happy.

    If we were all good, honest, caring and law abiding people – oh what a wonderful world.

  5. Tim Says:

    @Ablaze: I agree with your characterisation of the junta. Not so sure about Rudd and Clarke not having to worry though. Even if the populations of both countries didn’t care about Fiji other than as a holiday destination – which I doubt (it is more aboutthe total inadequacy of mainstream media in each country who can’t even find 2 or 3 minutes to give a round up of Pacific headlines in main news bulletins), they don’t like having a rogue state as a neighbour and the inevitable drain that WILL eventuate when it all turns to shit.
    There are a number of reasons why they do and should care including the sustainability with the way the world has been operating beyond its means, NZ (and OZ) having a very sizeable P.I. population, the diasporas, trends towards regional cooperation and so on.
    It’s only because of the media’s preoccupation with Paris bloody Hilton and their obsession with talking heads that many of their audience are oblivious to what is going on in their own back and front yards – except when the media finds something sensational to report by parachuting in one or two of their talking heads (One or two excptions of course).
    NZ and Oz dropped the ball a little back in 2004 – damned slow progress with all those ideals in the Pacific Plan. Both I think realise what the result has been since. I’m sure the Pacific Forum are also aware that if they decide to become total wooses over Frank, they sign their own death warrant – far better to sign Frank’s.

  6. Save the Sheep Says:

    I agree with the Samoan PM. I am also surprised and glad that he spoke up. Maybe this is part of the Samoan Plan to usurp a few Regional Headquarters?

    And why not.

    The I.G. and its members and supporters cry out for more respect and lets all work together mada…

    Hey why didn’t you want to join hands and work together before the coup.

    Ratu Joe and his bandits want reconciliation, but only on their terms. Well guess what Joe.

    True reconciliation comes with no terms..

    Respect is earned not bought or passed along hereditary lines.

    I say again the Charter is a piece of Garbage. A badly written set of ideas with no common logic to bind them and absolutely no capacity to move this nation forward.

  7. Ablaze Says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Tim you are correct but sometimes the easy way out is called for. Sometimes sa oca na vosa!

    We all have been harping on about the right thing to and don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the bunch unintelligent wankers so said those things about OZ & NZ citizens not caring.

    What I was trying to say was if the situation in Fiji helped in some way to keep Rudd and Clarke in power they would have made sure their people knew more about what is happening in Fiji.

    I am disappointed with some of our own kind – they turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what is happening in their own back yard. To them as long they have jobs or their children have jobs its OK.

    We should all be interested in what is happening for the future of this wonderful country.

  8. Billy Says:

    The thing about this IG is that they point at everyone else as the cause of the problem without realising that 3 fingers are pointing at them. They call others bullies, disrespectful, without even having the sense of looking at themselves. Same message with the Charter “Do as we say, not as we do!” They must really take us for gullible fools but do not realise what gullible fools they really are! Reminds me of the Emperor with no clothes, everyone could see the nakedness, except him cause he was duped (by the tailor) into believing that only great men will see his clothes. Ha! ha! Come coronation day, he marched down with all the attendants, fanning and pretending to hold the folds of the long gown, while the people waiting on the roads, couldnt suppress laughter at his naked form! Sa rauta mada na veilasutaki tiko…at such great expense. John samy $14,000 per month and all other TASS staff, and the 200,000 copies from Quality print. These people must be held accountable and surcharged for this bullshit document!

  9. Tim Says:

    The Charter is a load of crap and obviously authored by a load of fcukwits that have rehearsed a lot of business-speak (maybe John Key gave some advice. It took me a while – seriously – wondering why he kept prattling on about stretchies all the time, till I realised he was actually saying “strategies”).
    This isn’t the place to talk about OZ or NZ politics really, but Michael Field had a good analysis of where Mr. Key stands in the event he wins power in the next election. He knows nothing of Fiji or of forin polsy other than they affect the margits, and tried to pretend to us all that he came up the hard way in a State House. Anybody of his vintage knows that we all had dunnies in the back yard and that state housing was almost normality during the 1950s and 60s.
    Even if he wins though, he’ll likely take his lead from Rudd – who ISN’T stupid. NZ and OZ dropped the ball back in 2004 or even before, because OZ had Howard, and Clarke was too busy worrying about her prospects in an impending election. So while it is better for Fiji if Clarke wins next time round (and it isn’t all over yet as the fat lady said), if she doesn’t – even the most dimwitted of NZ’s politicians realise that if they indulge Frank and others, they’re just creating problems for the future.

  10. Tim Says:

    I think Frank (and Nhazat, and Yippe and others) should realise that they should have been around in the 1970s, rather than to try this coup crap on now. Even their idols, or models, and their ideology is on the way out. Some of the crap Chodo has come out with should seriously concern FLP supporters, let alone anyone else. Frank is a disgrace to the Military tradition (and to the science of the Intelligence Quotient), Chodo to the entire Labour movement world-wide; some Church Leaders and child molesters to religion; and Nazi, Yippee-I-aye Khaiyum and Shyster to the legal fraternity – Gates and others too; and many others are a disgrace to fellow Fijians. Fcuk trying to get ahead, or even MOVE “forward” when you have a load of opportunists holding everyone to ransom at the point of a gun!

  11. Tim Says:

    Can I ask how Joe got the $2 label? Is it ‘cos he’s like Frank and wants a dollar each way? I suspect it is – the same reason Frank constantly tries to butter his bread on both sides, and because he does, he always comes to grief. Principle is a nice word and the definition seems appealing, its just that its too frikken hard when you’re a self obsessed opportunist.

  12. Tim Says:

    @Ablaze: Don’t be disappointed in “your own kind” – EVER! Some folk have different levels of tolerance, plus they have got families to feed (including the lower echelons of the Military). Poverty often means you’re prepared to sacrifice principle – especially in light of a gun pointed at your head. Which is why it is important for those (such as the other members of the PacForum to stick phat, and let this pathetic little munter know he has one gigantic personality disorder that is holding an entire country to ransom, and that they are on to him. I’m sure Helin Kluk! is aware of it – or she would not have said “we have a madman on our hands” way back when. So too Rudd. It’s good that the Solomons are prepared to forgive Howard’s total racism and realise there is a new boy in town too.
    Politics is a load of shite ain’t it? But the Nazi’s, the Pistol Shooters and their pretty little poofter protoge’s (once again I’m not denouncing his proclivities – just his dishonesty), should realise they’re pushing absolute SHIT uphill. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Go Billy! Go Billy! Bring It On!

    Billy Says:

    August 25, 2008 at 12:48 pm
    Yes indeed. Its a lesson also for those who serve in interims. Ratu Mara accepted it in 1987, look where it got him in 2000? He died a bitter man, but most certainly paid for his one error of judgement, thinking that it was OK to accept the PM knowing fully well he had lost the elections fair and square. But he still hungered for that power back and it was given to him through the law of the jungle. Where were his principles then? The crap about burning house and all! He reaped the consequences in 2000 when daughter Adi K got taken in as ransom/bargaining tool. It came around. Then Lai Q unwisely accepted the Interim PM in 2000, look where it got him in 2006? Then this one, no doubts about it, he’s gonna go the same way he came in. Tell you what, if Ratu Seniloli, George and Rakuita all went to jail after 2000, why shouldnt Iloilo, Vore and Kairse not suffer the same fate? Only time will tell…Meanwhile continue blogging to vent our frustrations while we wait for the gutless Police to issue us a permit to demonstrate peacefully against the Charter, IG, illegals, etc.

    Hey Tim in case you haven’t read this! Principle ga should have been carried out by the great man, Ratu Mara.

    I say if it was we, today would not be putting up with all this crap!

  14. Striker Says:

    $2.00 Nawalowalo: We will not support an outcome where the means employed is illegal. So the Methodist Church has, I believe, the support of law-abiding citizens in its opposition to the illegal overthrow of an elected government. The charter, and the review of the GCC cannot be supported because they were acts done outside the perimeters of our laws, an elected government and the Constitution. Where is the political focus in that? And how do you justify your support for moving the country forward when it is quite clear to us you are the proponent of an illegal regime? Stop fooling yourself because you haven’t the brawns to fool us!

  15. Ablaze Says:

    Wait For It People – Bainipuaka and his bunch of wankers will come out with something like this;

    Please people of Fiji pray for forgiveness for our neighbouring countries do not know what they say or do because they have been bullied and influenced by OZ & NZ.

    OZ & NZ have applied the bully tactics they have used on the Govt of your beloved Fiji on the countries of our dear friends.

    Sometimes I have to pinch myself and say; “is it really happening?”

  16. Tim Says:

    @Ablaze (again): What strikes me as remarkable is that the Fijians that succeed (especially overseas) don’t blow their own trumpets.
    Those that do are usually the people to watch out for – they’re like the Frank’s, the Samy’s, the Shysters, the Bubbas of this world. Whereas there are others (with a total sense of humility) that have, or have had senior positions in government departments offshore (including those that now maintain their own blogs), lead some of the world’s best orchestras, and are high achievers in the world of sport and culture.
    Then you have a few try hards. Fcuk ’em. Their future is short lived, especially when they have difficulty steering a waka

  17. Tim Says:

    And you know what? – none of them needed a Charter

  18. Ablaze Says:

    Forgot to post this which goes with my last comments!

    Interim PM ridiculing Forum: Samoa
    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Update: 1:13PM Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is ridiculing the independence and integrity of all members of the Pacific Islands Forum, says Samoa’s Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

    Last week, Mr Malielegaoi said Pacific Island leaders agonized for hours over the use of the word suspension while debating their response to Fijis boycott of the summit.

    Radio New Zealand reports, he said it does not help the interim Prime Ministers cause to continue playing the tactic of attributing decisions of the forum to the influence of either New Zealand or Australia.

  19. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Tim I think we should keep up with this style of counter attack.

    All that needs to be said and done in a diplomatic and legal way has been done and said. We need to find others ways to keep reminding the people that these wannabe politicans are rotten and need to be put behind bars.

  20. Tim Says:

    Well RNZ is at least balanced and has some damn good reporters. The only thing they can be accused of occasionally (and especially on weekends) is that they are slow to report. At least they don’t stifle their reporters in the name of popularity. Maori Television also. TVNZ has still got a lot to learn – boutique public service broadcasting on TVNZ 6 & 7 ain’t quite good enough to fulfill another “charter” – albeit far better worded and thought out than Fiji’s political one. God Almighty – no wonder Fiji is in the same state as NZ’s public service broadcasting. (Samoa – watch out – hold on to what you had))

  21. Tim Says:

    @ Ablaze. I’ll keep pushing this end as do others, I’m sure MM and others will across the ditch, and their are a vocal minority that are and do in Fiji.
    Let’s not forget the amount of hits on this site. Nor the fact that the junta looks at it and shits themselves, nor the fact that governments elsewhere also check it out (as do the lazy “mainstream” media desperate for an scratch to make their talking head itches feel a little better). Drown the buggers in calamine lotion might be a better option 🙂

  22. Ablaze Says:

    Yes Tim the Regime should learn how to dialogue like us.

    If Bainipuaka was open to honest dialogue from the start he would have listened to the former Vice President, the intelligent, humble and very honest man Ratu Joni, Fiji wouldn’t be in this mess.

  23. Billy Says:

    PACNEWS 2: Mon 25 Aug 2008

    Bainimarama ridiculed the independence and integrity of Forum : PM Tuilaepa

    25 AUGUST 2008 ALOFI (Pacnews) —- Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has blasted Fiji’s Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, over Fiji’s decision to boycott the Pacific Islands Forum Summit.

    In Niue where the 39th Forum Summit was held last week , Prime Minister
    Tuilaepa said Commodore Bainimarama’s “mental attitude” does not help his cause.

    “What he is doing is ridiculing the independence and integrity of all the
    members of the forum,” Mr Tuilaepa said. Speaking to Samoa Observe , Mr Tuilaepa said Pacific Island Leaders agonised for hours over the use of the word “suspension” while debating their response to Fiji’s boycott of the summit in Niue.

    Mr Tuilaepa said in the end, his fellow leaders felt: “It is better for the
    Fiji military regime to know exactly, to understand the thinking of the
    Forum Leaders.”

    Forum Leaders decided last week they might suspend Fiji from their
    organisation if Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s military-imposed government did not allow his country to return soon to democratic rule.

    Mr Tuilaepa, a member of the forum’s ministerial contact group negotiating
    with Fiji, said Forum Leaders did not use the word “suspension” lightly.

    “It does not really help Bainimarama continuing to play that tactic of
    attributing decisions of the forum to the influence of either New Zealand or
    Australia,” Mr Tuilaepa said.

    “That kind of mental attitude from Bainimarama does not help his cause. What he is doing is ridiculing the independence and integrity of all the members of the forum.

    “That is how we arrived at a compromise to keep on engaging Fiji by [via]
    the group of ministers whose recommendations would be seriously considered by the leaders.”

    The Samoan leader, whose analysis and comments on the Fiji issue was
    described by some officials as having a strong influence on the Forum
    Leaders’ ultimate message to the Fiji regime, said his forum counterparts
    did not overlook the fact that the Fijian people had to take eventual
    responsibility for a solution.

    People in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines had shown that, in spite of the rule of a gun, they rose up using ‘people power’ to solve their
    political situations.

    Mr Tuilaepa said the ministerial contact group would monitor events in Fiji,
    hopefully revisit the country in the next month or two then prepare
    recommendations which could include suspension.

    Last Friday, Commodore Bainimarama said New Zealand and Australia “seem to have usurped the moral leadership of the region” and described the two countries as having an “emerging and threatening dominance of the forum”.

    “The Pacific Island countries will need to be vigilant to protect the forum
    organisation [from] becoming a foreign policy tool of these two countries.
    They now seem to have usurped the moral leadership of the region.”

    He continued to maintain that electoral reforms were required before an
    election could be held – reforms the forum acknowledged were needed and
    offered support for, but said should only be done by a democratic
    government..PNS (ENDS)

    Well friends, a few things to highlight from the above post on Samoa PM’s analysis. One, the “mental attitude” of this arrogant bully who has taken over our country. I do believe that what he means that never before has the Pacific seen this kind of dimwit gutter level leadership in Fiji or any other Forum country, not even the small island nations.
    Second, the “people power” – my views exactly. It is the power of the people that must eventually restore the rule of law, democracy and respect to this beloved nation of ours. And it doesnt come from a Charter but from peace-loving law abiding citizens saying, “Enough is enough! Let us take to the streets and march in peace and non-violence, do not reduce our resistance to their gutter level of force and intimidation. But some issues to bear in mind – getting a permit from the police, and the “mob mentality” and how to control the crowd so that it does not get to a violent stage as happened in Tonga. Sa dri yani!

  24. Tim Says:

    Hey, noone has told me why Joe is $2 Joe :p I’ll have to assume he’s just pathetic – which from his public statements would be a reasonable thing to assume. Actually while I think about it, noone (including the junta) has lept to Bubba’s defense against accusations of his credentials not being entirely legit.
    As well as that, I noticed somewhere that that silly bitch Scutt gets around in orange heals. Is that some sort of indication that she thinks the sun shines out of the …….?

  25. Tim Says:

    @ Billy: I got to go, but do whatever is safe. No point in being a martyr for the sake of a few total fuckwits. (mind you – if you think you can place a bullet in the middle of their frehead without detection, go for it, but I doubt it).
    Iditos such as Frank usually self destruct, especially when they have a dysfunction as profound as his

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    Tim – I maybe wrong but I always assumed he was called $2 because that is all he has but pretends to be of more substance.

    Kinda like ” all hat and no cattle ” as they say in Texas.

    He is well know in Suva for moving houses at night when he cannot afford to pay the back rent and the utilities have been disconnected.

    This has happened more times than anyone cares to keep a track of, the guy literally sponges of anyone who will stand still long enough.

  27. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Thank goodness Frank’s a moron. He will bring himself undone before we can.

    instead of maintaining a dignified silence over his differences with the Pacific Forum, Frank gave the Forum leaders a serve of the childish behavior we have been putting up with since December 2006.

    Ail this has done is harden the attitudes of the Forum critics, confirming for them that they are dealing with an unbalanced dictator who has brought ruin and hardship to the people whose interests he pretends to care about.

    In December, when the Forum again reviews events in Fiji, these stupid words will still be ringing in their ears. And the EU has confirmed that they will follow the Forum’s lead in considering whether to proceed with their promised aid to the sugar industry.

    Sugar farmers take note: if you want the much needed assistance your industry needs to go ahead, help to get rid of Frank.

  28. Tim Says:

    🙂 @ Island Boy – I think I know the type. I’m listening to RNZ at the moment. There are 2 or 3 NZers telling Helin Kluk! to go easy on the junta (they’re businessmen engaged in trade with Fiji). Ulrich and others. As in how dare we compare Frank to Mugabe. We might be somehow be jeapardising our “margits”. They’re the same gits that preach about how “free trade” and why its a double standard when we engage with China, then moralise about Fiji. Well for the likes of Ulrich’s benefit – we’re not giving aid to China, and China is at least moving forward into the 21st Century, not trying to take its people back into the stone age. I’m sure Helin Kluk (and me) are unmoved. Nor are we likely to prop the likes of you up so you can wuvly little tourist destination spots paying the “natives” minimum wage a dump your dross just because you can’t get off your fat asses and look for other margits. Don’t pretend you’re doing it tough – maybe you should take a drive around some Fijian poverty stricken areas before you try to pretend you’re doing everyone a favour – or perhaps you’re doing it out of “love” huh?

  29. Tim Says:

    These are the same gits that chastise the likes of Helin Kluk for ‘political correctness”, yet seem to want “political correctness” when it might affext their income – a true guage of their principle!

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    Jo Nawalowalo is called $2 Jo because prior to the coup in Dec 2006 he use to drink at the Union Club and get drunk off the kindness of fellow club members. He was so broke that close to drink off time he’d ask around if somebody could lend him $2 for his taxi home so tehy all started calling him $2 behind his back.

    Reminds me of an old classical song from thet Fijian singing legend Sakiusa Bulicokocoko advising young people that if they have no money, not to go and embarss themselves in the nightclub and the lyrics was

    Noqui tatau vei iko lei tukana (My advise to you young man)
    Au kerea ke lala nomu taga (If you have an empty pocket)
    Yalo vinaka kua ni lako (Please don’t go out)
    De ko vakaloloma taka nomu bula (Because you just lowering your dignity)

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Au ni sa lala noqu taga au sa na vakaqara la na Turaga Nite vakailavo mai Taituraga (IB)

  31. ispy Says:

    Bainimarama has always cried out that the people of Fiji want the Charter and the changes set out in it.

    Yet Fiji Times reports that…

    “SECURITY at the launch of the draft People’s Charter for Change and Progress was tight as police officers guarded all entrances to the Suva Civic Centre last night.”

    If the Charter is for the people and the people want the Charter – why all the security?

    Methinks he’s brainwashed himself to believing that his initiatives are popular amongst the grassroots people in Fiji.

    Come to think of it brainwashing requires a brain…

  32. Peace Pipe Says:

    Thats a good one ispy. Youre right there – how can you brainwash when there is no brain to wash. The rats are jumping ship as it sinks. Only fools still believe it is still floating. Just look at Johnny boy and chodo man both have jumped overboard with their conspicous absence at the farter launch yet the brainless pig is still flogging the dead horse farter charter. The end is nigh.

  33. Peace Pipe Says:


  34. George of Sydney Says:

    Being the Attorney General (Illegal), Aiarse is suppose to provide the correct legal advice to the Illegal PM. Now that the wide rejection of the charter is clear, I won’t be suprised if we will see Aiarse inject the charter in his arse and disappear in the air. He wont be as lucky as Bai and Chodo for one has got his self-justified backpay and the other did the opposite of what Robin Hood did nd that is to STEAL THE POOR FARMERS MONEY FROM INDIA AND PREPARE HIMSELF TO RUN AND ENJOY IT OVERSEAS WHILE THE POOR FARMERS CONTINUES TO SUFFERS. DRAU VEICAI

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