Australia and NZ puts Vore and his military good on notice – ia katia says SV!!

Bloggers, the Publisher of the Fiji Sun was taken in for question today because of this article. The Australian and NZ Governments have served notice on Vore and his goons. They must know that if they ‘invaded’ Fiji, the Fijians will accept them wholeheartedly and help them get rid of these bastards and point out those involved. What we at SV ask is for Australia and NZ to leave behind all their unworthy citizens who have been assisting the illegal junta to face the full brunt of the law in Fiji, when democracy is restored and serve time in Korovou or Naboro. This is because without them and their support, the illegal junta would have collapsed long time ago. Come on Aussie and Kiwi’s and liberate Fiji!!!!


23rd August 2008


The New Zealand and Australian military have contingency plans to evacuate citizens from Fiji – with or without the interim government’s permission. NZ Defence Minister Phil Goff yesterday met his Australian counterpart Joel Fitzgibbon in Wellington, with Fiji high on their formal meeting’s agenda.

Mr Goff told the New Zealand Press Agency afterwards that since the military coup in December 2006 Australia’s and New Zealand’s defence forces had a joint plan to evacuate people if the security situation deteriorated and nationals of both countries were in danger.  “We don’t expect the situation to deteriorate,” said Mr Goff. “But we would be remiss in our duty not have a plan in place in the event the situation did deteriorate.”

The preferred option would be to get people out using commercial airlines, but the military would have to act if this was not possible. “If however the airport at Nadi was closed then we would have to consider whether a military evacuation by air or by sea was necessary,” said Mr Goff. “We would work with whatever government was in place in Fiji to try to get their concurrence.

“If that was not possible then in the last instance, the lives and the well-being of our citizens would be paramount, and we would do it with or without that concurrence.” Mr Goff said neither country believed that a military option would be a solution to the political problems in Fiji. Deputy permanent secretary for Information Neumi Leweni last night said the interim government would have to first see the statement before making a comment.

Pacific leaders this week warned Fiji it could be suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum if it did not meet its promise to hold elections by March next year. Interim prime minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama last year promised forum leaders he would hold elections by March 2009, but had gone back on his word, saying he first wants to change the country’s electoral system.

Forum leaders yesterday said the situation in Fiji would continue to be monitored and a ministerial contact group would prepare a new report on election preparations before the end of the year. When that report had been received there would be another forum summit meeting where measures, including suspension, would be considered, they said.

Cdre Bainimarama refused to attend the Niue meeting, claiming he had been denied the opportunity to hold post-summit talks in Auckland because of travel sanctions imposed by NZ. Prime Minister Helen Clark has rejected this.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday said that for the first time the forum had directly condemned Cdre Bainimarama’s actions. The forum was established in 1971 and no country has been suspended. Fiji has been a key member and the organisation is based in Suva.


36 Responses to “Australia and NZ puts Vore and his military good on notice – ia katia says SV!!”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    From the rumours coming out of Fiji, if Vore is so stupid as to try and create instability in Fiji, then Australia and New Zealand already have contingency plans afoot to set ‘invade’ Fiji.

    With the bastard Vore grasping onto power, unfortunately force maybe the only way to get rid of him. Innocent lives will get caught up in the cross fire, but it it inevitable and the lesser of the two evils, which is the saying Dr. Senilagakali used, when justifying his accepting the appointment as the illegal PM after the coup.

    The preferable option would be for the Military to implode, but with these officers locked on both sides, a foreign force may tilt the scales of justice.

  2. Tim Says:

    Australia and New Zealand are not going to invade Fiji. They are going to protect their citizens – OZ especially after the debacle in the Middle East 2 or 3 years ago. They’re not going to provoke Frank – he’ll do that all by himself. He’s busy trying to find excuses because he’s a cornered rat – always has been, which is why when some deviants giving him an offer seemed too attractive to pass up.
    It is silly to try and rark things up. But Frank should know that nor are Oz/NZ or indeed the entire Pacific going to tolerate his bullshit for much longer. He’s anxious to engineer something. If he does, it’ll be his biggest mistake.
    What does he suppose it would take to take out QEB ffs!
    In many ways, I wish he would.
    Both Clarke and Rudd are pacifists – (whereas Frank isn’t) but that doesn’t mean they will let some pathetic little munter that has no mandate for anything in particlular shit on everyone. I think its been made pretty clear at the Pacforum that no one is going to tolerate a Zimbabwe in the Pacific, no matter how much the Shameens, the Bubbas and others are busy winding Frank up.
    Everyone knows Frank is a liar and a coward, and extremely self-obsessed – a dangerous combination. A bullet is worth more in the overall scheme of things. It’s certainly worth more than a Shamimme attack of the morals or anything Scutt might come up with – they’ve been on shakey ground right from the word go.
    I think Michael Field’s analysis of who are the key players a while back has proven to be not too far off the mark. But so too was Helen Clarke’s analysis of Frank just prior to Dec 05.

  3. Ablaze Says:

    When Rudd calls Frank this “guy” it means that OZ has had enough of this lunatic.

    OZ & NZ will not attack Fiji because they will have nothing to gain from making such drastic moves.

    I said before it is in the hands of the Military Council, let Frank push them to the limit so that they can retaliate and chase him through the tapioca patch, this time putting a bullet through his backside.

    We will just have to wait.

    The only thing they can do is close the 2 major banks, ANZ & Westpac!

  4. Na Dina Says:

    In the warped and confused mind of Vore, drunk with power and far down the road of deception, a variety of motivations are at work. Having not been democratically elected
    his secret world of malevolence is addictive because it involves intrigue, exhilaration, and exaggerated self-importance and all other ingredients of unbridled power. Like colourless and odorless carbon monoxide this evil remained undetected until the Niue Conference this week. Oh! Yeah it was exhilarating for him with his co-conspirators and so called ‘accountability’ partners such as Aiyarsez , the two Epelis and Chodo to hood wink the people of Fiji and our regional neighbours.
    Now that the deception is blown, the ultimate push for control -Martial Law is definitely on the cards. The darkness of deceit has been allowed to run its course. The one who demanded such a high standard of integrity from others had no integrity of his own. Rest assured my people the waves of public outcry is about to come crashing onto the rocky shoreline littered with SV’s shame list of people. Thus …sayeth Na Dina… Amen

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Don’t get too excited !
    Australia won’t fight with our Fijian friends at all . Fiji’s problems are a matter for Fiji to sort out , in-house !
    But the Australian Government probably is being cautious regarding having a plan to evacuate Australians form Fiji in the event of violence , because the Howard Government messed up the evacuation of Lebanese Australians in 2006 when their country fought with Israel .

  6. penshu Says:

    Fiji is not Lebanon – as SV has pointed out – any invaders will know be welcome by the people of fiji

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    It was an evacuation of Australian Citizens with dual passports from Lebanon .
    The Australian Government had an obligation to protect it’s Citizens and will , if necessary , have the same obligation to evacuate Australian Citizens from Fiji , if fighting were to break out in Fiji , if Australian citizens were in danger within Fiji .
    Of course the Australian Government and it’s people , don’t want to fight Fijians , we consider them our friends , friends who are going through a difficult time right now . Talk of Australians against Fijians is just an attempt by the Military to stir up the population and distract Fiji citizens from what the regime has done .
    As usual , it seems that some of the blockheads have fallen for it , again !
    Like it’s not the 1st. time Frank and his cronies have thrown this silly suggestion out there .

  8. qitawa Says:

    Do you think those greenies at Nabua will stay and fight or run for their lives? Early this year there was a press release that they were doing guerrilla tactics for about a month. Isnt it the same tactics used by insurgents in Iraq and was used by the Vietnamese against a superior US army. They seem to be very quiet and into something recently. Word around the tanoa is that they have operated with Aus and NZ in East Timor in similar bushes to Fiji and are working on weaknesses they witnessed in the two over there. They will not take on their strong points but working on exploiting the weaknesses. I suggest we look at this in a more mature way because it is not as simple as the two countries just walking in the park in Fiji. Imagine the scenario that they on realising that the two countries are comming just go around killing everybody they suspect or that has spoken out against them. Lets not under-estimate those green bastards but work out what we can achieve democratically not by the spilling of Fijian citizens blood, whether they be the greens blood or democratic fighters blood. Do we want to be another Iraq??

  9. Dauvavana Says:

    So the green goons are prepared to fight and put their lives on the line for the fisherman from Qiuva?

    We the majority of the Taukei will be welcoming the ANZACS in open arms onto our shore as our saviour because this Military while bankrolled from out tax money are not the Fiji Military Forces but the Vore and Military Council Military Forces.

    Remember it was and is the green goons that has been terrorising and murdering our youths and the Pig demanded all of then swore loyalty to him rather than the State.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    We all know that the Military Council is a shadow of unseen persons supposedly holding the Pig in check. But isn’t the pig the head of the council? It seems ironic that we wish the council would remove the pig when he is its leader. Everything seems to look abstract with whats happening these days. However if the council is impotent and cannot do the right thing then we should look for help elsewhere. We are dealing with guns and fools which is a dangerous combination and we don’t have the expertise in these areas.

  11. penshu Says:

    The Miliatry Cuncil is not to be relied upon – they are all in the game, bloggers

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    As I was placing my white feathers in envelopes to be airmailed to Suva, I thought of the serial that was on the radio back in the 70s and replayed many times; CHICKENMAN!

    My thoughts went to your own self appointed hero who bumbles his way along pretending to crush evil but only creating chaos.

    He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!
    The caped crusader, winged warrior, and day time shoe salesman.

    Or should that be:-

    He’s Everything! He’s Minister for everything
    The jaundiced junta’s, clipped wing warrior, and day time deck hand.

    For those who have never heard the serial, listen to an episode at

    Wouldn’t it be great if a radio station in Fiji could replay the series.

    It would be a great way for the whole nation to see the connection between a comical character and bananasinpyjamas.

    BTW, send your white feathers today.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The wonderful Bubu on her blog spot has some great stories about Fiji’s own “CHICKENMAN”

    “”Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has accused Fiji’s self-declared interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, of chickening out of this year’s Pacific Islands Forum being held in Niue.”

    “The single white feather is a symbol of cowardice.
    Our boy Frankie Bainimarama is a disgrace to Fiji. He is a figurehead for immoral, brutish, corrupt and underhand practise and the people that subscribe to this dictatorship.

    With the guns they are very brave. Without, they are all cowards.

    Let us send members of this regime all a white feather.

    Starting with Bhaini and Shamimi at PM’s office : PO Box 2353, Govt Bldgs, Suva.

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Oz & NZ for protecting democracy and the rule of law. Let’s hope the shenanigans in Fiji come to a close soon.

    Sorry to go off-topic, but the rumour mill is that our former Finance Minister, Sir Jim Ah Koy, had insisted to Vore that Chodo be out of his job before Sir Jim returns to Fiji a) to take up the job as Finance Minister, and b) to give news of a coup of his own, a mega-huge financial grant from China.

    I hate to doubt Ambassador Ah Koy, but money from China comes with BIG strings attached.
    Is this REALLY money and obligations that Fiji needs?
    Wouldn’t it just be better to hold elections, return to democracy, and we can get on with making our own money the way we always have, without inviting big China to exploit us so they can make the mega-dollars while we feed from crumbs that fall off their table?

    We have our own resources and capabilities. Please don’t let us be robbed of our resources by other nations.
    See Discombobulated Bubu’s excellent blog about the dangers of doing deals with China.

    God bless Fiji

  15. anon Says:

    He deserves a bullet on his forehead. I wish i have the resources to do it.

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    This is is a slight sidetrack, but on the fijilive site there is an option to vote if Frank should have gone to the Forum or not and you can vote on line or SMS text.

    When you click on the results its 62% saying he should have gone with 38% NO votes.

    I raise this issue because according to my anecdotal evidence (and all that implies – like minds etc.) I honestly thought more people in Fiji were against Frank’s actions than a 60/40 (approx) split.

    I guess it was wishful thinking on my part, after all even with all of the revelations there are some people not directly related to Mahen who will still vote for him – arreeee what can be do?

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    The majority of click on fijilive online surveys over the years are Fiji Indians living overseas with access to a computer. If you see in the past, most or all of the votes would tend to favour the FLP or the Indian stand without any supporting Qarase or what we Taukeis stand for.

    Those surveys always defer the stand on the ground in grassroot Fiji.

    So Turaga Nite, what you have just revealed is a revelation. It means that even the Fiji Indian Diaspora arund the world have had enough of the pig. 60/40 against the Pig is quite a major swing.

  18. Linus Says:

    @Island Boy, I found your comments re the Poll v, interesting so, I checked it out.

    The Question was… Did the Pig do the right thing in staying away from the Forum . 60% say YES, He did the right thing. I say NO, He should have gone!!

  19. midget gal Says:

    Digress mada vakalaillai Gonei’s, wasn’t that an excellent choice for hibiscus queen (Bua lass Filomena Tuivanualevu). An excellent youth ambassador for Fiji methinks.

  20. midget gal Says:

    There’s no way Australia and NZ will invade Fiji, they will only evacuate their people just like they said. Which means we will have to get off our short fat arses and help ourselves. Where are the chiefs when they should be leading the people in times of crisis? This is the time to unite all your people and lead them.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    If the young soldiers have been told to swear allegiance to the Commander , it might be a good idea if someone in Fiji points out that Hitler did the exact same thing ! And look how that coward ended up ! Parkinson’s and his country in ruins with over 20,000,000 dead and 20,000,000 refugees with no housing or food .
    I think the only thing that will work , without bloodshed , is to not talk to relatives in the Military who support Frank and the regime .

  22. Mark Manning Says:

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    @Linus – Vinaka Vakalevu for the correction, I guess I misread the question big time, I would have voted NO in that case, meaning No he did NOT do the right thing.

    I voted YES meaning to convey YES he should have gone. Excuse me while I put on my pointy ” village idiot ” hat and go stand in the corner.

    @ Dauvavana – Ni bula turaga nite, good point – I was wondering about the demographis of their subscriber base. If I’m a bit aimless I drop in on the chatline and there’s a lot of Hindi vernacular, which according to one of my friends is a lot of guys hitting on girls and girls being coy.

  24. Tim Says:

    I think maybe they got Crosby Textor to do the polling

  25. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This is a classic style of question guaranteed to give the opposite result to what people intended [ no offense, IslandBoy}.

    e.g. Answer Yes or No! Have you stopped beating your wife?

  26. Adi Kaila Says:

    IB it’s the website for the sexually frustrated. Kila ga na cakacaka lo – da kidacala sa dua e gunu paraquat ni tobo – vina’a na bobo.

    Good News! THE USA backs the Pacific Forum for suspending Fiji.

  27. benhur Says:

    Voreqe is nothing but a coward.He was a no show because he was scared that someone might ask him, why he lied to the FORUM last year in Tonga? Rather than show up with a smart answer and counter-answers to his failed promises,his best solution was not to showup? What an idiot,a looney bin, a coward and a bastard .Someone needs to put a bullet through his stupid head ASAP. We don’t need a stupid A/H to be running the Government of our nation and can you believe it, he’s even appointing himself the Minister of Finance? After his failed MOF Chodo, have raided the Government coffer for the last 18months, is he planning to move more money to his excile heaven in India, before jumping ship?

  28. Save the Sheep Says:

    Australia and NZ have contingency plans for protecting their citizens abroad for many Countries. This is no big deal and certainly doesn’t mean that they intend to invade Fiji. Good Grief what for?

    Even if they did it would be only to clear ground to get their people out. Neither Country have the logistical support to carry out an invasion of Fiji or any where else for that matter. Very few countries do.

    But if Frank wants to declare war and put his people ‘In Harms Way’ then you go boy and we expect to see you on the Front Line, not running out the back through the Cassava Patch….

  29. IslandBoy Says:

    Adi Kaila – Digression here – but talking about sexual misdaventure, the gas bag Dr. from USP and the very married TV journalist just spent a torrid six days of lust in Apia.

    Somehow people who have never worked in Nadi (airport or environs)don’t realise the coconut wireless information network vakadomobula operate tu mai kea.

    They lined up separately to check in and through immigration etc, (out on Tuesday back on Sunday) but requested seats together. Same thing on the way back, but cuddling in the back near the economy class galley.

    Next time you see him pontificating on TV, we know how and why his 2- cent opinon was solicited. I wonder how many takes are required to put 2 minutes worth of useless gas on tape. Take se baci re-take!

  30. ispy Says:

    I don’t doubt for second that Australia and NZ have the assets, resources and the political will to come in to Fiji and evacuate their citizens if the shit should hit the fan.

    I also don’t doubt that the Fiji military will stay out of their way if and when they come – perhaps even help them evacuate their citizens.

    But what has got Leweni and the military strategists up at Berkley Crescent really concerned is that the presence of an Australian or NZ military force on Fiji soil might just act as a catalyst for open rebellion against the military and Bainimarama.

    So you see Australia and NZ don’t need to INVADE Fiji to effect drastic changes in our political landscape…

    …they just need to come and get their citizens!

  31. IslandBoy Says:

    Ex FT none taken – I was actually trawling for other news and kinda read it casually. I like the example as I am involved in violence against women and children, especially the girl child.

    There are many politicos who woulld not be able to get out of your example question with either option, its too bad I can’t compromise confidentiality and name them.

    Sometimes whatever little professional resolve I may have is worn really thin when I see these bastards on TV or in the paper.

  32. agent vinod Says:

    @ IB – sa yawa dina nomu news! Tobo tu o skinny van damme kei na nona skinny malila dame, LOL!

  33. IslandBoy Says:

    agent vinod – its a no brainer, where do they think our in-flight crews and ground handlers, hotel receptionists etc. come from – Yugoslavia???

    Na senior F/A na flight rau vodo yani kina e wekadratou voleka na Sotutu, Mrs. Dr’s mother’s people.

    Well o Mele sa dua na yalewa lialia – kena gone rairai vinaka qai lai solia tu na nona were tabu vi qase busi, kei kei! Kea galala tu o Doc, sega na leqa, vuni kena seva ni sa ra tu na vuavua. Kamica dina na ka e butakoci.

  34. manasa Says:

    Thank U FijiGirl let chineese come we ,will have smart next generation people LOL!!!!

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    Uuuie kemudou.. sa kamikamica dina na wiliwili edai. Totoka , totoka!

  36. nayacakalou Says:

    He was scared of our NZ PM .Hellen might give him a slap on the face

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