The Pig’s reaction to Fiji’s new “isolated from the Forum” status

Because of all that the Pig and his cronies have done to bring us poverty and misery, the Forum leaders have now ran out of patient with the Pig. He has then reacted by adding insult to our injury by challenging us all as Fiji’s citizen to:

Bainimarama also challenged Fiji’s citizens if they agreed “to be bullied and pressured into doing things that are clearly not in our national interest?”.

“If we succumb to such pressures, what next? What will that do to our self-worth as an independent nation?”


If the pig is reading this blog, please read this very slowly!

Why should we worry about being bullied by our two metropolitan neigbbours when we are being bullied in our face on a daily basis by your threats, stupidity, raiding of our tax money from the national coffers and kicking us out of our career aspirations if we so much as question your authority or do not follow your orders?

Why should we worry about being bullied by ANZ when we are fed on a daily basis with you trash and rubbish such as the charter as we watch you and your cronies live a globe trotting happy luxurious life while we struggle to put bread on our table?

Why should we worry about foreign bullying when we cop it from you on a daily basis in the media, in pay cuts to nurses, or with your warped ideology and your lies and contradiction?

Why should we be worried by being bullied by some foreign countries when we are paid a visit by your boys under the cover of darkness if we so much as question your leadership and charged with sedition or inciting comments?

Why Frank? Why?


15 Responses to “The Pig’s reaction to Fiji’s new “isolated from the Forum” status”

  1. Save the Sheep Says:

    Well said SV.

    Why should we indeed?

    Frank, give it up man. You have lost the plot and so have your supporters.

    It is not just Australia and New Zealand. Communiques from t ]he Forum have all the Leaders’ signatures on it.

    You know it very well. The Pacific Way is such that no Pacific Leader is going to come out as publicly as Australia and New Zealand do. They are Palangi after all.

    But that doesn’t mean they don’t agree with them.

    You also know very well that Pacific Islands leaders would stand up to Clark and Rudd if they thought they were getting too heavy.

    Pull the fingers out of your ears man!

    Listen to the truth. The majority do not like what you are doing even though the B.S. you spouted initially went down well with many people in this Country.

    The novelty has now worn off.

    Step Aside!!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    oink oink !

  3. Tim Says:

    Sounds like Yippee I Aye Khaiyum has been winding his mechanism up. Either that or he listened to Bubba shedding a few tears on RNZ and learned some lines.

  4. Tim Says:

    @ Savethe Sheep: Jeez I know where you’re coming from. The guy is just pathetic! – And he’s supposed to be Commodore RFMF.
    Like StS says – for fuck’s sake Frank – give it up! The only thing that prolonging things is further embarassment to the whanau. We all know the wannabe image is staunch, bullshit, I’m so tuff, I won’t be bullied, I know best. Fact is you aren’t and you don’t. Just up the dose and think of the grandkids.
    The sooner you sink into oblivion, the sooner it’ll be easier for the lot of them, and the rest of Fiji (the way the world should be? – not many think so).

  5. Ablaze Says:

    Agree SV why should countries like OZ & NZ put up with these wankers.

    It has been 20 months since these power hungry wankers have overthrown an elected govt so everyone’s patience is wearing thin. Since the coup this foolish man and the Regime has bullied us and we have had to put up with all their crap.

    These drastic moves are put into place to teach Bainipuaka a lesson. Sad to say we the innocent suffer the consquences when he and the Regime are taught a lesson. Bainipuaka must not shame the nation and make a mockery of the Pacific Island Forum which was designed to help the citizens of each country represented.

    Please people of Fiji we have suffered this far, we can suffer a little bit longer. In the long run we will benefit from these hard core lessons.

    No coup is possible without the backing of the military We must not forget that the great Ratu Mara, father of Koila, Uliu, father in law of the 2 Epelis used the feeble excuse that he did what needed to be done to save the nation after Rabuka overthrew the Bavadra Govt.

    Old hag Jokapeci Koroi used a similar excuse that if the military had not intervened on the fateful day, is too frightful to even consider. “My arse!”

    Chief Justice Timoci Tuivaga, now happily retired used the same feeble excuse. He went as far to say; “that when the country is on the verge of chaos and anarchy the concern for the welfare of the people of Fiji is the highest law.” Bloody hypocrite why did he use the “feeble excuse” and supported Rabuka?

    The scenario is they all seem to think that by breaching the law they are doing what needs to be done.

    It is a simple rule we need to remember and abide with; “don’t stray outside the boundries of the constitution and respect the law at all times.”

    I think we should be satisfied that the big heavy weights are taking notice of Fiji’s political situation and wait patiently for we need to get it right this time.

    To me Rabuka’s only achievement was the birth of the coup culture and others like Ratu Mara, Chief Justice Tuivaga etc the legacy of that “feeble excuse”

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    Why is this stupid pig using Fiji’s “people” to fight his losing battle. With all his support in the Forum gone he is looking at us to be his prop and support and to justify his continuance in pursuing his warped agenda. Man that idiot Naulukau sounds really stupid on TV casting accusation and blame on Oz and NZ for the situation they themselves have created. The sooner we get rid of these military thick headed illegal wannabes in the ig the better it is for the country. And for the life of me why don’t this snake just keep out of the media for once and save us the agony of hearing more of this lies. Why didn’t he take up the challenge issued to him by Mr CJ Singh on the matter regarding his termination from govt. What about the farcical stage managed act he carried out in going to the Govt Bldg to hand in his resignation. Va ya resignation, termination ga. We will not be fooled any more chod.

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Interestingly enough, the idiot Vore says that the people of Fiji will have to paddle their own canoes if it comes to that. The bastard knows full well that the people of Fiji never wanted him and his cronies to illegally remove the lawful Qarase government.

    Secondly, his usage of paddling our own canoes just goes to show his stupidity.

    Remember when he spoke to the Passing Out Parade at the Ratu Latinara School and he said that if the Qarase Government passed the Qoliqoli Bill then we will go back to paddling canoes!

    Now this bastard is opening boasting that we will paddle out own canoes if it came to that.

    Qarase never caused the people to paddle their own canoes, only this bastard Vore did.

    Na viavia vosa vaka vuku o baku!

  8. Tim Says:

    Look at FijiLive:Fiji warns Forum: Watch out for Aust, NZ ……….
    You can read it for youselves
    but does he really expect us to believe he came up with:
    “They now seem to have usurped the moral leadership of the region,”
    “You all are aware of the high level public posturing by the Leaders of the two countries, …
    I don’t really think so, nor would many others.
    Perhaps the Pac Forum Chair should reissue his statement and speak VERY SLOWLY, so Frank can have time to assimilate it.

    About time Bubba and Shyster came out with something between them too, to show JUST HOW disgusting some of the statements on blogs are.

    Actually I hope they keep their bullshit up. The more they do, the more they lose any credibility – great stuff when it comes time for them to pay the piper.

  9. Tui Says:

    The FORUM should just pull out it’s headquaters in Fiji qai macala mada na vakateratera tiko nei voreqe ululala. Other island states should stop funding USP and send their students to New Zealand or Australia. Then we will see the fun of this idiotic lunatic in the PM’s office!

  10. qitawa Says:

    These guys are all the same. Qarase has a part to play in this too. He asked the forum for tougher actions so here we have it. Lets all just slog it out for him for the sake of getting him back into power. Its the price we have to pay for his getting back into power. He was the one who decided to fight the military all along so lets back him and fight the military. I will do anything for him.

  11. qitawa Says:

    Tui I agree with you and we all go to Fiji Uni in the west and we all go overseas too. Close down forum office here and close down USP.

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    As we continue to try and fight for our democracy tO return WE must keep in mind that the new crop of politicians who are going to form our new government MUST NEVER EVER MAKE PROMISES OF IMMUNITY OR AMNESTY TO VORE ET AL.

    It is not their perogative to do that because WE, THE PEOPLE ARE NOT LETTING THESE IDIOTS GET OFF LIGHTLY!!!

    What say SV team?

    Let\’s up the ante on that point of view!


  13. far and wide Says:

    SV: excellent journalism, well done.

    everyone else, keep the comments and ideas coming forward.

    down with the ig.

  14. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Does the PIG and Choro expect to have immunity……this was according to them the main reason for the coup to stop people involved in coups from getting immunity.

    Maybe in their warped mind….only the 2000 coup because it was against the CHORO and was conducted by a civilian supported by part of the army.

    That could be the reason why Rabuka was acquited by Nazart Shameem, because Rabuka’s coup was done by the Military not by a civilian like GS.

  15. agent vinod Says:

    uh oh @ soul of fiji – was not Judge nazhat shameem but Judge Gerard Winter that presided over Rabuka trial which he won fairly and squarely. Bravo to Rabuka for subjecting himself to the laws of the land. Dunno ’bout wacko franko and military council super freaks…

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