Read the Forum’s Final 2008 Comunique from Niue!!!!

Bloggers, it comes as no surprise that Fiji gets the most mention for the wrong reasons. This is the Final Comunique on Fiji. How does the pig Vore respond? Well you all know the saying ’empty vessels makes the most sound’ and he is loud. Well keep up the fight bloggers and let’s have your thoughts!! You all have a nice weekend and SV wonders what the next weekend will bring! Any guesses???



15. Leaders:


(a)      expressed serious concern at the failure by the Fiji Interim Government to attend the 2008 annual Pacific Islands Forum and consider this non-attendance unacceptable; and further stated that the Interim Government should have attended to account to Forum Leaders for the undertakings given at the 2007 Forum in Tonga to hold an election by March 2009, in accordance with Fiji’s existing Constitution and electoral laws;

(b)   condemned the recent statements by the Fiji Interim Government that are inconsistent with the undertakings provided to Leaders at the 2007 Forum regarding the holding of elections and a return to democracy;

(c)   reaffirmed the importance of the Interim Government honouring the undertakings it made to Forum Leaders in 2007 to return Fiji to democracy by holding an election by March 2009, and to accept the outcomes of that election;

(d)   acknowledged the importance of maintaining and encouraging continued pressure from the Forum and other members of the international community to meet the March 2009 deadline;

(e)   reaffirmed the readiness of Forum members to continue to assist Fiji prepare for that election;

(f)   commended the work undertaken by the Fiji-Forum Joint Working Group up to June 2008, and urged Fiji to demonstrate its good faith in maintaining a constructive relationship with the Forum by resuming participation in the Working Group;

(g)   acknowledged that there are long-term issues that need to be addressed in Fiji, including through independent and inclusive political dialogue. In this context, Leaders recognised that a political dialogue process could assist in developing understandings among key stakeholders that would:

(i)      create a more conducive environment for an election to be held under Fiji’s existing Constitution by March 2009; and address the process for ongoing dialogue that a newly elected government and key stakeholders would need to progress following an election in order to advance relevant reforms and promote national reconciliation. Accordingly Leaders expressed the Forum’s support for a political dialogue process, providing it is:- complementary to the implementation of Fiji’s commitments to the Forum on elections, and not used to delay the elections;- conducted as a genuine dialogue, without preconditions, threats, ultimatums or predetermined outcomes;- supported by all key stakeholders;

(h)     expressed the Forum’s support for and willingness to assist in appropriate ways the Commonwealth-led political dialogue process, and directed the Ministerial Contact Group to monitor the progress of that dialogue and any political consensus within Fiji which might arise from it;

(i)  emphasised the importance of Fiji maintaining respect for human rights and the rule of law;

(j)      reiterated their appreciation for the solidarity with and support for the Forum’s work on Fiji provided by other members of the international community;

(k)     tasked the Ministerial Contact Group with continued monitoring of the Fiji situation, including the possibility of the Group returning to Fiji, and directed it to report back to Leaders before the end of 2008 on the situation regarding election preparations, and other key issues. The Ministerial Contact Group’s report should include recommendations, taking into account practice in the Commonwealth and other relevant organisations, on further measures that the Forum should take to promote compliance by the Fiji Interim Government with its 2007 Vava’u election undertakings, with a view to strengthening the Forum’s efforts under the Biketawa Declaration;

(l)      agreed that following the receipt of the Ministerial Contact Group’s second report, the Leaders would consider a further special meeting of Forum Leaders by the end of 2008 to consider special measures in relation to Fiji (consistent with paragraph 2(iv) of the Biketawa Declaration) and that measures to be considered include the suspension of particular governments from the Forum; and

(m)    agreed in principle the offer of Papua New Guinea to host a special meeting.


8 Responses to “Read the Forum’s Final 2008 Comunique from Niue!!!!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Frank: Read the Forum’s Final 2008 Comunique from Niue!!!!. That means you too. Get ya mates to as well before they start issuing bullshit and writing little speeches for you.
    Or alternatively carry on the way you are thinking you’re fooling everybody – you can retire as the village idiot.

  2. Ablaze Says:

    I still maintain that Fiji would have had one and only one coup and that would’ve been the Rabuka coup if Ratu Mara hadn’t backed Rabuka.

    Without Ratu Mara Rabuka would not have got away with staging the coup. Aust & NZ would have stuck to their guns and made it difficult for Fiji like what they are doing now.

    Jail the whole bang lot of them! We must wait, it needs to be done right this time, even if it is for our kids.

    Blog on ragone!

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I was wondering what the NZ defence minister had said that would warrant bananasinpyjamas declaring martial law [as suggested by raw Fiji news}.

    “””Word from our reliable sources from within is that Frank and his few remaining advisors are looking for ways to administer a self-made crisis to enable Frank to declare the island nation under martial law.

    His advisors are telling Frank to use New Zealand’s Defence Minister’s statement as a basis of the martial law. Frank wants to project a possible outside invasion PR spin to Fiji’s masses but he doesn’t have the support of his key military people. They were hoping there will be a public outrage of some sought but to their disappointment, the Fiji public are fighting them using unconventional methods unknown to them.”””

    Then I found this news item.

    “””The New Zealand and Australian military have in place contingency plans to evacuate citizens from Fiji with or without the Fijian Government’s permission, Defence Minister Phil Goff said today.

    Mr Goff met his Australian counterpart Joel Fitzgibbon in Wellington today, with Fiji high on their formal meeting’s agenda.

    Mr Goff told journalists afterwards that since the military coup in December 2006 both Australia and New Zealand defence forces had a joint plan to evacuate people if the security situation deteriorated and nationals of both countries were in danger.

    “We don’t expect the situation to deteriorate… but we would be remiss in our duty not have a plan in place in the event the situation did deteriorate,” Mr Goff said.

    The preferred option would be to get people out using commercial airlines, but the military would have to act if this was not possible.

    “If however the airport at Nadi was closed then we would have to consider whether a military evacuation by air or by sea was necessary,” Mr Goff said.

    “We would work with what ever government was in place in Fiji to try to get their concurrence. If that was not possible then in the last instance, the lives and the well-being of our citizens would be paramount, and we would do it with or without that concurrence.”

    Mr Goff said neither country believed that a military option would be a solution to the political problems in Fiji.

    Pacific leaders yesterday warned Fiji’s unelected government it could be suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum if it did not meet its promise to hold elections by March next year.”””

    I really do not think that any reasonable person could suggest that there is a planned assault on Fiji.

    Methinks bananasinpyjamas is trying to create a diversion away from his own problems

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Lots of grog and meetings and dancing , but no talk of prison sentences or intervention under the treaty !

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    And for the record y’all the Biketawa Declaration (available @ at para 2 (iv) says:

    “(iv) If after actions taken under (iii) the crisis persists, convene a special meeting of Forum Leaders to consider OTHER OPTIONS including if necessary targeted measures.”

    sooooo Franky come the Dec 08 meeting you and your cronies better have either an exit strategy or a firm elections timetable for March 09….and by the way that exit strategy DOES NOT include a caretaker govt of national unity thank you very much Mr Beddoes….it’s elections and nothing but elections.

  6. Striker Says:

    What’s the next lie Vore boci?

  7. Billy Says:

    Ablaze, I hadnt read this till now, great minds think alike as they say (fools seldom differ just to bring our egos down). Anyway too true, about Ratu Mara, he should have said to Rambo, no way ma mahn! My conscience dictates that I can not accept your crown. And the chiefs? Oh, they made Rambo life member of GCC, not even a real chief got that award. So where are they all now? The actually dug their own grave the day they decided to turn their backs on the rule of law and accepted the justification of the 1987. Now it is refreshing to hear them and the Methodist church talk about following only the “rule of law”. welcome to the club folks, experience is the best teacher. Now we shall overcome together!!!

  8. Wailei Says:

    Sorry, just had to put this in….

    Fiji invasion


    SO now we finally have it confirmed: the governments of Australia and New Zealand have plans to invade Fiji (Fiji Sun, 8/22/08).

    Of course spokespersons for both governments say that their armed forces have plans to invade Fiji to rescue their citizens in the event that “the situation deteriorates.”

    The “if the situation deteriorates” scenario has no precise meaning, no precise and enforceable definition. It is a term coined by these two foreign governments to suit their purposes.

    “If the situation deteriorates” is a term of considerable elasticity and, as such, can be, might be, used as cover for an invasion of Fiji to destabilise and replace a particular government that is in place—this interim Government or some other government that Australia and New Zealand might not like or of which they might not approve.

    “If the situation deteriorates” is a cover for license to invade.

    Australia and New Zealand have already made clear that they consider the immediate larger Pacific to be “their lake”, their sphere of influence. This is one indication of their demonstrated arrogance of power.

    The Pacific Islands, the western Pacific in the main, are perceived by Australia and New Zealand as their arc of instability.

    The implication ought to be clear: Australia and New Zealand see this part of the region as theirs.

    “Theirs” means that they consider themselves to own it and, therefore, have both a right and an obligation to keep it within their sphere of influence, their control.

    Their hegemony in the region is their hegemony and whether Pacific Island governments like or not, Australia and New Zealand insist, bottom line, on protecting these hegemonic interests.

    And the logic of this is clear or it ought to be clear: If it takes an invasion under any kind of excuse to protect, advance and solidify their hegemonic interests, then Australia and New Zealand will invade.

    In short, gun boat diplomacy is a right that Australia and New Zealand have, and by god if they think that gun boat diplomacy is what is needed to keep a small Pacific Island sovereign state in line, and force is needed to attain that, then it is force that will be used.

    The islands of the Pacific had better wake up to the reality that Fiji already has woken up to: to defend one’s country—one’s sovereignty—empty rhetoric does not work and is not a credible deterrent.

    The practitioners of gun boat diplomacy are only deterred by one thing: the ability of a target to defend itself and repel aggression.

    Fiji’s army is the only credible deterrent that Fiji has to defend the integrity of its soil and its sovereignty against rogue, terroristic states like Australia and New Zealand.

    This is one of the principal reasons why Fiji continues to need its army. This ever present danger of threats to Fiji’s security calls for the army to beef up its ability to resist foreign aggression under whatever guise and for whatever the stated purpose might be.

    “If the situation deteriorates” is merely be a cover for naked aggression. It is a term used to soften up public opinion.

    The opinion of Pacific island leaders has probably already been softened up behind closed doors as Goff and Fitzgibbon and their surrogates have unleashed their propaganda behind closed doors.

    Australia and New Zealand are a part of the core of an evil empire in the Pacific.

    The ability of Australia and New Zealand to wreak havoc in the Pacific as they both ruthlessly pursue their hegemonic interests is enormous.

    Fiji is already a targeted state for Australia/New Zealand aggression.

    And Fiji’s only means of defending itself is through its army. And that army’s strength and readiness had better be so credible that Australia and New Zealand will not try any “funny business.”

    Appeasement in the face of aggression simply does not work. It did not work for Chamberlain and it will not work for Fiji at this time in history.

    Jim Anthony, Ph.D.

    Confirm What? Of course any country would do that if the shit its the fan, when there is trouble in another country where their citizens would be in danger. That is not new, shit head. Their priority would be to their citizens; their voters; the citizens taxes are at work.

    You just stay in Hawaii and surf; dick brain… Your PhD paper just use it to clean your surfing board. Calling Aust and NZ evil?? Excuse me… Why dont you look at the country you’re living in and than talk about Evil?

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