More evidence of Samy’s interference and influence on the Chauday tax scam

This is the original email from John Samy to the Pig and look at how he suggest that Jim Ah Koy be sacked. While we agree with the sentiment, however, the suggestion coming from Samy is a bit rich!!!. Well they should all be sacked. There is no honour among thieves!!!

Samy at his best trying to protect his mentor Mahendra Chaudary. As the head of the independent NCBBF, don’t you reckon he is almost trying to pervert the cause of justice here?

From: John Samy <>
Date: Feb 27, 2008 2:48 PM
Subject: Serious Concerns

Attached is the note that I had sent you prior to the meeting of the Co-Chairs last Monday

I left Fiji yesterday with deeply troubled thoughts about the Interim Government’s overall governance stance relative to several developments over the past week. These ” developments ” include : the allegations as revealed by the Fiji Times on the Minister of Finance; a very senior public official’s ( Ah Koy’s ) utterances ; and the deportation of Turner.

In the attached Note, I refer to the need for the Interim Government to work within, and be seen to be working within, the highest standards of good governance including transparency. In our quest to buiild a better Fiji, through the Peoples Charter, this, ie good governance, is at the core of it all.

Therefore, by last Monday ( latest Tuesday), you should have acted on the Minister of Finance allegations in a manner such that the Interim Government, under your leadership, left no lingering doubts re you not working within highest standards of transparency and good governance: you should have requested the Minister to go on leave; and you should have instituted an independent inquiry; and released to the public the report of this inquiry. The Minister himself would have come out on top by cooperating fully and unreservedly with such an inquiry. Period.

Simply asking FIRCA ( Chair and Board ) to report to you, yet again, is not a credible , defensible way forward.

Secondly, as PM and also Minister responsible for the Public Service, you should have immediately discharged Ah Koy of his duties as your Ambasaador to PRC for his public statements ( on Monday, aired over radio and reported by the press). He did not do you or the Interim Government any favour by the nature of his utterances.

By taking the above two actions together, you would have given a very clear message to all in Fiji , and indeed to the wider world, that you are very very serious about transparency and good governance. It is still not too late now, Frank.

On the Turner deportation, the concerned authorities’ handling of this including Minister Ganilau’s responses ( as reported in Fiji Sun front page yesterday) has brought the kind of responses against the Interim Government that could have been avoided.

I tried calling you before my departure as I would have very much liked to talk to you about the above. Managed to have a brief word with the AG; and I requested him to convey my concerns to you.

I leave for Vietnam mid-day tomorrow. If you wish, we could discuss. My landline in AKL is 533 4088; and mobile : 021946756.

Please take care


31 Responses to “More evidence of Samy’s interference and influence on the Chauday tax scam”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Sounds like there is a competition between Samy, Chaudhry, and Ayarse for control of Voreqe’s weak and vain mind coupled with big guns. I wonder if Samy realizes by now that he is dealing with someone who does not care a wit for “good governance”. If he did, he would have turned himself in to the police long ago.

    More than likely Samy deliberately and surrepticiously released these bogus communications to protect himself with the ADB and his desperate future as a “hot flatulant air” consultant.

    It is called “exit strategy” and “protecting one’s ass”.

  2. penshu Says:

    I saw ADB have advertised for a job as head of Asia Pacific region in the Economist…maybe the conniving rat is after that job, and this is exit strategy…Turner seems to be Russell Hunter – the RAT couldnt even recall the deported publishers name – the chap who exposed Chodos $2million in the Aussie bank

  3. qitawa Says:

    But doesnt this sound like good advise? Or is it not good because it is John Sami? Anything from John Sami is no good never mind if it is good.

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    It is good advice. The question is was it genuine and was there an ulterior motive in giving such advice to a military dictator who as a coup perpetrator and accomplice to murder is anything but an example of good governance. I have the misfortune to know John Samy personally so let me just say that anything from John Samy is ethno-centric and flatulant although it may not appear so at first sight or on the surface.
    If Samy had any professionalism why would he be working for an illegal, constitution violating government in the first place? For the money, for the visibility, for the diaspora? But mainly it is Voreqe’s fault for surrounding himself with such patronizing “parents” and puppeteers rather than listening to the People.

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    Let alone Samy’s motivation and the nature of the advice, the very fact that it is all coming out, no matter where its coming from is a sure sign (to me at least) the illegal regime is falling apart at the seams.

    I look forward to more of the same.

  6. IslandBoy Says:

    So is Vietnam the location of Samy’s next assignment?

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    the tone of these letters and email are so patronising towards the pig showing how Sami has contempt for the pigs IQ.

    Sad thing though, pig does not realise it because he has this inferiority complex against all these college degree holders that he surrounds himself with so all ge can do is pretend to understand and get lectured at.

    Vakaloloma nona bula na baku 8)

  8. mediatracker Says:

    The rogue cant even remember the deported publishers name – its not Turner, you prick, its Russell Hunter of the Fiji SUN, who was deported after expsoing Chodo’s $2million -r Victor Lal, to be precise. Was sami trying to pervert the cause of justice?

  9. vakatakilai Says:

    I am just wondering why Sami is advising the PM. Is he interfering with local politics by doing so.

    Remember, he is not a Fiji citizen, just a consultant hired to help draw up the Charter.

    To me, giving such bold advice to the “pm” of a nation by someone from another country is meddling with internal matters.

    This interim government is all confused.

  10. Nostradamus Says:


    You are right, but Samy is patronizing to all Fijians because he has caste. That is why you need to be called “aborigenees” or “natives” and your language can only be mentioned in your own language “vosa vakaviti” in case it might interfere with the sensitivities of the “people of merit” (kaisia ) and their right to be full “Fijian” owners of business, land, government, and Hindi, and you get to be “itaki” because you only care about yaqona drinking and smiling and “kerikeri”. You get my drift?

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @IB..VIETNAM is where Samy currently does his so-called \”charity\” work. hmmmm

  12. Frida Says:

    The immigration department should consider the reasons Samy was allowed into the country and if it includes being involved in the politics of the country. If not, they should deport him for deviating from the basis of his visa agreement.

    I agree with Nostradamus @ august 23 – now he is trying to regain face when he as someone who talks likes he knows the basic principles of good govenance should not have accepted the position in the first place. Now he knoes that the people power of Fiji is very much alive and well even though its numbers are not as much as the Phillipines and Vietnam.

  13. Nostradamus Says:

    Check to see if his work permit says:

    “national puppeteer”

    Did he also send emails to the President’s office?

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    ABSOLUTELY @ Frida – to yr first para!! My thoughts exactly. Kick the man out. He is inteferring.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – Turaga nite, seems like he’s headed for Vietnam next; where’s yrs after Hawaii? 🙂

  16. kaiveicoco Says:

    may be he ( Sami ) should be sent to Bangladesh before Vietnam.Go and learn some real stuff from the Grameen bank on how best to alleviate poverty.

  17. kaiveicoco Says:

    may be he ( Sami ) should be sent to Bangladesh before Vietnam.Go and learn some real stuff from the Grameen bank on how best to alleviate poverty.

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


  19. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    sv, a post i sent 30 mins ago has gone into cyberspace.

  20. Na Dina Says:

    Folks d“The Lying Lion”by Artie Knapp

    He lied, oh how he lied,Claiming to be King;But in actuality, this lion cried,At the thought of a little sting. I witnessed it myself that day,And couldn’t believe my eyes;As this big bad cat began to sway,Desperate to conceal his lies. He ran away as fast as he could,Hoping to get lost;Feeling embarrassed and misunderstood,Came at quite a cost. It had been easy for him to scare us,With his mighty roar and size;But to see him tremble and throw a fuss,Felt like winning a first place prize. I knew someone would eventually call his bluff,And that they would reveal the truth;I just never would have thought, all that fluff,Would be caused by a bee named Ruth (SV).

    oes this poem ring true with Chodo!!

  21. tuyawa Says:

    so what is Samy going to do in Vietnam? combat training or ammassing weapons?

  22. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Hey, so Samy and Linden (wasn\’t he the guy that came and then resigned so soon?) work together….Tuyawa who knows what he does in Vietnam..he says charity work with children BUT hey it\’s a big, hidden world out there and some people are always good at making \”disguises\” about the real work they do. And for intelligent people, they can always be creative with their ideas but ONE DAY MAFATU!

    HANOI, VIET NAM (10 October 2007) – on Wednesday, 10 October 2007 at La Thanh hotel John Samy, Founding Chair, Gery van der Linden, Patron together with local members of Inc. Viet Nam attended scholarships award ceremony organized by VAPE to give Year 2 (2007/08) scholarships to 30 children who are being supported by 2006 fund-raising effort. Representatives of Provincial Association for the Promotion of Education from Hanoi, Ha Nam, Phu Tho, Bac Kan, Thua Thien – Hue provinces participated in the ceremony, and received scholarships on behalf of the 30 beneficiaries.

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    We ask why Viet Nam???

    Why not India, Bagladesh or Fiji where he has roots of some sort.

    I smell shit eminating from somewhere in all of this 8)

  24. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Where is Budhau everyone is asking. We at FDN think he is being re-educated by Chodopu$$ on how to play the new game ie Illegal Government must hold elections soon under an electoral system to be devised by Chodopu$$.

  25. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Budhau was all mouth trying to deflate any blame to Chodo and trying to make it was a ‘Fijian vs Fijian’ issue, when it is becoming very clear, that ‘Fijians’ are the pawns in this chess match!

  26. midget gal Says:

    Isa, that is so truzup Jese, we were just used nicely by these indians and dumped, as soon as their coup happened they just sacked well known Fijians who were in very, very important boards like NLTB, Fijian Affairs Board, Fijian Holdings Limited, etc. they are very jealous of us Fijians succeeding in anything. All these directors always followed the law and never did anything to make the military council angry when the coup happened so i don’t understand why they had to be sacked. I think they just jealous, aye Jese?

  27. Soul of Fiji Says:

    This is more proof that the PIQ cannot think for himself, all his speeches and well written vocab statements to the press is done by other people like, Choro, Shameem sisters, John Sami, AG, the list goes on and on…

    Maybe the PIQs exit strategy would be saying something like this ….I’m mad, a lunatic and I belong in St Giles hosp and not in prison. People like the above (Choro, Sami, Shameems, AG, etc. etc. ) knows about and have used my dual personality for their own gratification…I have been used and abused….

  28. Keep The Faith Says:

    So Sami is fucking off to Vietnam after the Charter has disintegrated before his very eyes even BEFORE its come to life — what a hoot!

    Someone call Interpol and get this cons-ta’s arse dragged into the ICC for crimes against humanity in Fiji please.

  29. Striker Says:

    SV: Did John Sami fly out of the country? What’s the latest on this crook; update please, anyone?

  30. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Korovou Tailevu, mush baba!

  31. Adi Kidra Says:

    Qarase is indeed to be congratulated for his Christian forgiveness of Frank Bainimarama (RFN Aug 28 Qarase Lends a Helping Hand to Frank). As it was meted out to the 2000 coup perpetrators, Frank and Co. should also be brought to justice. Let us not forget the overspent at the RFMF Camp – they should ALL be investigated and brought to JUSTICE. The people of Fiji have suffered at the hands of these IDIOTS!! who only think of their greedy pockets!!

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