Hey before we forget

What the blooming hell has happened to the Qarase Case challenging the legality of the Illegal Interim Government???

When are we going to get a judgement from that old ugly Queen Gates and those overpaid members of the High Court Bench??

Remember, it was the case that prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, the so called Military Strongman was nothing but a bully and a coward (known in Fijian as sona levu) after he refused ( was actualy lamusona) to be cross examinied during the court case while Laisenia Qarase was man enough to be cross examined by those battle hardened Australian QCs.

26 Responses to “Hey before we forget”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    I think the Judges may know that if they give a judgement in favour of the regime , that they will survive and not go to jail .
    they are just waiting for Frank to take over the Presidency when the old man dies or is too ill to carry out his Constitutional duties .
    Either way , they can’t give a favourable decision to Mr. Qarase , because that would be like signing your own death warrant .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Thankfully though , the International Community is watching their every move anyway and these judges will have to fall on their swords if they are to remain within the Legal Profession .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    By the way , the Military Council , whoever they are , are stuck between a rock and a hard place . Either way , they also are off to jail !

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    Right now everyone complicit with the IG is working out their exit strategies. The face saving move will be a timely announcement of the successful case against Bainimarama, and then the others will back off and comply with the court as if they did not know they were doing anything wrong. Of course you never know about bi-polar Voreqe, who may well go down kicking and screaming, but the rest are starting to realize which side of the bread their butter is on and are looking for excuses.

    It is likely that the military rank and file will be pardoned but the leaders will likely have their death sentences commuted, as happened with George Speight. The army will be downsized and the rank and file who followed illegal orders against the People of Fiji will lose their jobs and be ostracized.

    A judgement in favor of the regime is highly unlikely. It that was possible, it would have come out months ago.

  5. Nostradamus Says:


    Perhaps you missed these items on RawFijiNews. These came out several days ago and the silence and inaction of the military, combined with the bold approach of PM Qarase to the Forum, suggests that these items are true. I believe the details of the end of the failed coup are being worked out as we speek, and all the conspirators are desperately looking for a prison avoiding or face saving exit strategy. I would expect an announcement in the next week or so, both on the court case and the end of the Regime. Jerry Waqanisau is a well educated high ranking military officer as well as banker, diplomat, and Eastern division regional commissioner. He has always been at loggerheads with Voreqe and that is no doubt why he was sidelined to China as a diplomat. I have hope for his being able to negotiate an end to the current crisis and get the legal government back in. Of course there can be an election, but it is not needed to end the coup. Parliament can call for an election at any time.

    New-look military council advisors working behind the scene
    August 17, 2008
    There are revelations that a new-look military council advisors have taken over the affairs of the military regime over the weekend.

    Well placed sources say that new faces have joined them in an attempt to save their military institution in the midst of Frank’s regimes removal. They say that Paul Manueli, Konrote, Aziz Mohammed, Epeli Ganilau and Frank are not part of the group that has been discussing matters since Frank’s China trip.

    Among the new-look military council advisors trying to stabilize things are old-hand and high ranking military officers like Jerry Waqanisau, ousted FDB CEO, Bovoro, Sakiusa Raivoce, Baledrokadroka, Dugu and others. It is said that these die-hard soldiers are planning a peaceful and bloodless end to Frank’s reign by promising Pita Driti and his military officers immunity. Sources said that Pita Driti, Teleni and Naupoto have all agreed that their oath to the nation of Fiji is above themselves and that the only way out for all of them is to work with their previous and law-abiding senior officers.

    Word is that Jerry Waqanisau has already made an agreement with ousted Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, to pardon all military, naval and police officers since the events of December 2006. He is also understood to be in talks with other political leaders to pardon his boys in return for a speedy return to democracy.

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    Judge Shameem and Gates exit plan
    August 17, 2008
    With the impending removal of failed coupster, Frank Bainimarama from power, two of his chief advisors, Judge Nazhat Shameem and Judge Anthony Gates are in the process of executing their own exit plan.

    The two are said to have been meeting in private in their chambers discussing the best time to announce the ruling on the Qarase constitutional case. Timing is of essence to the two. They will use it as their exit strategy plan.

    Whispers from the legal fraternity is that a ruling has been made. Frank, Aiyaz and their coup supporters have lost the case. Qarase’s win was to be expected anyway with no suprises there however, the timing of this win by Anthony Gates has been manipulated by the three presiding judges and the harlot Shameem. Expect an announcement from them soon as they try to win support from the ousted government and the judiciary they bastardised so bad.

  6. Fijiana Says:

    Let me take you back to Dec 1 2006 to see where we are today.

    “The Army Commander wants all investigations against him and senior officers of the RFMF to be dropped, the Reconciliation Bill, Qoliqoli Bill and Indigenous Land Claims Tribunal Bill to be dropped, Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes to be removed, the Police Tactical Response Team to be disarmed, declare that the 2000 coup was wrong and unlawful and remove all those people from government who were allegedly involved in the May 2000 coup”.

    Now where is the so called charter here?

  7. Tim Says:

    I made some comments under the Heffernan post – what further sanctions and what further encouragements should be applied?.
    The reason being that the junta don’t seem to realise that sanctions in existance are actually pretty damn mild from what they could be; and also because those in the Military that have been LET DOWN by Frank and cohorts need to know that they have options. Come December, or before…….:


    – Reviews of PR status for members of the junta and their families?
    – Further travel/transit restrictions?
    – Reviews of landing rights for airlines such as Korean Air who breach court orders or do not abide my conventions? (such as in the case of Hunter’s deprtation)
    – Sanctions on business transactions for junta members?
    – Freezing of funds held offshore/investigatins into funds held offshore?

    …..ALSO, WHAT FURTHER OFFERS could/should be made?

    – say 5 year secondments/bonds to AUS/NZ/other Defence Forces for RFMF personnel, not related to Senior Officers involved in the coup.
    maybe training and obtaining trades to enable them to have a productive life outside (unless the RFMF’s role can be radically redefined, but downsizing is an inevitability)
    – establishment of say regional Pac Forum force for emergencies, search and rescue, infrastructure improvements (electricity, water, roading, communications, etc).
    – etc.

    Fiji has been missing out on the seasonal work scheme with NZ.
    Australian has announced it will introduce a scheme as well – which Fiji will miss out on.
    Together there is also to be easier means of making remittances that incur lesser interest and fees.
    Also there is to be an infrastructure improvement fund – you guessed it, Fiji will miss out.

  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bloggers, as to SV’s question what has happened to the Qarase Ruling, I copy Chodo’s interview on radio. Notice that he says the military takeover of the Qarase Government was ‘illegal’.

    What else do you want?

    Have a nice weekend all.

    Chaudhry wants to move forward
    Friday, August 22, 2008

    IT is time to put the past behind and concentrate on ways to move the country forward said former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry while talking on Radio Sargam’s talkback show Aamne Saamne yesterday.

    Mr Chaudhry said he learnt his lesson from the past two coups that once a government is overthrown, it does not get back in power straight after that. He said it was no use shouting and calling back for justice.

    Instead, he said the wise thing to do would be to put the past in the past and move forward for a brighter future.

    Mr Chaudhry admitted the Fiji Labour Party was not happy with the actions of the military and the way it overthrew a democratically elected government.

    He said the military’s method was illegal but what happened cannot be changed and there was a need to pay closer attention on improving the country. It was for this reason that he joined the interim regime, said Mr Chaudhry. He said he accepted the invitation from Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in his Clean-Up campaign for the country’s sake.

    Mr Chaudhry said the situation between the military and Laisenia Qarase government grew worse because of the choices Mr Qarase made.

    For instance, he said the idea of introducing the Amnesty Bill was ridiculous and unfair on those who suffered from the impacts of the 2000 mutiny.

    The other wrong choices of Mr Qarase, he said, were the Land Claims Tribunal and the Qoliqoli Bill.

    Mr Chaudhry said it was the Indians who suffered the most during the 2000 coup and forgiving and releasing the perpetrators would be a slap on the Indian community’s face.

    He also accused the Qarase government of paying those who were in jail and for being lenient to all those involved in the mutiny.

    Mr Chaudhry said Mr Qarase was damaging the country and failed to treat everyone equally.

    He said Indians were discriminated by his government on unfair distribution of scholarships and social allowance.

    He said the military stepped in because they could see what was happening.

    Mr Chaudhry said it was time for people to pay attention on achieving a bright future for Fiji.

  9. lawcast Says:

    We seek a brighter future by cleansing ourselves of what we did in our past. We clean our actions from the past and it dictates to us what we will do in the future.

    His past must be taken into account and rectified, only that will his future be properly directed. He uses soliloquies to direct our attention to something that is not yet when suffering, soaring prices, removal of jobs from top posts, insertion of cronies into top jobs, changes in policies e.g FDB and arrogant policies put into place only to be withdrawn e. water tax are decisions that affect lives and livelihoods.

    After all that he says….’look to a brighter future..” NOT ON YOUR LIFE..BOZO”!!!!!!!

  10. Pressiesecretary Says:

    Now the Chodo is giving a new spin to the two million:

    I Did Get $2m Aust But I Didn’t Lie-Chaudhry
    Publish date/time: 22/08/2008 [07:55]

    Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry said he received two million Australian dollars but he never lied about it.

    Speaking in talkback on Radio Sargam, Chaudhry said the two million dollars was collected by the Indian community in India for him and his family.

    A caller then asked Chaudhry why he did not reveal about the the two million dollars in Parliament when serious questions were raised by the then Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase.

    Chaudhry said he did not lie because the questions were in relation to the money collected in India by the then Chief Minister, Om Prakash Chautala. He maintains that he did not get a single cent from the money collected in Hariyana, India.

    The former Finance Minister also said he took Laisenia Qarase to court in relation to the Hariyana money and its now before the High court.

    Meanwhile, Chautala’s son told the Indian Media that the money collected by his father is still in a bank in India and could not be transferred to Fiji because of exchange problems.

  11. Nostradamus Says:

    It will be interesting when we find out that Chaudhry helped to engineer the military overthrow of the government.
    Chaudhry certainly is a master of deception.
    I believe it will catch up with him though. When Voreqe gets on the dock, he will spill the beans about Chaudhry or the new government will order an investigation that will follow the money trail. The important thing is get rid of the regime so that the police can do their job and get the goods on these fraudsters. Voreqe is so stupid he will probably argue that it was OK because he was paid to do it. And Chaudhry IS saying that it is OK because he was asked to help out.
    Where does that leave culpability for the crimes against humanity of this coup?

  12. newsfiji Says:

    Interesting Nostradamus…interesting indeed…but i agree with Mark Manning that the military council should do their time in jail for the mess that we are all in..

    Do the crime, bloody well do the time..Period.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks for the info.I’m sure you can see into the future as your name suggests ! (joke).
    I believe you could be right , but my concern is that Fijians don’t seem to look too far ahead . If amnesty is given to all and sundry , then there will be no deterrent for those contemplating coups in the future . Total respect for the Law and the appropriate punishment for breaking it , and not amnesty , will ensure that the coup culture in Fiji dies a natural death . I applaud the Forum for considering banning Fiji . It sends a very clear message to all , that this behaviour must stop as it is like a cancer to the region . Coups in the Pacific Islands , affect you guys far more than they do Australians and New Zealanders . And Frank needs to know , it’s his fellow Islanders that are saying , no more , not us !

  14. ispy Says:

    I understand the decision has already been made.

    Gates has made a ruling that is consistent with his previous ruling in the Chandrika Prasad case, ie. that the coup is illegal and SDL is still the lawful government.

    However, Byrne and Pathik have gone the other way and ruled that the coup was legal.

    Gates is supposedly extremely disappointed with Byrne and Pathik and believes their ruling is based on personal agendas and tainted advice from Nazhat Shameem, rather than on sound legal reasoning.

    The soon to be released result therefore – Qarase has lost his case by majority decision of Byrne and Pathik, with the lead judge Anthony Gates dissenting.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    In future , to avoid further disharmony , Fiji perhaps , needs to have a good look at it’s own society and resolve the differences over land ownership , the future role of the G.C.C. the role of the President in his capacity as Military Chief and his obligation to the Parliament , a mechanism put into place to avoid a repeat of what has just happened should the Office of the President become compromised by a rogue Commander , ill health of the President , the overthrow of the Government , the inability of the G.C.C. to perform it’s functions ( as has happened on this occasion ) and perhaps even an elite independent force of highly trained Police and Soldiers tasked with the protection of the Government , provided that Government is acting within the guidelines of the Constitution .
    Fijians should also look at their allegiances regarding their ethnicity , as I believe if your born in Fiji you are automatically Fijian , their allegiances regarding their support for their individual clans and Chiefs etc. their allegiance to their relatives ( because it’s a small population and most are related to someone ) over their allegiance to the Constitution and the rule of Law . Politics and the role of Government,the Military and Citizens must be taught in the Schools . H.I.V. education is a priority ( as Nelson Mandella found out , too late ! ) and the fight against drugs and prostitution are equally important and an immediate priority in Fiji .

  16. Groggymaster Says:


    Allegiance is always to the state and constitution – not to the individuals who hold the offices. If the military and police get this right there won’t be further coups.

    And agree that everyone who held authority and wielded the powers of their offices to support bainimagaitinana should all face the full brunt of the law. Perhaps a commission of inquiry to determine the extent of their involvement and culpability, and recommend prosecutions would be the way to go.

  17. Groggymaster Says:

    Also – as labour and the military opposed the RTU bill, don’t use the provisions of the bill to extend whatever considerations/concessions provided therein.

    For Chodo especially, lets just “bugger” the bastard.

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    Voreqe was called a chicken by Kevin Rudd when the pig absconded from the Niue meeting. Thats something we all have known all along. he is always hiding behind the barrel of the gun and talking and acting strong. There shall be no amnesty for him. He should be made to face the consequences of his actions as many in fact almost the whole country suffered badly from it and to think he gets away lightly or scott free is unacceptable.

  19. Tim Says:

    This junta tries to be master of the double standard – here’s Chodo saying the proposition of an amnesty instigated by Qarase is what wound Frank up (not that it takes much), yet seems perfectly comfortable when Frank wants one.
    Everything they utter from their pathetic little mouths is disingenuous and seeks one set of rules for them, and another for everyone else. No no no Chodo, Frank et al. Rip close to one million people off of their sovereignty, human rights, money, dignity – then expect them not to mind? And what’s up with that Yippie I Aye Khaiyum ffs? On radio he sounds like he’s about to burst into tears. bwabwabwa – everyone’s being mean to us. The attempt to divide and conquer bubba didn’t quite work. The Aus/NZ supposedly driving an agenda all turned to shit for him – the Pac Forum were unanimous in their stance.
    If immunity is ever granted, it MUST be on some very very very tight conditions, and limited – because as they know, under other circumstances they could well have faced a firing squad. Its only political correctness and civility that will prevent it now, because executing the lot of them would certainly go a long way to preventing future coups.
    I wonder how many of them actually trust each other – let alone expecting the rest of Fiji to! At the very least, every last one of them have to be prevented from EVER holding public office again.

  20. Nostradamus Says:

    If the 2006 coup is ruled legal, as Ispy suggests, then we have a real problem, both now and in the future, with a kangaroo court.
    I think that all persons involved in the crime of treason should be punished and certainly no one should benefit from the coup.
    Besides that, other crimes like assault, theft, and murder should also cop jail time or execution.

    I find it hard to believe that what Ispy says is true. I certainly hope that it is not.

  21. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry Micky Beddoes, even if I whole heartedly agree with you, OZ and NZ’s stance in not allowing seasonal Fijian workers in that it is not very compassionate as these people need the money to support their families.

    However, it has been 20 months since these power hungry wankers have overthrown an elected govt so everyone’s patience is wearing thin.

    It is a drastic move but a lesson needs to be learnt that Bainipuaka is not to shame the nation and make a mockery of the Pacific Island Forum which was designed to help the citizens of each country represented.

    Please we must all refrain from blaming anyone else except these wankers because in the long we will benefit from these hard core lessons.

    Don’t come back to me with any other excuse. We must not forget that the great Ratu Mara, father of Koila, Uliu, father in law of the 2 Epelis used the feeble excuse that he did what needed to be done to save the nation after Rabuka overthrew the Bavadra Govt.

    Chief Justice Timoci Tuivaga, now happily retired used the same feeble excuse.

    It is a simple rule we need to remember and abide with; “don’t stray outside the boundries of the constitution and respect the law at all times.”

    I think we should be satisfied that the big heavy weights are taking notice of Fiji’s political situation and wait patiently for we need to get it right this time.

    To me Rabuka’s only achievement was the birth of the coup culture and others like Ratu Mara, Chief Justice Tuivaga etc the legacy of that “feeble excuse”

  22. Ablaze Says:

    Should have posted this before posting my comments.

    Front page / News

    Beddoes unhappy with work scheme decision
    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Update: 4:49PM A DECISION by Australia and New Zealand to deny Fiji citizens the opportunity for seasonal work until Fiji returns to Parliamentary democracy has been described as disappointing.

    Ousted Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes said he was bitterly disappointed with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his New Zealand counterpart Helen Clark’s decision.

    He said while the ongoing pressure applied by both Australia and New Zealand remained critical to forcing the “junta” to the negotiating table and its promise of elections in 2009, their decision not to include Fiji citizens in their seasonal worker scheme was counterproductive and targeted the innocent citizens instead of the coup perpetrators.

    “The innocent people of Fiji continue to suffer at the hands of the military junta through reduced working hours, loss of employment and lack of job opportunities because of the depressed economic conditions and the level of poverty in Fiji were rising by the day because of the problems caused by the Interim Prime Minister and his administration,” he said.

    “To decide on a course of action that denies a number of our citizens an opportunity to work in Australia and New Zealand and be able to send back funds to assist their needy families back home is unhelpful.

    “I feel our people, who have nothing to do with the coup have been badly let down by our neighbours at a time when their help could have brought relief to so many.

    “I am unimpressed and dismayed at their decision.”

    Mr Beddoes called on both Prime Ministers to reconsider their decisions and exercise a greater level of compassion and understanding for the plight of the Fiji people.

  23. FijiGirl Says:

    You can bet that Gates won’t contradict his own ruling in the Chandrika Prasad case. Not sure about how the other ‘justices’ will rule.

    You can also bet that Gates will do all he can to delay giving his ruling in the hope that the political situation will play itself out, thus saving him the indignity of agreeing that his own appointment is illegal.

    The big case to watch for is Fatiaki’s. How long do you think Gates can delay that one??

    Why should Fiji have to tolerate second-rate chief justices who have no interest in protecting the rule of law, and have the audacity to deny justice by delaying justice while simultaneously posing as the CJ?

    God bless Fiji

  24. Frida Says:

    What Australi and New Zealand are doing is basically putting pressure on the people of Fiji to do something – come out openly in one voice and say enough is enough to the pig. If you look at letters to the editor in both dailies you have people even up until today, who are agreeing with what the army is doing in about as much as those opposing the situationcreated Dec 06. So it will be very difficult to say who can go and who cannot because they might be say yes to some people who are actually going to be indirectl or directly assisting the situation of those openly supporting the situation even though they are finding it hard to meet daily basic needs.

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Frida – most of the people writing into the dailies are either paid by the regime (eg na sotia isireli tawake) or brainwashed by chodo (na sona jim anthony).

    Oz, NZ and the forum members are soverign democratic states and entitled to act with consistency, which is what they are doing. Good on them.

    Fiji under a military dictatorship which wallows in inconsistency, and we the people are prevented from voicing our dissent with the regime.

    Don’t forget that in the Pacific an answer of silence can mean many things – and approval is not one of them. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking our silence means we won’t bite.

    God bless Fiji

  26. Soul of Fiji Says:

    While every member of the IIG are working out their exit strategy, sad to say and as I had said a couple of times before, Choro as the Master Con & Manipulator will pull out and leave the PIQ and Piglets holding the baby.

    Already Choro is trying to win back his supporters trying to explain the reasons he lied about the $2 million, blaming LQ for the coup etc. etc..the liar is unbelievable.

    Even if you caught him and took a pic of the reporter lady with his pants down he would probably argued that the reporter while interviewing him collapsed and all he did was trying out CPR and would you believed it his belt broke and his pants fell down at the same time.

    ….we’ll there is your con artist and king liar

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