The Crimminals will fall out among themselves

Now why would Frank add the job of Minister of Finance to his many “responsibilities”? After all, he is Minister for Fijian Affairs, as well. Apart from the fact that no-one with any brains would want to be associated with such an incompetent illegal government, there a few possibilities.

The obvious reason is so that the next time Frank wants approval to take accumulated leave as cash, he can grant approval directly, no need to go through the charade of asking someone else. Now that’s efficiency for you.

 And, as Minister for a half a dozen things as well as Commander, he will no doubt allow himself to have leave entitlements for each of them, which he then won’t use, but take as cash.

Another reason why Frank has to take the reins at Finance is to ensure he can meet commitments he has no doubt made to Chodopu$$ about taking care of Chodo’s interests. We can be sure that Chodopu$$  would have extracted such a bargain from Frank. Too many people at FIRCA know too much to leave that stack of dynamite unguarded.

But Frank is a fool if he believes that the parting will remain amicable. Chaudhry will soon turn on the Illegal Regime. He’s not going to gather votes by trying to sell the achievements of the incompetent illegal government.

Chaudhry and Frank remind me of an old story, sometimes told about a scorpion and a frog or, the version more appropriate here, a snake and a dog: a snake begged to be taken across a river by a dog. The dog said, “But you will bite me and your poison will make me die.”

The snake promised not to fang him and finally convinced the dog. As the dog swam across with the snake around its neck, the snake tanged him. “Why did you bite me when you promised not to?” The snake replied, “You knew what I was before you took me.”

Frank the dumb dog will realize the truth of this one day.



6 Responses to “The Crimminals will fall out among themselves”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Reminds me of the story about the man bitten on the bum by a snake in the desert . He summons his friend to ring the doctor to find out what to do to save his life . His mate rings the doctor and the doctor says , suck the poison out , that’s the only way he’ll live !
    When the mate returns the man asks , what did the doctor say , his mate replied , your going to die !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Chaudhry and Frank

    the author of the People’s Charter finally discovered !

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Chaudhry and Frank remind me of a couple on youtube , bill and ben the flower pot men and the author of the People’s Charter , is believed to be , Mr. Squiggle , who also happens to be on youtube !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Well they have to start being nice now , don’t they , because of what is coming their way ?

  5. Groggymaster Says:

    Voreqe will find he has very little wiggle room left with the Finance Ministry. I suspect Chodo has left poison pills behind, apart from leaving very little cash.
    I get really annoyed every time I hear Chodo or his surrogates claim Chodo saved the economy from bankruptcy. When he took over the economy was ticking over nicely at 3.4% GDP growth. On his departure the economy is hobbling at barely 1% GDP growth, which represents a cumulative decline of in excess of 10% since 5 Dec 2006. How cn the F*$king dolt claim he has done well? BOCI.

    Bainivuaka is even siller for wanting to take over the ministry. If he survives to the end of the year, Chodo will make him carry the can for the disastorous economic and financial performance of the administration. Well I guess thats honor amongst treasonous thieves.

  6. Navosavakadua Says:

    You are spot on. We can be sure that Chodopu$$ has lied, that he’s played with statistics and the situation is even worse than we know.

    His natural course of action when the truth starts to emerge will be to blame decisions made by his successor. If Frank had half a brain he would recognize the danger and make sure that Chodopu$$ picks up the tab for his handiwork. The question is: will Parmesh Chand who doubles as the half a brain that Frank doesn’t have be able to find the time to do this for him?

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