Shame Roll from Operation Clean Up (Not!!)

> It is about time to relook at the roll of dishonor and shame of the
> thieving losers on the rfmf gravy train. Here is a draft, that needs
> correcting. It is a start to do with as you will.
> …. just a few questions to get the ball rolling:
> – For all the rfmf inside government, what is their new salaries,
> – how much have they gorged individually, from the taxpayers ,
> – how much leave compensation have they got individually and in total.
> – For those no job losers like Ganilau, how much has he benefitted
> financially.
> – What is Frank’s new salary at which his leave compo was calculated.
> – What is Leweni’s current salary? What is his previous Wo1 salary?
> – What kind of allowances do the military council and their advisors
> receive?
> – How much overspent by the RFMF since 5 December 2006 on their clean up?
> – Who are all the rfmf officers promoted since 5/12? new salaries?

Because you bloggers asked for a shamelist!!

>(Blogger ID surpressed for security Reasons)
> >
>Statutory Bodies and Govt Companies
> 1. CEO, Land Transport Authority-Abraham Simpson-Etuate Koroi
> 2. CEO Radio Fiji (FBCL)-Francis Herman-Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum
> 3. CEO Airports Fiji Limited-Sakiusa Tuisolia-Timoci Tuisawau
> 4. CEO, Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL)-Sitiveni Weleilakeba-Sereana Qoro
> 5. Chairman, FHL-Olota Rokovunisei-Isoa Kaloumaira
> 6. Deputy Chairman, FHL-Isoa Kaloumaira-Colonel Aziz Mohammad, RFMF
> Chief of Staff
> 7. Board member, FHL-Lesi Korovavala-Padam Lala
> 8. Board member, FHL-Ulaisi Baya
> 9. Chairman, Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF)-Anare Jale-Taito Waqa
> 10. CEO, FNPF-Olota Rokovunisei-Aisake Taito
> 11. Deputy CEO, FNPF-Foana Nemani-?
> 12. Chairman, Fiji Development Bank (FBD) Board–Taito Waradi
> 13. CEO, FDB-Tukana Bovoro-Taito Waradi is Executive Chairman
> 14. Chairman, Fiji Sports Council-?-Tom Ricketts, Paul Yee
> 15. Deputy Chairman-?-Rajendra Chaudhry, Rupeni Silimaibau
> 16. CEO, Sports Council-Alice Tabete-Ricketts became Executive
> Chairman then now Paul Yee is Executive Chairman
> 17. Chairman, Fiji Trade & Investment Board (FTIB)-Joseph
> Singh-Francis Bipin Narayan (co-writer of People’s Charter planning
> document released March 2007)
> 18. CEO, FTIB-Lailun Khan-Francis Narayan is now Executive Chairman
> 19. Chairman, Fiji Institute of Technology-Digby Bossley-Iqbal Jannif
> 20. CEO, FIT-? Mua-Dr. Ganesh Chand
> 21. CEO, Sugar Cane Growers Council-Jagganath Sami-Jai Gawander
> 22. Chairman, Fiji Audio Visual Commission-Joe Mar – Richard
> Broadbridge then Sharon Smith Johns (from 2008)
> 23. CEO, Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA)-Rokoseru Nabalarua-Sunil da Silva
> 24. Chairman, FEA Board-Joe Mar-Nizam Ud-Dean
> 25. Chairman, Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority (FIRCA)-Iqbal
> Jannif-Filipe Bole
> 26. CEO, FIRCA-Tevita Banuve-Jitoko Tikolevu
> 27. Supervisor of Elections-Semesa Karavaki-Felicity Heffernan
> 28. Deputy Elections Supervisor-Eliki Matalau-
> 29. Chairman Electoral Commission-Graham Leung-MK Sahu Khan
> 30. Chairman Boundaries Commission-2007-Ramesh Chandra
> 31. Boundaries Commission member–Father Kevin Barr
> 32. Electoral Commission member–Father David Arms
> 33. Chairman, Higher Salaries Commission-Rishi Ram
> 34. Commissioner Central Division-Inoke Devo
> 35. Commissioner Northern Division-Misieli Naivalu-Colonel Inia Seruiratu
> 36. Chairman, Telecom Fiji Ltd-Kanti Tappoo-Felix Anthony
> 37. Chairman, Post Fiji Board-Mahendra Motibhai Patel-Colonel Iowane
> Naivalurua
> 38. CEO Post Fiji-Peni Mau- ?
> 39. Chairman, Airports Fiji Limited-Viliame Leqa-Digby Bossley (fired
> 8/15/08)
> 40. Chairman, Fijian Affairs Board-Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu-Frank
> Bainimarama
> 41. CEO, Fijian Affairs Board-Adi Litia Qionibaravi-Ratu Meli Bainimarama
> 42. Chairman, Native Land Trust Board (NLTB)-Ratu Naiqama
> Lalabalavu-Frank Bainimarama
> 43. GM, NLTB-Kalivati Bakani-Alipate Qetaki
> 44. Administrative Officer NLTB–Sgt. M. Daveta
> (Please add details on board members and executive shakeups in AFL,
> FIRCA, NLTB, Fiji TV, Fiji Sun, Post Fiji, FDB, Telecom, FAVC, FEA,
> SCGC, FSC, Air Pacific etc etc)
> Chief Executive Officers, Deputies and civil servants
> 45. CEO PM’s Office-Jioji Kotobalavu-Parmesh Chand
> 46. Deputy PM’s Office-Malakai Tadulala-Edward Blakelock
> 47. CEO Finance-Paula Uluinaceva-Peceli Vocea
> 48. CEO Public Utilities -Anasa Vocea-Cama Tuiloma
> 49. CEO Foreign Affairs-Isikeli Mataitoga-Ross Ligairi
> 50. CEO Justice-Sakiusa Rabuka-Col Pio Tikoduadua
> 51. CEO Public Service-Anare Jale-Ms Taina Tagicakibau
> 52. DS, PSC-Tom Lee-Peni Naqasima
> 53. DS, PSC-Laite Cavu-Maria Matavewa
> 54. CEO Education-Ms. Alumita Taganesia-Emi Rabukawaqa – PS Education
> 55. CEO, Information-Emi Rabukawaqa-Post is still vacant
> 56. Deputy Information-Eliki Bomani-Maj Neumi Leweni; DS Info & Army
> spokesman
> 57. CEO Provincial Dev-Ratu Meli Bainimarama-Maj Manasa Vaniqi
> 58. CEO Youth and Sports-Poasa Ravea-Subhas Chandra – PS Youth and Sports
> 59. CEO Labour, Indus Rel & Productivity-Taito Waqa-Taito Waqa – PS
> Labour, Indus Relations and Employment
> 60. CEO Local Govern, Urban Dev / Housing-Ms. Emele Duituturaga (CEO
> Women/ Housing)-(Post is still vacant after Litia Mawi demoted)
> 61. CEO Health-Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa-Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa PS
> Health, Women, Social Welfare
> 62. CEO Works / Transport-Anasa Vocea-Anand Kumar – PS, Works and Transport
> 63. CEO Tourism-Napolioni Masirewa-Ms. Banuve Kaumaitotoya PS
> Industry, Communication
> 64. CEO Trade – Commerce-Isireli Koyamaibole-Post is still vacant
> 65. CEO for Lands-Niumaia Tabunakawai-Post is still vacant
> 66. CEO Fish & Forests-Alefina Vuki (acting)- Dr. Niumaia Tabunakawai
> PS Fisheries
> 67. CEO Agriculture-Luke Ratuvuki- Dr Richard Beyer
> 68. CEO Home Affairs-Dr. Lesi Korovavala-Malakai Tadulala PS Defense,
> Immigration
> 69. CEO Fijian Affairs Ministry-Ratu Meli Bainimarama-Ratu Meli Bainimarama
> 70. CEO, Multi-Ethnic Affairs & Reconciliation-Apisalome Tudreu-Post
> is still vacant
> 71. DS Agriculture-Bulou Rakuita-Tom Lee (DS PSC previously)
> 72. Solicitor General-Nainendra Nand-Christopher Pryde
> 73. Dep Solicitor General-Savenaca Banuve-Sharvada Sharma
> 74. Parliamentary Council/Legal drafter – Rupeni Nawaqakuta – Post is
> still vacant
> 75. Dir Govt IT Services-Sailasa Taganesia-Comm E. Salusalu
> 76. Dir Immigration-Onisivoro Vuniyaro -Comm V. Naupoto
> 77. Dir Fisheries Dept-Alefina Vuki-Commodore S. Naiqali
> 78. Dir Dev Cooperation, PM’s Office-New position-Cpt S. Tuiteci
> 79. Director, Information-Susan Grey-Filimoni Kau
> 80. Director for Women-Latileta Makasiale-Tokasa Leweni (wife of army
> spokesman)
> 81. Principal Immigration Officer-?- Major Lefone Osborn
> 82. Principal Legal Officer, Fiji Police Force-Ramasi Salakubou-Major
> Pacolo Luveni
> 83. Att. Generals Office-Sr. Admin Officer-Sgt. Rabuku
> 84. Chief of Protocal, Foreign Affairs -Akuila Waradi -Major Sila Balawa
> + RFMF media cell now in the Ministry of Information with Leweni
> + 15 rfmf soldiers in Immigration
> + rfmf in PMs office
> + rfmf elsewhere in the civil service
> Diplomatic Postings-
> 85. Deputy head of mission to UN, New York-Filimoni Kau -Col. Mason Smith
> 86. Amb to USA, Washington DC-Jesoni Vitusagavulu-Post is still vacant
> [Awaiting Ratu Finau Mara]
> 87. High Commissioner to Malaysia-Ratu Epeli Kanaimawi-Post is still
> vacant [Col. Pita Driti nominated no news from the Malaysian govt]
> 88. HC to Australia-??-Kamlesh Arya
> 89. HC to New Zealand-Bal Ram-Cama Tuiloma
> 90. HC to India-Luke Ratuvuki-Savenaca Kaunisela
> 91. Amb to China-Jeremaia Waqanisau-James Ah Koy
> 92. Military Attache, Fiji embassy in China-New position-Major Filipe
> Alifereti
> Public Service Commission
> 93. Chairman PSC-Stuart Huggett -Rishi Ram
> Police/Prisons
> 94. Commissioner of Police-Andrew Hughes-Commodore Esala Teleni
> (Anyone know who are the other rfmf soldiers now working in the
> police?)
> 95. Deputy Police Commissioner – Moses Driver – Eroni Antonio
> 96. ACP Crime – Kevueli Bulamainaivalu – Nasir Ali
> 97. Commissioner of Prisons-Aisea Taoka-Col Iowane Naivalurua (Anyone
> know who are the other rfmf soldiers working in the prisons dept?)
> 98. Dep Commissioner FICAC Fiji Indendent Commission Against
> Curruption-New position-Col. G. Langman (+ soldiers in FICAC)
> Magistracy Inquiry
> 99. John Connors
> Fijian Institutions Inquiry team
> 100. Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga
> 101. Tuakitau Coka
> 102. Jo Nawalowalo
> 103. Noqu Molikula host – baldie with drimi/amputated leg??
> Legal and other consultants (remember those gang here on $2000 USD per
> day excluding hotel accommodation, meals, travel costs and that AG
> doesn’t have to get Tenders Board approval for any spending over
> $30,000)
> 104. Paul Jennings (Hong Kong) – FICAC
> 105. John Samy – Charter Secretariat
> 106. Gerard McCoy – AGs Office – opinion on JSC and suspension of CJ,
> drafted ficac promulgation
> 107. Dr. Michael Moriarty – Charter consultant
> 108. Dr. Richard Herr – Charter consultant
> 109. Elizabeth Wong? – AGs office consultant
> 110. Chen Bunn Young – engaged by AG’s office for legal opinions and
> litigation work
> 111. Adish Narayan – engaged by AG’s office for legal opinions and
> litigation work
> 112. Jone Dakuvula – TASS employee
> + 45 NCBBF members and working group/NTT contributors
> Judicial Services Commission (JSC)
> 113. Chairman-CJ Daniel Fatiaki-Judge Shameem appointed Judge Anthony
> Gates as Acting CJ, Gates now chairs the JSC
> 114. Member – PSC Chairman-Stuart Huggett-Rishi Ram – appointed by
> Bainimarama
> Judiciary
> 115. Chief Justice-Daniel Fatiaki-Anthony Gates is acting CJ
> 116. President, Fiji Court of Appeal (FCA)-Justice Gordon Ward-John
> Byrne (+5 FCA judges who resigned in Sept 2007 in protest)
> 117. Judge of Appeal-Michael Scott-Judge Nazhaat Shameem (also as High
> Court Judge)
> 118. High Court Judge-Gerard Winter-Daniel Goundar (also on FCA)
> 119. High Court Judge-Roger Coventry-Thomas Hickie (also on FCA)
> 120. High Court Judge-John Connors- Jocelyn Scutt (also on FCA)
> 121. High Court Judge–Isikeli Mataitoga (also on FCA)
> 122. High Court Judge-Datt (Lautoka)
> 123. Chief Registrar of the High Court-Musuka Tabete-Post is still vacant
> 124. Magistrate-John Semisi-Major Ana Rokomokoti
> 125. Magistrate-Sunil Kumar-Alofa Seruvatu
> 126. Magistrate–John Rabuku
> 127. Magistrate– ? Sahu Khan
> 128. Magistrate–Anare Tuilevuka
> Parliament-
> 129. Secretary General to Parliament-Mary Chapman-Post is still vacant
> 130. Deputy SG, Parliament-Edward Blakelock-Post is still vacant
> + Senators and MPs removed from Parliament in Dec 2006
> Great Council of Chiefs
> 131. Chairman GCC-Ratu Ovini Bokini-Post is still vacant
> 132. Dep Chairman GCC-Ratu Sakiusa Makutu-Post is still vacant
> + 50 GCC members fired by Ganilau in April 2007
> President
> 133. President – Ratu Josefa Iloilo – Frank Bainimarama
> 134. Vice President-Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi-Post is still vacant
> Cabinet Ministers
> 135. PM-Laisenia Qarase- Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama
> 136. Finance-Ratu Jone Kubuabola-Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
> 137. Foreign Affairs -Kaliopate Tavola-Ratu Epeli Nailatikau Foreign
> Affairs
> 138. Attorney General & Justice- Qoriniasi Bale-Aiyaz Khaiyum
> 139. Education-Ro Teimumu Kepa-Filipe Bole Education, Heritage,
> Culture, Youth, Sports
> 140. Labour-Krishna Dutt-Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
> 141. Health Dr. Gunesagran Goundar- Dr Jiko Luveni Health, Women and
> Social Welfare
> 142. Women / Housing-, George Shiu Raj-Dr Jiko Luveni Health, Women
> and Social Welfare
> 143. Works & Public Enterprises- Ratu Savenaca Draunidalo – Captain
> Timoci Lesi Natuva -Works / Transport
> 144. Tourism, Trade / Commerce- Tomasi Vuetilovoni-Tom Ricketts
> Industry, Tourism, Communications
> 145. Lands & Fijian Affairs-Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu-Netani
> Sukanaivalu is Lands/Bainimarama is Indigenous Affairs Dept
> 146. Home Affairs-Josaia Vosanibola-Ratu Epeli Ganilau Defense and
> Immigration
> 147. Fisheries & Forests-Ilaitia Tuisese- Joketani Cakanasiga
> 148. Information & Communications-Isireli Leweniqila-Voreqe
> Bainimarama (Info), Tom Ricketts (Communications)
> 149. Multi-Ethnic Affairs & Reconciliation -Ratu Meli
> Saukuru-Reconciliation does not exist anymore, staff now in Charter
> Secretariat
> 150. Public Utilities & Infrastructure Dev.-Robin Urwin- Mahendra Pal
> Chaudhry
> 151. Environment-Poseci Bune- Netani Sukanaivalu
> 152. Agriculture-Gyani Nand- Joketani Cokanasiga
> 153. Energy & Mineral Resources-Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi- Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
> 154. Primary & Preventative Health Services-Udit Narayan-Dr. Jiko Luveni
> 155. Local Govt & Urban Dev-Chetan Lakshman- Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
> 156. Employment Opportunities & Productivity-Ragho Nand- Lekh Ram
> Vayeshnoi
> 157. Commerce & Industry-Sivia Qoro-Tom Ricketts
> Ministers of State
> 158. Prime Min’s Office-Losena Salabula- Bainimarama
> 159. Fijian Affairs-Ratu Suliano Matanitobua- Bainimarama
> 160. Education-Paulo Ralulu- – Bole
> 161. National Planning-Ratu Jone Navakamocea- Chaudhry
> 162. Housing-Adi Asenaca Caucau- -Vayeshnoi
> 163. Provincial Dvpt-Ted Young- -Bainimarama
> 164. Small & Micro Enterprises & IT Industries-Pio Tabawalu- Rickett
> 165. Public Utilities Reform-Samisoni Tikoinasau- Chaudhry
> 166. Prisons & Correction Services-Inoke Luveni- Khaiyum
> 167. Agriculture-Ratu Josefa Dimuri- – Cokanasiga
> 168. Immigration & Ex-Servicemen-Jioji Konrote- Ganilau
> 169. Youth & Sports-Rajesh Singh- Bole
> Other statutory Commissions
> 170. Commerce Commission?
> 171. PSC
> 172. Legal Aid Commission
> 173. Board of Legal Education
> 174. Human Rights Commission
> 175. Public Accounts Committee
> 176. Prerogative of Mercy Commission
> 177. Copyright Tribunal
> 178. etc

36 Responses to “Shame Roll from Operation Clean Up (Not!!)”

  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Holy sh*t!

    Nearly 200 appointed cronies in positions of power.

    Chodopu$$ has done his homework…

    It won’t do him any good though.

    We still have the power to vote him out as and when the regime finds the kahonies to call for elections.

    God bless Fiji

  2. Adi Kaila Says:

    You Go SV!

  3. Talei Says:


  4. painter Says:

    Fellow bloggers, i suppose we could email SV all we know about anyone we know on that shame list and/or fill in the blanks for those yet to be added…?

    If I recall correctly, solivakasama’s email address is :

    Let’s help SV build that “Wall of Shame” which i would like forever etched in everyone’s mind as ‘a price’ to be paid for being involved in the forceful overthrow of a legitimate government elected by the people!

    Let’s help SV complete that list before the end of the weekend.

    Go bloggers!

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    It would have been far cheaper to make mark manning President ! not to mention the free volkswagon and four bread toaster !

  6. Wailei Says:

    WOW!! What a splendid Shame list indeed! Well done SV!

  7. kafir Says:

    Vinaka SV, Vinak SV, Vinaka SV, Vinaka SV, Vinaka SV,

    Tagane dina o kemudou, yalo dina ni kai Viti!

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Painter!

  9. aubatinuku-N Says:

    WOW!! :O

  10. painter Says:

    Bula Adi K! Are you still on that email add?

  11. Na Dina Says:

    Inside source say FB and his Strategic Headquarters in 2004 started to vesu mona all soldiers in a “military for life” doctrine based on Alfred Stepan’s “New Professionalism” (1973)for the military. ( Google Search to prove this publication)
    This doctrine esentially said it was OK fro the Military to intervene in government and politics for LIFE!!! Yes folks they are planning to stay for LIFE in all the above positions.
    This was FB’s way of ‘legitimising’ his coup. The good officers knew this and left.. the rest is History… the idiot Officers who are now paddling his sinking canoe have come to realize this deception now… standfast tiko ragone! kua na dro sa vakarau toso cake tale na kemudou i sau me kemudou i vesu.. haha

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    SV – well done, extremely comprehensive. Thank you for responding so fully to our requests.

    May I just add that in some cases like FBCL it was actually Daniel Whippy who was appointed by Mahen and the SDL let slide, who in turn appointed the little Khaiyum junior brat.

    We should keep in mind that people like Daniel Whippy will continue to do Mahen’s bidding if they remain in their respective board seats.

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    @ Na Dina – can we ask Kutusebe to send me a personal message.

  14. Say True! Says:

    Thank you SV. The magnitude of Chodopu$$ Bai’s influence is just starting to sink in. Unfuckenbelievable for lack of a better word to describe this IG.
    Can anyone include the businness houses that supported this nightmare?

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    SV – sorry to keep bringin up additional isues, but could we also inlcude a category for people like Francis Kean as Commander of the Navy who was handed a lenient sentence after killing someone because of his connections to Frank.

    Also all the members of the NCBBF and the key senior staff members of the Task Force like Samy, Peter Wise and Filimoni Kau. I would hate to see Jo Nawalowalo, Filimoni Ralogaivau & Co get off the list scott free.

    Under entry nos: 10 & 11 you mention FNPF Chair and CEO succession but can we also include board members like Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony.

    Also another category for the interim Ministers who were kicked out like Poseci Bune etc. and others who serve on committees the regime has dreamed up like Taufa Vakatale and as they say in the local slang, “… and not forgetting Fiji’s PM immediately after the coup, Dr Jonah – this one goes out to you too.”

  16. Wailei Says:

    ooo dont forget;

    bernie rounds ganilau
    mrs. leweni
    Netani Sukanaivalu
    Poseci Bune

    ALSO some stuff i read: from….

    Bainimarama’s charges JUST BEFORE DEC.

    For his recent outbursts: Possible offences; Treason- 50 of Act 17, Section 65, 66 Cap 17 and Disobedience of lawful order- 144 Cap 17. Pending cases: Removal of late President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara; Abrogation of the 1997 Constitution; CRW murder investigation- Nabua PEP 8/00; Minister for Home Affairs – disobedience – CID/HQ PEP 16/06; Army fraud (Suspect Esala Teleni). Action requirement: NIS Intelligence report; Legal advice – Force legal; Doctrine of Necessity ruling – (RS vs Chandrika Prasad’s case); Uplift files from DPP (The Fiji Sun, 6 November 2006)

  17. Nostradamus Says:

    Looks like Voreqe has loaded up the taxpayers with his blood suckers. Will they all be given the sack when he is brought down?

  18. qitawa Says:

    Div Dramoda put in as board member of AFL by regime. No qualifications and cant write a thing. Picture of him in fijivillage with hair gelled with a buckets worth to impress the army officers. Is he a male contestant in the hibiscus caarnival? Big time gay too so i wonder what was his intention in visiting the camp?

  19. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    What about the Public Affairs Committee? It is supposed to be a Committee of Parliament. Yet we have a PAC chaired by Manu Korovulavula who was rejected by the voters as a member of parliament in 2006. More people cast informal votes than voted for him.

  20. qilaqila Says:

    Dont forget journalists who pose as fb’s cronies….names please…disgrace to the profession…bloody shameful.

  21. LUVfiji Says:

    Varanisese Tavaiqia , Princess of Vuda – Fiji Trade Representative, Taiwan
    Karai Vuibau – Fiji Consul, Sydney

    Did I overlook these names?

  22. Tui Says:

    Wow sa malo a drakai SV. Thanks for the effort team. Also a list of people killed, tortured and imprisoned by the police and RFMF. An update on who has been charged and who the other culprits are. Their location, phone contact and addresses etc. Remember this site has the most hits any day besides the other mainstream media sites. There were other blogs that tried to put up the “shame list” but am not sure what happened to them. Blog on ragone.

  23. Frida Says:

    SV – hope to see the shame list updated and distributed widely so that embassies are aware of those supporters and the tightening of the noose should mean hitting them where it hurts most – family members getting travel ban also.

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Marama Nite. I read with interest your post about Karai Vuibau and Di Vara Ligalevu (Tavaiqia) and wanted to raise a point regarding the two of them as well as Mr. Tuisawau (as someone earlier mentioned) of AFL.

    In the case of long serving professional people like these three who have been in that particular service stream for all their working lives and are due for upward promotion, is it fair to place them on the shame list.

    After all the promotional opening occured at this time and they are well qualified to take up these positions. This cannot be classified in the same basket as say Leweni’s posting to either China or Information.

    Having said that I should also declare that I am closely connected to both Karai and Di Vara not only through previous work but also personally.

    Leaving that aside, my issue is that there will be many people who are line officers and due for upward movement due the official advancement process and they should npot be victimsed because of this.

    After all we are losing a lot of professionals due to outbound migration and must replace the empty seats with professionals as best we can. Vinaka!

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    i’m so impressed with this role of honour , that I’ve saved it on my computer , thanks for that info .

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    Maqosa na nomuni vakamacala Naita

    Au taro madala sa vakaevei e rau sa qai lamata beka e yasai Nukulau o okya na Ravouvou ni Natewa kei kei na nona i vakawele o Budhau?

    Lakolako rau kauta kece na civaciva mai na nomuni baravi e Laucala 8)

  27. soro Says:

    Agree with @IB . I have great respect for Adi Francis and she is a true professional in her role so the list should not include her and people like her who are there and have been serving in their particular contexts for a long time already.

    Otherwise the list is comprehensive and needed so we can see what movements there have been of those that have been placed there by the regime. … my 2c

  28. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – sa vinaka na bula noqu Turaga Nite! Totoka na nomuni vakayatuyatu baleti rau na Raluve ni Viseisei vatakei Vuibau.

    But , are we not compiling a List of those who have sympathised with the regime in accepting illegal appointments? ‘Di Vara is a known strong supporter of this coup. Does it then make her right (and others wrong) by being who she is , and what she is professionally? What then is the difference in elevating , say , Aisake Taito to CEO FNPF from the Ministry of Finance where he has spent his entire career as an Economist? Ah yes , no praise for Taito because of who he is married to now. And for Vuibau? What about the man’s background? When and where was he last employed? Or , why was he dumped from his previous job? From what I know , his name already appears on a shame list of a top Suva-based organisation.

    No IB , damn.. put them on the List and Shame them!

  29. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Good job SV and keep up the list, keeping in mind the comments if my Tau IslandBoy.

  30. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – bula tale marama naita. At the risk of beating this subject to death, I don’t think the comparison between Aisake Taito and Di Vara is justified.

    Aisake went from being a line civil servant, after avoiding disciplinary action for his LA con attempt to a lucrative contract position in a stat body as the CEO.

    Di Vara has been a long-serving senior staff member of FITIB way back when and I understand from a friend on the diplomatic circuit that Taiwan asked Fiji to fill the position after it had been vacant for some time.

    By the same token, I don’t think Maria Matavewa for Laite Cavu should be on the list. I stand to be corrected but Maria has been a civil servant all her life and has served in many ministries.

    As I stated above, I count myself a good friend of Di Vara and would be very surprised indeed if she was a supporter of the coup. We often have a very frank exchange of views and she has never expressed any sympathy for the coup makers or their hangers on.

  31. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese & Soro – thanks for the concurrence guys, Di Vara is a personal friend as I admitted but my real concern here is that we do not accuse people unfairly, especially if they have been working long and hard in their respective fields and justly deserve promotion or overseas assignments.

    @ Naita Dauvavana – di caracara sara tu ga qo na mati, bai reva na nodatou Ravouvou, segai beka ni gadi i vavalagi?

    E dua na turaga kitou visivi mai nai roro ni waqavuka mai tai levu ni kitou kele yani mai Hawaii, (3 weeks ago now) au dau segai tikoga ni kila na kedratou duidui na gone turaga veitacini mai Natewa.

  32. newsfiji Says:

    Island Boy – i agree with you about Adi Vara…she’s cool! I don’t think she supports this idiotic circus of a govt. we have.

    I shall copy and paste and send to the rest of the world this Wall of Shame!

    It shall be called Fiji’s Wall of Shame! This is so exciting!

    I shall add on a column of – relationship between post holder and Voreqe or any other minister eg. “Aisake Taito…recently divorced to re-marry Adi…….” and then we shall add on their qualifications, no. of years in the civil service if any, monetary gains (by how much their salary has jumped up since shaking hands with the devil)….

    Hi..hi…come no where Gossip Girl….

    It shall be in parts, Part I, Part II, Part III……

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    Can someone come up with the list of all the atrocities committed by the people in this regime and just who committed them ?

  34. soro Says:

    @LuvFiji … I have know Adi Francis for a very long time and she has never suported the coup perpertrators in all our long chats. What do you know that I don’t?

    As for Aisake Taito, I don’t know him at all so I can’t say.. sources tell me he is good at what he does and has never got on with Mahen Chaudary .. so maybe he too is a good civil servant .. who knows ?

    If he is indeed a sympathiser of the coup then he should be on that list.

    But if he is not, despite being married to a Mara who have all been lumped in the coup supporters basket, then he shouldnt rate.

    What I’m saying is that we have to be fair, as far as we can be.

  35. hopefiji Says:

    Ragone dont forget the NGO’s ie Yabaki, Peni Moore, Kevin Bar, david Arms, Prue Rouse on TI Board, Lorani Tevi on FCOSS board, Jone dakavula and many other silent behind the scene supporters

  36. Tim Says:

    My eyesight ain’t the best at the moment – blinded by inadvertedly glimpsing a foto of the bleached blonde. But I can’t seem to see her in all her glory on the above list.
    She needs a star status billing, but perhaps she was missed – hiding horizontal under Frank somewhere

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