Oh Dear the pig must have really pissed them off this time

Folks this statement don’t appear dipomatic at all. Especially from fellow MBHS oldboy Frank Savele.

The Forum countries relationship with the Fijis interim Government has now deteriorated from the apparent promising situation at the last years Leaders Forum in Tonga to one of disappointment and uncertainty.In short, Pacific leaders are frustrated with the unelected Fiji leader Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

And Fijis issue will again dominate the 39th Pacific Islands leaders Forum in Niue with the ministerial contact groups recommendations to be discussed by the leaders.

Outgoing Forum chair and Tongan Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele said the leaders were extremely disappointed with Commodore Bainimaramas decision not to attend this Forum meeting.

Dr Sevele said the commitments made by Commodore Bainimarama at the leaders retreat last year were not forced on him as he claimed. (In other words the Pig is a liar, which we in Fiji all know anyway)

“Commodore Bainimarama agreed with and accepted the seven- point communiqu on Fiji and so told all the leaders present at the retreat,” he said.

“Sir Michael Somare and I certainly did not pressure him into making those commitments to have elections next March as we and all the leaders are keen on helping Fiji move forward but Fiji has to play its due part.” (Again meaning Vore the Pig is a liar)

He said Commodore Bainimarama had an obligation to explain in person to the leaders why he could not fulfill those commitments.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said there was no doubt the ministerial contact group report would be supported and that was the feed back she received form the leaders.

Ms Clark said the leaders were frustrated with Fiji especially with Commodore Bainimaramas absence.

“There is no question as the report is a good one and no doubt the leaders will support it,” she said.

Ms Clark said even if Commodore Bainimarama attended the Forum she would never have entertained bilateral talks with him and the least the military leaders could have done was turn up.

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5 Responses to “Oh Dear the pig must have really pissed them off this time”

  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    Pacific leaders to hold Fiji to account

    South Pacific leaders have denounced Fiji’s interim Prime Minister for snubbing their annual summit.

    At the opening of the Forum meeting in the Niue capital, Alofi, the leaders said measures would be discussed to pressure the coup leader to return the island nation to democracy.

    The stern rebukes came as Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama announced this week he would boycott, complaining Fiji was being pressured to hold elections too soon after the bloodless coup he staged in December 2006.

    He also threatened to withdraw from the forum.

    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called Bainimarama’s boycott a “direct and deliberate slight” and said measures must be taken in response to his “contempt for democracy”.

    “The challenge for us in these meetings is to uphold and stand firmly behind that principle of democracy,” Rudd said.

    “Therefore, that means holding to account those who violate that principle.”

    New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark likened the situation with Bainimarama to that of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the Commonwealth.

    “It seems a little like the dance we went through with Zimbabwe and the Commonwealth … Mugabe left rather than face his peers,” Clark told reporters.

    Earlier this month the Fiji coup leader postponed the March 2009 elections.

    In a statement sent to 15 other government leaders at the summit, Bainimarama said if the forum continued to insist on Fiji holding elections by March 2009 – a pledge he made to leaders at their 2007 meeting – then Fiji could leave the grouping.

    “I will be compelled … to tell the people of my country that they must now be prepared to suffer more sanctions, and international isolation as we pursue … a better, more durable democracy,”’ he wrote.

    Bainimarama told the leaders his government still had to reform what he termed a “racist, divisive, undemocratic and unfair electoral system”.’

    He said recently elections would be held once the proposed People’s Charter of electoral and social reform had been adopted. He hasn’t provided a timeframe, however.

    Tongan Prime Minister Fred Sevele, the 16-nation group’s outgoing chairman, said he was disappointed by Bainimarama’s decision not to attend the summit.

    “He tests the strength and relevance of the forum, and as a consequence we will have to address that very issue,” he said.

    The summit will consider a report from six regional foreign ministers who visited Fiji in July. The report said only a lack of political will was delaying elections in the country, which has had four coups since 1987.

    Bainimarama attacked the report, which has not yet been made public, saying his government was “dismayed and disappointed” by its contents.

    The forum meeting wraps up tomorrow.

  2. Talei Says:

    Frank’s days are certainly numbered in the very near future. I encourage the Forum leader’s to place tougher sanctions on this illegal regime and make a very prime example of them, intervene militarily if you have to – but get rid of Frank and his cronies in power. THAT, my friends will be the end of the coup culture in Fiji is since the people can’t do it coz the bad boys have the key to the armory, then by God let a real foreign military step in and liberate us already, too much pussy footing already.


  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Talei, someone blogged the other day about forming a Fijian government in exile.

    This is a very achievable way to bring down the jaundiced junta.

    With support from forum members with finance and resources, the people of Fiji will flock towards this alternative government.

  4. Striker Says:

    If choro Chodo is puke, then this lying pig is wallowing in his own shit. Stinks to high heaven!

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Gee thanks Frank. All because your Sugar Daddy perceives that he cannot win by fair means or foul using the preferential voting system, you feel we have to reform it before the next one.

    OK then let Parliament sit and discuss that and go back to Barracks where you belong.

    Bring it on elections in any form the FLP is going the way of the SVT, whether you like it or not….

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