Automatic travel ban on this bitch please

Sheetal Deo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update: 2:02PM The role of the military in terms of nation building was singled out and commended by Miss Hibiscus contestants today as they visited Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

The 2008 hibiscus contestants who visited the Army Barracks this morning were marveled and delighted at the morning tea reception held at the Officers Mass.
Suva Retailers Association-sponsored Sheetal Deo said the day trip to RFMF camp and meeting with army officers was indeed and eye opener for her.
"The army officers are friendly and are generous and I really enjoyed their company," she said.
"They are just like ordinary people. The only difference is that they were the green uniforms.

"I want to acknowledge their work in maintaining law and order in the country."

Miss Fiji Broadcasting Cooperation, Filomena Tuivanualevu echoed the same sentiments, saying the army officers were sociable and approachable.
Overall the contestants enjoyed their visit to the army camp and they looking forward for more crowds at the hibiscus ground in the days to come.

End of story


29 Responses to “Automatic travel ban on this bitch please”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    How can someone of her stature , sing the praises of these treasonous soldiers ?

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    What a shame these beauty contestants weren’t taken first to visit the families of those who have been murdered by the green goons.

    Then they could have had a cup of tea with those people who have been beaten and humiliated by the green goons.

    I wonder if these experiences would have made her modify her statement?

    I wonder if these girls were shown the parade ground where so many people have been beaten and forced to crawl on their knees?

    I wonder what these girls would say if they, like many females before them. were forced at gunpoint to strip and then have frogs put in their pants.

    Nice company you keep girls. NOT!!!

    As a PR exercise, it was a disaster and the girls should hang their heads in shame.

    I wonder if the young officer posing in the photo was involved in the bashing of Fiji’s citizens?

  3. NobleBannerBlue Says:


    U should also acknowledge their work in creating unrest, civil instabililty and directly contributing to terrorism in their own country.

  4. painter Says:

    @SV – c’mon guys, we can’t take this seriously, she’s just another ignorant kid, obviously flattered by all that male attention. It’s the only area that the Rottenfmf personnel excel in – LT..

    Sa yaco mada tiko ivei na nodatou shamelist?

  5. kaiveicoco Says:

    Comments by one of those girls that they ( army officers ) were sociable and approachable is a laughable one.Those soldiers were only sociable and approachable because they were dealing with them GIRLS. !!!
    Put a bunch of gaurees there it would be a different story altogether !! LOL

  6. Dauvavana Says:

    @ kaiveicoco

    put a bunch of qaurees there qai raica me bula mai na nodratou ijini

  7. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Whose stupid idea was it in the first place to take these girls to that camp.
    It is the hibiscus committee’s heads that needs examining. I almost fell off my seat when I ran across the storyline @ FT. My goodness! of all places the girls could have gone .. the military camp ?? How stupid !! Not to mention degrading the Miss Hibiscus Festival. Must Fiji go to extreme lows ?? How pathetic.

    And the idiotic comments of that foolish girl.

  8. Mark Drisc Says:

    Levu tiko na vakacucuc vei bai n his goons… its a wonder one have to say this ladies would do anything to get them that fake plastic crown… She should be called Miss Alice in Wonderland…

  9. church mouse Says:

    It’s not the girl’s fault to assume that the guys were nice and sociable. As Katalina says it was an inappropriate decision to take the contestants to the barracks. A P R exercise I suppose.
    Also remember not to generalise about all of the army guys – they are sometimes our relatives and friends and are there to put food on the table too and were not involved in evil deeds. It’s all so complex.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Contrast the words of those foolish girls with those from a statesman.

    “””Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has written to the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum urging their intervention in returning Fiji to democratic rule.

    Qarase said “the longer Fiji is burdened with an authoritarian government, lacking in constitutional and legal legitimacy, the greater will be our national decline”.

    “I therefore entreat the Forum leaders to use all the diplomatic, political and moral authority at your disposal, to bring Fiji back to respectability and legality.”

    He said: “The people of Fiji will owe the Forum a lasting debt of gratitude if it can prevail upon Commodore (Voreqe) Bainimarama and his regime to stand by their Nukua’lofa obligation. There is no reason whatsoever why an election cannot be held by March 2009”.

    In a statement today, Qarase said he had written earlier this month to the Pacific leaders in his capacity as the leader of Fiji’s largest political party, which won the 2006 elections, to brief them on the current situation in Fiji.

    He wrote that the 2006 insurrection and the military regime “have widened our ethnic divisions, created bitterness and alienation and inflicted much suffering on the people”.

    “They have been hurt through job losses, shrinking incomes and widening poverty. There have been countless abuses of human rights and constitutional freedoms. Cronyism and nepotism have reached unprecedented heights.

    “From the Forum’s perspective, the Fiji situation represents a real challenge.”

    Qarase said it is shameful for the Commodore not to honour the election pledge he made in Tonga.

    “Never, in the history of the Forum, has a member country reneged on an assurance freely given to the Island leaders,” he said.

    “The shame of this for Fiji is that, under the leadership of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, we were instrumental in the founding of the Forum. It was his vision that provided the initial guiding influence.”

    No comments could be obtained from Commodore Bainimarama at this stage.”””

  11. painter Says:

    Dina mada Kata, let’s blame the organisers!

    LOL @ Daushooter – sa bau vacava na cha,cha,cha ni yavadratou! Hehehe!

  12. Frida Says:

    What a shame that Sheetal has to utter those words but at the same time it is the responsibility of the organisers where the contestants are exposed to. We have so many palces where thse young people can be tken to in order to have a better understanding of life in Fiji – St Giles Hospital, the Home on Pender straeet providing meals for street children, the old people’s home which is getting full because families re no longer looking after their aged family members for whatever reasons, and even sme squatter settlements to gain a better understanding of their situation and learn from them what they believe government should be doing. Not going to meet with an institution that ignores rights of people, that instigates violence and even murder of innocent civilians.

  13. LUVfiji Says:

    That song of praise can only go down to one thing — sheer IGNORANCE!

    Its been a practice over recent years that the Hibiscus constestants are hosted to morning tea at the RFMF Officers’ Mess. Head of the HCommittee is that bigtime con-businessman from Suncourt Hardware. So dear folks , there is no guessing in who’s supplying the RFMF Engineering Unit.

    One day Mafatu..!

  14. qioniviti Says:

    Mrs Bainimarama, today suffered a severe stroke……..

  15. Qio ni wasaliwa! Says:


    May she R.I.P!

  16. EnufDictatorship Says:

    qioniviti, o dina? kua ni baci dai tiko.

    neways, if it has been tradition for contestants to be hosted at RFMF, no qualms about that but maybe this is a sign for judges..

    these two contestants or even any other ones who uttered stupid and ignorant remarks like these should be struck out of the runnning for the Miss Hibiscus crown. They totally don\’t deserve it. Period!

  17. Tim Says:

    Why the surprise? It’s just the Paris Hilton phenomenon at play. There future is assured on Kings Cross or even Suva where they can become very tourist and Greengoon friendly.
    They might even make the judiciary at some stage.
    I’d love to see where these girls are at in ten years time. A nice little diversion. Where’s Shyster by the way? Where’s that champion of human rights fighting against exploitation and abuse.
    I hope these girls find themselves a charming greengoon and attempt to settle down. Mini Bai might make a good candidate for one of them.

  18. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry for the digression folks, but with all that is wrong with Fiji these days I really cannot expend any energy for a ditzy little Hibiscus contestant

    SV – could you please start a thread where we can nominate names for the lest we forget wall of shame.

    Reliable sources say Taito Waradi is trying to disengage himself from the FDB by pushibg someone else to be acting CEO.

    The grapevine also says a serving board member of the FDB, appointed by Mahen has been earmarked for the position of CEO(let alone the conflict of interest) is the first of a few key henchman put in place by Mahen to do hs bidding so that he can remote control from the outside.

    If the Military Council is serious they should sweep all of FLP’s appointees out of key statutory boards and other appointments.

    Come on SV, lets name and shame these criminals!

  19. Dra ni kai viti Says:

    Who knows people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there might have been a major “VUTULAKI SESSION” after the visit.This guys are getting desperate as each day passes.Who knows what they might do next[MAJOR ORGY AT THE BARRACKS HMM HMM]

    Sa Dri Yani.

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy,

    dina sara. Let’s have that shame list up and running!!!

    Qai laurai mada na tamata kaisi oqo.

  21. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Mark Manning first post – Never mind the stature Mark, consider the mentality level and discretion or a lack thereof.

    I agree with IB, ditzy is the word.

    Way worse than a blonde moment huh! 🙂

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – Bula Vinaka noqu ito, long time no see, que pasa chica?

  23. lele Says:

    This is a sign of desperation that we have resorted to saying the above comments against these lovely girls. Thats their opinion and like us we have our opinions. If they like the officers let them have them. We have each other here.

  24. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bula vinaka IB…Muy bien senor!! 🙂

    Well!! lele has cut straight to the point there…..”Who begats so deserves”!!

  25. Wailei Says:

    @Lele… True these are just young girls pretty and immature who has not seen the world nor understand it! So, all the best to the beauties; As for the organizers. What exactly were the lot of you trying to prove? Why couldn’t they visit St.Giles its safer! 🙂 (6)

  26. Wailei Says:

    I meant: >:)

  27. Tui Says:

    Obviously another PR bullcrap from the RFMF. I hope Filo is just playing along and does not really mean what she said. Otherwise another stupid tabetabe move by the Hibiscus Committee.
    Sa wacava na titi tiko ni weli mai na keba! Io sa da relax ga, ka masu vakakaukauwa!

  28. Frida Says:

    lele, maybe it is a sign of what we have because of limitation we have created for ourselves even though Fiji Times and Fiji Sun have been vocal about abuses in their dailies about the situation in Fiji since December 2006. With all new technologies in our midst, I still think these girls are just in there for their beauty not brains.

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    I don’t know the ladies behind these comments of support for the Military officers , but I’m guessing they are either related to them either directly or indirectly or are just so young that they know no different . Perhaps they feel if they say supportive things , that the Military will withdraw support for Frank etc .
    But i don’t think we should be insulting the females the way some people have on this site , it would make us no better than Frank and co. to do so !

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