No election next March, says Fijis Dumbass PM

Fiji will not have a general election in March next year, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

At a press conference this afternoon, Bainimarama told the media that he was pressured to agree to the March 2009 date at the Pacific Leaders Forum meeting in Tonga last year because the Forum wanted a definite date.

“I wanted flexibility and an ‘in principle’ understanding that the date could be reviewed if Fiji for good reason was not able to meet the particular date” he said.

According to Bainimarama any election that will be held in Fiji has to be held under the new electoral system.

He added, “at the President’s Dialogue Forum we should agree to change the Electoral system, legally and constitutionally”.

Bainimarama said once the new electoral system was agreed upon, it would take 12 to 15 months to hold the general elections.

“That is why I have said that the most practical date for the new system cannot possibly be March 2009. It all depends on the soonest we can reach consensus on the implementation of the new electoral system at the President’s Dialogue Forum,” he said.

Bainimarama said the proposed President’s Dialogue Forum would discuss good governance for the long term and the reason to give the citizens of Fiji and the future generation a better electoral system that produces just and good governance.

He warned that the President’s Dialogue Forum was not for politicians who just wanted to get back into Parliament for personal gain.

Bainimarama also said that the report by the Forum Ministers Contact Group on Fiji’s intention to hold elections was disappointing. The report will be discussed by the Forum Leaders in Niue this week.

“The Pacific Forum needs to understand that we in Fiji will decide what is in out national interest in the short and the long term,” he said.

“Outsiders can not decide this for us. What we need from the forum and our other international development partners is understanding and support.”


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  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    Damned pig is obsessed with this incongruous charter, Teleni Leweni Qeleni & Meleni Pty Ltd should roll it up in all its 79 pages, shove it right up voreqe where the sun don’t shine, light it so blows up in his cebo. Sa qai roast pig charter style, accompanied with fresh shame and lunacy sauce.

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    What the rest of the world thinks!!!

    “””Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has condemned Fiji’s military leader Frank Bainimarama for deciding not to attend this week’s Pacific Islands Forum in Niue.
    Commodore Bainimarama says he is boycotting the forum because New Zealand denied him and his delegation visas to attend post-forum meetings in Auckland.
    Mr Rudd says Commodore Bainimarama is expected at the conference and has no reason not to attend.
    Fiji’s political situation was expected to be the key topic of the meetings.
    Commodore Bainimarama says he has local political issues to focus on.
    Australia has criticised Commodore Bainimarama for delaying elections that were promised for March next year.”””

    Just think, 10 months ago, chodopu$$ was salivating at the thought that his ‘labor’ mate would invite him over to the LODGE for a chat.

    Stiff bickies, chodopu$$.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    for goodness sake , how long before the citizens of Fiji stand up for their Government and their own rights ?
    I see the Pakistan President ( self elected like Frank ) has resigned before they impeached him and had him tried for treason , which could still happen . But Musharrif had the brains to cut a deal , Frank can’t because he’s wanted for either ordering or directly involved in the murders of crw soldiers in 2000 and detaining,torturing and murdering of civilians since December 2006 .
    What i don’t understand is , that Frank has set the rules by which he wants the game played , so now it’s time to treat him as he has treated the citizens of Fiji !

  4. egregious Says:

    From the BBC web site today.
    Pakistan’s Musharraf steps down
    Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is resigning after nine years in power, amid impeachment charges based on claims he violated the constitution.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Your wrongs will catch up with you one day as it had with Musharaf. So this a solemn warning to the pig of what will become of him in the days ahead. What happened in Pakistan has demonstrated that a coup is an unforgiveable crime and the will of the people will prevail. The Constitution of a country is regarded as very dear and sacred to most upstanding members of society. No one person like the pig is doing can force upon the masses into accepting what he decide in his demented mind what is good for them. And as a fool like the character in the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, he cannot see his own mistakes and folly and still presses on with his lost cause. He has made his bed so he has to lie in it.

  6. Groggymaster Says:

    Vuaka doesn’t seem to understand alot of his rhetoric. He keeps harping on about good governnce, and doesn’t practice it. He’s fond of telling lies, makes about faces on almost everything he has made pronouncements on.
    No military person will benefit – a large no of serving officers have been given civil service jobs which have resulted in significant pay rises for the buggers
    Elections by 2009 – not only will there be no elections in that timeframe, he wants the proposed elections to be held under new arrangements
    People involved in the IG will not stand for elections – well Chodo Baku is now running off to organise his participation in the next elections
    Adherence to Good governance & transparency – well the IG is transparently ruling as opaquely as they could possibly can, and bullying the media to stay on it’s message, regrdless of contradictions, or how inane some of them are;
    And so on and so on.
    Finally as Minister of Finance – all the shit Chaudry has left him will hit the fan – sooner than he thinks. The govt is running out of funds, infrastructure is failing (re water woes in the Suva area), the tax base has shrunk, tourism arrivals is up, although at the expense of hotel operator margins, etc, etc
    And in agreement with all bloggers (maybe with the exception of Budhau) – it is past due for the entire IG to go. The smell of the rot is growing stronger.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Because of a gutless illegal wannabee pm, Fiji is missing out on much needed aid.

    From The Australian

    FIJI’S military government is to boycott this week’s Pacific Islands forum in a move that threatens to overshadow attempts by the Rudd Government to change the tone of its regional diplomacy with the first rollout of a new program of incentive-based aid.

    But the forum has already hit a diplomatic snag, with Fiji’s self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, announcing he will not attend.

    The forum will now hold discussions on a regional strategy to force Commodore Bainimarama to hold the 2009 elections, which he vowed to do at last year’s forum meeting in Tonga.

    “Fiji will still be, despite (Commodore Bainimarama’s) absence, a major feature of leaders’ discussions in Niue,” Mr Rudd said.

    “Australia’s view remains that Commodore Bainimarama should meet his solemn commitment to hold elections by March next year.”

    New Zealand had said it would allow Commodore Bainimarama and his delegation a transit visa to go to Niue via Auckland, but stopped short of allowing the Fiji group from visiting New Zealand after the meeting.

    A spokesman for New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters said Commodore Bainimarama was trying to blame New Zealand for Fiji’s decision to pull out.

    “He is trying it on here. The bottom line is that there is no forum event in New Zealand,” he said. “Some Pacific countries have arranged to have bilateral meetings here; that is entirely their business.”

    At the Pacific Islands forum, Mr Rudd will announce the first renegotiated aid agreement with Samoa under a policy that focuses on co-operative, incentive-based assistance in the areas of education, healthcare, infrastructure and good governance.

    The new Samoa agreement is expected to reap tens of millions of dollars in fresh Australian aid.

    Several other Pacific nations, including Papua New Guinea, are in line to announce they are close to finalising the renegotiation of their agreement with Australia, which pumps about $1billion in aid to the region every year.

    Australian Foreign Affairs officials yesterday said the new policy was a huge shift in regional diplomacy. “It is more about the carrot than the stick and basically recognises good policy with more money,” a source said.

    “It is more about finding ways to help Pacific nations, in pumping money into the region and giving training and work experience,” a source said.

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    I can’t help thinking that Vore’s claims for delayed elections are nothing but (another) hoax.

    Chodo et lapdogs have ‘left’ the interim regime, claiming that they will prepare for the next elections.

    Would it be JUST like this demonic duo to have Vore pretending there are no elections, Chodo getting his ducks in a line, other political parties waiting for the announcement for fresh elections, and then BANG! Vore announces snap elections (say for March 09) and FLP is ready but no-one else is?

    Look at everything this regime has done so far. Chodo has his parties manifesto, dressed up as a charter for the people (which the people themselves roundly reject) being translated, printed and taken out to the provinces AT THE TAXPAYERS’ EXPENSE.

    This snake has an infallible talent for survival (please God let it fail!) and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that this is yet another of his wriggly survival tactics.


    No matter what Vore says, keep to your election preparations. Remember that it could all be just another smokescreen in the plan for FPL electoral victory.

    Let’s beat them senseless via the ballot box.

    God bless Fiji

  9. newsfiji Says:

    To the self appointed military dictator of Fiji: it’s not important whether you appoint yourself Minister for Finance, President of Fiji or even call yourself the King of England.

    “All good things come to an end” and when it does, you’ll follow the same path that all dictators in the world have taken.

    You’ll be charged for treason and thrown in prison. You know how you were joking to reporters straight after the coup that you’d have Qarase thrown in Nukulau – well, that’s where you’ll end up. Funny huh, how things turn around to bite back.

    You’ll bear the fruit of lying to all the peoples of Fiji.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    bananasinpyjamas has fooled nobody but himself with his pathetic excuse for not going to the forum.

    The ABC sums his cowardice up nicely.

    Full marks to Helen Clark for her comment about post forum talks.

    “””””””Hopes of democracy being restored to Fiji early next year are completely shattered after the country’s interim leader announced election delays and that he would boycott a leaders’ forum this week.

    Despite promising elections by March next year, Fiji’s interim Prime Minister and coup leader Frank Bainimarama now says they will not happen for at least another 12 to 15 months.

    Commodore Bainimarama has also announced he is boycotting this week’s Pacific Island Forum in Niue, where he would have faced a grilling from Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

    As Mr Rudd prepares to arrive in Niue this afternoon, Commodore Bainimarama has lashed out at Australia and New Zealand for “victimising” his country.

    Commodore Bainimarama, who seized power in a bloodless coup in 2006, knew he would face a tough time in Niue following last year’s Summit in Tonga, where he pledged to hold elections by March 2009.

    New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark remembers hearing the promise come out of the Commodore’s mouth. She was so sceptical she says she wrote down the date.

    Commodore Bainimarama is now saying he was pressured to give the March 2009 deadline; he says he wanted to remain flexible, but the Forum wanted something definite.

    He says it is regrettable Fiji cannot be in Niue for the talks, but New Zealand is to blame.

    New Zealand and Australia have travel bans in place against the coup leader.

    Commodore Bainimarama is angry Ms Clark will not allow him to attend bilateral talks in Auckland after the meeting, but Ms Clark says this is just another excuse; prime ministers do not usually attend the bilateral talks after the forum because it is for foreign minsters.

    Pacific foreign ministers intend to present a damning report about the Commodore during the forum.

    Commodore Bainimarama says he has read the document and is bitterly disappointed with it.”””””””””

    What bananasinpyjamas can’t understand is that the Pacific forum is bitterly disappointed in the regressive regime in Fiji

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    In 2000 he wins the gold medal for cowardice after his 200m run through the bush at the back of the army barracks.

    Now he wins gold again for trembling at the knees at the thought of having to explain his lies to elected leaders.

  12. newsfiji Says:

    Raw Fiji News latest article says that Frank refuses to step down after being advised by the military council to do so – and that is the real reason for him not going to Niue.

    I’m convinced that Raw Fiji News is someone from within the military council.

    The news coming out of there is just to close to home for Voreqe.

  13. manasa Says:

    New finance minista JIM BOKCHOY! How’s that…………..

  14. Pusiloa Says:

    Thank you Raw Fiji. Franks days are numbered. Cant wait to see another new world record set for the 100 metres sprint…..He should be in Beijing….

  15. Coka Naserena Says:

    RFN spot on ..FB is definitetly on the out for the sure sign is this:

    In major previous news media releases FB always was in full Military Uniform and in QEB officers Mess with all his retinue in tow also in Uniform.
    This is always a Military ploy to show strength and project power.

    Yesterday he was in Hibiscus Bula shirt… for the release in full abandonement of his role as PM and Commander.

  16. qioniviti Says:

    August 18, 2008

    Our well placed sources said that Frank has frantically refused to step aside as told to him by the military council. Acting on the advise of concerned and well-connected military old-hands, key members of the military council have told their wounded leader yesterday that he must bow out like a gentleman, with minimum fuss.

    It is understood that Frank has been given no other option but to step aside – the real reason why he has opted not to attend the Niue Forum Leaders Meeting. Frank knows he has lost the support of Fiji’s military, the gun power that has been his protective shield since December 2006. He can no longer call himself the leader of Fiji.

    But the guy is adamant that he will press ahead with his change-Fiji mind-controlling program injected on him by Mahendra Chaudhry’s Fiji Labor Party and those blatant anti-semitism-like individuals sitting in high rung public and private offices we now know. The man will not back off. Frank is on a do-or-die approach and has challenged the military council to remove him forcefully.

    And Frank’s key military people are looking at him with remorse. They know what’s ahead for military leaders who marginalise themselves like Frank. They will fight furiously to deny the news of their demise but eventually, they will fall with no one there to help them.

    For Frank, the news of the fall of his coup-hero Mussaraff in Pakistan has greatly disturbed him. He is frightened. He knows the end is near. His cunning professional and political advisors have stepped back and denied him after using and abusing him. Frank’s life is a complete full circle. Whether he lives on to experience a renewed circle of life is his own choice. The next few days will unveil his choice.

  17. Dauniwalesi Says:

    Vei kemuni na noda.

    Oqo nai rogo mai na vucu ni vanua.

    E dodonu me matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni na sega ni caka na veidigidigi ena loma ni 10 na yabaki mai oqo.

    Me matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni na sega ni lesu tale kina veiliutaki ni PM o Qarase.

    Na lakolako ni taukei e sa mai liutaka oqo ko Voreqe ka dodonu meda na vakamuria na nona lewa kei na lewa ni Military council.

    Ka Va.
    Me kua na vakilakila vei kemuni na noda. E sega ni oni rawa in cakava rawa e dua na ka. Levu ga na vosa kei na lagasere, lose na tanoa yaqona…..sosoko na kakase.

    Oqo na i rogo mai na i tukuni ni gauna.

  18. Pusiloa Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Dauniwalesi. Sa rogorog vinaka na nomuni vakamacala…ia qai laki caita sara….

  19. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More from the ABC

    “”””Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says he is disappointed Commodore Bainimarama is boycotting the Pacific Islands Forum.

    Mr Smith says Australia will maintain pressure on Fiji to hold democratic elections.

    He has told Sky News the Commodore has failed to do the right thing.

    “He was compelled as a matter of honour to turn up to the Forum and explain himself to the leaders and it is very disappointing that he won’t turn up and effectively take his medicine,” Mr Smith said””””””””

  20. Striker Says:

    @ Dauniwalesi:Sa oti vakadua na veivakabauti vei Voreqe; sa luvu na waqa drau vodo tiko kina; sa tuki oti nai otioti ni vako – na nona lasutaki keimami na lewenivanua me baleta na veidigidigi. E kalougata o Musharaf mai Pakistan ni sa kerea na nona vakacegu. Ia ke sega ni via siro o Voreqe, ena vakasiroi ka sa na qai laki vola vakaoti i Korovou na nona ‘thesis’ ni ‘good governance’ kei na ‘better electoral system.’ Vakaloloma dina; ni soli vua na ka me lomani ka bula kina qai kolotaka na nona mataniciva vei ira na vuaka. Se lade rawa mai Dauniwalesi de o na qai laki nona vunivola i sing sing!

  21. NadroKid Says:

    Kivei Dauniwalesi!

    Vinakavakalevu! Qori na nomudou tuvatuva na tamata tabu saka yani!

    E na vosa ga vaka Nadro…

    “We make our plans, but GOD has the last word.” (Proverbs 16:1)

  22. Belijo Says:

    Praise the Lord! This is what we have all hoped for a democratic Fiji where God is revered and where Jesus reigns. Bloggers keep the faith and believe in Jesus for an end to all this. Abraham believed and hoped even when there was no reason for hoping. Romans 10: 11 ‘the scripture says; anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame’ the underlying meaning to this is ‘that those who do not believe in Him will be put to shame’. Believing in God is putting all your faith in Him and doing what he requires of you in action.

  23. Groggymaster Says:


    Drau veivutu kei Voreqe, luveni sona levu.

    The end is near………, repent!!! Ha! Ha!

  24. tuyawa Says:

    Voreqe is really kidding himself. And the main reason for not attending the forum? Because the Pacific Forum didn’t understand the short and long term goals of Fiji. Who is he to decide? Stop getting your head in the cloud Voreqe about adopting Chinese governance because it won’t gel with the people. Leave the economy alone, shuv the electoral reform, return the govt to democratic rule.

  25. ispy Says:

    Its always been common knowledge that there was a dissenting group of professional career officers within the military.

    There has been talk of Frank’s overthrow virtually from day one of the coup.

    In November last year, there were strong rumours of an imminent takeover at the camp.

    Although nothing happened, these rumours stayed around for many months after.

    A few months ago, these rumours resurfaced. With a slight twist – it was Roko Ului who was said to be trying to overthrow Bainimarama.

    No one believed them – “same old story” syndrome… plus no one wanted Roko Ului to take over (he’s probably worse than Bainimarama).

    About a month ago, everything changed.

    The Military Council forced Bainimarama to give up his main advisor and chief culprit, Mahendra Chaudhry. But the Minitary Council weren’t the only ones behind the power play.

    Chaudhry’s political demise was engineered in part, if not in whole, by Pramesh Chand and and certain members of the NCBBF.

    Although a deal was cut to ensure Chaudhry be given a way to exit gracefully (an honour he did not deserve), Bainimarama was left to consider the reality that his own Military Council had strong-armed him to do something he did not want to do.

    This led to his ‘tubelight’ moment of the month – his realisation that as from that point on, his days as Fiji’s dictator were numbered.

    My own sources some of what RFN is saying.

    Moves a afoot to remove Bainimarama in a peaceful manner. Old hands have indeed been consulted to ensure that the military rank and file do not fragment during this process.

    Whether Frank will want to go peacefully will be up to his, but go he will. But the writing is already on the wall.

    His TV appearance last night is proof that he has lost the confidence he once held – the confidence that comes with the knowledge that the military have got your back!

    He is a defeated man and he know it. The changes, when they come, will be swift and decisive.

    The cards are already being dealt out and deals are being made to ensure a peaceful and effective transistion. Don’t be surpised but I think Fiji may yet return to democracy much much sooner than we think.

  26. ispy Says:

    Sori, sa rui totolo calacala na ligaqu, second part of the post above should read….

    “My own sources confirm some of what RFN is saying.

    Moves a afoot to remove Bainimarama in a peaceful manner. Old hands have indeed been consulted to ensure that the military rank and file do not fragment during this process.

    Whether Frank will want to go peacefully will be up to him, but go he will.

    The writing is already on the wall.

    His TV appearance last night is proof that he has lost the confidence he once held – the confidence that comes with the knowledge that the military have got his back!

    He is a defeated man and he knows it.

    The changes, when they come, will be swift and decisive.

    The cards are already being dealt out and deals are being made to ensure a peaceful and effective transistion.

    Don’t be surpised but I think Fiji may yet return to democracy much much sooner than we think.”

  27. Pusiloa Says:

    Thank you Ispy. Au sa lose sara ga qo me vakarogocabolo tu mada ga kina…..

  28. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another update from the ABC

    “”””Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has lashed out at the Fijian military leader, Frank Bainimarama, for refusing to attend the Pacific Island Forum in Niue.

    Commodore Bainimarama originally said said he would go to the meeting, where Fijii’s decision to delay its elections is one of the main agenda items.

    But he has since announced he is boycotting the meeting and hopes of democracy being restored in Fiji have been put on hold.

    Speaking from New Zealand, where he has been holding talks with Prime Minister Helen Clark, Mr Rudd says the Commodore is showing contempt for other Pacific leaders.

    “We in the South Pacific and Pacific Island countries in particular take democracy seriously,” he said.

    “That is why we don’t believe that we can sit idly by while the principles of democracy are shredded.

    “Therefore the resolve of Pacific Island countries is that we act in concert on this question and we look forward very much to the discussion which will now occur minus Fiji in Niue on how this matter should be handled into the future.

    Mr Rudd predicts other leaders will be very angry at Commodore Bainimarama’s actions.

    “Bainimarama’s contempt for regional leaders such as the grand chief of Papua New Guinea, Sir Michael Somare, on this question have to be taken into account and I think its going to turn into a very interesting discussion in Niue in terms of this decision not to attend,” he said.

  29. kaiveicoco Says:

    everybody,yes I have been reading the Musharaf saga in Pakistan.This really should be food for thought for Frank because he and his cronies have been violating the consitution left,right and center

  30. Cama Says:

    Just a reply to Dauniwalesi

    sa rauta mada na vakatevoro. The vucu is evil because the source is the devil.

    the devil is the master of deceit. I truly support what Nadrokid has quoted and it is also quoted in Proverbs 16:33

  31. Wailei Says:

    Kivei Dauniwalesi,

    Au kerea mada mo laki vunau ga ina nomu mata vuvale.

    Qo gona na “Freedom of Speech” Ni sa sega mada ga ni rawa ni da talanoa in “Public or in a bar” Since there is certainly alot of “Agent Vinod” around.

    In analysing your points:

    E dodonu me matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni na sega ni caka na veidigidigi ena loma ni 10 na yabaki mai oqo.

    This is exactly what we are fighting for. We want elections, with a democracy comes Aid. Which would help the citizens of Fiji, plus the Economy. If election were to be held within 10 years time… Fiji might as well be a “Coconut Republic”. In which case, the citizens cannot hack that. As everything would be too expensive plus population shift towards migration this would include “Brain drain”. If you are happy with your 10years. Fine than go to the village and start planting your grog. Cause the cost of living will by way expensive,

    Me matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni na sega ni lesu tale kina veiliutaki ni PM o Qarase.

    How do you know this? If Qarase wants to run for elections that is his freedom of choice. Who the hell is Frank who wont have job in the next 2 days say?? Remember of all intense and purposes SDL is still a legal democratically elected Government. And if people dont like it and want to change a government than do it during elections. Use the right process.

    Na lakolako ni taukei e sa mai liutaka oqo ko Voreqe ka dodonu meda na vakamuria na nona lewa kei na lewa ni Military council.

    What Indigenous Fijians are you talking about?? My district is against the coup. In which Fijian group are you talking about that follows Voreqe? The ones that agree that the GCC should “drink homebrew under the mango tree”? You mean the viavia levu; qaciqacia ones? In which you would be a member of? Please provide in here your census or some sort of proof that the majority of the Indigenous Fijians are backing Voreqe? Dont make unsubstantiated claims in which you have no proof.

    Ka Va.
    Me kua na vakilakila vei kemuni na noda. E sega ni oni rawa in cakava rawa e dua na ka. Levu ga na vosa kei na lagasere, lose na tanoa yaqona…..sosoko na kakase.

    This is a forum where we discuss, analyse and also to vent out our frustration at the current terrorist group that is raping our country. This is where we can freely without discrimination speak about our emotions, hardships that we are facing with our families i.e. The Economy, Finances and job loses and those that are causing these hardships.

    The thing is; Even though I whole heartily disagree with your one sided bible bashing views. I listened and read and replied. Thats what is meant by Freedom of Speech. Even though it sucks, but hey! that’s the way it goes. Next time please look at different perspectives before commenting in such a contemptuous and insolent manner.

    Vinaka saka.

  32. newsfiji Says:

    To Wailei – great analysis of Dauniwalesi’s pathetic little speech to justify Voreqe’s & the military council’s treasonous actions!

    Firstly and Lastly to Dauniwalesi – tell your pathetic Voreqe & his military council that one of the bibles commandments reads:


    That’s your news: what Voreqe your idol and the military council have done is steal a government from the people, chosen by the majority of the people.

    You say Fiji was on the verge of bankruptcy, theiir was rampant corruption, blah…blah..blah…

    Bloody nearly 2 years on…we, the people of Fiji are still waiting!


  33. painter Says:

    To Manning, Ex-FT, Tim and other fellow bloggers who may not understand the Fijian language – an irritating pro-military junta blogger who tags himself as ‘Dauniwalesi’ (trans : devilish radio announcer), and who loves preaching to us Fijian bloggers had posted the following ‘commands’ which I hve translated for your benefit :

    E dodonu me matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni na sega ni caka na veidigidigi ena loma ni 10 na yabaki mai oqo”.

    It must be made as clear as daylight to you all that elections will not take place within the next 10 years.

    Me matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni na sega ni lesu tale kina veiliutaki ni PM o Qarase”.

    It must be made as clear as daylight to you all that Qarase will not return to the helm of leadership as PM.

    Na lakolako ni taukei e sa mai liutaka oqo ko Voreqe ka dodonu meda na vakamuria na nona lewa kei na lewa ni Military council”.

    This journey, headed by Frank is for the indigenous population, therefore it is only right that we follow Frank’s lead as well as that of the military council.

    “Ka Va.
    Me kua na vakilakila vei kemuni na noda. E sega ni oni rawa in cakava rawa e dua na ka. Levu ga na vosa kei na lagasere, lose na tanoa yaqona…..sosoko na kakase”.

    Do not be so inquisitive to figure/find out everything. You have not been able to achieve anything. All you do is talk, sing, drink kava and gossip.


    Okay, now for my response to Dauniwalesi, the hypocrite:

    Au kerea mo ni kakua ni tegeraki kemuni mai na neimami blog mo ni mai vunau taka na LASU, vesu mona se mo tovolea moni vakataqaya taka na yalo i keimami. E na vodi, baleta ni keimami sa raica vata tu na rarama, na DINA ka keimami lomavata tu e nai lakolako qo (na qai qo ena qai ga, o na sega ni rawa ni vakamalumutaka na i lakolako qo, ka o ni sega talega ni wili kina, sori pori!).

    Ka rua!
    Koya gona na levu ni dokadoka, qaciqacia, kocokoco, butabutako, yaloca kei na kakase oni a cakava tu mai ena dua na gauna balavu o kemunu na vei liutaki e nai mataivalu, koya da sa mai leqa tu kina na lewe ni vanua o viti. Keimami sa mai madua taka talega na noda mataivalu na levu ni vosa eda rogoca mai vei ira na tani baleta na veivakalolomataki, veivakararawataki kei na i tovo lolovira o ni cakava vei ira madaga na noda!

    Ka tolu!
    Ke o ni turaga yaloqaqa dina, io, mo ni vola sara mai na yacamuni me keimami kila kece. Na cava tale mo ni rerevaka ni sa lewa tu na mataivalu na neimami matanitu na lewe ni vanua. Ke sega, ia au kerea moni kakua tale ni basika mai ke, keimami sega ni taleitaka na rogoca na lasu, vesu mona kei na vakarokoroko va kanace o ni vakaraitaka tiko mai.

    Ka va!
    .. (translated – we’re watching you!)

  34. ex Fiji Tourist Says:



    It is great that you have told us non Fijians what that d*** Hea* has said.

    I agree entirely with your sentiments.

  35. newsfiji Says:

    thank you painter for thinking of others and translating for them…much appreciated…

    as for the writer Dauniwalesi…where are you?? You should be reading the lulu..

  36. anon Says:


    Wilika tale mada na i vakasala momona,matata qai rogorogo vinaka nei Pusiloa.

    ”Rogo vinaka nomu i vakamacala, ia, qai caita sara…………..hahahahahaha.

  37. Dauniwalesi Says:

    Kivei Kemuni na noda..

    Na duavata e tiko vei keimami na bati kei viti e sega ni dua ena wasea rawa.Na ka e tuvana na military council e
    yaco…me vaka na vuaviri etc.

    O Qarase ena vakarau vesu ki Nukulau. Oni sa kila tiko oya se sega? O koya e sega ni dodonu me tiko maliwai keda
    baleta e kauta mai na tawase. “security threat” Oni sa kila tiko nina sega tale vakadua ni na lesu mai na SDL kei Qarase.
    Kevaka oni vakatitiqa ni qai raica. Oqo nai tukutuku ni gauna.

  38. Tui Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na nomuni nanuma Dauniwalesi. Ia e na qai tukuna ga ko gauna. Na ka ga au rawa ni kaya vei kemuni oya na vanua o susu mai kina ena dau vakaraitaka ga na nomuni tovo. Kevaka e vinaka tiko na veituberi mai vei rau na qase, ia keimami na marautaka na savasava kei na rakorako ni nomuni tovo.
    Ia au sega niu raica e dua nai vakaraitaki vinaka ni turaga vaka i tovo, dau loloma kei na veinanumi me vakaraitaka o Voreqe. Keimami sa raica tu vakasiga levu na nona i tovo viavialevu, dokadoka kei na veivakaisini.
    Na mataqali veiliutaki e mai vakayacora e sega ni rawata ena vuli se na cakacaka dina. E rawata ena yalo ca kei na vukivuki ni tamata dau laba, sa basika me vaka na tevoro, oya me mai vakarusa vakadua na veika vinaka eda sa vakayacora oti mai. Au kerea mo yalomatua ka kakua ni sese se yalowai tiko na nomu i vukivuki.
    Sa dau cudru vaka dede na kalou ia sa na bera na veivutuni ni sa tau na totogi. Veisautaka na nomuni tovo na wekaqu ni bera ni yaco na leqa!

  39. Striker Says:

    @ Dauniwalesi: Matai – sa na vakarau toso cake tale na dravudravua kei na dredre – waraka na lewa ni Forum mai Niue – ka mo qai laki vakavinavinaka vei nomu iliuliu o Bainimarama, okoya sa tu yavaidua tu ena gauna oqo. Karua: Na “security risk” levu duadua ga o nomu boso o Bainimarama, okoya sa vaka tu edua na vatu qaqi levu e na domoi Viti – na totolo ga ni nona lako tani mai na veiliutaki na kena vinaka vei keda!

  40. NadroKid Says:

    Kivei Dauniwalesi!

    Na Bati kei Viti dina keimami se kila sai ira na noda qase kei na wekada e a turu na nodra dra ka so era solia sara vakadua na nodra bula e na vukuda taucoko e na vei rara ni valu e na veigauna sa oti.
    Keimami sa kerea mo ni kua ni vakalolovirataka na yaca dredre ka dokai qori na Bati kei Viti. Dou veisautaka na nomudou ivalavala se dou veisautaka na yacamudou.

  41. Dauvavana Says:

    Kivei dauniwalesi

    au kerea mo dou veivutusona mamaca mada

  42. tuyawa Says:

    Dauniwalesi, sa kua so mada na viavia bati. Kua mada na tauri dakai vakavunivuni tiko. Me sa caka mada na tu vakatagane ka vakadavori vakadodonu na vakasama. Na nomu vakamacala e i vakaraitaki ga ni tamata ululala ka dodonu me biu ki na bakava.

  43. Dauniwalesi Says:

    Dina Dua
    O Qarase esa vakarau vesu

    Dina Rua.
    Na SDL ena sega ni lesuva na veiliutaki.

    Ni raica. Kevaka oni vakatitiqa tiko. Ni waraka.

  44. Striker Says:

    @ Dauniwalesi: Na lawa cava se na tikina cava ena Constitution esega ni vakatara na SDL me lesutale kina veiliutaki? The law is everything. Your “DINA” is nothing!

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