Interim PM is new Finance Minister – Boci says SV!

Bloggers, well now you have it, the pig Vore wants to be Finance Minister. His Chodo ‘Robin Hood’ Chaudary could not deliver on the goods, now he is left with no option but to assume more and more responsibilities, he knows absolutely nothing about! Vore is being punished by be openly displayed for all to see his stupidity. The Eveli’s must be counting their days because 50c wanted dialogue with the Methodist Church. Where is Mataca? How come no one hears about his ‘dreams’ since the public launching of the farter Charter?

Filipe Bole, who was so jealous of Qarase will now lose more hair after seeing the FLP jump ship. Khaiyum after repeated non-performances is again loaded with further responsibilities. Christopher Pryde must be looking at his exit strategy because that bastard will be held accountable after the collapse of the illegal regime.

The future for the illegal junta is bleak and the best option they can hope for is a mediated settlement and possible amnesty, but with the constant and growing objection against these issues, it comes as no surprise that Chodo and the FLP have jumped ship! It will not save them in the end, although it may mitigate from the death penalty to a life sentence.

SV looks forward to eventual demise of these corrupt buggers!!! Blog of ragone!!!!


Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will now act as the new Finance Minister. He replaces Mahendra Chaudhry who has stepped down to prepare for the general elections.

Bainimarama will now also be responsible for National Planning. The announcement was made at a press conference moments ago. Bainimarama said despite his additional portfolio, the national budget will be delivered on time and as scheduled. By convention, Fiji’s budget has always been announced on the first Friday of November each year.

Filipe Bole who is interim Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts and Youth and Sports, will now take up the Industrial Relations and Local Government portfolios. Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will now take on Commerce and Tourism while Timoci Natuva, who is Minister for Works and Transport, will now take on Utilities.

Interim Minister for Primary Industries Joketani Cokanasiga will now take on sugar. The Cabinet reshuffle has just been announced following the resignation of Mahendra Chaudhry as interim Finance Minister, Tom Ricketts as Tourism and Commerce Minister and Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi as Local Government Minister.



21 Responses to “Interim PM is new Finance Minister – Boci says SV!”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with SV, ‘na boci ga na boci.’

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    First the military goons in Thailand admitted defeat and agreed that they couldn’t run the country. They actually apologised for the trouble that they caused.

    Now, the green goon in Pakistan has admitted defeat and resigned as president.

    Let’s hope that bananasinpyjamas gets the message that there is NO PLACE for jumped up dictators in the world.

  3. Coka Naserena Says:

    Oilei! start buying wheelbarrows everyone….

    Why? because by this Christmas Voreqe Mugabe will see to it that we will need it to load our Fiji Dollars by the barrow load to buy One loaf of Bread…Isa Viti,nogu Viti land of the Fijian Bavulu..

  4. newsfiji Says:

    What a bloody JOKE! Bainipyjamas is taking himself to the gallows…we hear that they are trying to find their way out of this mess. Meaning in simple terms, they know they are defeated and they cannot PLAY GOD TO ERADICATE CORRUPTION.

    Now, they are all scared shitless to give up power because they’ll all be charged for TREASON and they’ll have to face the full brunt of the law.

    Well, well, well, if Rt Naiqama Lalabalavu, Tui Cakau, Rt Inoke Takiveikata, Qaranivalu, George Speight, Timoci Silatolu, etc etc can be MAN ENOUGH to do the time than i see NO REASON why FIJI’S ESTEEMED MILITARY OFFICERS CAN’T HAVE ENOUGH BALLS TO FACE THE SAME FATE.

    Yaga ga me tukuni vei kemudou na joke a tabaki tu na i yaloyalo o William Ryder “tou mai ia ka viria na BAI KEI VITI”….kaikaila..

  5. Fijilassie Says:

    Parmesh Chand will be running the show, and John Samy is coming back as interim Minister of Finance – his contract is coming to an end with the Farter Charter – brace for more wheelbarrows but Paksitan should cheer all of us:

    Pakistan’s Musharraf steps down

    Cannot play media. You do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct version

    President Pervez Musharraf announces his resignation

    Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who is facing impeachment by parliament, says he will resign.

    The charges against the president include violation of the constitution and gross misconduct.

    Mr Musharraf said he was confident that the charges against him would not stand but that this was not the time for more confrontation in Pakistan.

  6. Fijilassie Says:

    From Fiji Times

    Tui of Suva says…
    As a close relative of the president I wish to make a few things clear to those of you who are blaming him for our troubles.
    Since his appointment to the post, my family has visited him three times at government house.
    On our third visit he asked me twice where I was from even though we had known each other before that.
    I later told my mother what happened and surprisingly she had been asked by the president who she was even though they were raised up in Taveuni, she being a niece of the president.
    It seems we are not the only one being asked more than once where we came from!
    I do not wish to defend the old man but I request those who are saying that the president is behind the charter and the overthrow of the Qarase government to please, think first before you make statements in public.
    I would like the president to retire and return back to the vanua but folks it is not easy for him.
    He is being used by this illegal government and my only prayer is that God will in time punish those who have benefited immensely by using the president.
    To “Son of Fiji”, the charter was never the idea of the president, please get your facts right.
    All I can say to Jim Anthony and those supporting the charter, you people amaze me with your hypocrisy.
    On the one hand the charter aims to uplift the constitution, at the same time you totally agree with the military overthrow of an elected government.
    Unfortunately your Ph.D. does not qualify you as an honest law abiding citizen of any country.
    By openly supporting this illegal government, you openly support other terrorist organizations that prey on their own citizens.
    They use force and guns as their only means of communication.
    That is not democracy, that is tyranny!
    We the citizens of this country are fed up with leaders who use the military for their own selfish gain.
    We want to see a reduction of the military, we want to see leaders who will look after the well being of all races in Fiji.
    We want honest, God-fearing leaders who want to protect, not harm their own sons and daughters!
    Already we have seen the proof of this so called “clean-up campaign.”
    The cleaners are indeed cleaning our finances with the rising costs of living and their extravagant travels overseas.
    While our roads and infrastructure collapse all around us, our leaders carry on regardless.
    It is as if our minds are numbed from all the lies and propaganda being fed to us on a daily basis from the illegal government spin doctors.
    Please Dr. Anthony speak the truth and state the facts. Enough of the lies and misinformation.
    Qarase never killed anybody to be Prime Minister, how about your leaders in government today?
    I rest my case.

  7. Adi Kaila Says:

    Just heard that voreqe will host an ECONOMIC SUMMIT next month – I’ve only just uncrossed my eyes and closed my mouth from the shock!

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula FijiLassie, I’m really sorry to read that, I did write here to NativeGal to please find out what was actually happening at Gov House because the ig keep using the Presidents name to legitimise their treasonous act, we need to know whether he is ill or not.

    I always had a strange feeling that they could be sedating the President to keep him out of the way. God, I hope this is not true.

    NativeGal if you’re reading this I am truly sorry for making you angry as I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say to us. I do now and I am not at all proud of myself for not being more understanding. Whatever happens I wish the President and his family all the best.

    This ig is really sinister.

  9. Say True! Says:

    Fanbloodytastic. Elections 2009. God is great. The truth will always prevail. Hip hip! Hip hip! Kaila!!!! Thankyou SV and the team you have held our sanity together.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    As I said , bring back Peter Foster and make him Finance Minister .
    The death penalty is too good for these treasonous murderers . They should be made to rot in jail .
    A point I would like to make though , now that the end is near , amnesty for no one .
    Fijians have to start separating their Cultural obligations from their Political obligations .
    I feel that part of the problem is that you all have certain allegiances to different tribes , areas of Fiji and relatives of Chiefs . A separation of those responsibilities , must be adopted next time around or you’ll find yourselves going back to the future again to 1987 , 1988 , 2000 and 2006 !

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila – am really sorry too after reading Tui Savu’s letter about the President being in that state. I’ve also heard from numerous delegations that the President is not altogether there upstairs.

    We must not blame him as his old age is just catching up to him. Everyone will eventually get to that stage.


    If they had any ounce of love for their husband and father, they would have taken him home to Viseisei by now instead of having half the country see him in that condition!

    Could it be that the rumours about Mrs Iloilo SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY IS TRUE AFTER ALL?

  12. Coka Naserena Says:

    FB to his CEO: “Hey Pramesh that reporter asked me about my Physical policy… I told him ‘Yeah I have done a lot of Physical Training in the Military and I can teach you lot about Physical Education policy as we do it in the Military… OK! my Boy.. write that!

    CEO to FB(Mr PM/Min of Fin): No! I Think he meant FISCAL policy Mr PM..

    FB to CEO: “Ah….well close enough Pramesh what the heck they wont know the difference”!

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    very good !

  14. Striker Says:

    God help Fiji!

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    The above post by Fijilassie of the letter from a Tui of Suva further confirms what we already know of the memory loss inflicting the President. Didnt he make a blunder big time , missing an entire page(s) of his speech when opening the last Parliament in front a snoozing ADC?

    The late Turaga Vunivalu , Ratu Sir George Cakobau , when as Governor General was asked to step down at the earliest signs of the same dis-ease. Like the true gentleman that he was , he accepted his fate , and gave up the position for the integrity of the high office he held.

    Today.. as if the country isnt suffering enough at the hands of its Military , we have to put up with the actions of the fading memory of a President.

    Tui of Suva : sorry ; cant buy yr sob story , boy. If you are really related to the man , take him away from public eye. Otherwise, take the shit dished out at him by the public. For as long as he is in Government House , he remains subjected to public scrutiny , afterall he is being payed by public funds.

    @newsfiji – excuse me for nosying in. Of course his family wont easily give up the luxury lifestyle. Look who’s driving around town in the posh Hummer!

  16. Where is the love Says:

    In Development, there is a need for emloyment creation and income generation of many typs. This is one which AFiji has again lost out on at the expence of a few military personnel and failed politicians?

    Fiji misses out on work scheme

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Update: 1:57PM Fiji will miss out on the much needed opportunity announced by the Australian Government for a three year pilot seasonal worker scheme.

    On the eve of the 39th Pacific Island leaders meeting in Niue Australias Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the horticulture scheme was initiated because of the lack of workers to harvest fruits and vegetables.

    This program would have greatly benefitted people in Fiji as it would have raked in remittances and provided employment opportunities.

    Under the trial, up to 2500 visas will be available over three years for workers from Kiribati, Tonga, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea to work in Australia for up to seven months in any 12 month period.

    Small groups of workers are expected to start work later this year.

    It is understood that the political situation in Fiji has caused sanctions including non involvement in labour mobility exercises.

  17. tuyawa Says:

    You know there really is the possibility that Voreqe would want to hold on to the coffers to entice and brainwash the military. The military has not said a word about Voreqe even though we know that most of them do not agree with what their chief is doing. Shame on you military, holding guns for nothing! Terrorising their own people so that they can put food on the table for their families. Military Council, step up and do something unless you are also dipping your hand in the coffers. Voreqe doesn’t know 2 cents about finance, hell he can’t even spell right.

  18. Groggymaster Says:

    You’re right. The question is whether Chodo left enough for Vore to spend.

  19. talanoa Says:

    Moce Chodo…>>>>>>>>>> F#%@ Sara..!!!

  20. George of Sydney Says:

    The issue about the health status of the President is very sad. One of the major dissapointment the majority of Fijian people have was the fact that he allowed himself to be used by the members of the illegal regime. The IG continues to deny that he is incapable of carrying out his official duties. The fact is that this illegal regime does not care about the life or the medical status of the President. They are only using him to enact their recommended ammendments in the constitution which the President can make under the “Doctrine of necessity”.
    Everybody will remember that when the illegal govt wanred to endorse Nailatikau to be VP, they used the term that it is the President’s nominations to the GCC. When the GCC rejected it, they were told to go and drink grog under the mango tree. Finally he terminated the membership of the then GCC. Now they are rushing the Charter so that the President can approve it. The President will have to be aware that his endorsement will be needed to promolugate any ammendments in the constitution and this Illegal regime will continue to use him for their own cause. This ammendments will include :-
    1) change in the GCC membership selection guideline
    2) electoral reform (removal of communal roll)
    3) various ammendments in the Fijian Affairs Act
    4) Various ammendments in the Native Land Trust Act
    5) Re introduction of the Dereservation of the Native Lands without proper consultations with landowners and important Fijian institutions such as the GCC.

    Now it would be a sad day for the I am sad if we Fijian community if the President endorse all this changes withot considering the view of the GCC. It is now crystally clear that the Commander appointed himself as Minister for Fijian Affairs so that the GCC wont convene for he is the only one defined under the Fijian Affairs Act to call the GCC meeting.
    My advice to Taukei Nakelo and the people of Vuda is to seek audience with the Turaga na Tui Vuda and ask him to step down from the position. The people using him are only thinking of themselves.
    One cannot deny the fact that the economy and the life of the people of Fiji is continuing to deteriorate and as a Fijian we dont want the Turaga na Tui Vuda and his generations to be blamed for his authorisation on any changes that would bring dissatisfaction on the Fijian people. He should always be guided by the stand taken by the GCC on any national issues that concerns the native fijians.

  21. Ima Says:

    @ George of Sydney

    I agree with all you’ve said…

    On your suggestion for the people of Vuda to ask the President to step down, it was reported some months ago in the mainstream media that his own people (through Rt. T Moemoedonu) that it would be an insult to them to ask him to do that…..this was after the likes of Mr. Beddoes had enquired about the state of his health, by then every right thinking person in Fiji could see what the green goons & their cronies were doing…taking advantage of Mr. President

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