Frank won’t be going to Niue

I have said before and I’ll say it again. Face to face he is a gutless coward. Without his bully boys beside him he hasn’t got the bottle to say boo to anyone.


In Tonga last year he made a clear promise that elections would be held no later than March 2009. Why did he do it? Not because he had any intention of holding elections – he had made that clear before he went – but because when he was faced with leaders he couldn’t intimidate, he wet his pants and promised, no qualifications, he would hold elections.


So, he’s too scared of the voters to hold an election and he will also be too scared of Pacific Forum leaders to face them and explain his lie.


His solution: send Mr Nice Guy Ulukau to Niue with the message that Frank can’t meet his commitment. It’s a free trip, there’ll be a chance of a bit lasaituba away from the dragon, so he won’t mind looking like a fool one more time.




35 Responses to “Frank won’t be going to Niue”

  1. Pusiloa Says:

    You guys must be kidding…WTF…!!!
    Interim PM is new Finance Minister

    Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will now be the new Finance Minister.

    He replaces Mahendra Chaudhry who has stepped down to prepare for the general elections.

    Bainimarama will now also be responsible for National Planning.

    The announcement was made a press conference moments ago.

  2. Wailei Says:


    WTF indeed.. SERIOUSLY??????????????????

    HIS joking right? I mean he has to be Joking??? HIS GOTTA BE JOKING!!!



  3. IslandBoy Says:

    @Pusiloa – vavei qo kemuni. It seems the old codger continues to think his dream of Utopia will still come to fruition. Dua na qase sa leqa vakalevu o Naitalatala. Vinaka cake me sa sogo ga na CCF.

    CCF not surprised
    Monday, August 18, 2008

    THE Citizens Constitu-tional Forum says the Fiji Labour Party’s to step down from the interim Government was not surprising.

    Forum chief executive Reverend Akuila Yabaki said the interim administration was a temporary arrangement with the main objective to prepare the country for the general election in 2009.

    “Now that the FLP has left the administration the next stage would be the formation of a government of national unity through a panel of political party representatives appointed by the president,” he said.

    “This will open up for members of other political parties.

    “What we need is an instrument that is unifying and the draft People’s Charter points out that above all we need leaders with a progressive vision for Fiji.

    “A vision that is uplifting, motivating, unifying and inspiring.

    “A government of national unity is truly the next step.”

    Reverend Yabaki said it was a transitional arrangement to take the country to the next election and Parliament.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    Wailei tamaqu it can’t be true!

    He maybe in name only! Surely he will have qualified people to do the thinking for him.

  5. Wailei Says:

    AS RfNews suggested it would appear to be Pramesh Chand. Since Bainipuaka like Chodo has no concept of economics and or finance. Bainipuaka is a wannabe “Jack of all trades and a master of nothing”

  6. IslandBoy Says:

    Of course Frank can be MinFin, he appointed Leweni Deputy PS of Information and did not even realise Leweni is functionally illiterate.

    He doesn’t have to know anything about macro or micro economics, he can work from the same Econ 101 colouring book Mahen was using, after all its tsood his government in good stead this last 20 months.

    Neither of them realised the word Home before Economics implies a totally different field.

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry that should read “…stood his….” and of course ” these last 20 months insted of this.” Now who’s the functional illiterate, lmao.

    My apologies SV I was reading from Leweni’s ABC colouring book.

  8. newsfiji Says:

    OFcourse Bainipyjamas won’t go to Niue…oi me lai mata vakalialia tu ikea…sa rauti koya ga na POTE tu maii Tonga..ha..ha..ha..

    He can’t take being snubbed by other leaders ….ha..ha..

  9. Groggymaster Says:

    Binivuaka can’t go to niue – Helen Clark will make him her bitch!!!

  10. Tim Says:

    Oops, posted this under the previous..
    The excuse they gave for not going is that they weren’t allowed to attend bilateral talks in Auckland.
    Note: these are BI-lateral talks mind you!. The Fiji junta now seem to want to have a say in Australian and NZ policy and dictate when Australian and NZ politicians are allowed to meet.
    Of course, that is not the real reason but I guess they realise that everyone springs every piece of bullshit they ever spout that there’s no point ruining an unspoilt record.
    But then maybe Frank is trying to be kind – he doesn’t want to show Helin Kluk up with his superior intellect, compassion and listening skills

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Sa rere ko Pita. I thought he was going to accept every invitation offered to the him so that he can travel, the coward pig. So whats happen this time. He is making flimsy excuses and like his mentor chodo to find a scapegoat to put the blame on. This time he blames NZ and Helin Kluk. He can’t face up to his lies in front of the very people he made his promise to last year. When the going gets tough the coward stops going. And he is still adamant on the electoral reforms and so forth in the garbage charter. As far as we are concern the charter farter is on a precarious life support in a state of coma. Even with the snake gone this bloody idiot of a pig is still rambling on with the charter farter. And to think he has taken over the MOF makes us really worried with our money. Yes its our money as we pay the bloody taxes. He will have a free reign on siphoning money for his own use the bastard. Then through ignorance of proper finanace management money will be wasted on the army or whatever pet organisation he may have. He has already proven he could not keep budgets under control as he did in the military. So how is he going to look after the huge govt finance. Bloody idiot. Mr pig we also have your number man.

  12. Talei Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh no waaaay?! Ha ha ha ha ha! Boy Frankie is really stretching it huh? ha ha ha ha who is he trying to impress? YLEIII! Ha aha ha! Sorry guys, this is too funny, how the dumbest guy in the world can hold so many portfolio’s by the barrel of the gun, but you guys know who are even dumber then Frankie? It’s the soldiers propping this clown up. No he will “future pay” himself since he already got his 30 years “back pay” aaahahahahahaha!

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Have a gander at this piece of garbage from bananasinpyjamas.

    “””“Most, if not all, Pacific Island leaders are against Fiji being further victimised by Australia and New Zealand, even if they may not say so openly in Niue.””””

    I guess he must have got the failed diplomat, dimwiti, to read between the lines and interpret what the Pacific Island leaders are saying.

    “Have elections and let the people decide.”

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    22 months ago, bananasinpyjamas was told bluntly that if he committed treason and staged a coup d’etat, then he and his junta would face travel bans by Australia and NZ.

    Simple English and easily understood; except by someone who is missing a few sheep from the top paddock.

    I wonder what part of the warning bananasinpyjamas didn’t understand?

  15. Tim Says:

    Yep, and we know why the sheep went missing from the top paddock. Chodo stole them to dole out as a few freebies to keep his flock happy with promises of further riches to come.
    Of course there is a more hopeful possibility – and that is there are a few people around amongst his midst that would prefer that he didn’t go.
    It seems apparent to me that comments appearing on blogs are starting to piss a few people off. Bubba Yippie I Aiye is throwing little tanties and Shamimees and others must now be wondering which way to spin. Right now they’ve just scraped through the rinse cycle but there are a few stubborn stains that’ll never wash off.
    Remember Shyster – charm and grace lever – full ahead or it might be silly bitch – bhead

  16. Tim Says:

    We might have to start putting an exclamation mark after Helen Clarke’s name. Frank obviously so despises her (A, because she’s a woman;B, because she was onto him from the very start; C, because her IQ is like the sun on the horizon compared with his; and D, because he knows that after that little pre-coup meet in Wellington – only Frank left with an interpretation of events that was different from everyone else’s). Every time he utters her name, it is in anger. Helin KluK!! His guilt must be riddling him like a cancer, but guilt is not something he should expect the rest of us to take responsibility for. Helin KluK! will face him on equal terms any day, as would I. Fcuk I’d love to, just as I would the Shamimee sistas. I think I might be able to drum up a sizeable proportion of the Catholic Chusrch too to confront one or two in Fiji, but I suspect they’d be just as gutless as Frank.
    I noted that a post somewhere suggested that the Fijian (and Pacific) way was one of forgiveness, whereas that wasn’t necessarily so. Well it is, and I’m not sure NZ is averse to forgiveness – but usually it comes with atonement, and a recognition that the sinner has been an asshole.

  17. Tim Says:

    Ahhh! I get it! – He has the Fiddler on the Roof Barr to confess to and atone for his sins. Unfortunately fellas, it doesn’t count till ya pay your VAT or GST to the Fijian electorate.

  18. Tim Says:

    An updated shame list would be VERY interesting. Not just in terms of who have been so opportunistic as to sacrifice a whole country in their selfish endeavour, but also in terms of how their so called “principles” get sacrificed in order to satisfy their own egos and greed. Take a Shamimee or a Yippee I Aye, or a Barr or a Gates even. Champions and professed concern for the “people”. Bullshit! Their problem is that they have considered themsleves somehow better than everyone else from the very start. Whether its because they think they have superior intellect, or are just the world’s biggest egotists, it doesn’t really matter.
    You’ve got a Chodo – like something out of the trade union movement of the 1970s. Corruption is his second name.

    You’ve got a Judge or two. So up themsleves that they think they’re doing the rest of us a favour, except for the fact that were they genuine, they’d have the put the courage of their convictions and an entire country ahead of their sister and her acting role as fag hag of an attorney general.
    Never mind..that nutty sister of the Judge shoots pistols anyway – but never mind, its just a normal outlet for her guilt.
    Anyone ever considered delving into Shamimee mumma and dadda’s roles.
    Then there are Barr’s and Yambaki’s and Gates – probably all abused themselves. Certainly there’s a fat pig that’s still rather partial to alcoholic proof that has one or two skeletons in his closet. But never mind – he has a Human Rights champion that would be ready to leap to his defense, and boy! ya don’t wanna tangle with that girl!. (Except I really really do want to tangle with the bitch – there’s a small problem with a travel ban that prevents it though).
    Like I said in a previous post – the most incompetent could not have possibly PLANNED such a fcukup, even if they’d tried. Still most of them are happy to continue on a per diem and a firm foundation of solid bullshit to try their best to keep it all going.
    Except for the fact that most know the junta are a load of kaka, and the rest of the word not only have their own lives to lead, and there are situations other than a few egos in Fiji to consider (such was Frank’s bullshit excuse not to attend Nuie).

    Pacific way? I think not Frank, but whatever pulls your nipples

  19. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, come on SV…let’s put up the shame list…complete with photo’s and educational background…what a bloody laugh that will be…

  20. newsfiji Says:

    What about Nailatikau saying “the stance of the NZ govt. baffling…”…DAH…that’s exactly what they thought when you did a PERSONA NON GRATA on the NZ High Commissioner here over a bloody rugby match seating arrangement!

    Let’s just face the facts here:

    A self appointed regime only allowed transit through Auckland airport to attend the Pacific Islands Forum in Niue.

    That’s perfectly fair – you all are after all self appointed & illegal!

    You don’t deserve to go further than the meeting proper!

    Bilateral talks tale ni waci!

  21. newsfiji Says:

    Oh..Bilateral talks na tawa na qavokavoka…! Paleez!

  22. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi newfiji I’ve replied to you under ‘Oh Dear’ – might explain the real reason puakafelo isn’t going to Niue. Frigid vaca na atmosphere mai Tonga, qai vacava tale mai Beijing.

  23. Save the Sheep Says:

    I think they call this

    “Full Moon Syndrome”.

  24. Tui Says:

    @Save the Sheep,
    I’m beginning to believe that “Full Moon Syndrome. It was mentioned by one of our bloggers in an earlier post. Every time there is a full moon, the pig will do his moon dance and make an ass of himself. In Fijian we have a term for that which is “masa.” It basically means the bugger just gets restless and agitating for a fight. Problem is he is too much of a coward to fight even my son’s pet, Mike the mongoose.
    I was having some grog with neighbors who just came back from Taveuni on Sunday. They say that the hopsital in Waiyevo is in its worse state ever. They don’t even have lights at night. People are starting to use kerosene lamps at the hospital. A few times the nurses had to use mobile phones as torches during some of the deliveries of new born babies.The drug shortage is so bad that all they are giving out is panadol tablets!
    If there are mainstream media people out there, please send your reporters to that hospital in Waiyevo because this is the reality of this “clean up campaign.” The same scenario is being repeated in other hospitals around the country.
    Meanwhile chodo wants us to believe that the economy is well because of him. That we can solve our own problems with the RFMF. I say this again to Australia and New Zealand, please consider this option seriously. ANZUS must begin preparations for an intervention force such as RAMSI in Fiji. The dictator has proven once again that he is not going to relinquish power any day soon. The longer we delay his removal, the more damage he will do to this country.
    The water cuts keep worsening. The potholes keep getting bigger, the cost of living unbearable, crime is the worst ever and meanwhile the evil regime wants us to believe that Fiji is living happily ever after! WTF!
    Thanks to blogs like SV, we still have a voice. Blog on ragone!

  25. Save the Sheep Says:

    Ameni to that Tui. Try visiting the Tamavua Hospital sometime.. No lights, not even blankets for TB sufferers.

    But then Frank wouldn’t understand this given that the Moon is his guiding light and source of warmth.

    The longer Frank holds the reigns of power the closer we will get to 1 million dollars for a loaf of bread, aka Zimbabwe. Don’t forget folks, Zimbabwe was way better off than we are when it comes to natural resources and infrastructure. This ‘lunar’ tic will certainly lead us down the same path and as his bro Mugabe does, blame everyone but himself for the disaster….

  26. FijiGirl Says:

    C’mon! Vore was NEVER going to go to Niue!

    He was going to send some poor little civil servant to do the groveling and apologising on his behalf because he lost SO MUCH face for telling them in Suva that there would be elections next March, and then changing his tune next day.

    Pull the wool over your own eyes if you insist, Vore, but know that we, the people of Fiji, are not fooled.

    God bless Fiji

  27. IslandBoy Says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve always assumed bi-lateral talks means between the two governments concerned as opposed to some multi-lateral format where there is a round table with donors and recipients all discussing the windows of funding opportunity and the qualifications criteria.

    So why would Fiji want to attend the bi-lateral talks between some donors and third party recipients?

    Whatever donor still wanting to talk to the Fiji Government can agree to separate arrangements that are mutually convenient and voila, we have our own bi-lateral discussions.

    They would have to get their hustle on in Alofi while there, hook up with the potential donors and if they can’t close the deal there, make arrangements to pursue further discussions either here in Suva as guests of the Fiji Govt or elsewhere, so what’s the problem.

    Someone should tell the Foreign Affairs folk to stop going just to pose and drink duty free Johnny Walker Blue label, get off your collective arses and hustle and lobby to bring the much needed donor funds back here where its very sorely needed.

    But then I watched Ross Ligairi try to fend off Oz High Comm Batley when he briefed the diplomatic corps about the charter and elections – he just got badly steamrolled, in his own conference room for goodnesss sake. Classic case of arse versus class.

    So with Able leading the charge and Ross as the main supporting actor, we will not be winiing the Oscar this year.

  28. manasa Says:

    Is Bai like another Mugabe.It won’t be long we all will beg on the street.

  29. Striker Says:

    Good governance my foot; Voreqe the pig hasn’t the courage of his conviction. Damn coward!

  30. Adi Kaila Says:

    I have been mentioning this full moon syndrome because I’ve noticed that no matter where he is in the world he ensures he is back in Fiji when the full moon falls.

    Now if that’s not an indication of meke vula that has to be done on the day – well………

  31. Navosavakadua Says:

    SV E dua na noqu kerekere. Your readers should know that I sent this to
    you before the announcement was made that Frank was not going. I never doubted that he would NOT go. It’s partly because I know he’s
    a coward and partly because a little bird across the Pacific told me that their leaders were not pleased with the bad faith shown by Frank. He knew he would get a caning from the whole Forum, not just New Zealand and Australia. I also thought if he didn’t go he would send Naulukau – it’s just the sort of job he’s made for – I mean delivering a message with no substance. But it looks like Frank couldn’t trust him, or may be it was Adi K who couldn’t trust him out of her sight.

  32. Adi Kaila Says:

    Good on you Navosavakadua – You’re absolutely correct and Kudos for that.

    Man sa veilecayaki nodratou vuvale o Tungi Fisi.

  33. IslandBoy Says:

    Adi Kaila – ask your US-based friends about the phone call from Suva to boycott the seafood dinner fundraising?

    Veilecayaki is too mild a word for that kind of dysfunction.

    Read your posts regarding the Turaga Tui Vuda – all the blame can be laid at one door and LUVfiji is right about the Hummer all over town. The little police guard that had to be posted to Labasa all of a sudden is now singng his heart out.

  34. Tui Says:

    I’m not sure if Serafina read my earlier post about Taveuni, but thanks to Fiji Times for following up on this.
    And whoever said blogging is not having an effect! Na blog me qai ga ragone.
    Taveuni hospital without proper power, water
    Wednesday, August 20, 2008
    A HOSPITAL and its staff quarters have been without proper water and electricity supply the past six months.

    Taveuni sub-divisional medical officer Doctor Hlathein Thein said the hospital at Waiyevo now depened on lanterns, torches, candles and rechargable lamps to light up the hospital at night.

    This has resulted in the closure of the mortuary and people on the island have been told to bury their loved ones as soon as possible.

    Dr Thein said the hospital generator was only being used for back up and emergency services after the Ministry of Works limited its electricity supply.

    “The electricity supply has been limited so it has affected water supply to the quarters for the staff but we have managed and kept everything under control so far, especially the situation in the hospital,” Dr Thein said.

    “The patients are being looked after well.”

    At night the staff use the lanterns, torches, candles and rechargable lights to treat patients or attend to their needs.

    Dr Thein said the staff have worked together to keep the situation under control.

    “It’s not an easy situation but we have managed well over the past months and staff fill up their buckets and drums when there is electricity supply in the day for a few hours.

    No comments could be obtained from the divisonal works officer northern Iliesa Vonu.

    But Dr Thein said that the hospital was lucky to have received a new generator.

    “We have also been blessed to have received help from the Rotary Club of Taveuni that donated a generator to the hospital,” Dt Thein said.

    He said that the brand new generator would help ease the situation at Waiyevo. “The members of the Club will be here next week to complete final touches to the gerenator which involves the new swicthes so once that is complete, the hospital will be assisted in a great way with better power supply.”

    “The staff won’t also be brudened with the thought of no electricity at work especially at night in attending to their patients,” Dr Thein said.

  35. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Yes, Tui, the story this morning would have been a direct result of your blog the other day.

    Well done!

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