Don’t Run away now Chodo

Fiji’s interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry’s decision to quit from the interim regime is too late, says ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.Chaudhry, interim Labour Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and interim Tourism Minister Tom Ricketts will resign today following a decision by the Fiji Labour Party’s National Council in Nadi over the weekend.
“While people will welcome his (Chaudhry’s) exit from Government, he has failed badly as Finance minister,” Qarase told Fijilive.
“When he started he said he would turn the economy around within a short time of six months. Now 20 months on, the economy has shown very little sign of progress.”
“The Fiji Labour Party council meeting was a convenient time for him to exit,” he said.
“He’s running away from the mess he’s created and he wants to blame someone else for it which is typical of him.”
Qarase added that it was also too late for the party to step down as it “was involved in the planning of the coup and its execution, it was part of an illegal regime, part of the brutality, murders, violation of human rights and rampant corruption that the interim regime has been involved in within the last 20 months.
“The FLP has in fact lost all credibility,” he said.
Chaudhry denies he was asked to step down.


17 Responses to “Don’t Run away now Chodo”

  1. Pusiloa Says:

    Now lets see where all the other Labour appointees will be hiding now…..vakavei au boto ni liku beka nei big Mama J Koroi…vinaka cake meu mate, but not down there…..

  2. Ablaze Says:

    Looking at their photo in the Fiji Times, Chodo, Vayeshnoi, Pato Ricketts and old hag Koroi makes me want to throw up!

    No shame that they have lost all credibility and will now be thought of as big time losers.

    Then again only those with a conscience would have made sure they kept their ugly faces away from the cameras.

    Oh dear Lord! these are the people that tried to convince us they had the solutions to moving the country forward.

  3. Corruption Fighter Says:

    This step-down is no great plan unfolding. Chodopuss originally planned a three year process, with the Charter providing an opportunity to hand out funds to his supporters. That’s why he slashed expenditure so hard in his first budget. His plan was to have
    everybody reduced to begging from him.

    What went wrong? First his lamusona illegal leader, dropped the ball in Tonga last year by promising, elections for March next year. That put pressure on the Charter to be speeded up. Then the economy collapsed as a result of the ruthless spending cuts imposed by Chaudhry. And aid donors wouldn’t go anywhere near the illegal government or its hollow charter.

    But the main problem was Chodopuss himself. He is always divisive, dictatorial and unable to control his spiteful streak. He was wrecking the sugar industry through worrying more about putting his lackeys in positions of power than listening to farmers. His completely pointless attack on Fiji Water alarmed investors and showed that the economy was doomed under his control.

    Corruption Fighter

  4. benhur Says:

    Look people GDEV from the FijiExileBoard have said time and time again that Mahen Chodory is an idiot and was not Material for the position of Financial Ministry of a nation? Chodo and Samy are nothing but Hindu nationalists whose main aim is to pass fiji political power to their hindu nationalists? The other two labour coolies whom he forced to resigned must be opposed at all cost and must be made to suffer their stupidity in joining an illegal military coup IG. They should be disallowed to run for parliament in any democratically elected Government.

  5. kaiveicoco Says:

    it seems that the next 24 to 48 hours will be very interesting as we see things begining to unfold

  6. Wailei Says:

    catach ’em puppy! No escape for treasonous individuals. If Tui Cakau can be thrown in So CAN YOU CHODO!!!

  7. Wailei Says:

    @Ablaze yeah so did I.. Saw their photo and I choked on my chai tea and though for a second there my breakfast (roti lolo) was about to revisit the breakfast table. Cant stand the site of Koroi. IS SHIM REALLY A feMALE??? SERIOUSLY????

  8. IslandBoy Says:

    Folks whenever Mahen appears on TV mute the sound and count the number of times his eyelids flutter furiously and his tongue snakes out lightening quick to wet his dry lips.

    A sure indicator he is lying through his teeth.

    How foolish an old woman is Joe Cabbage and her ilk – who still thinks Mahen, is the Saviour of Fiji. Some reporter should ask her who the nobodies are now.

    I posted this long ago as a quote from an old media veteran, whenever she saw a particularly odious character rising on the national scene. “Twinkle tiko little star – soon you’ll be a piece of da.”

    Now how many other illegal appointees need to get theirs? SV – is it time to update and re-post the wall of shame, lest we forget who these monsters are?

  9. newsfiji Says:

    Ragone: just watch Chodo baci go on one of his famous trips overseas and lobby for paisa for his campaigning and a quick return to elections..

    Ahh..he must have thought that he can control the ulupepa Voreqe….

  10. Tim Says:

    The excuse they gave for not going is that they weren’t allowed to attend bilateral talks in Auckland.
    Note: these are BI-lateral talks mind you!. The Fiji junta now seem to want to have a say in Australian and NZ policy and dictate when Australian and NZ politicians are allowed to meet.
    Of course, that is not the real reason but I guess they realise that everyone springs every piece of bullshit they ever spout that there’s no point ruining an unspoilt record

  11. egregious Says:

    Island boys suggestion of updating the wall of shame is important. Those of us who are not in Fiji ought to remind our Governments at the appropriate time of their obligations not to allow passage or rights to certain individuals.
    Most of our Governments have signed up to International conventions and charters on human rights, ( I dont think there are many from China on this forum ! ) and such obligations need to be applied to those that might seek to shed the cloak of responsibility for their actions.
    As Lai Qarase reminds us today, Chaudharys involvement in the illegal regime makes him complicit in the murders and so on.
    The Pacific and Fijian way is to pardon. So be it. But that is not the way for Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and the rest of the EU.

  12. Tuks Says:

    Chaudhry’s hidden agenda now is to bid Fijians against our very own Fijian dominated Military with Frank and the military Council holding the fort on their behalf and taking care of any upheavels by the i Taukeis.
    The FLP strategy now are to regroup and to take a back seat and mobiising their support for the upcoming General Elections.
    Very interesting developments to come during the next few days..

  13. FijiGirl Says:

    Chodo is pretending to jump when we all know that really he has been pushed.

    How can you tell when Chodo is lying?

    Easy! His lips move…

    God bless Fiji

  14. Midget gal Says:

    Lobi tiko na buina! Sa qai vacava o rau na lamusona SHORTY-ASS mean sisters, rere tiko! LOL…

  15. manasa Says:

    Let’s celebrate we all wanted that, what’s next BIG BRAINS.

  16. Striker Says:

    Choro chodo is Mahen Chaudary the stinking puke!

  17. manasa Says:

    Striker ! Good sense of smell ___

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