Chaudhry out: FLP trio exit regime – FLP, SV SAYS IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

Top of the morning bloggers!!! Well, our post on Friday said ‘SV wonders what the weekend will bring..’ which now is an understatement! Chodo and his 2 FLP members have jumped ship and are claiming to exit as they prepare for the General Elections. This is despite the fact they have been vocal opponents to holding elections next year.

One this that amazes me is they have forgotten their lies are easily noticeable and we have not forgotten what they did some 20 months ago, when it abandoned the Qarase led Multi-Party Government, which they had been a party to and were given substantial ministerial portfolios. Chodo right up until Qarase’s house arrest had sent envoys to him, assuring him, that he still had his support, whilst at the same time pltting his downfall!

He has thrown that all to the wind and it has come back and spashed all over him. Chodo and his 2 FLP men in the illegal regieme has lost all credibility in the eyes of people and SV supports the calls by Beddoes that all FLP appointees to Government, Statutory Bodies, etc are too resign forthwith. It will be interesting whether they do follow suit or are forced out because they now hold onto positions and derive benefits, which were not previously avaiable.


Monday, August 18, 2008

INTERIM Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has exited from the interim Government to concentrate on his party affairs. Also out are interim Tourism Minister Tom Ricketts and interim Labour Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi. This was decided at the Fiji Labour Party council meeting in Nadi yesterday.

Party President Jokapeci Koroi said the council decided its three ministers in the interim Government must disengage themselves from there now that the draft Peoples Charter was ready. Mr Chaudhry downplayed any claims that he was asked to step down by the interim Government. “There was no directive or anything at all in that regard, if they have any evidence they must produce it,” he said. “As far as we are concerned, this is a collective decision of the party. “I had hinted to the PM once the charter is ready we will step down.”

Mr Chaudhry said for the 18 months he was with the interim Government, his duties to the party had been neglected. “For us, the party comes first. For the past 18 months, we have been busy with our duties to the interim Government”, Mr Chaudhry said. “Now we have to prepare for the general election.” Mr Chaudhry said that they would write and inform interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama today.

“I tried to call him on his phone but couldn’t so I left him a message there,” he said. Mr Vayehnoi and Mr Ricketts did not wish to say anything. Party president Jokapeci Koroi said it was in the best interest of the party that the three step down.

“It is to allow it to effectively engage with the population with respect to the draft charter as well as to prepare for the next general elections,” she said. The national council has therefore directed that the three FLP ministers holding Cabinet portfolios resign from the interim Government and advise the interim Prime Minister accordingly.

She said the party only joined the interim Government on the condition that executive authority was returend to the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, in order to assist in the process of returning Fiji to parliamentary democracy through general elections.

“An important consideration for the FLP becoming a part of the interim Government was to save Fiji from imminent financial and economic collapse, as well as to reform Fiji’s system of governance, rid it of corruption and racial discrimination and to promote national unity.”


35 Responses to “Chaudhry out: FLP trio exit regime – FLP, SV SAYS IN YOUR FACE!!!!!”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    So the Fiji Labour Party knows that we are having elections next year????? How is this possible when Frank himself says their will be NO Elections in March 2009??

    It looks like the Fiji Labour Party is in a war with the Fiji Military Council & Frank.

    The Labour Party is behaving like it is the ones calling the shots and dictating what will happen next whilst the Military Council is left to look like total idiots whilst they scramble around to look good.

    One suggestion to the Military Council, come out, hold a press conference and tell the world the bloody TRUTH for once. Who is running this country??

    You bloody owe it to us the tax payers!

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Eveli 50c is now calling for the Methodist Church to enter into dialogue with the illegal junta about the farter Charter! Before the demise of Chodo, he treated the Methodist Church with contempt.

    Mataca must be repenting from his error in allowing himself to be towed around the nose by the Mara children.

    What has happened to $2 Jo? Where is the quorum of the GCC he was proudly claiming?

    Vore will now take over as President and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

    I have always maintained that the only way the coup culture will be permanently eradicated in Fiji is to hold all those responsible accountable and Chodo and his cronies are not exempted!

    Iloilo must already planning his exit strategy by attending the Annual Methodist Conference in leading his Presidential Office in the Choir Competition!!

    I think it is too late for that Iloilo. Remember his speech after Vore had taken over the government ‘If I was in Vore’s shoes I would have the done the same thing…’ Iloilo, you too will be held accountable for your actions!!!

  3. kafir Says:

    Yedo, the best news in the ears for a long time ever since this madness started. Didnt the bible say;;Ye shall know them by their fruits? One by one, they starting to Kaput. Vinaka SV, for the sacrifise and all the bloggers for staying loyal to the cause of democracy. Telling us as it is from day 1 that a wrong cannt be a right. Only the truth will set us free. Our prayers and Fiji the land and peoples blessings are with U SV! yippe yippe yayde ray 3 cheers for ALL!

    While we stil at it,.. congrats to the FEED THE BULBUL boys from Davuilevu 4 winning the Deans Final 08. enjoy the moment while its still fresh. Happy holidays FIJI!

  4. kaiveicoco Says:

    was the Fiji Labour Party there to promote national unity or NATIONAL DISUNITY?
    sorry Fulori !!!
    SV when are we having the fireworks? to celebrate this announcement

  5. Abeche Says:

    The saga of this idiot’s demise again reflects the naivety of the Military Council in arranging for his termination. Instead of terminating him as they had done with others – on the spot, they in their lack of understanding of politics and the snake they are dealing with allowed him time to exit the way he wanted. They should now read between the lines and understand that this man is going to take them head on – he has used them to his advantage and will now turn against them, on top it all he will now use and will expect that the COnstitution that he has helped rape on a daily basis since his appointment to protect him!!!

    The Military Council will now be blamed for all the economic, social and all other ills that we as a country now face. The Military Council must understand that they have been out manouvered, unless they act quickly agin instead of almost two years later. The man maybe gone but his people have been placed in strategic places and that is how he is going to continue to exert influence over the country from outside of the IG! Unless the Military council acts decisively now we are still doomed to continue to suffer from the chodonomics that we as a nation have endured over the last 21 months or so.

    Mark my words!

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    only in Fiji !

  7. newsfiji Says: could not have put it better…Thank you for describing Chodo for what he really is.

    The Military Council are made up of people who are fools – don’t know the game of politics and the way it works…now they’ll see the wounded tiger (Chodo) at work and they (military council) will live to regret that they ever considered him to be interim finance minister…

    Qori – nomudou i vakarau sa qai kati kemudou tale! All our pleas fell on deaf ears – now you all regretting and don’t know how to handle Chodo – I recommend a full press conference to be held with all military council members present to answer questions – tell us the truth…why was the coup done in the first place, because 2 years on and no corruption case for the ousted govt.

    So, we deserve answers.

  8. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    The rumour that Chodo was made to resign must be true. Well it seems like a spoilt child tactic to me – not being allowed to stay so no one else can. The height of vindictiveness – i would expect nothing less from him.

    He is probably hoping the military will capitulate and offer him his job back. Anyone want to bet on this??

  9. Tui Says:

    The IG will be smashed to smithereens, and turned to dust!
    Take heart Fiji, help is at hand. God is good, amen?
    Vinaka bloggers, you are contributing to the demise of this evil regime. Vinaka SV and team. I always look forward to seeing you on this blogsite and I pray that we keep this up till the end.
    Have you noticed how coup apologist like Budhau, Jone Veikoso and the former Knight lady from Sydney have all gone quiet lately?
    The IG’s time is coming to an end sooner than we expected.
    God’s timing is the best!

  10. Striker Says:

    I will praise you Lord with all my heart…I will sing your praise…and will praise your name!

  11. painter Says:

    Chaudhary cannot and must not be allowed to have his cake and eat it too as this is exactly what he and his labour criminal cronies are currently attempting to do – hoodwink the public especially the Indo-Fijian community into believing & supporting them back into power come next elections!

    Fiji and its people have been dragged through extremely tough & testing times in the last year and a half, and will not, should not and must not be easily CONNED or HOODWINKED by the likes of Chaudhary, Lekavahesnoi, Jokapeci Koroi, Tom Ricketts & cronies, opportunistic so-called ‘leaders’ whose ACTIONS SCREAM LOUDER than all the rhetorical display they’ll now aggressively pursue towards elections next year.

    SV, other freedom blogs and mainstream media can play an effective role in consistently highlighting and reminding the nation of these snaky chameleons who have just been kicked out of the military junta (plus the earlier sorry ones); a junta that they had once wholeheartedly supported – financially and otherwise!

    I say sorry guys & old gal Jokapeci Koroi – I believe Fiji and its people have grown OLDER faster & are more WISER than they were pre-Dec 2006!

  12. Striker Says:

    The new Military Council is on the right path and deserves our support. I urge them to go the full way – restore the ousted government and get amnesty for those who were led by the pig’s foolishness into the coup. The nation needs healing and forgiveness and let’s move forward together in peace.

  13. painter Says:

    And on that note, it appears that we’re at a turning point but the situation is still very fragile… there’s no time to celebrate anything with so much work for everyone to do esp. political parties who should start working against time to identify and work on issues of ‘critical and national’ importance.

  14. ispy Says:

    Folks Raw Fiji News at ( is hot hot hot with breaking news!!!

    If true, the Military Council are systematically re-taking the camp over the weekend and are currently wresting power from Bainimarama.

    Ganilau, Aziz, Konrote and Manueli have been sidelined since last Thursday.

    Old hands – Waqanisau, Baledrokadroka, Bavoro, Dugu and a few others have been called back in as advisors to plan and execute a boodless re-structure of power at the camp.

    Bainimarama may very well be seeing his last days in power!

    Yipeee! And the opportunists like Aiyaz, Shameem (both of them), Aziz, Eveli (both of them), Sahu Khans etc must be shaking in their boots.

    Exit plans are the order of the week this week!

    No wonder Bainimarama still hasn’t left for Niue yet…

    Now is the time for change with so many anti-coup Fijians in town.

    Please Military Council – do the right thing and remove the Commander ASAP so the country can actually start moving forward instead of just talking about it.

  15. Groggymaster Says:

    It’s unfortunate that Chodo is exiting before the extent of the mess he has created at the Ministry of Finance comes to light (at the next budget), and gives him an “out” for his responsibility for f%$king up Fiji’s economy and govt’s finances.
    Baledrokadroka should convinve the military council to remove Bainivuaka ululala, reappoint the SDL as an interim govt for the next few years before calling elections. How about that eh!.
    I’m pulling out my mini tanoa for a small celeberation.

  16. Ablaze Says:

    In all this what is happening or going to happen with Ului Mara, head of the torturing chamber?

    Will it be in typical Fiji style, he and his sisters be forgiven because they are the children of a politican of chiefly status?

    I just hope the Military have learnt their lesson for without their backing it is impossible for any other idiot to try and stage a coup.

    For my own peace of mind I’m going to start thinking that we needed this Bainipuaka coup to stop all other coups. It has exposed all those good for nothing chiefs and opportunists and the good honest passionate ones who believed in themselves without compromising their integrity.

    Ratu Joni for President and Everett Leung, Jon Apted, Tupou Draunidalo, Kenneth Zinck, Tui Savu as his offsiders. They should all work with the Military Council.

    The only way to take Fiji back to becoming the jewel of the Pacific like it use to be.

  17. Ablaze Says:

    SV are we to cease blogging.

    I do hope so if it means what we are reading about the Military Council is true.

  18. Ablaze Says:

    One of my posts didn’t get through!

    What has happened to Ului? Where does he stand in all this?

  19. newsfiji Says:

    If the military council wants to be given amnesty and want to avoid being charged for treason (each and every one of them), they should hold a press conference to tell us “nothing but the whole bloody truth”.

    As taxpayers of this country who are responsible for putting food on their table every day – that’s the least we deserve.

    Next step…ask for forgiveness from all Fiji’s peoples – we deserve that too.

    Next step…identify the ones within your circle that is still adamant of holding on to power – give them up to face the full brunt of the law.

    Next step…install a new caretaker govt to focus on having elections within the next 3 – 6 months.

    Next step…remove all the people illegally appointed to all the boards like FNPF, FDB, FTIB, etc etc..

    Remember – the rest of Fiji (700000+ people) do have brains too you know and we will not forget what you’ve all done to us.

    So, it’s now time for you to be careful and think things through before acting..

    We wish you all the best to the Military Council…may you be a council of wisdom in these tough times..

  20. church mouse Says:

    What a beautiful day it is in Suva. The sun is shining and Furnival Park is not a muddy lake. Good things are happening. Davuilevu is celebrating. kids are enjoying school holidays. The kumala is cooking on the stove and I have a fine computer. What else do you want? Oh, I forgot. I read something interesting in the Fiji Times today. Hoorah!

  21. iceman Says:

    Oncee parliament is reconveined, an ammendment to the constitution should be prioritised and that is for any one who overthrows an elected goverment, should have death sentence….period…If possible death by hanging in public just like what they did to Saddam….

  22. painter Says:

    @ Ablaze – absolutely not! I don’t think we should cease blogging and even if you wished it (which I’m sure u don’t), it ain’t gonna happen.

    Blogging is here to stay as a medium for people to express themselves freely until such time that they feel safe enough to venture out of cyberspace and express their views without fear or favour from those who wield power and influence over us … don’t u agree?

  23. NadroKid Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na blog!

    Sa rairai vinaka dina na matameke da sa mai sarava vata tu qoka! Took away the pain of loosing over the weekend. To all the Naitas…CONGRATULATIONS! Push tiko ga Tailevu until we meet again!

  24. Ablaze Says:

    Painter I only said that because one of my posts didn’t get through. It was about Ului Mara. What has happened to him and where does he stand in all this? I was curious.

    I must admit I did run him down heaps and hope he has egg on his face now. Because of this I thought SV was told by the Military Council to put a stop to those that rubbish one of their own kind. That is what I meant when I said it was worth it to us to stop rubbishing people like Ului if the Military Council was going to do the right thing.

    I do agree with you that blogging is here to stay to keep future govts on their toes!

    Heck did I explain myself and you got my drift?

  25. painter Says:

    Vinaka newsfiji 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed reading yr posts. I agree, a Truth
    Commission alongside our formal courts of law is warranted.

  26. painter Says:

    @ Ablaze – gotcha buddy, let’s move on..

  27. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Chodopu$$ is fooling no-one. He was sacked for incompetence and
    we all know it. He wrecked the economy and his attacks on business
    motivated by pure spite showed that he is no leader and frightened
    away investors.

    For years he said that he could do much better than Laisenia Qarase
    in managing the economy but the results of his mismanagement
    speak for themselves. Our economy shrank by 6.6 percent in 2007,
    even worse than the disaster of 1988. This year there are no signs of

    A lot of us can’t wait to see Chodopu$$ start campaigning. He has a lot of
    questions to answer. When he was occupying his illegal position he
    arrogantly ignored the media and accused them of bias. Let’s see
    what he has to say now. He can’t campaign without chasing the media and he can’t talk to them without having to answer their questions.

    Fiji Democracy Now

  28. tuyawa Says:

    Mahendra never ceases to amaze me. He is every bit a chameleon changing colours whenever it suits him. Yes they have drafted the charter but are deciding to stand in the elections. Over my dead body! C’mon Beddoes and SDL, get your act together and bring forward leaders that can carry our country forward. Here is where the military council should take their cue and leave the running of a governement to people that are trained to do so.

  29. LUVfiji Says:

    @NadroKid – vinaka kemuni. Believe me , that was sweet victory! Me sa neitou cagi tiko madaga qo mai Tailevu me yacova ni sa kasura vinaka na matanitu ko a curubotolaki mai ‘qo.

    Dou kalougata mai Nadro!

  30. benhur Says:

    Thank you lord for hearing our prayers! Now lets stay on with these three bastards until we lock them up in Naboro.You made your bed then you must lie in it! Maybe chod junior Rajen could also be thrown in jail for assisting his Father in moving his illegal funds in the Australian bank account?

  31. Wailei Says:

    Does that mean, Mrs. Mawi goes back in again? How about the Permanent Secretary for Min. Finance who got fired?

  32. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Chaudhry is fooling no-one. He was sacked for incompetence and we all know it. He wrecked the economy and his attacks on business motivated by pure spite showed that he is no leader and frightened away investors.

    For years he said that he could do much better than Laisenia Qarase in managing the economy but the results of his mismanagement speak for themselves. Our economy shrank by 6.6 percent in 2007, even worse than the disaster of 1988. This year there are no signs of recovery.

    A lot of us can’t wait to see Chaudhry start campaigning. He has a lot of questions to answer. When he was occupying his illegal position he arrogantly ignored the media and accused them of bias. Let’s see what he has to say now.

  33. Peace Pipe Says:

    People what about the face saving exercise the FLP top brasses are doing. Chodo and his left right and center cherries in their pose in todays papers. Ooops Jo Cabbage is not a cherry is she he? So are these the remaining stalwarts at the helm of FLP? What a bunch of insignificant lot. Its funny I did not see Felix Urai and them there. Yea chod is saying he was not told to resign and so why did he since all the good work he claimed to have done in the MOF will unravel and make no sense of his so called good work. Just further lies from the master himself. Just see him give more of it to the farmer when he hits the campaign trail

  34. newsfiji Says:

    Painter – thanks for the compliment. It is much appreciated.

    Tuyawa – i agree that the current political parties must get their act together alright. I’ve been no great fan of any particular political party. However, i’ve read the SDL manifesto and believe that that’s the right way to go for us all. BUT, a big BUT, they certainly need young blood in their – BIG TIME. The oldies, gotta go! They’ve got to retire and when advise is needed, we all know where they are.

    There are countless people out there who can take Fiji to a new level of prosperity.

    Lets just hope and pray that the current political leaders take heed of this.

    As for the Labour Party – with Rajen Chaudhary lurking in the background of this party, it just doesn’t look good. He’s just like his father – smart but too smart and for his own good.

  35. George of Sydney Says:

    Why they are opting out? They have to finish what they started. In other words, they should clean up their mess. They think they were like superheroes. COME IN GA, SOLVE THE PROBLEM AND FLY OUT AGAIN. Little they know all they have done has fucked up the economy and everything good about the country.
    Mark my word, there will be no election based on any other gudeline than the constitution.
    Chodo, Your days are numbered. Prepare yourself to go to Nukulau.

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