Mataca the tamata ca (mataca translated to English means ‘ugly face/eye’ or ‘bad face/eye’ mata means face or eye and ca means bad or ugly – take your pick) has stepped out his confession booth and stated in the media that the charter they are trying their damndest to impose on this Nation of Fiji will be quote:


This incongruous charter only benefits the military as it continues from the treasonous hijacking of our beloved Nation, destabalising our lives, our livelihood and our hopes for life to be lived in freedom of expression under a democratically elected government.

How do the ig coupsters hope to gain any faith or support from the Nation when their much publicised excuse for the coup was and is being practised by them since 5.12.06.  They have replaced experienced and qualified CEOs with a bunch of soldiers who can’t tell the difference between a spreadsheet and a bedsheet. Who can’t articulate profit or loss margins, let alone in percentages.  Replacing CEOs with people who in democratic times would never reach such heights because of pure incompetence.

Why have we in Paradise allowed the military to continue when all it has done is continually usurped our rights as Human Beings to live in peace without the constant threat of wrongful arrest, brutality, murder and having our very way of life swept out from under us? The military is a WHITE ELEPHANT or one can liken it to dead weight. In reality the soldiers are glorified bouncers or security guards who haven’t ever fought in combat, but are sent overseas to man borders and in the process bring deseases such as AIDS back to this country, so why does it have to exist at all. The military is an oppressive burden whose leaders can never exist in civilian life so they nut out ways of emptying the Nations coffers to pay their debts and continuing their useless lives all the time trying to look ‘important’ in their uniforms. I know I should not lump the soldiers under the same category as their leaders because most of these fine people joined up as a way to forge a career and earn a living. What they fail to comprehend is that if the civilians who have been dumped cannot work in the businesses they are qualified in, everything heads south as far as the fiscal goes, then noone at all gets paid.

As the ig continues to abrogate ($50s favourite word) the Constitution, compromise our sovereigny and the judiciary, how can ugly face (mataca) a catholic bishop support it – does he hope it will become the ninth beatitude “he who embraces and supports the charter will live in Paradise forever” we already live in Paradise but we don’t want corrosive elements in our lives as the charter is more like “he who sitteth on a barbed wire fence shall surely rise”

voreqe, the epelis, the bullish bishop, chod, aiarse, shamimis, samy the overpaid and the rest of the ig coupsters are taking Fiji backwards there is no way they can ever lead Fiji to be democratically or economically stable.

May we all rise out of this hell the ig is trying to put us all into! All those who do not support the charter say ‘aye’



16 Responses to “ENOUGH OF THE LIES”

  1. Jose Says:

    Therein lays the problem when you send the babies to the shop, you wolf in sheep skin mataca. The babas have not, could not deliever but have crapped all over the place with the whole nation to wipe their shit. Now you have to do the job yourself and expose your serpent interior. You gonna shove, now in fear of abandonment from your bossess? When they do, your best choice for your peace of mind is to tell the truth and expose them, then step down from your professed calling- find a wife to show you the light or better still, lots of trees on the land take your pick. We’ll supply the rope.

  2. Tim Says:

    Looking for a laugh?

    Unfortunately MF doesn’t have the benefit of a proof reader on his site and I can imagine him pissing himself at the stupidity of some of the junta ilk as he writes, nor is he paid immense consulting fees in order to put up such well considered posts.

  3. Ablaze Says:

    What about Ululala bitch Jokapeci Koroi preaching about the People’s Charter. She tried to tell us that the military maintains oversight on matters that may affect national security.

    Further more she wanted us to believe that the National Council for Building a Better Fiji was progressing well. Then to top it off we were told that if the Military had not intervened on that fateful day 5/12/06 the nation would have experienced something too frightful to even consider. Not!

    Regardless of and undeterred about the fact that coup d’etats are illegal seizures of power, frightening and catastrophic in the long run she continued to support and convince the nation that the Bavulu team were chartering a path to help move the country forward to lasting peace, harmony, prosperity and tolerance. Sa gai va cava now?

    We knew all along that the Constitution was kept alive only on these Bavulus ‘s terms, picking parts and ignoring others.

    Gori sa gai maleka nothing good came out of supporting the Bavulu team? You will now pay you old hag.

    You are now a tainted old hag so piss off and take that wannabe sister of yours! If you were part of my family I would disown you.

    If you had any sense you would have realized that the constitutional powers was the only way of changing the laws and democracy shouldn’t be interfered with by idiots who had their own agendas in mind.

  4. Adi Kaila Says:

    Ablaze I love your style!

    jo cabbage has done a very bad bena job on her sikoa (damudamu ‘o Laisane) like she does with everything else. Grow old gracefully au kerekere pu.

    I take great offense at Mataca saying the charter will be a base manifesto for political parties in the future – as his inarticulate alter boy voreqe would say ‘whose future? my future or your future’ what a laugh a minute.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

    The meke is full on at the moment – SUA TIKO na ig.

  5. gonavou Says:

    The crook is gone:

    Chaudhry, Vayeshnoi, Ricketts to quit
    Interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry, interim Labour Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and interim Tourism and Communications Minister Tom Ricketts are to resign from the interim Government tomorrow.

    This follows a decision by the Fiji Labour Party’s National Council in Nadi today.

    The three interim ministers are expected to hand in their resignations tomorrow.

    This development ends recent speculation about Chaudhry’s future in the interim Cabinet.

    The FLP President Jokapeci Koroi said in a statement after the meeting that “it was in the best interests of the party to disengage from the interim Government to allow it to effectively engage with the population with respect to the draft People’s Charter as well as prepare for the next general election”.

    The National Council also noted that work on the draft Charter was now completed.

    “The Party should concentrate on consultation on the Charter and strengthen its constituency structures,” she said.

    “The party joined the interim Government on the condition that executive authority would be returned to the President in order to assist in the process of returning Fiji to parliamentary democracy through general elections.”

    “An important consideration for the FLP becoming a part of the Interim Government was to save Fiji from imminent financial and economic collapse,as well as to reform Fiji’s system of governance, rid it of corruption and racial discrimination, and to promote national unity.

    Chaudhry told the media that immediately after the decision was made he called interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama but left a message on his mobile phone because the PM did not take the call.

    The decision effectively ends the FLP’s participation in the interim Government.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    That article from Michael Field should be compulsory reading for all Fiji Islanders.

    It is certainly INSIGHTFUL.

    I’m glad that he points out that the military charter is the way in which the military hope to stay in power forever.

    Can you imagine an Australian defense chief telling the government what to do?

    Advising in defense matters, yes; but telling them what to do, NO.

    poor silly bananasinpyjamas is too thick to understand the role of a defense force.

  7. Neutral Says:

    Its a mockery of the police force. So its true that the Fiji Times reporter from the North was reported correctly. Robin Hood did not resign. He was fired.
    To our Indo community, he is now back in his trail trying to win back his place in parliment thru election. Think carefully this time . He has sucesfully use the IG to defraud the govt in evading substantial tax. Do not forget YOUR 2 millions that he stole from the poor for his family . In the next coup (most likely) only you and I will suffer, not him. So think right!

  8. Tim Says:

    @ all above, 🙂
    I looked at FijiLive a bit earlier too. Here’s me worrying about my dotage needlessly…these people in the junta, from the Shammimees to members of the clergy, to failed politicians, to those in the Military all seem to come from the land of the bewildered! Its like a bloody pantomime! Which reminds me, Gates and Barr and co would go down well in something like “Fiddlers on the Roof”

  9. Fijilassie Says:

    We hope that Oxford dude, Budhau’s favourite enemy, Victor, will keep the Indo-Fijians up to date about the crooks $2million right up to the election – the dude was also correct in his front page in the SUN on Wednesday that the crook will leave on the 18th August. Who will be next – the entire regime, I hope!!!

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    hi exFT – the ig coupsters may think the article is INCITEFUL – after the coup I’ll write a book on ‘5.12.06 coup coup speak’, meanwhile we keep tightening our BELET until this nightmare is over.

    ‘AYE’ – I’ve casted my vote – NO CHARTER!

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    “”If I was rich man,

    Doodle doodle doodle dum

    Maybe I’ll join the jaundiced junta

    Doodle doodle doodle dum

    And my dreams will come true.””

    Set that to music and you have your musical.

  12. agent vinod Says:

    WHEW! People, hve just got back from reading ongoing DEEP THROAT updates at Raw Fiji News… well, well, its certainly AGIPICHE time for the IIG minnows, with the bipolar Pig and his harlot judge now ‘playing hard to get’ with each other! Reminds me of the lyrics of a chorus….

    “Why do you have to be a heartbreaker?
    When I was bein’ what you want me to be
    Suddenly ev’rything I ever wanted, has passed me by
    Why do you have to be a heartbreaker?
    Is it a lesson that I never knew?
    Suddenly ev’rything I ever wanted – my love for $$$$$
    Why do you have to be a heartbreaker….”

    Wailei Vore, it’s a little too late in the day for regrets, didn’t you know you can never back out of mommy’s bosoms, oops, i mean web of deceit, you naughty boy! She’s gonna spank you good & hard! kemu vinaka..

  13. Fijilassie Says:

    She is up there, so lialia cant do anything to her now – she has the power to send him to join George Speight – but the focus should be on choro and his 2million – any prospect of police case?

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Aye me too no bloody charter farter for me. Its all garbage and primary school stuff with no substance. Mike makes a good digestion of the charter and gives some good insights on the farcical document. The empire of cards is disintegrating with chod finally leaving phew what a relief and a huge victory for us which calls for celebrations and thanksgiving. The other walls of the ig are left to fall but that is coming very soon. But with chodo leaving does not exonerate him from his involvement in the rape of our parliamentary democracy. He should be held fully accountable for his actions and lies.

  15. Adi Kaila Says:

    The Beijing fireworks, virtual as it was, will be nothing to what’s unfolding at the moment.

    Who will be first to tattle and start the finger pointing? The one with the most to lose?

    voreqe dudu pio tiko vei judge? Agent Vinod the ‘playing hard to get’ was just soooooo funny!

    The ig ag khaiyum has been awfully quiet of late. Could he be buying up all the diapers around town in prep for a prolonged stay at Naboro. I can see him as the favourite hula girl in prison which would appeal to his sense of entitlement, and well deserved I say.

    Fijilassie I do think that when the ig collapses all of those involved will be tried for treason, whether it’s judge shameem, manasa bavululala or asha lakhan, at the end of the day they’ve all been tarred by the same brush and should be punished for the same crime. There really isn’t any excuse for any of them to get off scott free for imposing their illegal will on the Nation of Fiji. All their assets should be confiscated, bank accounts and shares frozen to be sold when the Fiji Dollar is worth more than it has been and repaid to the Governments Coffin – er sorry Coffers.


  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yes AK youre right. Thats the only way to stop the coup culture which is to try them for treason and dish out the appropriate punishment and not the bullshit in charter farter about entrenching more power in the military. That to me is a load of crap and further perpetuate the coup culture.

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