Oh Dear!

NFP critical of rival Labour at meet

The National Federation Party today blamed its rival Fiji Labour Party for the woes of the grassroots during its annual general meeting in Nadi.

Addressing his party members, NFP President Raman Pratap Singh said FLP leader, interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has tarnished his own reputation and that of the Indian community by joining the military-led interim Government following the 2006 coup.

Singh told the 250-plus NFP supporters at the meeting that many people who supported Chaudhry labeled him as Robin Hood and some even worship him as avatar, personifying God Rama.

”But having done that many of them must be wondering if their Robin Hood is really Ravana who destroyed the golden Lanka because of his selfish motives, lust and greed,” he said.

Singh said the support for the 2006 overthrow of the Laisenia Qarase-led Government by Chaudhry was treachery.

”How can a man who has championed rule of law, democracy, human rights and the plight of the poor join a group of military officers who overthrow a democratically elected government?

”And more surprising an overthrow of a government in which his own party has participated,” he said.

Singh said Labour, under the disguise of multiracialism over the last two decades, has pursued narrow, selfish, unprincipled leadership agenda to serve the interest of one man.

FLP spokesman interim Minister for Local Government Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi said it is not worth commenting on the outburst of the NFP because the party has been rejected three times at the polls by the Indian community.

NFP and FLP have tussled for the support of Fiji’s ethnic Indian community in previous elections since independence 38 years ago.

NFP was the dominant Indian party until the last decade with Labour securing all Parliament seats reserved for ethnic Indians.


25 Responses to “Oh Dear!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Join my new party , the Kava Party , B.Y.O. ( bring your own ) grog !
    We will adobt a charter farter farter charter , re chartered and re fartered to facilitate all in Fiji .
    Peter Foster will be the new Finance Minister , I will be the President , Prime Minister , Commander of the Military and wear many pretty uniforms at many many functions to many many island events all over the pacific .
    Will you vote for my party ?

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s get Fijians , Indian and indigenous , back to doing what they are renowned for , entertaining !
    How about starting up a talent show throughout fiji , if only to bring the community closer , like the choir singing of the other day ?

    and the final

  3. JackLass Says:

    Mark, as much as I respect your comments., you seem to be becoming a nuisance on this site – come on, lets be serious sometimes

  4. nochi Says:

    @ MM – great message coming thru in yr 1st post.

    As for yr 2nd post – you’re allowed to be silly as much as you can be serious – that’s the beauty of freedom of expression!

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes indeed.. the heat is on!

    oilei Lekhram , all that is now TAINTED brother!

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    Meanwhile , where have all the flowers gone?

  7. gonavou Says:

    Its been taken to the political graveyard, awaiting the arrival of Chaudhry’s exit…I agree with Jacklass, for Mark has been a bit of a nuisance in recent months but as someone says, it is his freedom to be a nuisance – its ridicolous to talk about brining Foster to Fiji etc

  8. nochi Says:

    Too bad Jacklass/gonavou for not ‘getting’ what MM’s really saying in his posts… and I guess it’s also your freedom to keep expressing “i don’t geddit”!

  9. gonavou Says:

    Its nothing to do with that – Mark ha been a great comrade in struggle but has been talking lot of waffle in recent weeks – good luck to him

  10. newsfiji Says:

    I don’t think the NFP did a great job by just bad mouthing the Labour Party. NFP has just repeated what “we all know”.

    They should have focussed on a solutions:

    1. Call for elections asap
    2. Call for the sacking of the current interim regime – even if they have to approach the Military Council directly to present their case
    3. Call for the sacking and removal of the useless President Iloilo who has brought nothing but shame to the post.
    4. Call for the reinstatement of Vice President Rt Joni Madraiwiwi to oversea a new look independent (of political allegience) caretaker govt. to take us to the polls and the most important one
    5. Ensure that the idiot Voreqe and all who planned, executed and supported (in any which way) the coup of 2006 be charged for treason and tried in a public court. This will ensure that anybody else who is thinking about conducting another coup in the future will think thrice.
    6. End of Story.

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Oh and the latest article in rawfiji news that “Fiji must believe in the Military Council’s wisdom” – I THINK NOT.

    It is exactly their superb wisdom that has brought us to our knees.

    Their wisdom has got countless people, bashed, killed, dragged through the rugged roads of Saru Back Road, the mangroves of Tailevu etc.

    I don’t think this is the wisdom we want.

    What Fiji needs is the wisdom of people who will stand by the rule of law not matter what.

    And those people are us – the rest of the 700,000+ people who have stood by the rule of law and not rioted in the streets of secretly murdered soldiers.

    To the military council – i think it’s a bit too late.

    We forgive you, but for your actions you must be man enough to face the full brunt of the law – that is the only way our children and their children after them will be safe from smart arse military officers who think they know what’s best for their fellow countrymen – some 700000+ people.

    It is was evident from the beginning that your so called clean up campaign was done based on rumours and stories of adulturous affairs by prominent people in the then SDL led government.

    Now, everything that you’ve blamed on the ousted govt. you are doing – adulturous affairs, big leave payouts, dictatorship tactics by your leader Voreqe and downright bullying.

    I wish you all the best in trying to mend the wrong you’ve done to the people of FIJI.

    I recommend a “mata ni gasau” to all our people’s.

    BUT the Law must be allowed to take it’s course, even if we accept your mata ni gasau.

    Vinaka & GOD BLESS FIJI.

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    The trouble with NFP they don’t have a master con artist like the FLP got in chodo. Even though the Indos have suffered a lot under chodo’s deceptions they still follow this con artist. He must have got his devious plot right and his finger spot on the exact spin required to capture the heart and soul of the Indo majority. I do hope they can now see that he is a mere human and not demi god who has not been able to deliver all the false promises over these years and has caused more division amongst the major races and therefore more tension and no progress.

    Whilst some Indos have awoken to the wiles of this cunning rat there are still many being manipulated and brainwashed into following him These people should realise that it would be for their good that chod is totally removed from the scene then progress peace and prosperity will become a reality. He has been a stumbling block ever since he came on the scene.

    Now with NFP firing barrages at the snake he is returning some salvos of his own countering their statements in his usual venom. Be interesting to see what happens in his own meeting today.

  13. nochi Says:

    Very well said newsfiji!

    @ gonavou – i love waffles! 🙂

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    There is ONE PARAMOUNT REASON to reject the military charter !!!

    It’s the military itself.

    They are the ones that have been involved in all the coup d’etats and they are the ones who have brought misery to Fijians and the Indians and the Chinese and the Australians and the et al.

    The military charter wants to increase the stranglehold on power by the military by placing the military ABOVE

    an elected parliament.

    This is nonsense and for this reason, the military must be rejected.

    Bloggers, I believe that we must hammer this point home to counteract the jaundiced junta’s latest tactic of highlighting the silly motherhood statements in the military charter yet ignoring the increased detrimental role the military wants to play in Fiji.

    Archbishop sinful must be taken to task for selling out Fijians; I wonder if he received 40 bottles of port for his lack of effort.

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    News Flash

    Quit portfolios, FLP ministers told

    The Fiji Labour Party’s National Council has directed three ministers in the interim Government Cabinet to resign immediately and inform the Prime Minister.

    The decision was made after the FLP’s National Council meeting at the Novotel Nadi Hotel.

    The ministers – interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry, interim Labour Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and interim Tourism and Trade Minister Tom Ricketts – expect to hand in the resignations tomorrow.


  16. Tui Says:

    Who are these idiots at the FLP fooling? Bleary wankers, their ministers were fired big time! Resign my foot!

  17. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The old hag, koroi, should be hauled in by fullchow for inciteful comments.

    After all, she has told the biggest lies around today and has caused an outbreak of cheering in Fiji and abroad.

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I wonder if full chow and his ignorant police people will have the manners to go around to the lady journalist’s house and apologize for her illegal, unnecessary and unlawful detainment last weekend?

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    I doubt it very much exFT – I hope she Serafina sues the pants off these illegals. Here’s the latest on the what to expect tomorrow.

    Update: 4:33PM THE interim government is expected to make an official statement on the Fiji Labour Party decisions to step down from the regime.

    When contacted today, interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said The Fiji Times would have to wait for an official comment.

    Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama asked that questions be faxed to his office.


    Here’s a question for you voreqe – When are you going to do the noble thing and step down? Didn’t the frigid atmosphere around you in Tonga alert you to the fact that noone wants you around and the invitation to the coronation was sent because the Tongans were being TACTFUL and it was expected to be given an RSVP that you could not attend due to whatever reason – noone really cared, but no you had to show up. Thank God you didn’t stay too long at the ball, your dress sense is remarkable. Oh well no brain no pain.

  20. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila – that’s interesting news about “the frigid atmosphere around Voreqe in Tonga”…tell, tell more about it…exciting news…

    Attention bloggers: any other embarassing news about the idiots in the illegal regime…POST IT HERE FOR EVERY ONE TO READ AND TALK ABOUT…

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    my second post was actually the serious one !
    The 1st one was having a dig at Frank for being silly enough in the 1st place to believe a con-man ( confidence trickster ) like Peter Foster !
    I actually think a talent quest throughout Fiji , would be a positive distraction and if done properly , could unite the community in the face of all that is happening at the moment and would be good for tourism too , potentially , if advertised properly !
    As for a new Party , well I was talking about a night out really rather than a political party !
    But hey , having a new political party in opposition to the SDL would be better than having to vote for the FLP !
    I’m still prepared to stand if Fiji needs me though !

  22. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi NewsFiji,

    Well you know when invitations are issued to other countries for events such as the coronation in Tonga or the Olympic Games in Beijing for example, the invitations are standard to all who are deemed to be ‘heads of state’ whether they are legal or not, I would love to have seen voreqes invitation to see if his name was actually on it. I must ask.

    Anyway people like voreqe are expected to RSVP that they cannot attend as the toilet was blocked or that Teleni, Leweni, Qeleni and Meleni were drinking home brew under the coconut tree again. I don’t know if you remember but an invitation was sent to Zimbabwe to attend a gathering at the Holy See and to meet Pope Benny – of course that other tevoro Mugabe rocked up but had to be banned from entering Vatican City when the officials realised their mistake.

    One of the reasons is the logistical nightmare of having to seat the arsehole next to someone who will not smack him in the face at all the different functions if he/she actually turns up. The formal ceremonies are the hardest, then comes dinners and breakfasts. At these functions one is expected to talk politics but very politely and everyone tries to be as diplomatic as possible. So it’s hard to avoid the unwanted guest at the formals and your face cheeks as well as your arse cheeks become quite sore from being so tense.

    Everyone is expected to have a great time after the official ceremonies are over. So the ball is where everyone with an invitation was to let their hair down and dance and drink like there’s no tomorrow because it was a very happy occassion. I don’t know why, but Elenoa Gataialupe sat next to him most of the night at the ball – some wag said she had to babysit him because he’d left his favourite pillow at home in Raiwaqa. Every time someone wanted to ask her for a dance they turned back swearing because vore was sitting next to her and noone wanted to have to talk to him. Let me tell you now, he is one of the most disliked people after mugabe and he was being likened to him as well – he’s such a joke. So we could all converse in Tongan and Samoan about him and he couldn’t understand a word.

    The other Island Nations are having a ball because the spotlight is off them for non performance and are only happy to have voreqe around to take the heat off them.

    So if he thinks he’s some big chief and prime minister he should really take a good look at himself as he’s a figure of fun and they’re all using him ever so diplomatically. That’s politics!

    But hey have you heard? voreqes hero musharaff has resigned – who’s lead will he take now I wonder.

    Oh by the way – Tungi Fisi (Ep N) was looking very very dishevelled the whole time.

  23. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila…what very interesting reading! Great, great and thanks for detailing it!

    Wa..ha..ha..and Voreqe the idiot that he is still wants to continue going to these functions…

    If you watch the news clip from Tonga during last years Forum Leaders meeting…he looked rather alone or should i say left out…no one was at the vakatuniloa…wah..ha..ha..BIP POTE..

  24. Frida Says:

    The FLP should now be know as the Fiji Liars Party. How can they say that they had asked its members to resign from the illegal regime when in actual fact most people know that their snake of a leader was told to stay -goooooooooooo!!!

  25. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – well well well, after Ratu Dreu’s demise, I have always wondered what HM and the other Tongan HRHs really think of the remaining family members.

    Great contribution from the native New Yorker and I don’t mean Ratu JB our gentleman farming millionaire.

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