Our dignified stance as this illegal regime continues is being applauded by the world as everyone is aware that any violent behaviour toward the ig coupsters is a waste of time under the constant watch of guns and brutish behaviour.

The support for a quick return to ‘normalcy’ is tremendous and more amazing is the understanding of the situation we face everyday. The world knows and even those who were fed magic mushrooms have changed their minds about the igs motives as what they espoused and what they are actually doing is the exact opposite.

When voreqe and his cronies hijacked the Nation on 5.12.06 the rest of the world rolled their collective eyes and thought ‘oh God not another one – they’ll get over it’  or ‘boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing’ and turned the page or went on to wash the dishes until the next news item was read on television – BAU.

As time dragged on & concerned Fijians living overseas started telling the actual truth about the latest catastrophe about the coup it wasn’t BUSINESS AS USUAL anymore. Revelations of murder, corruption and ig coupsters escaping prosecution began to sink in. Then the ig coupsters started to show their true colours by detaining people, deporting people, brutalising people and killing people for no reason except for the arrogance of unlawful, illegitimate power. Judges and Media personnel who resigned or were ‘kicked out’ told their true stories in their home countries and then the full extent of the latest coup and it’s consequences began to make sense. People are horrified that this could happen in Fiji, what is one to do?

One can keep up the fight in cyber space, our words are far reaching and making a huge difference. Here’s proof,,24176835-7582,00.html,25197,24182281-17044,00.html

I am still wondering why the article by Serafina Silatoga put such a chink in piggys Olympic Games visit, did the fireworks set off his mania? He’s back in town and sulking about his ig being excluded from the post dialogue meeting in NZ leading up to the Forum Leaders meeting in Niue next week. He still doesn’t understand that he and his ig coupsters are quite insignificant and the rest of the world is a bit weary of their bullshit.

The FULL MOON is on Sunday @ 3:15pm – time for him to dance for his demons – the leadup is always eventful.

Stay strong and keep well!


27 Responses to “THE WORLD IS WATCHING US”

  1. Tim Says:

    The thing this junta hates most is that they are finally beginning to realise the rest of the world actually has the capability to see through them.
    They hate the media (in a different way that most others do). They actually fear it. So much that if predictions are posted on sites such as RFN that don’t come to pass, it’s more likely that the junta has read it and does exactly the opposite.
    Even though the junta has an overwhelming advantage over everyone, their record to date shows just how completely and utterly dysfunctional, opportunistic and stupid they can be. You couldn’t actually PLAN a bigger blunder.
    Just as an aside, I note that NZ no longer has full diplomatic representation – and we all know why – aye Frank?. A pique of paranoia kicked in again. But I saw something in this mornings DominionPost newspaper in Wellington this morning relating to the world’s first “woman of the world”, AND I thought….now there would be the PERFECT person for a position in Fiji.
    With Georgina Beyer, both Fiji and NZ could expect absolute dedication to whatever task faced her, plus she has the credentials and experience for the most up to date in bullshit detectors there ever was.
    It’d be great! She’d sure as hell give the Yippe I Aye’s, the Shamimees, the Gates (what a pathetic old scrote that man is! – anyone noticed any “efficiency gains” in the judicial process since his illegal appointment?), the Scutts, the Antony’s, the Bainiberundas (oh and even the TwoVa’s) a run for their money. Unfortunately Helin Kluk may have missed an opportunity.

  2. newsfiji Says:

    I’m proud of the way that we the citizens of Fiji have handled this latest coup, the brutality, the murders, the unecessary rounding up of people, the frogs in panties of women, the spitting on peoples faces, the threatening of lives etc done by the FIJI MILITARY FORCE.

    We, the fijians of this country should hold our head up high, because we have not resorted to violence, looting, burning, brutality etc.

    I just pray that it continues like that until the elections.

    It may be hard sometimes, but thanks to these blogsites, we can air out our fustrations here. (even though sometimes we swear like hell..)

  3. Groggymaster Says:

    Absolutely right Tim. Bainiulukau just doesn’t get it!!!. Does all the wrong things, and can’t understand why us citizens are not grateful. What a dork. He is the biggest fathead fool around. Luveni-Sona-Levu.

  4. Tim Says:

    @newsfiji. I’m glad you’re proud. It truly shows the dignity that Frank and and his henchmen don’t have the capability for. Strength in the face of what complete EVIL, even though the bastards can’t get past their own egos to even understand it.
    and @ Groggymaster – absolutely correct. I’m afraid they’re so arrogant its hard to know whether to feel sorry for them or to despise them.
    I’ll opt for the latter though and leave the rest of you fellas to retain your dignity. I’m just an ally cat after all that pisses everywhere :p.

    I’d be intrigued to know where that Budhau guy has got to though. Might have to wait till the next Bigpond proxy log slithers its way through

  5. Tim Says:

    What’s really good about the past 18 months or so is that Fijians that have had access to all that has been going on, are now able to make an informed decision as to who they can actually TRUST!. Look on the positive side…people don’t often get that opportunity.
    Thank God for a new generation!

  6. Ablaze Says:

    This ulukau gang may not have ruled by fear but they must be now ruled by their own fears.

    No doubt they will be thinking of how they will free themselves from the situation their Bainipuaka leader has created for them to have a scot-free future in Fiji. A future when eventually Fiji gets back to a Parliamentary Democracy and constitutional powers are in full force.

    It will happen and we will be patient as we have learnt our lesson from Rabuka’s Coup and so much wiser for it.

    However, because they are simply not wise enough to realize othewise that they are fooling themselves into thinking that we are being fooled with all their antics.

    Go the Law and catch them!

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry to digress folks. Could this latest from Fijilive be an indication that a new and better team is on the way in totake us to elections.

    I certainly hope so and Savenaca Narube will at least have the technical knowledge, experience nd humilty to know what he is doing.

    Frank are you listening? – if this is true this is the first thing you’ve done right in 20 months. With Save and Parmesh both talking to him we have reason yet to hope. Now go all the way boy and sack the other useless hangers-on in your cabinet.

    Narube to replace Chaudhry?

    Fiji’s Reserve Bank Governor Savenaca Narube is being eyed as the next interim Finance Minister if, as speculated, Mahendra Chaudhry leaves the interim Government this month.

    Narube has been Governor of the RBF since May 2000. Prior to this he was Permanent Secretary for Finance.

    He replaced Ratu Jone Kubuabola as Governor when Kubuabola left to enter politics.

    Deputy Governor Sada Reddy is expected to be named Governor.

    It is not clear at this stage whether the appointments will only be in an acting capacity.

    It is believed that Chaudhry has endorsed the names.

  8. Abeche Says:

    I think that Narube’s selection would be an ideal one. However the Ozzies, Kiwis and those who have put in travel bans on participants in the ig MUST NOT ban him from any travel. Narube should be appointed in an acting capacity to protect his good name, and, whilst on it the Mil Co might want to think of removing other hangers on and appoint other proffessionals to help Narube take the country up to elections, on the same basis as suggested above. For the life of me, why must the silliest and most incompetent finance minister this country has ever had approve of Narube’s selection? MPC is the biggest monkey of all and the Mil Co is begining to look like they are a bigger monkeys then MPC if they continue to listen to him, even now!!!

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Amazing how criminal after criminal can continue , year in year out , to think that , despite history to the opposite , that they will be the one who will get away with it !
    Whater ” it ” might be !

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Whatever ” it ” might be !

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I hope Fijians never forget the CRW soldiers illegally murdered in the 2000 coup and who it was that probably ordered those murders .
    Also , amnesty can never be given to any involved in this coup or previous coups .
    And most importantly , those detained , tortured and murdered since December 2006 , must be avenged through the Courts .
    Those judges who took illegal appointments and all the people who took up illegal posts , must also be brought to trial .
    No amnesty , forgiveness yes , but if you do the crime , you must do the time .
    All ill gotten gains accrued by Frank and his buddies , including fellow treasonous Military Officers , must be made to pay back all the money stolen from the citizens of Fiji , including the homes they have purchased for their loved ones .

  12. Tim Says:

    Just a reminder – the junta, including Ombudsmen, “champions” of Human Rights, parts of the illegal Judiciary and others may have forgotten, but the rest of the world haven’t:

    “The wife of forty-four year old Nimilote Verebasaga says it’s been TWELVE months since her husband died and she’s still WAITING FOR ANSWERS.

    Asinate Verebasaga says her husband was picked up by a truck load of soldiers in full military gear on January the sixth and that the next time she saw him was at a Suva mortuary. She says he had broken ribs and his neck was obviously broken. (Listen) Where are the answers ? What happened to Nimilote’s human rights ? What happened to transparency ? Why is the army covering up ? THE NATION AWAITS ANSWERS AND THE WORLD CONTINUES TO WATCH”

    Well actually its more than 12 months now, just as the months a slipping away while key court decisions are awaited.
    But THE WORLD DOES INDEED CONTINUE TO WATCH, and just like the majority of Fijians, they’re not that impressed with a very few that consider themselves better.
    Anyone know where Bubba Yippie I Aye got to lately? About time she offered up a bit more desperate bullshit isn’t it?

  13. LUVfiji Says:

    I agree that should the iIG use Narube it ought to be on an acting role. Also , bringing Tevita Banuve into the fold would not be a bad idea. But , for Sadha Reddy to assume the Governor position? Hmmm.. that would be a dangerous move , I reckon , with Chodo on the loose.

    But , that said , it is pretty obvious the png knight would get the call-up.. that is if this regime survives the next few days.. few weeks..

    With Chodo now on his way out , do you know where mr bune is ? I hear roaring laughter!


  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    While the world watches on, it may as well realise that the excuse now being purported by these criminals as the reason for their treasonous act is now a trivial mere proposition of the charter farter and not the more serious earlier allegation of corruption and racial discrimination claims by the coupsters. This is all the more reason that their justification for the coup is absolutely zero and all the more reason for them to step aside and return the govt to its rightful custodians and give themselves in to stand trial for treason. Whilst we have not lifted a finger to launch any counter offensive they are falling apart and soon will collapse completely as it is slowly but surely happening now.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    Here is one , dear folks , well worth reading from the well-informed RFN:
    For those that have yet to read it, its an interesting piece; perhaps of an action that is long overdue! I have to drink to this one: Cheers & read on..

    Fiji must believe in the Military Council’s wisdom
    August 15, 2008
    There are revelations today that the Military Council is taking over from Frank. Well placed sources have again reiterated that plans are underway to remove Frank and his entire cabinet in what the military council is labelling as the best way forward for Fiji to an early election.

    Confusion is the order of the day for the interim Ministers, coup backers and beneficiaries of Frank’s regime who were appointed to their respective positions of power illegitimately. They know their appointments are coming to an end and that they are about to be replaced by more competent law-abiding citizens. They are paralysed by the thought of their fate which could see them consumed in extended and expensive litigations for years to come.

    It is said that the Military Council is set to reverse the deplorable perception tainted on their military forces and other law enforcement agencies after the 2006 coup. They are serious in arresting the problem and the only way they can do that is by dobbing Frank in as kingpin of the coup in exchange for their immunity. Word is that Frank and his cabinet members will be used as bargaining chips for the Fiji Military, Navy and Police immunity, something that will be much welcomed by the people.

    The people of Fiji must have faith in their Military Council. They have a way of working things out for the people whose lives they are custodians of. It hurts them to see the people of Fiji in so much misery and their helping hand is coming your way. Watch!


  16. Tim Says:

    Is there a Cassava patch handy where Frank can run through?

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    The entire Military Council , Chaudhry and his supporters , Frank and his fellow Officers , Shiasta and many many others should be arrested and tried before the Courts , including those Judges who took up illegal appointments and all those who took up illagl posts under this regime .
    To even contemplate giving amnesty , to any of them , including the Military Council , is a recipe for disaster .
    A clear message , once and for all , must be sent out to the community , no amnesty for anyone .

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    On a lighter note and in the interests of racial harmony : –

  19. Wailei Says:


    I dont think Narube is going to be the next interim Finance Minister. Since he has been legally placed as Governor of RBF. Why would he even think of joining the bunch of illegals. So, personally, I think he should stay at RBF.

    Get the blerry IG to sort that out. Than have elections.

    As for Bainipuaka and family moving overseas. We dont want them. Plus their bipolar father needs to be charged murder and crimes against humanity i.e. The Fiji Citizens; loss of employment, treason etc.

    There is no blerry way he is going to escape that easy. As for the people who think that they are untouchables like the shamimi’s and her relative A-G. They will also face the music. Its time for a crackdown for people who think the law cant reach them. Enough is Enough!!

  20. Peace Pipe Says:

    Luvfiji, the story about the military council’s plans for the pig is very welcome news as we have had enough of the shit the pig is letting off incessantly. Its time to return the country to normality and what the council intend to do would be a perfect start. That is of course if they have the guts and moral fortitude to face up with the Indo loving pig. I really don’t have the measure of the power and personalities in the council and whether the pig has dominance over it. But if they can see that the pig is doing all the wrong things then they have woken to his lies and deception and must take necessary action. Having Aziz as acting commander was perhaps the last straw for most of the council members. Come on council members redeem yourselves from the mistake of following the pig in his misadventure and do the right thing.

  21. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ref: Militray Council\’s wisdom

    I am one for forgiveness BUT for the military council to do this now (if it\’s for real) for me is a bit too little too late!

    The MC, the illegals and their supporters should all face up to the music they created when they firstly supported Piggy and the events of Dec 5, 2006.

    My family and my friends from delaniyavu and in the urban centres have suffered enough and are just hanging on (patiently and quietly and sturggling) for some normality to come back ASAP!

    Therefore, I don\’t give a damn if the MC are finally coming to their senses now, they like the rest og them illegals should serve their time in jail. As for the last year they have enjoying their pay packets and luxurious lifestyle while mine have been suffering in silence!

    SO, be a man and take responsibility for your mindless actions.

    We cannot keep forgiving people who use guns and their stupidity to take us back 20 years when we have been moving forward (albeit slowly but surely).

    GOd bless one and all as Only God can fully forgive.

  22. Say True! Says:

    And the truth shall set us free.

  23. Nostradamus Says:

    I recall when George Speight was looking for a PM the name of Savenaca Siwatibau was mentioned in the press. Of course, Siwa had never been consulted and was insulted that anyone would ever think that he would join an illegal regime.

    Same with Narube. I doubt anyone has consulted him or if they have, I suspect he would have told them where to get off. Why would he compromise his profession and integrity by working for an illegal and dying regime?

    Another possibility is that the regime has been unsuccessful in persuading Narube, as Governor of the Reserve Bank, to print more money to finance their shenanigans including the army (and create galloping inflation) and so they want to sideline him in case pressure on Reddy will work better. I seriously doubt Reddy would have any of this either. They are both internationally respected professionals who would lose it all of they succumbed to working for the illegal junta. The RBF works closely with the IMF, which is the organization that bails out failed economies in exchange for nearly complete control over their economic policy. Samoa, among others, has been through it. It would be extremely short sighted of Narube or Reddy to involve themselves with the Regime. The jobs they have now were there before the Regime, so they are not implicated in the illegal takeover, but taking a different job, especially a ministerial post would likely result in travel sanctions and future prosecution.

  24. newsfiji Says:

    I’ve been following at length the posts on raw fiji news and have my suspicions are that the author is someone from within the military council.

    All the news that they usually break before anyone else gets it is just to close to themselves.

    Now that they want to paint themselves as Fiji’s saviour – i don’t think so.

    To all my fellow fijian brothers & sisters – DO NOT BE FOOLED…LET THE LAW TAKE IT’S COURSE…THEY SHOULD ALL PAY FOR THE CRIME…ALL OF THEM..MILITARY COUNCIL INCLUDED…whether they change the interim government line up, have elections this year or whatever…

    For us to ensure that this is going to be the last coup ever, the price for treason must be paid by all who took part in this ‘DAYLIGHT ROBBERY OF FIJI’S PEOPLE”.

  25. newsfiji Says:

    EnufDictatorship: Dina mada…so who cares whether the military council is coming around to realise that the country is being ruined…

    You should have thought of that on 5th December 2006…DAH…

  26. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Trues up newsfiji!

    To end coup cycle ALL involved past and present and future SHOULD GO TO JAIL for a long time and then when they get out, go and sweep the streets!

    No more IFs or Buts about it, really. Bcos at this stage this stupid farter-charter is still NOT A GUARANTEE for our children and their future.

    I hope Mr. Beddoes puts that in his new charter.

  27. Frida Says:

    They should keep Narube in his position and do not touch him. Make Reddy the interim Finance Minister until an election is done without losing his job and position at RBF. When a new legal government is in place he returns to work and the people’s government decide among itself who is bets for the job.

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