Mr Pig we read you loud and clear!

Our pig of an unwanted “force taki mai vei keda” rapist of a pretender Prime Minister’s main argument of doing the coup now is to implement a “People’s Charter”.

He wants us to accept it and now they have began a bullshit campaign to promote it throughout Fiji but people at the grassroot are not stupid.

While tha draft charter was being signed off and release, the so called joint chairman and kingpin was nowhere to be seen. In fact he was enjoying himself with his entourage at our expenses watching the Beijing Olympic while we worry about loosing our jobs, wage cut, rising fuel price and rising food price.

That just goes to show how lightly he values this charter and our nationhood in general. If he is a real genuine leader, he would forget about the Olympics because there will be another in four years, but this charter is now, the major turning point affecting this and many generations from now.

So why should we accept the Charter Farter when even the main instigator was not around when they signed it off and release its draft for the peoples deliberation?

Mai kani cavai!


8 Responses to “Mr Pig we read you loud and clear!”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    What a load of hogwash emanating from the pig himself. Nothing he says now has any truth or credibility and comes as no surprise since he has been lying from day 1. We all heard him loud and clear when he said he did the coup to rid us of a corrupt govt. I mean most of us are not kids nor have soldier mentality to believe the shit that comes out of his stinken mouth to mislead us into believing his lies. Please do not insult our intelligence as most of us are grown and discerning individual who can think clearly for themselves. They have been changing their tunes on the reason for the coup until this charter farter emerged and appeared to be the best option for their lie and deception propaganda to chart their way out of the trouble they have bogged themselves into. It has become their getaway vehicle from the crime of robbery (robbed the people of the govt they voted for) they have committed as nothing else seems to be working out as they had hoped for. They were hoping that with the passage of time people would accept them and what they had done. But the acquisense they wanted did not materialse so it had to be forced upon the people as having no choice on the matter since there won’t be any referendum but a straight out door to door delivery of the charter. Sorry to say this to the ig but your days are numbered and the end is nigh.

  2. newsfiji Says:

    Qori..ivei sara o budhau?? hiding huh! Too much ga your big mouth!

  3. Striker Says:

    The charter for corruption and nepotism, cronyism, get-rich quick thieves of the public purse!

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Piggy has NO BALLS watsoever…if you see his history, everytime something major happens, HE IS NOT IN THE COUNTRY TO FACE THE MUSIC LIKE A REAL MAN WITH REAL BALLS and real brains!

    So, really he is a total waste of space and energy to us. But his time will come!

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    And somone made the [predictiosn about the full moon. Guess what, the Pig is back in town and they have started taking in people and harassing them for weapons lost back in 2000.

    I see the bad moon rising…………..I see the troubles on the way 😦

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Peter Foster for Commissioner of prisons to help take care of Frank and friends in their upcoming trial !

  7. Fijiana Says:

    You bloody Fisherman from Kiuva, kawa ni dau qoli, qai mai Chief tiko na vuaka.

  8. Wailei Says:

    wooohoooo!!! Its going to be over soon!

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