Chaudhry and Fiji’s future

Top of the morning bloggers. Someone reading this misleading heading and unfamiliar with Fiji’s political situation could be forgiven in thinking that Fiji’s future revolves around Chodo. James Anthony, the wannabe expert who did a fly by night Inquiry into Fiji’s media and backed by Shyista does not speak with any authority regarding Fiji. He even had the gull to condemn Dr. Brij Lal.

Making news today is the Police and Army being blasted by Justice Jiten Singh in the manner in which they treated Tevita Navualaba and awarded him $73,000 in compensation. Also, the FLP now is changing its tune and is expected to call for early elections! Imagine that bloggers! Chodo and Jokapeci Koroi unashamedly attacked the notion of early elections next year, saying this and that had to be in place before elections could take place and as soon as Chodo is given the boot, they now want early elections!!! Furthermore bloggers, the FLP is expected not to endorse the farter Charter, until an election date has been set! Samy must be sweating. Vayeshnoi and Ricketts will follow the leader, but the big question is, which leader? Chodo or Vore! SV wonders what the weekend will bring. Keep blogging ragone!

Friday, August 15, 2008

An open letter to the interim Government

The interim Government is poised to make the most unsettling decision of its 20 months in power. It is reported reliably that Mahendra Chaudhry is about to lose his job his head delivered on a platter to his enemies, some of long standing, some more recent.

Some of those now wanting to see Mr Chaudhry go were his friends in December 2006. They no longer support him, offering him as a sacrificial lamb for reasons which are indefensible if impartially reviewed. The NCBBF, including its Secretariat, is reported to be partly behind this move.

No small part of a steady stream of pressure has come from the shadows, particularly in the past six months, although Mr Chaudhry was a target immediately after the interim Government came to power in very much the same way that he was targeted when he became PM in 1999.

This decision, if it is put into effect, will split the country again and open new and old wounds. It will be a bad decision no matter how it is justified or how attempts are made to explain it away. Reports say that Sir James Ah Koy is to replace Mr Chaudhry.

Sources close to some of the behind the scenes activity say that an old, tried and failed plan that is being resurrected is a government of “national unity”: Qarase and a couple of his cronies, an equal number from the Labour Party (they hope), Mick Beddoes and some others such as Akuila Yabaki, elements of the Great Council of Chiefs and others, perhaps even from the National Federation Party.

The least that might be done is to wait until Commodore (Voreqe) Bainimarama returns and has had a chance to properly evaluate this proposed course of action after truly independent advice has been given to him on the implications of the inexplicable decision on the Indian community. The Indian community, rightly or wrongly, holds Mr Chaudhry in the highest esteem and to dry and dislodge him from the position he now holds would scuttle the entire Peoples’ Charter process which he has firmly supported by actions and words. A decision to dismiss Mr Chaudhry while the interim PM is out of the country smells and will leave a bad smell not likely to be eliminated soon.

Indians throughout the country who still support Mr Chaudhry are not likely to take his dismissal lightly and the Labour Party itself, including its leadership, will likely abandon any positions its members have held in the interim Government in the past 20 months.

Mr Chaudhry himself, no slouch when it comes to political intrigue and political strategy, is not likely to take his dismissal lightly. What is now a fragile and uneasy peace could quickly unravel with unintended consequences.

Before the Military Council acts, before Cabinet acts, before anyone else acts to make public – and final – Mr Chaudhry’s dismissal, the interim PM should be advised to consider the serious repercussions of it. It will alienate the already disenfranchised Indian community altogether and lead to unimaginable consequences of not consulting this community before removing its unchallenged spokesman and leader who spent many days held hostage in Parliament for no other reason than his ethnicity. As a Fiji citizen I cannot put it more plainly than that.


33 Responses to “Chaudhry and Fiji’s future”

  1. ispy Says:

    …the quicker he leaves, the better it will be!

  2. Ostersky Says:

    Mr.Chaudhary took the risk. He saw the coup as a great opportunity. It was a great gamble. if he lost it, he must face the consequenses.

  3. midget gal Says:

    Does this arrogant Jimmy-appear-from-nowhere-anthony realise that Fiji’s dictator is a diagnosed BIPOLAR from St. Giles hospital?? Me thinks he does, just like the Shame-mimi sisters, Boy George-Gates and the rest of them who know exactly how to play the Pig to sing their tunes.

  4. Save the Sheep Says:

    A message to Mr Anthony.

    Your beloved leader MP Chaudhry has lost the plot and has been misleading the Indian Community for some time now.

    It is about time that he was seriously challenged as the spokesperson and so called saviour of Indo Fijians. His actions since 2000 have done nothing but damage this community and he has and is risking anarchy on an unimaginable scale by following his selfish agenda.

    And you want Voreqe to make judgement? Clearly you have been away from Fiji toooooo Long…

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Its this wart in the butt again still irritating us remotely from his Hawaiin abode. Jimbo is just making a last ditch lobby for his comrade chod to try and change some minds by warning of dangerous consquences when chod leaves the ig. Using his usual politic talk he is making a veiled plea to reverse the decision made by the council or whoever to terminate chodo from his job. Little does jimbo knows that this decison is Godsent and answers to most our prayers. He signs off his letter as a Fiji Citizen which is a farce of course

    But when chod departs it will leave us with a pressing issue of whether the snake will be slithering away from the punishment thats due to him for his involvement in the coup. Because whether he remains or goes he should be equally guilty of the crime of treason committed by all and sundry in the ig.

  6. Nasi Lomani Says:

    OOOOOOOeeeeeeeeeee! Sa qai matata tikoga mai na mata ni meke oqo! Era sa qai matailelevu ga mai nai naki dina ni vuaviri!!!Was it for Indian supremacy, did you say? Pote!!!!

  7. newsfiji Says:

    And who the f(*& is this Jimmy Anthony?? It’s just super funny how all these “fiji citizens” emerge from all over the place with their ideas of how “Fiji should be”…

    Blerry piss off Jimbo..we don’t need you..

  8. Groggymaster Says:

    Jimmy – why don’t you and chodo just bang each other!!!
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    Chodo’s eventual exit from the interim administration should be seen as a blessing in disguise. He will join the rest of us in calling for the Elections. Come lets dance to the same tune.

    @ midget girl. Jim and Vore have the same diagnosis. PhD my black a@^* – bloddy old school!

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Chaudhary – now to see the light..yippee…it’s a wonder that he never had the inkling that Bainipyjamas was a mental case…

    drau pini..

  11. midget gal Says:

    lol @ luvfiji – e dua e old school, o ka karua e no school!

  12. Striker Says:

    This Jim Anthony is just another of the crook like choro Chodo and the overpaid useless consultants like Samy, Narayan and the gravy train riders who have benefitted from Vore’s illegal action. When the joy ride comes to a stop it’s to be expected these wankers will whine after missing out on the loot from the public purse!

  13. madwitchunter Says:

    How much was Jim paid for the trashy media report – and now he is using the same media to beg for his purse masters fate. Did you bloggers see Wednesday’s front page from Victor Lal – It must be TRUE – Remember this dude also exposed Choro’s secret $2million:

    Chaudhry likely to go

    The interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry is most likely to leave Cabinet at the weekend, according to a top military official.

    The official also confirmed that the Fiji Labour Party leader was handed a letter shortly before the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama left for China last Wednesday.

    The letter was personally signed by Commodore Bainimarama and the all powerful Military Council expects Mr Chaudhry to vacate his Cabinet office by 22 August.

    According to the military source, Mr Chaudhry’s departure from the interim government is most likely to be announced by the FLP national council when the party meets in Nadi at the weekend.

    “We have been told that Mr Chaudhry will go either on August 16, 17 or 18t, even though we are expecting him to leave Cabinet on 22 August,” said the military source. The council was forced to finally wield the axe after the big oil companies allegedly threatened to withdraw from Fiji over oil prices.

    According to a highly reliable source in the Prime Minister’s office, the Prices and Incomes Board wanted incremental increases in the fuel price while the oil companies asked for the price increase. The Ministry of Finance allegedly continually blocked the demand until last week when huge price increase were announced, attracting a national outcry from the general public and other stakeholders.

    The Military Council allegedly called upon Commodore Bainimarama to act, for the council felt that the latest response from the oil companies could degenerate into another damaging standoff, similar to that which took place between the interim regime and the Fiji Bus Operators, and the water bottling industry.

    “The government cannot, and does not, want to be bogged down in another high-profile damaging stand-off, especially with the all powerful oil companies in Fiji,” said the military source.

    Mr Chaudhry could not be contacted last night.

    Acting military commander Colonel Mohammed Aziz when asked whether there was a directive for Mr Chaudhry to vacate office by August 22, said “no”.

    Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum earlier this week also denied that Mr Chaudhry was going to resign.

    Sir Jim Ah Koy, the man tipped to take on the interim Finance Minister’s post, also denied he had been approached to return home from his China diplomatic posting.

    The military source said Mr Chaudhry had indicated to Commodore Bainimarama that along with him, FLP officials Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and Tom Ricketts would also step down from the Cabinet. This should also include FLP supporters in the NCBBF and those on government statutory boards.

    But the military source said it was not the first time Mr Chaudhry had spelled out his intentions. He had expressed similar intentions when he was allegedly dismissed as Finance Minister last month. According to two reliable sources, one in the PM’s office and the other in the Military Council, there were a lot of fireworks with regards to Mr Chaudhry last month.

    He was actually “fired” as Minister for Finance and his termination letter was delivered to his home. His termination was rescinded after a meeting between Mr Chaudhry, Commodore Bainimarama and the Military Council.

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Remember folks that jimbob was paid F$50 000 of YOUR money for writing the details of the laughable ‘media report’ that was given its framework by the mad shyster.

    Any comments like his letter have to be read in the context that chadopu$$ pays well for propaganda.

  15. Frida Says:

    One thing I know for sure about this jimbo is that he is a true supporter of the kanaka Maholi of Hawaai – basically the indigenous people of Hawai who see themselves more as pacific Islandars then Americans. he is a sheep in wolfskin and whay the hell is he calling himself a Fiji Citizen as i understood we have got rid of dual citizenship. By the way – he is a relation of Felix Anthony of the FLP I am told.

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Folks, have a good read of the gems of misinformation that are found in this statement.

    “””Deputy Director Community Policing Assistant Superintendent Anare Masitabua said community police officers had established a good relationship with the people and easily got along with them.””””””

    I wonder if he would like to tell that to the families of those who have been bashed to death by the police or bashed unconscious like Mr Khan and the convict by the police.

    “”””So the presence of these officers among the teams going out to consult the people on the charter would help a lot. “We go with the teams too to provide security,” he said.
    “It would be really stupid of us to let them go on their own. We are part of the government of the day and we are there to ensure no harm comes to members of the government.”””””””

    What are they going to say that would cause people to harm them?
    Oh, Here’s the answer to that question.

    “””””He said police were there to ensure people did not speak harshly.””””””

    Please give me a definition of ‘harsh’!

    If someone stands up and says that they disagree with the military being given an increased role in the running of the country, you can bet that they will be arrested and bashed for ‘inciteful’ language.

    “”””We are there to provide security and try to get consensus from the community.”””””

    After the first arrest and bashing, everyone will be cowed under and no more dissenting voices will be heard.

    “”””””Why should they feel threatened when they’re promoting a positive document with the full support of the government of the day?”””””

    Who says it is a positive document?

    This fools forgets to mention that this is an illegal document put together by an illegal junta.

    Don’t forget that people will have to tick a box for ‘yes’ in front of a policeman. More arrests if you tick ‘NO’.

    Mugabe could learn from this charade.

  17. ispy Says:

    I couldn’t help but smile when I read Fijilive this morning:-

    (i) Chaudhry to be sacked

    (ii) Rickets and Vayeshnoi to follow Chaudhry

    (iii) Narube to replace Chaudhry

    (iv) FLP to seek early election date

    (v) FLP to reject Charter

    What a great start for the weekend…

    …I’m gonna have one box saraga to celebrate!!!!

  18. LUVfiji Says:

    Oilei.. ka dina @midget gal. That was a good one! 😀

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    bring back peter foster.

  20. Nostradamus Says:

    Narube would never support this illegal junta.
    He has a good job and a good international reputation.
    Why would he throw it away for these doomed bipolar idiots.
    No way.

  21. Pusiloa Says:

    ispy, I’ll share a box with you…..

  22. Ablaze Says:

    Chodo to go Hooray! Better still that bloody Tom Ricketts – big shame to the Kai Lomas! Ca ga want to big note himself and greed for the pay cheque he was going to get after he and his Kai Kiwi wife had retired and receiving good pensions.

    Bye Bye Tomu – times up for your 5mins of fame!

  23. kaiveicoco Says:

    this kulina James Anthony thinks Mahendra Chaudhary is indispensable? ! what a utopia.Na cava qo tabetabe jiko mai Hawaii.Come and live in Fiji and experience what even the Indian population are going through under Chaudhary.

  24. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    This may be signed by Jim Anthony but it’s obvious that the tentacles of Chodopu$$ are behind it.

    It reads like a Chaudhry declaration of war if the Illegal Regime kicks him out. From this we can have no doubt that when Chaudhry announces his resignation to campaign for the Charter, at the request of the FLP, of course, it’s all a charade which fools no-one.

    It seems that MPC is losing his touch. When he was sacked the first time for his water tax bungling it was obvious that Frank was forced to take him back so he could walk with dignity, but the enemies Chodpu$$ has made within the regime could not wait to see him
    dead and buried. No-one makes enemies like Chodopu$$.

    One thing that Jim Anthony says we can believe: Chaudhry will turn on his former illegal colleagues and start attacking things that he has until now been supporting wholeheartedly. A cancer within the regime, he will be pure venom outside. “If only they’d listened to me we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Will antics like this earn him an
    invitation to the Delainabua midnight health and fitness club?

    Things are about to get very interesting. When it comes to conflict, distrust and spite, Mahendra Chaudhry is in a league of his own.

  25. Frida Says:

    Sobo FDN, taking him up to the Fitness Gym in Delainabua will be a real good sob story that he can use again in Haryana to get another 2 mills which will be used to upgrade Naboro and Korovou.

  26. newsfiji Says:

    Bainipyjamas and the military council will live to regret ever having Chodo in their ministerial line up…dou sota kei barasi…

    As we’ve always said all along, their worst enemy will come from within..


    ispy and pusiloa, i’ll put in a keg…let’s party…hip hip hooray..

  27. LUVfiji Says:

    I dont think I like the report that the two top Pacific leaders are contemplating a deal with Vore by offering him the choice to live in exile in either Australia or NZ in exchange for Elections as a possible solution to the country’s crisis he selfishly caused.

    No.. no.. please; we would like to deal with him when all this is over and done with, like having his little thick head delivered to us on a silver platter. As this regime slowly (and surely) crumbles , I will live to see that day with much anticipation! Na luveni sarisari!!

    They are dooomed!

    A safe and a blessed weekend , SV and all..

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    Civil disobedience , what a wonderful thing !

  29. FijiGirl Says:

    Once again Chodo and his misguided followers are more interested in saving face than facing the truth, or the music.

    I can count on one hand the number of Fiji Indians I know who support Chodo’s illegal regime.

    Even though Vore is about to chuck him out, as I have said before, NEVER doubt Chodothru$h’s talent for survival or self-preservation.

    It’s his principle talent, and one that he has honed for many, many, many years.

    Thankfully, it’s not one that he has passed on to his Rancid son, Wajendwa.

    God bless Fiji

  30. Say True! Says:

    @ Jim Anthony – I also cannot put it more plainly to you (PHD and all) and the entire IG to simple “Fcuk Off” and leave the country alone.

  31. Tuks Says:

    Well folks, I told you again..Chaudhry will never take these developments against him lying low..He has an abundance of clothes to put on with his coats etc.. Fiji Democracy now – you hit the nail on the head there – Chaudry’s network are already at work against the decision by Voreqe or the military Council and we can already see the racial slur already used by Jim Anthony in his letter. That is the way things are already moving and it will be truly very interesting to see how Voreqe and his military boys can come out of these. Era sa na na baci yavala na idia ka da sa galu tu ga na i taukei ena vuku ni nodratou dakai eda sa vakarerei tu kina se vakaevei?

  32. JackLass Says:

    It seems the independent advice that PHD (Pisisng and Hissing Dickhead) wants Vore to get should be from the dickhead himself – ah, DR JIM, when did you become a Fiji citizen?

  33. JackLass Says:

    Can the Chodo’s PHD spokesman enlighten us more:

    Chaudhry’s tax file should be subject to police probe

    The police have been extremely busy recently, pursuing those who they suspect might have broken the law under the Public Order Act.

    They arrested and questioned the Labasa businessman and former MP, Charan Jeath Singh. He was taken into custody after allegations that he had made seditious comments in the media against interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry. Mr Singh had claimed that he had proof that the Fiji Labour Party leader had been asked to leave office by the end of August.

    The reporter Serafina Silaitoga, five months into her pregnancy, who reported Mr Singh’s claim, was also questioned by the police. Also, police raided Fiji TV on the strength of a search warrant, and took away tapes containing the comments of the New Nationalist Party leader Saula Telawa on the draft Peoples Charter. He was questioned by police for objecting on television to the use of the common name ‘Fijian’ for all Fiji citizens as recommended in the draft Charter.

    But the new found and boundless energy of the police reached new heights when they hauled the Great Council of Chiefs lawyer Ratu Savenaca Komaisavai before the court on the strength of a bench warrant issued against him as far back as 2004 for an assault case.

    The year 2004 is relevant for another person. It was the year when the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority (FIRCA) privately informed Mahendra Chaudhry, the interim Finance Minister, present line manager of FIRCA, and FLP leader, that he had not declared his earnings on his overseas accounts. And in February of this year, I exposed that he was, in fact, hiding $2million in a Sydney bank account from the taxman and the general public.

    As the FLP national council meets today to deliberate on the draft Peoples Charter, it is time the FLP leadership told the people of Fiji whether the FLP top brass knew of their leader’s $2million hoard in a Sydney bank which he received from his ancestral homeland of Haryana in India.

    His 148-page thick tax file reveals that Mr Chaudhry had failed to declare interest on his investments, understated his income, owed tax before he granted a general tax amnesty to taxpayers, and had $2million salted away in his private Australian bank account.

    The vast majority of the people know what the draft charter contains, so it would be pointless for the FLP to issue high and moral sounding statements of its position, and to persuade the rank and file members, and the public at large, to accept its recommendations.

    Whatever one may say, there is a direct connection with the Peoples Charter and the $2million. Mr Chaudhry had received, albeit secretly, the two million in dollars in the name of the people, especially the Indo-Fijians whose alleged grievances prominently feature in the draft Charter and the people, therefore, have every right to demand answers from him, some of which are raised below.

    And, since the FLP hierarchy is still led by Mr Chaudhry, the party must tell the people of Fiji what, when, and how did it come to know of its leader’s secret millions? If it knew all along that Mr Chaudhry had received over $2million from India in 2000, it should tell us why the party did not tell the voters of Fiji during the 2001 and 2006 general elections that if there was going to be another coup or uprising against their leader, they should be prepared to see him flee to Australia with his family and start a new life up there? In other words, the $2million was an insurance cover from any adverse rupture in his political career.

    As for Mr Chaudhry, he should tell the nation why he never disclosed his secret $2million to them? He should tell them who is Harbhajan Lal of Haryana, the “Indian Santa Claus” who allegedly gave him the millions? What committee in Haryana was Harbhajan Lal representing which collected the money on his behalf in 2000?

    Mr Chaudhry should tell the people of Fiji why he never brought the money into the country. He should tell them why the Indian Consulate-General in Sydney acted as a conduit to transfer a huge portion of the money into his private bank account. He should tell the people of Fiji whether the members of the FLP National Council were privy to his $2million hoard?

    The unsigned letter dated 9 September 2004 by the mysterious Harbhajan Lal is highly questionable, and invites the question whether it was written ipso facto to persuade FIRCA that the $2million was for his resettlement because in his reply, Harbhajan Lal informs Mr Chaudhry as follows: “You have asked for the details of the funds,” and goes on to provide a detailed breakdown of the funds.

    It is right to ask Mr Chaudhry to explain why, in September 2004, he was asking Harbhajan Lal about the state of the funds in Haryana when from his own Australian bank account, Mr Chaudhry was acutely aware that he had already received $503,000 on 1 November 2000, $486,890 on 22 February 2001, and $514,148.50 on 15 April 2002 from India.

    And on 23 February 2001, a day after receiving $486,890 Mr Chaudhry, on becoming an overnight millionaire ($503,000+$486,890+$13,001) or someone acting on his behalf, withdrew $800,000 from his bank account. There is also no evidence in his Commonwealth Bank of Australia statements, which he provided to FIRCA, that it was definitely Harbhajan Lal who transferred the first two instalments, for the transaction details simply read – deposit – 2070, whereas the third instalment clearly links the money to Indian “consulate general S2621745150402S2”.

    It is instructive to remind the FLP that only last week Mr Chaudhry stated that annual government grants will only be issued if provincial councils comply with the statutory requirements for compilation and audit of their accounts. And Cabinet endorsed the report of the Auditor General on the audits of the accounts of 10 of the 14 Provincial Councils.

    Mr Chaudhry said considerable delays were noted in the preparation and submission of financial statements to the Auditor General. “Two provincial councils had their financial statements audited up to the year 1999, five up to 2000, six up to the year 2001, and one up to 2002,” he said. Mr Chauhdry said the commitment by the Office of the Auditor General to update the audits of the provincial councils resulted in the outsourcing of audits to chartered accounting firms in 2004.

    “However, this had not been successful as the chartered accounting firms faced similar difficulties that were encountered by the OAG in auditing the accounts of the provincial councils. Generally, these included information requested for audit purposes were not produced in timely manner or not at all; and the underlying records from which the financial statements were prepared were not maintained satisfactorily,” he said. Mr Chaudhry said various provincial councils needed to comply with the required accounting standards.

    And yet in 2004, the year the provincial councils audits were outsourced to the chartered accounting firms, FIRCA wrote to him informing him that he had not submitted his tax returns for the years 2001, 2002, and 2003. In the course of its investigation, FIRCA’s Income Matching Unit (IMU) became aware of his bank accounts in Australia and New Zealand and, on May 11, 2004, wrote to him advising him that they had received information from surveys and banks and financial institutions that he was in receipt of income, which had either not been declared or under declared.

    According to Mr Chaudhry’s tax records for the year ending 31 December 2000, he had understated income of $2,815.22. For the year ending 2001, he had understated income of $35,100.52. For the year 2002, it was $65,823.84, and for the year 2003, it was $111,867.22. There is also evidence that on 10 July 2007 he still owed FIRCA $57,672.09 in tax.

    And he must tell the newly energised police why he submitted the letter in 2004 from Harbhajan Lal to FIRCA, knowing its opening statement was at variance with his own bank statements in Australia. Between October 10, 2000 and March 20, 2003, Mr Chaudhry had already withdrawn the following sums: $6000, $6,800, $400,000, $400,00, $55,000, $10,000, $6,000, $7,266.10, $38,000, $100,000, $25,825.89, $30,030, $469,000, $380,000, $46,000, $50,000, $6,000, $8,000, and $5,000.

    We may recall that last August two FIRCA officers, Lepani Rabo and Joseva Leano (dismissed by FIRCA) had complained to the interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama about Mr Chaudhry’s tax matters and had also reported the matter to the police commissioner Esala Teleni arguing that Mr Chaudhry had breached the Income Tax Act.

    The former Finance Minister, and now Fiji’s ambassador to China, Sir James Ah Koy, had called upon Mr Chaudhry to stand aside or resign to allow for investigation into the tax evasion claims. And Sir James had added: “There are many people around who can do the Finance Minister’s job. He should stand aside or resign. That is what one would expect from a Cabinet minister in a Westminster model of government.” He had also declared that he would serve the country in any capacity. “If the PM wants me to serve as interim Finance Minister, I will serve. I will be 71 this year and I still have about another 10 years left in me. I have served in every statutory board except the Reserve Bank,” said Sir James

    He had also confirmed that he was present at a meeting when Mr Chaudhry’s tax accounts were raised with the Commodore by Mr Rabo and Mr Leano. Sir James had claimed that the Commodore had advised that the matter be referred to his former deputy army commander, Police Commissioner Teleni to investigate. Sir James had also expressed concern that there had been no public investigation into the complaint raised at their meeting last year. “I am amazed that it has taken this long,” he said. “I joined the interim Government because they were going to clean up all the corruption. But, it’s getting difficult now. It’s time to speak up.”

    As we are aware, a three-member team controversially cleared Mr Chaudhry. But the team did not investigate the discrepancy in the Harbhajan Lal letter and the evidence in the bank statements which reveals that Mr Chaudhry had been acutely aware that he had already received the $2million. The police should also investigate whether some FIRCA officers colluded in turning a blind eye to the most glaring contradiction in the September 2004 letter and the evidence in his bank statements.

    And it is time the FLP hierarchy told the people what they knew about their leader’s secret millions. The People’s Charter is useless unless the people in whose name the millions were raised in India are told the truth.

    As Sir Jim Ah Koy noted, “It’s time to speak up”.

    l The views expressed are those of Victor Lal and not those of the Fiji Sun. E-mail:

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