Another day and another useless letter to the Fiji Times by has been or never had been James Anthony – Holy Cow this mans withered kulina is pulled so tightly over his head it has blinded him to the very basics of life in Fiji.

 James Anthony is an old reprobate with too much baggage to unload and his continual hateful missives to the Fiji media reeking of racial division is quite unbelievable especially as he wrote a shameful report for the Fiji Human Rights Commission that strongly suggests his lack of compassion and one eyed view of democracy for our Nation. He has always been vocal with his biased views on everything, a complete fabulist and it’s no wonder he wrote such a report as requested by the pothead shyster, an extension of his state of mind, BAHUT PAGALA! His atrocious behaviour in Fiji is well documented for the blatant lies that continue today.

 To even consider this mans opinions is a waste of time – into the shredder where it belongs or just press ‘delete’  – James Anthony has never had any integrity and is a bitter and twisted racist old fart.

If he thinks Fijians are racist he should have seen the standing ovation for Suraj Reddy when he sang his little heart out at the Methodist Choir competition – everyone is so proud of the Ovalau lad like we are proud of all our citizens whether they sing in Hindi, Fijian, Chinese, English or whatever language or can even do it balancing on one nipple.



  1. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you Mr Beddoes so this is what it is all about.

    Get rid of the snake once and for all.

    No move for national unity: Beddoes
    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Update: 3:17PM Ousted opposition leader Mick Beddoes has denied that there was any ‘government of national unity’ move as speculated by Dr Jim Anthony in his open letter to the interim government today.

    Mr Beddoes said he was not aware of such a move as claimed by the author of the letter.

    “Although such a move would be a positive improvement to the current arrangement.”

    He said that from his own limited experience with Mr Mahendra Chaudhry, in the opposition leaders appointment, what is happening now is typical ‘text book Chaudhry manoeuvre’ to avoid the humiliation that his sacking will bring so he needs to get his party to pull him out before the effective date of his termination arrives.

    “What I understand is that Mr Chaudhry went to his Management Board first to get them to ask him to pull out of the Cabinet, but some of them refused, because they all hold important positions and they want him to stay so they can stay.

    “But he cant because he will face a possible forced removal, so there was an apparent split, which is why he is now going to the NFU dominated National Council, which he controls absolutely and he is expected to ask them to ask him to pull out of the Cabinet and this announcement is expected on Monday or late Sunday,” he said.

    Mr Beddoes said suggestions that he (Chaudhry) will take all his FLP members with him, raise the question about their motive for going into the interim administration in the first place, was it really for the Fiji as their first claimed or was it for FLP and self

  2. kaiveicoco Says:

    and to cap off his arrogance in his letter James Anthony included his qualifications PH.D in his letter.PH.D ni CI-CI !!! bloody kulina vosota SV I ca’nt contain my anger reading more about Anthony’s letter and apologies to all bloggers for the torrid language

  3. Groggymaster Says:

    Anthony is a rabid gas bag. And above contributors view of his “PHD ni CI-CI” is also correct. It’s a pity so many trees had to cut down for his rambling nonsense and the charter.
    Jimmy & Chodo should just bang each other – you know the mutually annal agrandisement tango – as they so admire each other – B-O-C-I-S.

  4. Abeche Says:

    the man is a fool, but the editorial staff at the daily post are the ones who gave such prominence to this silly little man’s silly little letter!!

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    I agree , I don’t believe Fijians are racists at all .
    But thankfully , they seem incredibly intolerant of criminal behaviour .

  6. madwitchunter Says:

    Can Naupoto tell us if this prick is holding dual citizenship – and if so, did he commit a crime?

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