Double standard – Fiji Sun Editorial 14/08/0/8

The Fiji Labour Party meets this weekend. And the National Federation Party has its annual conference in Nadi on Saturday. It would be naïve in the extreme to imagine that the subject of the draft People’s Charter – the hottest topic of the hour – will not come up for discussion at either event. The FLP will support it while the NFP is more likely to take an opposing view. The question now is what line will the Fiji Police Force take? We know it will take a very firm line at the Methodist Church annual conference which opens in Suva today. The police do not want the charter to be discussed, it seems. They have advised the church that if the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party wishes to take part it will be considered a political meeting for which the church does not have a permit. Further, the church has been told that if the SDL wishes to use the occasion to campaign against the charter, the police will close the meeting. Polive will increase their presence and closely monitor the conference. What are they afraid of? The church conference is highly unlikely to be an occasion for any breach of the peace. If there is political activity, it won’t take the form of riotous assembly or any other kind of illegal behaviour. The same can be said of the FLP and NFP gatherings. Once again we see how the police are politicised. The once proudly independent force has become a tool for the suppression of dissent and the promotion of a political ideology. This is deeply worrying. It is no secret that this newspaper has had serious differences with the SDL and its policies in the past. We called some those policies racist then and we call them racist now. But that is our opinion which – so far at least – we are free to express. Why should not the SDL be accorded the same right – the same right as any other political party – to put its policies and opinions before the people? What is the regime afraid of? Much of the SDL’s support resides in the rank and file of the Methodist Church just as much of the FLP’s natural constituency is among the cane farmers and parts of the trade union movement. There is nothing new, abnormal or even objectionable about that. What is abnormal and completely objectionable is the use of the police to prevent one party from addressing its constituency while giving another free rein. The people who drive this kind of activity surely cannot believe that it will not be noticed by the people of Fiji or that it will somehow make dissent go away. The fact is it will have the opposite effect. They will never admit it, but the SDL organisers will regard this ham-fisted use of the police as manna from heaven. For if the regime really wants to promote a party or even a point of view, the most effective way is to ban it. In the meantime the Fiji Police Force must assert its independence It has to enforce the law – that is to say the constitution – and not the interim (or any) government.

13 Responses to “Double standard – Fiji Sun Editorial 14/08/0/8”

  1. Pusiloa Says:

    Well said Fiji Sun. I bet some goons from Nasona..oops Nasova will pay you a visit for this piece…..

  2. IslandBoy Says:

    Pusiloa – then they should also have visited Mahen when he spoke to the care farmers in Labasa – the Fiji Sun rocks!

    By the way did you hear Kisoko on Viti FM’s Vakaribamalamala at lunchtime today.

    He missed almost every question by a mile and is really very shallow in terms of comprehending the issues raised by the listeners. He was laughable.

    John Samy should yank him as the lead spokesman for their Fijian PR team. His idiotic responses served more to damage their position than anything else, another blow up in their face effort. Some people never seem to learn.

  3. Cama Says:

    I believe that the constitution is no longer in use and the charter will be replacing it. that is what is going to happen.

  4. Striker Says:

    The double standard of the ignorant. While the Police say they will promote the charter contrary to the independent jurisdiction expected of a constitutionally functional Police force, on the otehr hand the Police spokesman says that the Police will “act” should the Methodist Church Conference attempt to discuss any political matter. Folks, the Police have become an instrument of the illegal junta, much like the gestapo in Hitler’s days. The church, like political parties, is entitled to discuss political, economic, and social issues that affect the nation and its members. Second, the Church Conference, according to my understanding is a private gathering in a private Church venue. So up yours spokesperson, tell your Commissioner to go back to barracks or to jail because he, not the Church, is the guily party!

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Island Boy: is that Kisoko Cagatuivei or something like that?? Wailei, if he’s the Fijian head of the PR for the NCBBF…i just feel sorry for him…we’re going to make him look like the BLOCKHEAD ULUPEPA THAT HE REALLY IS WHEN HE COMES AROOUND….WA..HA…HA…IIII….


    Everyone prepare to ask them questions that we know will make them completely LOST…

    I can’t wait..

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Cama: if that’s going to happen..which still remains to be seen…it’s not going to last because it is illegal…

    Like Saula Telawa of the Nationalist Party said…”it’s going to end”…


  7. Tim Says:

    I keep having to remind myself that this junta is in NO WAY left wing. They are to the very EXTREME RIGHT. I’m sure the likes of Shaista, Chodo, Bubba and others would confess to having left wing leanings – except from day one they’ve all been very busy betraying them.

    Its the very same mechanism by which the likes of Mugabe, Musahrif and others came to power. Same shit, different stink

  8. Tim Says:

    Actually with Chodo getting the push, if I were the Shameens and their little protoge Bubba, I’d be pulling the charm and grace leaver (with apologies to Island Boy) to full steam ahead or it’ll be pip pip tally hoe for them all.

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    @Cama – Yes Kisoko Cagituivei – by the way did you catch Ema Mua saying that all the Special Constables are “well versed” and trained to speak to the public about the charter.

    What planet is the silly cow on? some of these them can’t even read much less comprehend the laws they are supposed to administer.

    Lets all attend their briefings in large numbers to ask them pointed questions about the charter and write Letters to the Editor about their responses, naming the spokesperson, time and place of the briefing.

    Name and shame the devil!!!!

  10. Dauvavana Says:

    Wawa amda everybody,

    where the %^^(*% is that big mouth big arse always have an opinion for everything Budhau also known as Gandooodhau.

    He has gone all quite right on when his father Mahen is being pushed out.

    I think he is being consoled via horizontal karma by my Tau and good mate Natewa Prince because they have kinda gone quite together bahahahahahaha 😉

    Naita IB, dou check taka mada na “Do not disturb sign” e nomudou yanuyanu totoka oqori o Makuluva de rairai rau se nunu cawaki tiko e na nomudou cakau mai Vutia, ka vakasavi rau lesu mai vanua. Sivia na veikalawaci sega mada ni kerei na wai ni qoliqoli!!!

    Kusima tiko vei koya na Ravouvou ni Natewa, cawaki tiko vei Budhau 🙂 🙂

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    Naita Sniper – e segai na nunu cawaki mai Laucala, rau botana tiko na Syria, de sana vinakati me lai vakatasosoko kina o Momo Mahen ena dela ni wai siliva.

  12. anon Says:

    IslandBoy, i wonder if that is part of the Special Constables new job description, “well versed and trained to speak to the public about the charter”

    What a waste………….

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita IB hahaha

    Au nanuma me Syria o Budhau ka botani koya tiko o koya na Ravouvou mai na Vualiku ia rau tovolea me rau ciri mai na Waisiliva, seqai sivi la o Kiuva ratou sa vakacokai rau na Dau mai Kaba bahahahaha 8)

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