Charter Values

Since the regime has suddenly become so besotted with the so-called ‘charter values’, and so desperate for the people of Fiji to adopt them, I have a question. And that is, what charter value was the regime demonstrating and upholding over the weekend when it tried to misuse the police force to intimidate two politicians and a journalist from exercising their rights to free speech and a free press?Are they not aware that people will draw no inspiration or direction whatever from people who say one thing, but do the opposite?

Furthermore, do the Archbishop and the NCBBF also approve of such mob tactics in the promotion of their charter or are they likewise blind to the hypocrisy of it all?

Mere Samisoni
(FT Letters to the Editor 14/8/08 )

26 Responses to “Charter Values”

  1. dugong Says:

    Leweni’s wife was saying that according to Leweni that Ului Mara is a no brainer and they have a way of taking care of him if he tries to mount a coup against the Pig

  2. IslandBoy Says:

    If I may add a question to Mrs. Samisoni’s letter, the NCBBF has yet to clarify the operational mechanism in place to inform the people of Fiji about our national response to the charter, after the proposed PR as well as the “copy in every home” exercises are completed.

    Will we have to depend on what the PR teams report and are we expected to take their word for it?

    An independently monitored national referendum would have carried more credibility, but they have discarded that option as too expensive.

    Many people I know will not believe them and if that is the case, can we already assume what they will report back to the NCBBF?

    Again I think this is another undertaking they have not given enough thought to and will probably end up as an exercise in futility.

  3. Pusiloa Says:

    And Ului’s wife said that Leweni is a no brainer and didnt even pass his Fiji Junior exams….

  4. dugong Says:

    Pusi sa dina, but Leweni was saying to Eroni who walks with Aziz to keep an eye on Ului Eroni being a vasu i Lakeba told Teleni about this and Poka does not want to do anything about it because he is worried about his liver and heart problems.

  5. ispy Says:

    …and both wives agree that their respective husbands should just pull each other’s ball to see who has the most foreskin.

  6. Striker Says:

    Good on you Mere! And what values are the Police standing up for when they say they will promote the charter contrary to the independent jurisdiction expected of a constitutionally functional Police force, and the Police spokesman saying that the Police will “act” should the Methodist Church Conference attempt to discuss any political matter. Here we have a political Police force, much like the gestapo in Hitler’s days trying to tell the Church do not discuss the charter because that is politics. It only reveals their ignorance, the church is entitled to discuss political, economic, and social issues that affect the nation and its members. Second, the Church Conference, according to my understanding is a private gathering in a private Church venue. So up yours spokesperson, tell your Commissioner to go back to barracks or to jail because he, not the Church, is the guily party!

  7. Pusiloa Says:

    ..@ ispy…pull their foreskin together, tie it up and as NP use to say, me mai “skip” kina o Bainimarama…..

  8. Cama Says:

    The interim regime is trying to gag all dissident and want yes man in this country and not those who stand up for the truth and their country.

    we should fight for the truth and remain truthfull and do not break the law as what the police and millitary are doing. the law that should be protected is the Constitution but they are trying to protect an illegal document.

    You can see the charter foreword column about their views on the constitution as sugary coated bullets.

  9. Tui Says:

    Vinaka Mere. ..@Pusiloa, idea vinaka qori tacina, me qai cula na nodra foreskin i na eyelids nei Bainimarama, because that will explain why he is a “Cockeyed Commander!” Io sa dri yani. I vei mada o mai tau NP?

  10. Talei Says:

    Oh the Farter Charter again, ylei! And that’s basically what it is a Farting Charter because it is nothing but H O T A I R!

    “Values?” Let me say loud and clear —– I CAN’T HEAR YOU BECAUSE I CAN SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!! Now, no figure that out numbskulls! hehehe

  11. Tim Says:

    Like I tried to say before there was a blip in this wonderful thing we call the internet……..@Talei: I know where you’re coming from.
    The junta must be thinking its like being stuck in a cubicle where the door doesn’t lock. The public pushes the door open and they can see it all. The pretense is all but lost because everyone knows exactly what’s going on. Judges,Ombudswomen,wannabes. There they all are having a shit

  12. Tim Says:

    But then, they all lost their dignity along time ago I spose – certainly those that raised a public profile did

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Mere Samisoni is Uli’s Aunt. Mere’s mother and the Mara’s paternal grandmother are sisters.

    Then there is Di Temumu their mother’s sister. Write up in today’s F/Ts from Di Temumu. The Mara kids must be really desperate to have that idiot Bainipuaka as their leader. Vakaloloma na nodra vakasama those Mara Children.

    What’s the latest on Koila – she did make a hush hush trip to Tonga for the coronation! Wonder at whose expense?

  14. Mosese Says:

    Off topic, but did you bloggers notice the item on Raw Fiji News (“NZ and Australia to make offer to Frank”)? I then saw the funny photo of Frank and the Chinese President on Fiji Democracy Now

    Draw your own conclusions!!

  15. Groggymaster Says:

    At RFN – assertion that Frank will be offered asylum in either NZ of Aust on condition he resigns immediately, hands over to the President, who in turn recalls parliament. (The elected one). Also it is being actively encouraged by Pramesh.

    With regards to the Mara clan – wasn’t bainivuaka instrumental in unceremoniously (and unconstitutionally) removing his CoC in 2000? What Mankers!!!!!

    @pusiloa – they’ll have to tie several knots – there is alot of it between the two!!!!

  16. Tim Says:

    @Groggy: Like I said once before, let’s hope for Frank’s sake he’s also offered the services of the Diplomatic Protection Squad.

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Groggymaster – i totally disagree with giving Frank & his family assylum in either Australia or NZ. He should bloody well stay put here and face the consequences of TREASON…the same should go for all his supporters.

    If he does take assylum in either NZ or Australia, what’s stopping the rest of the dickheads in the army or Esala Teleni for that matter from overthrowing the next elected government?? No guarantee – see!

    So, the only way that we should ensure that this is the LAST ever coup – is make them bloody accountable in a court of LAW..Period.

    Balabala, me ratou mai wini!

  18. Tim Says:

    @newsfiji. I agree, but rest assured his life, though easier than the majority of Fijians he’s he’s shat on, won’t be a bed of roses in either OZ or NZ. I just heard also that what RFN reports is a consideration.
    Kind of like the least worst option (the worst – or best option being Frank’s death).
    Which, when you think about it, is still an option, no matter where he is.
    Sons in-law, and “hard bastards” never did provide the ultimate protection against misdeeds. I reckon if it is offered though, Frank should consider such an offer very seriously. What’s the worst that can happen. At least Air NZ 737’s now have movies on offer.

    Like I said before though, watch the Shameen shistas push the charm and grace lever full throttle. Tough shit girls if Frank is of a mind to accept any such offer.
    There’s a couple of problems though. One of which is that Frank doesn’t like the fact that a women such as Helin Kluk is ten times smarter than him, and he has just enough intellect to realise it.

  19. Tracker Says:

    LEt’s take this scenario where Frank accepts the offer from Australia and NZ, which I highly doubt.

    Under international law, Frank is not safe and still can be prosecuted in Fiji, if charges are laid against him (even if he is in NZ or Australia). Universal Criminal Jurisdiction laws in Australia and New Zealand means that Frank can be extradited to Fiji to face trials for the murder of CRW soldiers during the mutiny in 2000 or treason. Same thing happens to those who are co-conspirators to treason.

    If Aziz is half as smart as he pretends to be, then he should give Frank the right advice that it’s better for him to stay (not necessarily for the people in Fiji). I hope though that he’s dumb enough to advise that this is the right option. International treaties (Geneva & UN) which have been ratified by NZ & Australia and universal criminal jurisdictions allow for either prosecution in these countries or extradition to Fiji. He might be safer in North Korea or Solomon Is which have not ratified the Geneva Conventions 1949.

    In light of this, I doubt Frank will ever leave or accept some kind of ‘exile’. He’ll fight it out to the end and will most probably get more desparate and paranoid each day, before self imploding.

    peace & love

  20. dugong Says:

    meratou veicai ga me tekivu mai vei pig vata kei poka

  21. whatever Says:

    SV – those values they now want Fiji to uphold are, as we all know, mere rhetoric, so hollow, so meaningless to us but a means to an end for them.
    History has proven time and time again that those who commit atrocious acts against their own are just as capable of preaching ideals and so-called values in that same breath!

    JUSTICE first, then peace…

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Skokie was a movie , starring the late and great Danny Kaye , from 1981 .
    It was about a March organised by the Nazi Party in a town called Skokie , in the United States of America .
    As in Germany in the 1930’s , a lot of Jewish citizens in Skokie , became frightened and decided to go inside their homes and close the doors to avoid these pathetic people .
    but one man stood up for the Jewish Community and told them all that what they were contemplating , was the reason the Nazis became successful in Germany in the 1930’s . He made them re-route their march , while at the same time , acknowledging their right to march . Now that’s Democracy .
    I suggest you take a look at the movie , all of you .

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Bring down one of these cowards , and the rest will run like rats from a sinking ship !

  24. Traitorhunter Says:

    is this mad loony sitting on some coconut tree in Hawaii and looking down on what is happening to Mahen or what – No Indian is looking up to the crook Mahen – they are waiting to piss on him for swindling them of 2million dollars – this is the chap who wrote that media report and is now using the same media to prop up choro:

    Chaudhry and Fiji’s future

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Mahendra Chaudhry+ Enlarge this image

    Mahendra Chaudhry

    An open letter to the interim Government

    The interim Government is poised to make the most unsettling decision of its 20 months in power.

    It is reported reliably that Mahendra Chaudhry is about to lose his job his head delivered on a platter to his enemies, some of long standing, some more recent.

    Some of those now wanting to see Mr Chaudhry go were his friends in December 2006.

    They no longer support him, offering him as a sacrificial lamb for reasons which are indefensible if impartially reviewed. The NCBBF, including its Secretariat, is reported to be partly behind this move.

    No small part of a steady stream of pressure has come from the shadows, particularly in the past six months, although Mr Chaudhry was a target immediately after the interim Government came to power in very much the same way that he was targeted when he became PM in 1999.

    This decision, if it is put into effect, will split the country again and open new and old wounds. It will be a bad decision no matter how it is justified or how attempts are made to explain it away.

    Reports say that Sir James Ah Koy is to replace Mr Chaudhry.

    Sources close to some of the behind the scenes activity say that an old, tried and failed plan that is being resurrected is a government of “national unity”: Qarase and a couple of his cronies, an equal number from the Labour Party (they hope), Mick Beddoes and some others such as Akuila Yabaki, elements of the Great Council of Chiefs and others, perhaps even from the National Federation Party.

    The least that might be done is to wait until Commodore (Voreqe) Bainimarama returns and has had a chance to properly evaluate this proposed course of action after truly independent advice has been given to him on the implications of the inexplicable decision on the Indian community. The Indian community, rightly or wrongly, holds Mr Chaudhry in the highest esteem and to dry and dislodge him from the position he now holds would scuttle the entire Peoples’ Charter process which he has firmly supported by actions and words.

    A decision to dismiss Mr Chaudhry while the interim PM is out of the country smells and will leave a bad smell not likely to be eliminated soon.

    Indians throughout the country who still support Mr Chaudhry are not likely to take his dismissal lightly and the Labour Party itself, including its leadership, will likely abandon any positions its members have held in the interim Government in the past 20 months.

    Mr Chaudhry himself, no slouch when it comes to political intrigue and political strategy, is not likely to take his dismissal lightly. What is now a fragile and uneasy peace could quickly unravel with unintended consequences.

    Before the Military Council acts, before Cabinet acts, before anyone else acts to make public – and final – Mr Chaudhry’s dismissal, the interim PM should be advised to consider the serious repercussions of it. It will alienate the already disenfranchised Indian community altogether and lead to unimaginable consequences of not consulting this community before removing its unchallenged spokesman and leader who spent many days held hostage in Parliament for no other reason than his ethnicity.

    As a Fiji citizen I cannot put it more plainly than that.

  25. midget gal Says:

    That inferiority-complex, old faggard Jimmy Anthony is doing exactly what he accuses expatriates in Fiji of doing – meddling in local affairs which he neither understands nor appreciate.

    Jimmy – pls don’t shove your outdated prejudices and hatred for whites on Fiji, we understand where you’re coming from… HAWAII. Go do something useful for the natives there!!

  26. Jucy Lucy Says:

    very interesting reading about the no brainers.Maybe that’s the reason they have sent QILIHO to do his maters in India….whose next……wailei they are hoping that if he comes back with a piece of paper added to his resume it may give him some credibility….by the way why was there a secretive meeting held at the residence of Eliki and Meliki Kaumaitotoya in Nasoso on Friday morning when Voreqe got off the KAL flight……….military council or nothing with all the pajeros parked out on that little street in Nasoso………………

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