A poor excuse for supporting the charter

C’mon Steve Ratuva, please climb down from your Ivory Tower. Who are you trying to kid? Those oaths that you propose would not even be worth the piece of paper its written on, for these RottenFMF terrorists are hell-bent on enriching themselves overnight at taxpayers expense!

What does the Constitution really mean to you anyway? Yes, it is a living document and the most supreme law of this land – to be perfected by the people ONLY through a Parliamentary Democracy …. and NOT in this shameless, corrupt and expedient manner which you and your collaborators using to make changes and shove in their faces, to sign without so much as a protest or else… be cited for breaking the Public Order Act? SHAME ON YOU MAN!


Fiji soldiers to swear constitutional oath

Fiji soldiers will be asked to swear allegiance to the Constitution, instead of the President, in an attempt to end coup culture.

The proposal and recommendations in the draft People’s Charter were designed by academic Dr Steven Ratuva, who says this is one way the military will stay true to the law of the land and not to the person who takes executive authority.

Dr Ratuva said there was one particular section which defined punishment for soldiers violating their oath, something which the Constitution is not very clear about.

He added that this section was needed because there were many constitutional cases before the court, which consumed more than enough time.

Dr Ratuva said one of the recommendations that would help realign the role of the military would also ensure that steps were taken to halt Fiji’s so-called coup culture.

“Coups can happen anytime, there is no stopping anyone from picking up a gun and ousting the government,” he added.

“This aims to ensure that the military stays out of politics.”

He added that in the past, oaths had been taken giving allegiance to the President, who in turn could use the military to his advantage.

Dr Ratuva maintains this will not happen if the particular measure recommended is incorporated in the final charter and implemented.



35 Responses to “A poor excuse for supporting the charter”

  1. Jose Says:

    The most Supreme Law of this Land and the whole World is the The Law of God ie. The Ten Commandments.

  2. Indian Says:

    The goons currently in power have no respect for anything written on a piece of paper. There is no point if giving them one more thing to sign. Either you understand the concepts of human rights, democratic vote, and government of the People or you don’t, and no piece of paper is going to change that. Even Indu jokers with a long heritage of written language like Chaudhry have no respect for any agreement, written or verbal. It is all about what they can get away with, and that depends on physical power. Just watch them for example, get 100 or so signatures in favor of the Charter, and then use this as an excuse to get the military to bulldoze it onto the 800,000 People of Fiji. For the military and their clients, paper agreements are there to be ignored and they gloat in the way they abuse the power entrusted to them by the People and use it against the People. Funny, eh? Not sure who will have the last laugh and when.

  3. yawnnnnnn Says:

    @ jose – pls take the lid to heaven, we’ll bring the pot 🙂

  4. mediawatcher Says:

    We told you folks, that this Ratuva chap was behind the charter-farter nonsense relating to the military – these snakes have been exposed and SV, please, organise the students to boycott his lectures – I thought those 3000 pieces of paper should be collected and passed onto the PM office – wasnt there a shortage of toilet papers some time ago

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    The very fact that there is any opposition to the so called People’s Charter, means that it is no longer a People’s Charter.

    IPM Ganilau in his bleatings about Political Parties not sitting down together completely misses the point. Dialogue and discussion needs to take place and consensus reached without fear of retribution.

    This Draft Charter is one of the most poorly constructed documents I have ever read and while it has noble intention (for a select few) it does more to incite than harness the community.

    The police should arrest the NCBBF for inciting the majority of people in Fiji.

    Steve Ratuva needs to wake up and smell the coffee….

  6. Ex Isle Says:

    I see that it has been decreed that there is not now to be a referendum on the ‘Peoples Charter’ Instead a copy is to be distributed to ‘every household’ in the land and will include a form for the householders to indicate their acceptance or rejection of the ‘Charter’. No one is allowed to attempt to persuade people to reject the ‘Charter’, according to the Illegal Attorney General. This seems to me to be a barefaced attempt to railroad the ‘Charter’ through to being a part of the Constitution by what might appear to be a ‘consultative process’. Who will scrutinise the voting? How will we know that it will not be only those ‘households’ who support the ‘Charter’ who get to express an opinion? How about those who make thousands of copies of the form and submit them? – Presumably only those who support the ‘Charter’ would be allowed to do this. The most recent example of this type of ‘democracy’ occurred in the Presidential election in Zimbabwe. What a travesty! These criminals must not be allowed to get away with this.

  7. ispy Says:

    Whats with the Police interrogating people for suspected “seditious” comments.

    Last time I checked, sedition referred to incitement, resistance or insurrection against lawful authority.

    You can’t commit sedition againt an illegal regime.

  8. Striker Says:

    Some of these academics need a hot rod of iron up you know where. Or maybe a little more gray matter would be better. This swearing on the Constitution bulshit, whether its to the President or the Constitution, these goons have tasted power, they have enjoyed its privilidges which Dr Ratuva please mind, they did not earn the hard way and without any sacrifice. For them, the loot becomes a motivation to prolong the status quo and for more coups. The solution? Nothing academic; they need some jail time to learn the error of their ways otherwise known in management circles as accountability for their illegal action

  9. ispy Says:

    Up until 2004, the military had always sworn their allegience to the President – as their Commander-in-Chief.

    In 2004, Bainimarama demanded that his soldiers swear allegience to him instead.

    This resulted in a standoff between the government and the military, over whether or not to renew Bainimarama’s contract.

    Four Colonels – Ratu George Kadavulevu, Alfred Tuatoko, Samuela Raduva, and Akuila Buadromo, and one naval Commander, Timoci Koroi, were asked to resign for refusing to pledge their personal allegiance to Bainimarama.

    What’s to stop this from happening all over again.

    The leaders in the military have shown in past that they do not respect the Constitution.

    Why should we expect them to respect it in the future?

    Ratuva is an impractical idealist and his ideas should stay in the classroom where it belongs.

  10. soro Says:

    I hear the beer speaking in Ratuva.

  11. mediawatcher Says:

    I hear its the Kadavu connection of this rascal academic which has taken over his beer head and swelled his belly – shame on him

  12. Tim Says:

    Yea well he’s been vascillating since day 1 with a finger always held in the air to test which way the wind is blowing (almost by his own admission – if you consider that he once stated a caution about what he is prepared to say and when he’s prepared to say it).
    And, it does not take a Charter to have an institution such as the RFMF to swear allegiance to the Constitution. We can see already that the RFMF selectively abides by, or ignores anything they so choose – that’s what happens with coups Steven! Sometimes I wonder about the naiivety of the man. On the record to date, that would simply mean that a Charter once implemented, could also be devalued at will just as the Constitution has been, depending on the will of a commander or anyone else in charge of a few guns.
    I’d love to ask Steven Ratuva just how “successful” he thinks this little buggers muddle of a coup is 2 years on. Perhaps he might respond.

  13. Frida Says:

    Can Ratuva confirm that the President was aware of all the happenings before the Dec 05, 2006? I don’t think so as confirmed by his children. he was always given false information on whatever he is to sign. Can someone confirm if he has a radio or TV working around him becasue word has it that this has been denied of him so the illegal regime will only be able to relate to him what they want him to hear.

  14. Jucy Lucy Says:

    Soro…..is it the beer or Steve Ratuva’s side kick Emily Moli speaking……….

  15. mediawatcher Says:

    I am told that when the Preisdent wakes up or goes to bed he asks what is it – night or day – his signatures have been all forged by the goons to give legitimacy to the illegal actions

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Ratuva is part of the group and is trying to capture our mind and divert our opinions which is already conclusively against the charter farter because of its illegality first and foremost. Then its contents are just about all garbage. They should have just printed the charter farter on toilet tissues so that it could be put to better and meaningful use. Everyone will then be able to sign it off and post it to where it really belongs. People will then be able to breathe into the charter thru their posterior

    The original plan for a referendum on charter is giving them cold feet as indications are it is not acceptable by the majority. So pray tell us how are they going to legitimise it. We wish to appeal to the international community on this factor since it seems that the charter will not be tested on the will of the people but will be forced down the peoples throats. The exercise they will be carrying out is just an awareness program and does not reflect the peoples will or measure of approval.

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    Ratuva is one of the main insitigators of the Charter. I remembered talking to him at a USP cocktail to launch some Pacific dancers and Solomon Island wood carvers and he went on and on about some concept of bringing everyone together under some sought of agreement or code and I would not have a clue what the hell this dickhead was on about coming from a finacial background. Now it all is begining to make sense.

  18. Tim Says:

    I’ve thought about Ratuva’s stance a little further, and in light of his describing himself of a “Political Sociologist”. I assume he means by that description that he is no expert in human behaviour – dysfunctional or otherwise. Ratuva seems to want to have a bob each way. He’ll sign up to an indigenous struggle when it suits, such as with the commodification of intellectual property, but is then just as happy to have it all threatened when some pathetic little band of stoners, nutters, wannabe politicians, opportunists, egotists, and others come along waving a few guns.
    I’m very sure the man has a concern for his country and is just as concerned as the next man about all that should go with it, but really! – he should spend less time putting things into neat little spreadsheet cells (especially when they come with a Microsoft EXCEL limitation) and get out a bit more. Good coup/bad coup, Successful coup/unsuccessful coup. I’m sure I could draw up some matrix and seek to prove some sort of commonality too. Mate – it’s bullshit! What do you do when a cell doesn’t fit the theory or when a number of them start to show something that is buffeting the prevailing wind?
    No one is suggesting Indo-Fijians have not been hard done by, and no one is suggesting there doesn’t need to be change. Nor is anyone challenging this guys academic credentials. They are genuine, whereas the likes of Bubba’s aren’t necessarily. I think Ratuva is looking in all the wrong places though. As I find myself saying repeatedly – THERE IS NO SOLUTION IN SHITTING ON THE INDIGENOUS and nor will there ever be. It only serves as a delaying tactic. There are wiser men than Ratuva (such as a guy I saw on FDN way back, of Indian origin – well shat on over Fiji’s history – unfortunately his name eludes me) who prefers to engage with the local culture, rather than fight it.
    Ratuva might ponder too as to why many “Indo-Fijians” have evacuated – often they are the ones that are anti-coup, and are just as likely to piss on Chodo’s grave as I am (figuratively speaking of course), even if it is in the name of a complete and utter betrayal. He might wonder why the Nazhis and others want to set themselves up offshore while they fight their ideological struggle. He might wonder why Frank is busy looking for haven outside Fiji. He might consider what it actually is that are motivating the Shameen sisters, their little protege Bubba (while they’re not busy trying to act as some sort of surrogate mother to him) and a few others – Gates (another closet homo with a few skeletons), a sizeable proportion of the Catholic Church in Fiji (perhaps with a few more skeletons)….Geez Steven!. What have YOU got to hide?!!!! He might well ask (in the contect of a COUP), who of those that have executed it, and who that are complicit in it, ARE ACTUALLY PREPARED TO PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS ARE.
    But then he’s only a POLITICAL sociologist, so issues like that need not concern him!
    I was prepared to engage with the man when I first met him – till I realised here goes another opportunist.

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Ratuva, like Yabaki are rebels.

  20. tualeita Says:

    People like them, and it’s sad see so many in our midst, are opportunists. They’re fence sitters. Opportunists have no loyalty.

  21. marxie Says:

    This Steven Ratuva has been fined many times on drunken driving charges, methinks he might run over someone on the road one day. What’s his car number pls and what make, so we can look out for this punch drunk?

  22. mynah Says:

    @Jucy Lucy, is that wot got Emily Moli through at USP? Ratuva should be sacked.

  23. Abeche Says:

    Expected as lot more commonsense from this academic- especially as a Fijian academic.
    You don’t expect us to believe that you yourself believe what ou are proposing!!

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    The same Steven Ratuva used to call himself (very modestly) Da Vinci back in High School (Marist – where else) when he was still known as Sitiveni Ratuva.

    It seems he used to have a skill for drawing heroic cartoon-like figures in pencil on the back of his note books, thus considering himself to be the intellectual artistic diva of Flagstaff

    As an USP undergarduate well before he found the non-existent words used in his Daily Post diatribe, he used to bore everyone silly with his long-winded half-baked monologues on the Soviet Union (well before glasnost) and the joys to be found in a Marxist-Leninist utopia.

    Once he figured out how to pronounce Marxist-Leninist properly you could not get him to shut up for love or money. It seems he is still misguided and deluded about the realities of life, but is now armed with a Ph.D to confuse himself even more. An excellent example of vuli ga but very ta sukulu.

  25. Wailei Says:

    @IB hahahaha…nice…

  26. ispy Says:

    SV, kerekere. Please post this letter by Ravin Naidu from today’s the Fiji Times as a separate post.

    I think it deserves some comment from bloggers like us:-

    “Land issue

    LAISENIA Qarase is commenting on the land issue again.

    This man doesn’t own any land and he comes from a small island.

    The area of land allocated to him by his mataqali would probably amount to one coconut tree.

    So what authority and legitimacy does he wield on land related issues that concern landowners and tenants?

    He hasn’t solved any land related problem so far.

    In fact it intensified, as there were massive displacements of farmers during his term in office.

    The squatter settlements mushroomed and poverty levels escalated. So what’s he talking about.

    The matter should be left to the landowners and the tenants to decide with the government or its agency as the facilitator.

    It’s time he did some real farming on his home-island if there is some land available.

    Exploiting the sea resources would be another good option for him.

    A jobless man is like a loose cannon and an idle mind is devil’s workshop.

    Ravind C Naidu

  27. Groggymaster Says:

    The reason there is so little support for the charter is that it is not the peoples charter.
    Further, the IG and the army are breaking many of the objectives and aims of the charter in trying to market it.

  28. soro Says:

    For letter writers such as Ravind Naidu, who illustrate ONCE AGAIN why some Indians just need to FCUK off back to India is their COMPLETE and utter misunderstanding and misconceptions of what the land means to us as Fijians. If Ravind has any sense he should just crawl back into the small smelly hole he inhabits … useless piece of shit!

  29. Striker Says:

    @Groggymaster: Yes, and the Police too. They have become propagators for this illegal junta- no better that the Gestapo in Hitler’s Germany!

  30. soro Says:

    @IB … 🙂 you are correct about Ratuva’s grand illusions as an undergraduate always wanting to impress people with his fascist vocab. Neeeuw !

    I still remember him pronouncing Marxist-Leninist as Muckshist Leninisht and at the Dragon bar where he used to get pished gud & proper on Fijian sholarship money, we used to start him off on one of his monologues and stand around laughing ourselves silly. Kila ga e sega na TV in those days!

    He was cheap for entertainment value then … nothing’s changed …. the Muckshist PishHead.

  31. Tui Says:

    lol @ soro! Io sa leqa sara o naita Siiveni. Au nanuma ga ni sa vuli me yalamatua ka me yaga ki na vanua, me dau valataka na veika e noda nai Taukei. Ia e vaka sa qai yalowai ka sese vakalevu na nona dauvosa taka na veika me baleta na politiki ena TV se radio. Seems they get more and more confused trying to be the expert on anything! For someone who once proudly proclaimed his Fijian Nationalistic stance, his latest statements reek of liumuri and aghe piche chodo mentality.

  32. IslandBoy Says:

    @Soro – you nailed the accent and the intellectual pretension on the head that just seems to have escalated since his undergraduate days.

    @ Tui – ka dina taucoko o kemuni, e rau duidui sara vakalevu na vuli kei na yalomatua. Vakaloloma vakalevu, vovodea ka segai ni vakaibalebale na Ph. D ni segai ni sala vata kei na yalo matua.

  33. Tui Says:

    Truez up IB. Academics and so called “experts” are not known for using their common sense anyway.

  34. Cama Says:

    They are not following the constitution and now comes the charter. how will they follow the charter when they cant read and follow the constitution?

    Wake up Fiji

  35. kiakaha Says:

    @jucylucy…kadina rau!!! he must be loosing his mind or sumthing else…two kids from emily moli!! aareee bagwan!!! wats happening to this people re!!i hope that that didnt get her into usp..backdoor qori

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